Rock Creek Trail (MD)

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Rock Creek Trail forms a winding path, at times narrow, through the urban greenway of Rock Creek Regional Park. The trail extends between Needwood Lake northeast of Rockville, MD, and the Washington, D.C., border, 14 miles south. Although the area is urbanized, the trail route is through a mostly wooded corridor that encompasses Rock Creek, as it flows toward the Potomac River.

It's a popular trail despite that it's not always well marked, and you may find yourself taking unexpected side paths in different directions. In addition, the trail is often covered in branches and leaves, and the asphalt heaves in many places from tree roots. If you're on a bike, take it slowly and enjoy the green refuge, giving way to runners and walkers.

At the south end, along Beach Drive, the trail enters Washington, D.C., and continues as the Rock Creek Park Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

There are dozens of places to park all along the route within Rock Creek Regional Park. Consult the map for details.


Great Ride on North End of Rock Creek Trail

   November, 2015 by dillar

Rode from Lake Needwood south to Garrett Park and back,about 14 miles. Trail is paved the whole way and only 4 places where we had to cross streets. Mostly flat except for one short steep hill (50yds) south of Viers Mill road and in the woods the entire more

Lovely ride through the woods

   July, 2014 by sarah snyder

In response to a previous reviewer's comments and the trail description, this trail isn't hard to navigate. I believe the reviewer meant to leave comments on the DC section of the trail, which can be difficult to navigate in places and does lack helpful more

Great on weekends and holidays when streets are closed to cars

   June, 2013 by jlodge

Most sections of Beach Drive within the DC city limits are closed on weekends and holidays. Beach drive becomes a two lane bike and pedestrian path with plenty of room for all. Would not want (and haven't tried) the Beach Drive ride during weekdays with more