Gary L. Haller National Recreation Trail (Mill Creek Streamway Park)

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Though officially a rail-trail, the Gary L. Haller National Recreation Trail along the linear Mill Creek Streamway Park does parallel an active rail line for about 6 miles of its length at its southern end. The trail runs for 17 miles from the Kansas River at Nelson Island south to Olathe. About 4 miles of trail are also designated for equestrians.

Along the way you will find numerous shelters, picnic areas, drinking fountains, playgrounds and restrooms. The trail is an important connecting corridor for the communities it links and a model urban trail system. There are some steep sections of the trail.

Parking and Trail Access

Access and parking for the Gary L. Haller National Recreation Trail are as follows:

* 4731 Wilder Road near the intersection with Holliday Drive, Shawnee
* north of Shawnee Mission Parkway at 5946 Barker Road, Shawnee
* 19405 Midland Drive (west of I-435) at Shawnee Mission Parkway & Midland Drive, Shawnee
* Shawnee Mission Park near Shelter 8 and North end of dam, Lenexa
* 19865 W. 87th Lane, Lenexa
* 18450 W. 95th Street, Lenexa;
* 11499 S. Millview, west of Ridgeview Road, Olathe
* 119th & Northgate, east of Woodland Avenue, Olathe

For a detailed map of access points and amenities, view the local map.


This trail is a gem

   September, 2012 by smith1000

Incredible, paved trail into the woods along a beautiful creek. The water is clear and the creek is remarkably clean. The trail is well maintained. The trains sneak up on you along this trail. We saw at least 7 trains, mostly BNSF. We did see one Norfolk more

Great Trail for the Family or Lonier

   April, 2012 by dakotajung

Wide paths allow for runners and bikers to co-exist. Put in at 95th and run with a double running stroller. The slides around 1.5 miles from 95th keeps the kids happy, be sure to hit the restrooms (before the tunnel) as they will be the last you will more

Warning: hills

   September, 2011 by travelerbrad

I had not ridden in many years and let my legs get out of shape after a career of mostly desk work. I rode the trail a few days ago and found the hills, some a couple hundred yards long and around 10 degrees, arduous at best. I had to get off and walk more