Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail

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The Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail extends from Farmington Bay Bird Refuge, where it joins the Legacy Parkway Trail, and runs north through Layton, Clearfield, and Clinton to Hinckley Drive (3600 S) north of Roy. In Clearfield there is a detour around a railroad crossing, which isn't marked but is easy to figure out. From the Legacy Parkway Trail, you can pick up the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

The abandoned right-of-way is owned by the Utah Transit Authority in a land bank for future transportation needs. The various cities it links have agreements with the light- and commuter-rail agency to maintain the trail.

Parking and Trail Access

A half-mile south from the trail's northern endpoint at U-79 (Hinckley Drive), you'll find parking at the Sandridge FrontRunner Station (4000 S and Sandridge Drive) in Roy; the station is less than a block east of the trail. A little further south, you can also find parking in Heritage Park (1300 N and 1000 W) in Clinton. In Layton, the mid-point of the trail, you can park at Ellison Park (750 N. Cold Creek Way) on the western side of the trail. Near the trail's southern end, parking is available in Farmington at the Legacy Event Center (151 South 1100 West) on the eastern side of the trail.


Very pleasant trail but...

   January, 2015 by murmur1313

This is a very nice trail for walking, jogging, and biking. There some folks that think their stupid dogs are allowed. Wrong! Learn and follow the rules of the designated facilities, and keep your crap factories to your own property. It is dangerous, more

acclimation ride

   December, 2014 by joe_boy52

I recently moved from Florida and was looking for a flat ride to acclimate to the altitude before I hit hills. I started at the Roy Frontrunner station and headed south. I was a bit disappointed with all the road crossings and lost count of them. As the more

Great Riding Experience

   November, 2014 by aweech

I ride this trail (along with the JR Trail and Legacy) to get between Weber and Salt Lake Counties fairly frequently. This trail is my favorite segment of the trip. The neighborhoods are so peaceful, and the scenery is wonderful. The portion through Clinton more