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Getting Outside in a Time of Social Distance

As the days of social distancing add up in the response to COVID-19, trails are increasingly being counted on as places where people can continue to be physically active and find respite while practicing social distancing. As you plan your trail outing, be prepared that some trails may have limited services, including closed facilities like bathrooms, depots and visitor centers as well as limited or no staff. We encourage you to check the latest public health guidance from the CDC and your local/state governments, as well as the status of your trail, before heading out!

Recent Trail Reviews

Riverwalk Exploration Trail

Very Nice Trail and Parks

March, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Laughlin, NV
Parking: Park on south end of trail.
Trail Condition: Surface is concrete and pretty smooth. Plenty wide.
Signage: Lots of signage, informational and route direction.
Comments: Trail isn’t real long for a bike ride but plenty scenic, informational, and worth a visit. After crossing over the major highway on a nicely done bridge, the trail gets away from any traffic and city activity. The parks at both ends of the trail are very nicely done, modern and clean. Along the trail there are a number of covered rest stops, a couple water fountains, and trail spurs down to the river’s edge. We encountered a small number of walkers and no bikes.

Wetlands Trail Connector

Short but Liked It

February, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Henderson, NV
Trail Condition: Nicely finished asphalt trail surface. Wide trail. Trail has two underpasses beneath busy highways. Both nicely done and plenty wide enough. Steep hill climb from wetlands area to River Mountains Loop Trail.
Comments: We connected to this trail from the Lake Mead Parkway Trail/River Mountains Loop Trail. The trail goes pretty steady downhill most of the way to Terrazza Park. The park has nice restrooms and a large roadrunner statue. Would be a good place to park and start the other trails in the Las Vegas Wash area. Only a couple folks seen on the Wetlands Trail Connector. However, a pretty good number of walkers, mostly, seen at the park and on the other trails in the Las Vegas Wash area. (In future will plan to return to this area and try other trails.) On return to River Mountains Loop Trail it is a pretty steep climb from Terrazza Park. Our loop ride this day also included, Lake Mead Parkway, River Mountains Loop Trail, and Burkholder Trail. See reviews for these trails mentioned.

River Mountains Loop Trail

Hills and More Hills

February, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Henderson, NV
Trail Condition: Very nice trail and sufficiently wide. This is review is only for the portion from Wetlands Trail Connector to Burkholder Trail. This portion of trail has several steep hills and fast downhills. Trail surface is great.
Comments: Connected to this trail from the Lake Mead Parkway, riding from Henderson. Rode up to the Wetlands Trail Connector and after completing the Wetlands Trail Connector, began the River Mountains Loop Trail (counter clockwise) towards the Burkholder Trail. A couple pretty good climbs and then fast downhills getting through the first mile or so of trail. Then a steady uphill until the Burkholder Trail intersection. Nice to get away from the traffic and out into the desert on this trail. A few more walkers and bikers encountered on this trail. (Bad – encountered two motorcyclists using the trail, they weren’t racing down the trail but just the same shouldn’t have been there.) Our loop ride this day also included, Lake Mead Parkway, Wetlands Trail Connector, and Burkholder Trail. See reviews for these trails mentioned.
We rode the complete trail a couple years ago and enjoyed it. Is a long ride but a memorable one.


Lake Mead Parkway Trail

Too Many Busy Intersections

February, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Henderson, NV
Trail Condition: Trail surface is in good shape, asphalt, and majority of it is wide. While in the more populated (central Henderson) area there are many side street crossings and some major intersections. Extra care is necessary to navigate that portion of trail. A number of shade structures and benches are along the trail.
Parking: We started from Victory Village Plaza. Plenty of parking.
Comments: After navigating through a number of intersections traveling East, trail became more enjoyable to ride. There are some hills requiring extra effort to climb. Mostly encountered walkers (but only a few) and fewer yet bikers. After about 4 miles the trail connected to the River Mountains Loop Trail. While the Lake Mead Parkway trail is a nice trail the River Mountains Loop trail seems like an even better trail. We continued on the Lake Mead Parkway Trail/River Mountains Loop Trail to the Wetlands Trail Connector. That ended the Lake Mead Parkway Trail portion of this ride. Our loop ride went on to include the Wetlands Trail Connector, a portion of the River Mountains Loop Trail, and the Burkholder Trail which returned us back to our car at Victory Village Plaza. See reviews for other trails mentioned here.

Burkholder Trail

Good Connector Trail

February, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Henderson, NV
Trail Condition: Outside of central Henderson trail is wide and in good condition. Once entering the “city” encounter more traffic and intersection crossings (minor and major). Mostly the trail is away from the street but still must be aware of traffic and intersections. Through the city it is wide and well maintained.
Comments: Started this trail from the River Mountains Loop Trail. It is good downhill coast when starting here and riding into Henderson. The first mile or so is outside of the city and remainder is a city ride. Towards the end of the trail, approaching Lake Mead Parkway, a section of trail is a “Story Book” walk with pages of a children’s book displayed. Can walk along and read a story. Pretty neat. Our loop ride this day also included, Lake Mead Parkway, Wetlands Trail Connector, and River Mountains Loop Trail. See reviews for these trails mentioned.

River Mountains Loop Trail

Best for e-bikers or the very fit

January, 2020 by cam08529

We were visiting from the midwest so we got our e-bikes from an outfitter in Henderson with excellent access to the loop. Don’t try to do this in the summer as it is too hot and no shade. It is a great experience if you’re on an e- bike. If not you need to be in good shape as it is hilly. The trail is in excellent condition. Most ride it clockwise because that’s easier.

Wetlands Trail Connector

Short Trail but it connects to three other trails

January, 2020 by normanbowers

This trail connects Mountain Lake Park to Terrazza Park. It is all uphill from Terrazza to Mountain Lake. At Mountain Lake Park connect to River Mountains Loop Trail and Lake Meade Parkway Trail. At Terrazza Park connect to Wetlands Park Loop Trail and on to Flamingo Arroyo Trail. All trails are paved and in good condition.

River Mountains Loop Trail

Beautiful but a lot of hills

January, 2020 by normanbowers

Great trail, but a lot of hills and no shade. Water is available at three locations along the trail, but still need a couple of bottles to be safe. All but real hill climbers need to rent an e-bike. To minimize steep hills go clockwise, the hill from the visitor's center to top of hill at Boulder City is long but not steep. E-bikes are available at River Mountain on Lake Meade Parkway in Henderson and All Mountain in Boulder City.

I-215 East Beltway Trail

I 215 Trail

November, 2019 by wegot2go

Nice paved trail. Little shade. Some street crossings are challenging. We rode 8 miles and were told you could ride another 30 plus miles on connecting trails. There are places to stop for food & beverages.

Erica Greif Memorial Bikeway

A nice fall afternoon ride!

November, 2019 by pam.brandbuilders

Easy trail with wide open views. Well maintained for one small area that needs some goat head bushes trimmed. Nice benches at several points to take a break. No shade, except under one bridge, so be prepared if it’s summer. We ended up on several nice bike/walk paths in housing developments on the southern end that took us back to our motel off 580. Easy For families with kiddos.

I-215 West Beltway Trail

Fantastic Trail!

April, 2019 by rwood48

My experience is bicycling, but I see others walking and jogging as well. This is an awesome trail to get some miles in with minimal traffic concerns. There are a few intersections to cross, but most have a bridge or tunnel. This is an exceptional resource for bicyclists and others in Las Vegas Nevada. I am super pleased to have this available to us!

Bunkerville Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail

Bunkerville trail

April, 2019 by kk7ba

Nice easy walk. Along state highway but enjoyable.

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