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Recent Trail Reviews

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Great run!

September, 2019 by jneilan2012

Amazing view, well maintained trail.

Bird to Gird Pathway

Inline skating on Bird to Gird

September, 2019 by rmaron

SKATERS BEWARE, TRAIL HAS STEEP GRADES!!! I have logged hundreds of miles skating on a portion of this trail, and never seem to tire of it.

The portion that is best for skating is from the pullout at Milepost 100 of the Seward Highway to Girdwood. This is a 20 mile round trip. The beginning and end are 8 feet wide; the bulk of this is 10 feet. There are 2 steep hills that are 12 feet wide.

West of Bird Point the trail has a mile-long level section (always fun to skate, especially with a tailwind), the rest is hilly and winding.

East of Bird Point it climbs then descends a couple hundred vertical feet. I have measured grades greater than 6% in this area.

The trail has its share of root cracks (even on one of the steepest slopes) to be aware of.

SKATERS NEED TO HAVE GOOD BRAKING SKILLS ON THIS TRAIL!!! I always carry a "brake pole" (similar to a hockey stick with a rubber foot instead of a blade). I drag it to slow my speed; I have never skated the 20 miles without needing to use it.

Approach it cautiously, control your speed, and enjoy the trail!

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Beautiful scenery and variety of environments

November, 2017 by martinf

I saw a moose closeup on the wooded section of the coastal trail past the airport. The views of Anchorage and the mountain range across the water are breathtaking. Surface is smooth, it gets somewhat hilly at Earthquake Park (with a very interesting exhibit) and the airport runway. Mileage markers are somewhat confusing since mile 0 is not at the downtown terminus, but at Westchester Lagoon about 2.5 miles from the Alaska Railroad Depot, then runs along the water to the airport then through dense forest for another 9 miles or so for a total of 11 miles.
After arriving at noon on the cruise train from Seward we first went to Flattop Mountain on the shuttle bus from Downtown Bicycle Rental on 4th Ave. See my review of the Flattop Mountain Trail for details. Make sure you make a reservation, call again on the day of your reservation, and also get back on time on the return trip so they do not leave without you. The owner, who operates the shuttle, is quite a character and his included tour of Anchorage is informative and sprinkled with a good portion of humor and opinion. Everyone was extremely helpful and polite. the even let us use a backpack for free. They give you a discount if you rent bicycles on the same day, so I also rode the Coastal Trail on a rental bike and thoroughly enjoyed it. They take great care to fit you with the appropriate bike and gave us detailed instructions regarding all the trails with free detailed maps.


Bird to Gird Pathway

First Sighting of a Grizzly Bear and Hopefully the Last

July, 2017 by Linda Clark

Was working in Anchorage and Fairbanks on travel assignments. Rode this beautiful windy uphill trail from Bird to Alyeska Resort. Ok I know you want to know about the trail, but I want to describe the bear. I saw many a moose while working in Anchorage, not so in Fairbanks, but the bear on the trail will stay in my memory till I die or get dementia. One of my travel nurse buddies paid $800 to take a bush flight to see the bears and here we were a stones throw from one for the price of a bike rental. (We were on assignment in Fairbanks and few to Anchorage for a cosmopolitan weekend) The bear got wind of our sent looked up tilted his head and headed to the woods. We rode on to Alyeska threw down some liquid courage and rode back FAST DOWNHILL WITH 50 MILE AN HOUR TAIL WINDS. It could not have been more exciting!! (They even closed the airport for several hours due to the high winds.) It amazes me how fast one can ride down hill, with tail winds, under the influence, and screaming most of the way-to warn the bears of course. If in Anchorage (and an avid biker) this trail is splendid and should not be missed.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail


September, 2016 by streak1

Ran here in 2007 from Kincaid Park north.That was a great experience.In August,2016 while on vacation;I ran from Earthquake Park towards Anchorage one day and Earthquake Park towards the Airport the next day.This trail affords you views of snow capped Mountains,Cook Inlet,and miles of heavy forest lined with Birch,Aspen and other trees.Running towards the Airport is more hilly.I've run in hundreds of places in the USA due to work travel.This trail is one of the most scenic.Considering Anchorage's winters of ice/snow,the asphalt trail is in excellent condition.If you are in Anchorage,run this trail.You will be happy you did.

Campbell Creek Greenbelt

A Wonderful trail!

July, 2016 by petel6969

A nice little shaded trail following the meandering creek. I made a giant loop by taking the Chester Creek trail to the Tony Knowles trail and then did some on road riding to hitch up to Campbell creek. About 30 miles total. Only minor issue was that you had to cross a major road toward the end.

Campbell Creek Greenbelt

Campbell Creek Trail

June, 2016 by klynne0304

My first visit to Alaska and my first trail. I found this trail amazing, not real hard to bike or walk, wild life, beautiful creek, great sitting areas and a cozy lake as my nephew say's to sit and relax by. Everyone on the trail was friendly from the human to the dog ¿¿.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Awesome Ride!!

September, 2015 by gdonovan40

Biked the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail 8-23-15. The weather was perfect -- sunny to partly cloudy and cool, with a slight breeze.

The trail is beautiful -- meandering through and alongside residential areas, wooded parks, and the coastline. The tide was out, so numerous birds were feeding in the marsh -- saw several Sandhill Cranes, a bonus! Snow-covered mountains were visible in the distance. We could see Denali (Mt. McKinley to some) from Pablo's Bike Rentals on the corner of 4th and L Streets! A fairly rare sight. Pablo's Bike Rentals' pricing is comparable to others in Anchorage (see note below about bike rentals).

There are a couple of steep hills if you're traveling the paved trail from downtown to Kincaid Park. Some folks choose to ride from Kincaid Park to downtown to lessen steep climbs.

One of the most amazing experiences we had was stopping at the end of the runway at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and watching the jets take off!! You could actually "feel" the plane as it left the runway and roared overhead. It was incredible!

If you'd like a cool souvenir, Downtown Bicycle Rental, Inc. (333 W. 4th Avenue, Anchorage) has great bike jerseys designed specifically for Alaska and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Cotton t-shirts are available, too. We had to have both! We will rent bikes from Downtown Bicycle Rental, Inc. next time we're in town. They are a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful.

We'll definitely make this spectacular biking trip, again. I highly recommend it to everyone who has an interest in biking or walking.

Campbell Creek Greenbelt


December, 2014 by wilhelmjaranilla

Very great experience! Love it!

Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail

Chester Creek to Westchester Lagoon.

July, 2014 by noeljkelller

I had pedaled up the Ship Creek Trail to Vandenberg Ave were signage indicated 3 Choices, left Elmendorf AFB, right Boniface or straight ahead Eagle River. I chose to go right through the Mountain View Dr underpass and along Bonidface Parkway to Trails in Russian Jack Springs Park to E Northern Lights Blvd, joining the Chester Creek Trail west bound. to Westchester Lagoon. Lots of tree root heaves on upper part of Trail, but interesting scenery. Active use. Most street crossings had underpasses. 24 Jun 2014

Ship Creek Trail

Scenic Ship Creek

July, 2014 by noeljkelller

A great ride from the Trailhead on W Whitney Rd to William Tyson Elementary School. The City Bike Map showed the trail continued up Richmond Ave to Meyers St, left for one block to a right on Peterkin Ave to N Lane St were I joined the trail along Mountain View Dr to the 3 choices of trails at Boniface Rd.24 Jun 2014

Bird to Gird Pathway

Great Trail

March, 2013 by lories

A perfect ride the trail has a few hills and excellent vistas. Bike to Girdwood have ice cream or lunch and then bike back.

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