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The LARIO Trail extends along the southern reaches of the channelized LA River, providing a trail corridor through a variety of natural and industrial landscapes and connecting riders to the ocean in Long Beach. The vision for the trail network is to have a trail that extends the entire length of the LA River, connecting to the completed section near Griffith Park and up into the San Fernando Valley. The current trail follows the eastern bank from Long Beach north to a bike-pedestrian bridge just north of Rosencrans Ave in east Compton. There it crosses to the west bank and follows the LA River north to Atlantic Ave in Maywood. A conneccting trail on the eastern bank follows the Rio Hondo up to the Whittier narrows area.

Parking and Trail Access


it's the Rio Hondo Bike Path

   April, 2014 by gcoyne

A great ride, I take it to Long Beach often. There are two places to get on near the start, either Peck Park or from the Arcadia Golf Course (NE corner of the parking lot). If you do the latter, note that you'll go a bit over a mile than the path makes more

How do I find the entrance?

   December, 2012 by tiler31

I read a lot about the trails, but no where does it tell you how to get on them?? read more

nice long trail

   February, 2012 by bogglersto

I only tried the upper part, but was impressed. It is far and nice. Don't go on a hot day, though. The only scary part is finding a parking spot that is not illegal. There was a sign in a business parking lot that said 'No Parking. Violaters will be cited.' more