Legacy Parkway Trail

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The Legacy Parkway Trail is a 14-mile trail that provides a hard-surfaced walkway without any street crossings. The trail runs adjacent to the Legacy Parkway in southern Davis County. It begins at Farmington Station and parallels the Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner, the state's first commuter rail line, for some of its journey to North Salt Lake. Although most of the route is along a busy freeway, there is a connection to the Legacy Nature Preserve, which offers more scenic surroundings.

In Centerville, the trail overlaps the Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail for a short distance, and it meets the nearly 50-mile Jordan River Parkway Trail at its southern end.

There are a number of trailheads along the way providing access to the Legacy Parkway Trail, but trail users should note that they do not offer restrooms or drinking fountains.

Parking and Trail Access

Refer to the TrailLink map for the locations of trailheads with parking.


Relaxing ride in rural setting

   October, 2014 by seakayaker

The Legacy Trail is an excellent ride for families, group of riders, or just taking a tour by yourself. There is plenty to see and experience without having to deal with traffic. The trail parallels the Legacy highway, so traffic is close by, but the ...read more

Very Nice Ride in the Salt Lake Valley

   June, 2014 by jbesseli

A fantastic trail along some west corridor and through some Great Salt Lake marshes and legacy wetlands, Except for a few times of the year when bug hatches are bad (mosquitos and knats), this is a very nice bike, walking and horse trial. It offers side ...read more

A nice roadie out and back.

   December, 2012 by lazybiker

The all-paved trail is great for an out and back for a road bike. I started at the Farmington Station and rode south to link up with the Provo/Jordan River Parkway. Stopped where I had to cross a golf course fairway (people were golfing). Made for a 32 ...read more