Mission Bay Bike Path

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The Mission Bay Bike Path is a paved trail that loops almost completely around San Diego's Mission Bay. The trail runs through Mission Bay Park, which includes and encircles the large man-made body of water. Bathrooms, drinking fountains, parking, playgrounds and picnic tables can be found throughout the park.

Popular with tourists, the path also provides access to several other parks, two wildlife preserves and SeaWorld San Diego. From Sea World Drive, pick up the San Diego River Trail to head east or west along the waterway. Alternatively, pass through Mission Beach to reach the Mission Beach-Pacific Beach Boardwalk, which extends along the Pacific coast.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Mission Bay Bike Path is available at several locations throughout Mission Bay Park. Refer to the TrailLink map for exact locations.


Muni code says no trikes

   March, 2016 by scottdion

Not sure if it's enforced but the local municipal code prohibits three wheeled bikes. read more

great for tourist

   November, 2015 by cjcookjr

Not a good trail to ride for a work out. Great to sight see. read more

Good Trail But...

   January, 2011 by cx_biker

This trail is a great trail to take during the week, but on the weekends it may become a bit overcrowded and forces the biker to weave in and out of pedestrians. However, it is a fun trail with not too many hills and is a great way to work-out soloing ...read more