San Diego Creek Bikeway

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The San Diego Creek Bikeway is the spine of the City of Irvine's system of Class 1 bikeways and Class II bike lanes. It begins in Newport Beach and joins Back Bay Loop Trail where San Diego Creek empties into the Upper Newport Bay under the Jamboree Road bridge, then follows the creek upstream, crossing much of Irvine before it ends near the junction of the 405 and 133 freeways.

Many of the 44 miles of off-road paved Class I bikeways and 282 miles of Class II bike lanes touch or cross the San Diego Creek Bikeway at some point. This lets you put together all sorts of loop trips. Where do you want to go today? Head up the creek and see where it takes you.

Parking and Trail Access

There are few established trailheads in the Irvine system. Access to the San Diego Creek Bikeway and other trails is normally done by using the most convenient of the numerous community or regional parks as a trailhead.

The western end of the trail starts where it intersects the Back Bay Loop Trail in Newport Beach. This is where San Diego Creek empties into the Upper Newport Bay. It's also the busy Jamboree Road Bridge and there is no parking.

Most will start their ride at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve at 2301 University Drive, Newport Beach. You can park in the lot or on University Drive.

At about the halfway point, you will find the Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park at the corner of Barranca Parkway and Harvard Avenue (4 Civic Center Plaza).

Further east along the creek is the Windrow Community Park at the corner of E. Yale Loop and Barranca Parkway (285 E. Yale Loop).

The park closest to the eastern end of the trail is Valley Oak Park at 16001 Valley Oak, right on the trail where Valley Oak crosses the creek.


East coast visitor

   August, 2015 by mrmcpez

I ride my road bike on trails in the Philadelphia, PA area. Visiting on business, I took a hotel (Hyatt Regency) beach bike and rode from Newport Beach to the end of the trail and back (22+ miles). I loved the trail. I wish I had the time to ride others more

Real Commuter Trail

   September, 2013 by dangerousdave

I ride this daily from Irvine Civic Center to Irvine Spectrum. The good-It lets me blow past some of the most annoyingly long traffic signals, those on Alton or Barranca between Harvard and I-5. The Bad-Concrete surfaced underpasses could be smoother. more

Mellow Miles

   December, 2012 by srsteece

Location was the first attraction. The second is my wife and I both love the beach and coupled with a ride what could be better. Early December can be sketchy weather wise but we were lucky to have a warm Saturday (low 70’s) afternoon once the fog burned more