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Two sections of the West Papio Trail are currently open for use. The shorter section begins just west of S. 36th Street in Bellevue, Nebraska, where it connects with the Keystone Trail. The trail follows West Papillion Creek through open fields, office parks, residential neighborhoods and several city parks. At this time, the southern portion of the trail ends at Giles Road, just west of Portal Road, in the Omaha suburb of La Vista.

While the southern section of the West Papio Trail is a useful amenity for residents of this part of Nebraska, the northern section of the trail is one of the most scenic trails in Omaha. Pick up the trail at the intersection of S. 144th Street and F Street, where the 144th Street Trail begins its journey south. Like the southern portion of the West Papio Trail, the northern segment also follows Papillion Creek, which is referred to affectionately by locals as Papio Creek (hence the trail's name).

The quiet route courses through the serene settings that separate Omaha's residential neighborhoods from the creek. After skirting the campus of Skutt Catholic High School, the trail tunnels under busy 156th Street and W. Center Road. Just south of the school, travel west on a connector trail to reach popular Zorinsky Lake Park.

Continuing northward, the trail joins Pacific Street to cross active Union Pacific tracks, but quickly separates from the road again and travels through Pacific Meadows Park. After tunneling under W. Dodge Road and Blondo Street, the trail begins an uphill climb over several blocks; bicyclists, be prepared.

The West Papio Trail currently ends in an open field adjacent to a residential development south of State Route 64/W. Maple Road. Future plans call for the two portions of the trail to connect, as well as for construction of an extension northward.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the southern section of the West Papio Trail can be found in a neighborhood park at the intersection of Cobblestone Road and Wilma Road, at Lawrence Peterson Park off E. 1st Street or at Papillion City Park off N. Jackson Street.

To access the trail's northern section, park in the lot for Pacific Meadows Park at the intersection of S. 159th Avenue and Pacific Street. Alternatively, park in the small neighborhood lot located at the intersection of N. 163rd Street and Ohio Street.


needs major repair

   August, 2015 by momt

This trail west between Dodge and Blondo streets is closed in 3 areas and no sign of repairs other then blockades and detours are in sight. Really disappointed in the county at the way this has been just sitting all summer long. read more

This description applies to the West Papio North Section

   February, 2011 by blues_rider

There is another section of the West Papio...West Papio South Section The second trace of the West Papio begins at 84th Street, ¾ of a mile north of Highway 370 (¼ mile south of Cornhusker Road). This segment of the trail offers wide open vistas of ...read more