North Shore Trail (WI)

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Racine’s southeastern neighborhoods are home to the North Shore Trail, which extends south to the Racine–Kenosha county line. Because Racine County standardized its signs several years ago, you won't see specific rail-trail names on display: look for Racine County Bicycle Trail signs instead.

On the recently paved rail-trail, greenery surrounds you, masking residences that border the path. At 19th Street, the Racine-Sturtevant Trail branches off from the North Shore Trail, allowing trail users to trek westward to the Village of Mount Pleasant. Those who stay on the North Shore Trail will quickly be surrounded by classic Wisconsin farmland scenery as they leave the city.

At the trail’s southern endpoint on 1st Street, the northern portion of the Kenosha County Bike Trail begins. Hop on that trail to travel south into the City of Kenosha.

Parking and Trail Access

There is currently no dedicated parking for the North Shore Trail, but parking can generally be found on neighborhood streets in the City of Racine.


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" Starting just off Durand Ave. (Hwy.11) at Taylor Ave., one quickly leaves the city behind as this trail heads south through quiet residential neighborhood and into the country. Unfortunately, more and more of that 'country' is being developed (homes more