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The Route 66 Trail in Flagstaff begins in the heart of the beautiful historic downtown district right next to the picturesque Flagstaff Train Depot. Parking is available right along historic Route 66 at the visitor center adjacent to the trailhead. The trail runs between Route 66 and the active railroad tracks that are a defining feature of this mountain town. Spend just a small amount of time in Flagstaff and the unmistakable whistle of a train engine pierces the air multiple times every hour. This town is not a relic of past railroading glories, the trains and the timber industry that helped settle the area are still a vital and visible part of the community.

Leaving the downtown area, the concrete trail stays adjacent to the roadway, meandering just a few feet off the road edge at times. The active railroad tracks are rarely more than a hundred feet to the south. A multitude of shopping plazas, restaurants and lodging dominate the opposite side of the road for the majority of this trail. No matter how much traffic goes by—both car and train—it is impossible not to sneak a peek to the north and enjoy the pristine views of the San Francisco Peaks and the towering pines that cover their slopes.

At about 1.1 miles you will use the crosswalk to negotiate Enterprise road, this crossing is one of only two road crossings that force a stop on the trail. After the road crossing, the trail and road take a significant turn to the north and enter a distinctly different part of town. The increase in locals out on the trail, walking, biking and even carrying groceries, signifies that this part of town has more of a residential component to it. The trail is an excellent use of road right-of-way and shows what just a few more feet of sidewalk can mean to truly creating an active transportation corridor.

At Country Club Drive, the Route 66 Trail connects to the Country Club Trail. The trail also connects to Winifred Ranch Trail and Fourth Street Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the downtown trailhead: From I-17 take South Milton Road (US 89) North for 1.9 miles; turn right. The trailhead is on the right 0.3 mile down, at the corner with San Francisco Street. Parking is available at visitor center on Route 66.

To reach the eastern terminus: From I-17 take US 180/89 North. Cross the overpass and follow the signs for Flagstaff. After 0.75 mile US 89 becomes Historic Route 66. Right at this convergence the trail end is located on the corner of Route 66 and North Fanning Drive. Park at the shopping plaza across Route 66.


Route 66 Trail

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Start at the Visitor Center/RR Depot by picking up Flagstaff Urban Trails and Bikeways map (May09) The Trail has been extended from Fanning Drive to pass under Historical Route 66 and N Country Club Drive to the Flagstaff Mall. 4.6 miles, of wide sidewalk more