White Rock Creek Trail (North)

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The White Rock Creek Trail (North) is part of the city of Dallas's trail system. The trail travels between W. Lawther Drive at Mockingbird near White Rock Lake Park north to Valley View Park on Hillcrest in North Dallas. The trail generally follows White Rock Creek and passes through neighborhoods and several parks, including Valley View, Anderson Bonner, Orbiter and Harry Moss.

At the lake, the trail meets up with the White Rock Lake Trail at the northern tip of the lake. It also links up with the Cottonwood Trail where Cottonwood and White Rock creeks meet (south of Forest Lane).

Parking and Trail Access

Valley View Park, off of Hillcrest Road and just north of I-635, offers plenty of parking at the northern end of the trail. There is also a parking lot south of I-635.

You can also find parking at Greenville and Royal, as well as off Merriman Road near Abrams.


Great for runners and recreational and commuting bikers

   January, 2014 by darryl.dicksoncarr

If you like to bike or run and need to rack up miles, the White Rock Creek Trail will suit your purposes. It's mostly flat; the only real exceptions are where the trail passes underneath the DART Red Line near Forest Lane and U.S. 75/Central Expressway. ...read more

Not a review, questions...

   September, 2011 by boddie

As a new bike rider (one speed Schwinn) riding about 10 miles around my neighborhood each morning, I am wondering if the White Rock Creek Trail will be too much for me. Is it very hilly? I guess I could turn around at any point, but if it is just one ...read more

Avoid the Crowds and see some nature on WRC Trail

   April, 2011 by terry_and_robert@yahoo.com

After a near-death experience on Katy Trail (I am NOT kidding) I decided to avoid that kind of congestion and the proliferation of headphone-wearing joggers, and stick to the road less traveled. This trail affords over 20 miles round trip; from it's northern ...read more