Salt Creek Trail (IL)

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The Salt Creek Trail travels nearly 27 miles from the Brookfield Zoo to Busse Woods Forest Preserve. Along the way it connects several beautiful county forest preserves and other woodland areas.

Portions of the trail are paved, while others have a limestone screening, and a few sort segments are an on-road route. It is well marked throughout, although take care at some junctions, which can confuse.

The Salt Creek Trail intersects the Illinois Prairie Path in Villa Park, and follows it for a short stretch around State Route 83.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at several points along the trail, including (from north to south):

  • Busse Woods Forest Preserve (Elk Grove Village)
  • Salt Creek Park Forest Preserve (Wood Dale)
  • Cricket Creek Forest Preserve (Addison)
  • Bemis Woods (Western Springs)
  • Possum Hollow Woods (Westchester)


My favorite trail

   September, 2014 by mikechick

On Sundays, I regularly pick up the trail on 26th Ave. in Brookfield and ride west until I join the Illinois Prairie Path in Elmhurst. The majority of this section is fantastic, paved and easy to ride with plenty of small hills and small zig-zags through more


   July, 2014 by charharp8

I love the Salt Creek Trail. It is close to my house and it offers a lot of great scenery and mileage options. You can ride the one way 7.7 miles from Brookfield Zoo Woods to Oakbrook area or you can ride the 27 miles from Brookfield Zoo Woods all the more


   July, 2014 by wjc1954hotmail

Started in Elk Grove signs start to get confusing in Woodale,had to ask a local for directions.Got through Woodale had to ask another local.Trail is well marked from Woodale through Addison lose it at 83 and lake gave up and turned around. In general,the more