Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail

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The Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail, first envisioned in the 1990s, is a developing pathway being built along the former Reading Railroad. The 7-mile route is hoped to be completed in 2018 and will connect the central Pennsylvania communities of Lititz, Warwick, Akron, and Ephrata. Today, just over half the trail is complete and open.

Its most western completed segment, known as the Lititz-Warwick Trailway, traverses both urban and rural landscapes in the community of Lititz. It passes two restored 18th century buildings and includes signage explaining their history.

Farther east, the rail-trail begins off Fulton Street in Akron. For just over a mile, the paved trail continues northeast primarily through residential neighborhoods and includes a lighted pedestrian tunnel under Route 272 (7th Street). On its eastern end, at Parkview Heights Road, it seamlessly connects to the next segment of the rail-trail in neighboring Ephrata.

Once known as the Ephrata Linear Park Trail, this eastern segment was renamed in 2013 as the Major Richard D. Winters Memorial Trail in honor of a decorated World War II veteran and hometown hero. Dick Winters was featured in the book, Band of Brothers, by historian Stephen Ambrose, and portrayed in a TV miniseries of the same name. Ephrata was his boyhood home and he was buried here in 2011. The well-developed, paved pathway through downtown Ephrata runs for a mile and offers lighting, benches, and landscaping.

Parking and Trail Access

For the Ephrata section: Take Route 322 to E. Fulton Street; the trail begins at the street’s intersection with Railroad Avenue in the center of EphrataBorough.

For the Lititz section: From Lancaster, follow Route 501 North to Lititz. Turn right (east) onto Route 772 (Main Street). Turn left onto Clay Road and follow it up the hill to the Warwick Township Municipal Complex on the right. Parking is available all around the municipal building; the trail entrance is directly across Clay Road.


two new segments are now open!

   December, 2016 by trailkeeper

Two segments of the trail have recently been completed. (as of 12/28/2016). Warwick Township added 5200 ft. going east from East Newport road to Picnic Woods road.(* NOte, East Newport road is a very busy road! Flashing lights have been installed at ...read more

Sat. Dec. 10th 2016

   December, 2016 by alipine

From downtown Ephrata to Akron and return. Walked as part of a 'Volksmarch'. Trail is well done and a bit longer than the current map indicates. Lighted of night time use. Open 6AM to 11PM. I'm planning on a night bike ride next spring. There are ...read more

Saturday, Oct 28, 2016

   October, 2016 by joepickleball_tl

Great to be alive. We enjoyed another PA rail-trail. Short. Undone. Confusing at times, especially in Ephrata and alittle bit in Lititz. Need signage. Nearing completion. Liked the lights from Ephrata to Akron. May return when finished. read more