Culver City Median Bikeway

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The nicely landscaped median park that holds the Culver City rail-trail is mostly frequented by local residents, but also is long enough to give runners or walkers a good workout.


There are small markets and restaurants on Culver Boulevard near the trail, as well as in other areas of Culver City.

There are no rest rooms along the trail.

Transit services in Los Angeles County may be obtained by calling (800) COMMUTE in the Los Angeles calling area. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Web site is

Wheel World Cycles is located less than a mile northwest of the trail at the intersection of Sepulveda Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. Contact Wheel World Cycles at 4051 Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90230; (310) 473-3417

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Culver City Median Bike Path from Interstate 405 in Culver City, exit at Sawtelle Boulevard or Sepulveda Boulevard. You can follow either Sawtelle Boulevard or Sepulveda Boulevard south to Culver Boulevard. The trail runs down the center of Culver Boulevard, so it can't be missed. The best parking is at the western end point of the trail at Panama Street and McConnell Avenue. This trailhead can be reached by driving right (southwest) along Culver Boulevard to McConnell Avenue, then turning left (southwest) onto Panama Street, which parallels the rail-trail. There is abundant on-street parking along Panama Street. There is limited on-street parking at the eastern end point of the trail, which is Elenda Street.