Four Mile Run Trail

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The Four Mile Run Trail traverses the Four Mile Run stream valley and has many twists and turns, not to mention steep sections (mercifully short). The trail more or less parallels the popular W&OD Trail, connecting to it in several places.

The trail begins in the north at Bluemont Junction Park, where the Bluemont Junction Trail provides a link to Arlington’s retail mecca of Ballston. Heading south, the trail is wooded and crosses the creek in numerous places, and you’re likely to see hordes of runners, cyclists, dog-walkers and families. You’ll also find a dog park off the trail in Shirlington.

Ultimately, the Four Mile Run Trail merges with the Mount Vernon Trail where the latter meets the southern edge of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and the Potomac River. Continue north on that trail to reach Rosslyn or south to visit George Washington’s famous estate.

Parking and Trail Access

The Four Mile Run Trail can be accessed from Bluemont Junction Park, where parking is available. To reach the park, travel west from Washington, D.C., on US 50 and turn right onto N. Manchester Street. Follow the road for 0.25 mile until it dead ends, and turn right into the parking lot.

From Ballston, travel southwest on Wilson Boulevard, and turn left onto N. Manchester Street. Take an immediate left into the parking lot.



   June, 2015 by palthainon

I use this everyday to get to work. It is narrow at points but it's positively blissful compared to other trails nearby and it actually goes places. You can take this to Mount Vernon trail which will take you into old town alexandria or straight into more


   October, 2012 by laretha

I had a nice ride on a trail that just has to many twists and turns and is not as wide as it should be for me. It dose have a nice canopy and like the overview says it has a number of connections with the Washington and Old Dominion Trail so you need more

Great for my first ride

   September, 2011 by mkameo

This was my first experience on a bike trail. I bought a bike a week ago and have been riding it on my trainer at home. Sense it finally stopped raining today I decide to brave the trail. Its was better then I expected I stared off riding toward Leesberg more