North Western State Trail

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The North Western State Trail—formerly known as the Petoskey to Mackinaw Trail after its endpoints—consists of 32 miles of mostly dirt and gravel trail, though the 7-mile section between Petoskey and Alanson is now paved with asphalt. The trail passes through many communities along the way, including Conway, Oden, Ponshewaing, Brutus, Pellston, Van, Levering, Carp Lake and Mackinaw City.

For the northern, unimproved part of the trail, some sections are in excellent shape while others are tough going for the cyclist. However, on balance the entire trail is bikeable with a hybrid or mountain bike.

Carp Lake and Mackinaw City on the north end are especially suitable as staging areas for off-trail excursions onto lightly traveled local (paved and gravel) roads. The northern trailhead in Mackinaw City also serves the North Central State Trail, which extends south 62 miles to Gaylord, meeting the 71-mile North Eastern State Trail along the way in Cheboygan.

Near the North Western State Trail’s southern end at Spring Lake Park in Petoskey, you can hop across State Route 119 to pick up the Little Traverse Wheelway. The paved 26-mile rail-trail extends north to Harbor Springs and south to Charlevoix.

Parking and Trail Access

There is a small parking lot and restrooms at Spring Lake Park on SR 119 at the south end of the North Western State Trail in Petoskey. To reach the park from the south, take US 31 north through Petoskey to SR 119. Turn left on the highway towards Mackinaw City and travel for about 0.5 mile; parking is on the right.

There is also a trailhead alongside the trail at the Michigan Fisheries Visitors Center in the town of Alanson. Additional parking is available at Pellston at the old rail depot and on side streets in several other small towns along the way. At the north end of the trail in Mackinaw City, there is a sizeable trailhead for parking. Restrooms can be found in the adjacent mall.


Smooth as Silk!

   July, 2014 by bkn94

Road this Trail July 24 2014 after finishing Little Traverse Wheelway. It's smooth as silk all the way to Alanson which is the 1st 7.5 mile paved section. If you are looking for a trail to put the Hammer Down you just found one. It's smooth. It's straight more

new trail to Alanson

   August, 2013 by dlhowell

My wife and I just rode this trail. We rode from Alanson to the Spring lake , the first mile or so is along the highway and not very nice. I don't know why this was done? there is a railroad grade just inside the tree's !! It would have been much nicer, more

New Asphalt Section

   August, 2013 by lonesky

The last time I looked at this trail was a couple of years ago. The southern end started at a nature center called Spring Lake Park across M119 from a section of the Little Traverse Wheelway. It was only dirt, so I did not attempt it on my bike. Last more