Van Buren Trail State Park

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Head for Van Buren Trail State Park and take a walk (or ride) on the wild side. Wildlife abounds on this rural 14 miles between Hartford and South Haven. While you might see deer, rabbit, fox and eagles, this is an undeveloped trail that has rough ballast stones, long sections of sand and grassy two-track. The combined result is a trail suited to hearty mountain bikers, birders and naturalists.

Heading north from the grass-covered parking lot in Hartford, which has portable toilets, you glide quietly over bridge spanning the Paw Paw River. Cruising northwest to South Haven you pass beneath tall pines, maples and various hardwood trees. The scent of pine lingers as you emerge from the woodlands and enter fields of blueberry bushes and vineyards.

At mile 8 the small town of Covert is located one block south of the trail. A convenience store in town has the only refreshments and restroom facilities on this rural trail. You have to navigate rural State Route M-140 at this point, with no real busy traffic.

The last 8 miles from Covert the trail passes through woods, open fields and commercial fields of blueberries (growing on treelike bushes) and grapes. This part of Michigan is noted for its wine and fruit.

Future plans call for a trailhead at the South Haven end of the trail and for a connection to the Kal-Haven Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

To start in Hartford, from Interstate 94, take the Hartford Exit. Head north 2 blocks past the first stoplight. Take a left onto Prospect Street and proceed for 2 blocks. The trailhead has a grass-covered parking lot with portable toilets.

To start in South Haven, take Lagrange Street to Aylworth Avenue (next to South Haven High School, across from McDonald's). Go west on Aylworth Avenue to Kalamazoo Street and then south on Kalamazoo to Lovejoy Avenue. The trail is 0.1 mile to the west on Lovejoy Avenue on the south side of the street.


Not Bike Friendly

   June, 2015 by larner.ra

I am up for trying anything once-- especially a bike trail that heads to Lake Michigan. This one was a mistake. Spend the time you would've spent on the trail writing to county officials to further develop it and spend the money you'd have spent on gas more

Didn´t feel like a proper trail

   September, 2014 by philip.zanello

Ran the section Covert to South Haven and back. There´s a small ballast open area/parking lot at the end of the cemetery st. I parked my car there and went for a run. That parking lot felt a bit isolated, but I had no issues. It rained 4 days ago but more

Horse trail not a Bike trail

   August, 2014 by russ buckbee

We tried the trail from Hartford, but gave up in a couple miles. It was completely covered with grass and you bounced along the ATV dented surface. If you are into cross country off trail biking, it would be nice. It could be great if some development more