West Bloomfield Trail


West Bloomfield Trail Facts

States: Michigan
Counties: Oakland
Length: 6.85 miles
Trail end points: Haggerty Road and Sylvan Manor Park
Trail surfaces: Crushed Stone
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6016128
Trail activites: Bike, Mountain Biking, Walking, Cross Country Skiing

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West Bloomfield Trail Description

Bookended by an established nature preserve and a community park, with plans to connect it to more rail-trail miles, the West Bloomfield Trail measures up to much more than its nearly 7-mile length. The southwest endpoint is at Haggerty Road and heading northeast from there you arrive at West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve, 162 acres with looping hiking trails.

The limestone trail is steeped in nature, aside from some large homes sprinkled around the preserve. Don't be alarmed if what appears to be a lawn ornament suddenly turns and bounds toward the forest—one pass on this trail provides clear sightings of deer, raccoon and rabbits. Turtles, waterfowl and assorted frogs populate the ponds and lakes, and the forests are filled with spruce, hickory, oak and maple trees. Interpretive markers flank the trail, but be sure to pick up a map and brochure at the nature preserve for the real inside scoop on this thriving natural habitat.

You can expect to see lots of wildlife in the nature preserve, such as great blue herons, woodchucks, coyotes and foxes. From here the trail follows a gentle downhill slope through the communities of West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake, with many ponds pocketed along the trail. You can expect to see ducks, geese and other waterfowl, as well as turtles parked in a row on logs soaking up the sun.

Orchard Lake is the first of three large lakes the trail overlooks. At this point the trail follows an old train tunnel under busy Long Lake Road. Orchard Lake is also home to Apple Island, where Chief Pontiac is thought to have held council with neighboring tribes to plan an attack on Fort Detroit in the mid-18th century. You reach the trail's end at Sylvan Manor Park; there are no signs identifying the park from the trail, but an asphalt path with a basketball court signals your arrival in a city park. If you continue northeast from here, you will be following the Clinton River Trail, which connects with Paint Creek Trailway and Macomb Orchard Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Arrowhead Road trailhead in the nature preserve, take State Route M-5 north to where it comes to a T-intersection with Pontiac Trail. Turn tight into Pontiac Trail and travel 3 miles to right turn on Arrowhead Road. Go 0.5 mile to the trailhead parking on left side.

To access the Sylvan Manor Park, from the intersection of State Route M-24 (Telegraph Road) and Orchard Lake Road, turn west on Orchard Lake Rd., go past Middle Belt Road for 2 blocks and turn left on Figa Avenue. Go 1 block, turn right on Woodrow Wilson Rd. and proceed 4 blocks to Sylvan Manor Park on your right.

West Bloomfield Trail Reviews

Nice multi use trail, but a quite a few road crossing (11) of which some are quite busy roads. This trail is actually longer at this moment. It start at Haggerty in the west and continues all the way until South Telegraph Road, in the east. That is right after the bridge over Telegraph road, so the trail is about 1.5mi longer than stated at the moment.

For us average bikers it is a very nice trail. We saw a lot of wildlife, brush is cut back from the trail and gravel path had no ruts. Only bad thing I can say is the blind curve when crossing a very well travelled road.

This is a very lovely trail. It is not paved but it is very well maintained. There is a great variety of scenery and a great deal of history along this path. There is one very steep hill from the crosswinds mall up to the train/tram tunnel. I would suggest stopping to look at the turtles and ducks in the big pond to your left. It is very steep here so please do not let your children go anywhere near the edge of the path.
At the top of the hill is a stairway which leads to the history museum. It is a ways from the top of the stairs, just walk west until you see the lake.
Ithe museum is a great way to get to know the area. Ring your bike bells in the tunnel in memory of the turn on the century mass transit tram that used to come out here from Detroit.
Soon the historical markers will all be back up. They are beautifully done and each covered a bit of local history. They are having stronger bases put on, but you can find some of them along the trail.
Dont be scared if a deer crosses your path, it is very common here. Enjoy the view and leave your trash in the bins by the crossings.
I live right next to this path by St Mary's School and I walk or ride this path most days. I love it.


This trail is nice, VERY flat, and MUDDY most of the time, we called to see if they could put wood chips down (when a tree falls they do this in the area the tree fell) to soak up the water/mud. The reply we got was it has to be wheelchair accessible, no wheelchair is getting through that mud, you can barely walk when it's that wet/muddy. We counted 22 dog droppings yesterday, gross, have some class PICK UP your dogs feces. It's not safe for the environment or to humans!

Rode this trail on a chilly day, so there were very few others on the trail. It was a nice trail that my wife and I enjoyed. We did have trouble finding it, as you cannot turn onto Figa Street from Orchard Lake Road. You have to turn onto Woodrow Wilson to get to Figa; it was confusing in traffic. Aside from that, however, it was a nice ride with lots of great parking.

The day after two days of rain, there was enough water and mud on the trail to make it a bit treacherous.

It's a nice, flat trail, but I wouldn't do it again on a road bike (except, perhaps, during a drought).

Different than our usual rides - nice change of pace. Pretty flat, easy, scenic and relaxing compared to normal with lots of bogs, lakes and wildlife. Places to eat near Orchard Lake Rd crossing.

Different than our usual rides - nice change of pace. Pretty flat, easy, scenic and relaxing compared to normal with lots of bogs, lakes and wildlife. Places to eat near Orchard Lake Rd crossing.

I have bicycled this trail many times, most recently in May 2014, and also walked the trail. I find it to be a great trail. I bicycle from the Berkley area to the trail, by picking it up from West Bloomfield Lake Road to Mirror Lake Drive (these streets connect via bikes, not cars). It's a beautiful and well maintained trail. There are port-a-potties at Arrowhead, as well as some information. I have taken the trail west to Haggerty, where it becomes a dirt bike trail. I am thinking about taking the dirt bike trail about 12 miles to North Wixom Road, to pick up the Huron Valley Trail, which connects with Kensington MetroPark (I'll update the review after I try this-I have taken 14 Mile Road to Kensington, but the sidewalks / bike paths start and stop, and even on a weekend morning the drivers are a little scary on 14 Mile). Going east, the trail intersects with Orchard Lake Road 3 times. The first time, it's a "busy" Orchard Lake, with numerous places to stop and eat. Continuing East, the trail goes to a bridge over Telegraph Road, then into Dawsons Millpond Beaudette Park in Pontiac, then stops at Bagley street. To continue east, IGNORE the signs that say bike trail turn left, and turn RIGHT to South Blvd. Take South Blvd. East about 5 blocks to Opdyke Road, and turn LEFT (north). On the right, after a short distance, you can pick up the Auburn Hills link of the Clinton River Trail, which connects with the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester (also a wonderful trail), and the Macomb Orchard Trail, which goes to Romeo and Richmond (I have taken it close to Romeo - it is also a nice trail).

I have lived in the area 50+ years, but it's an entirely different view. People are friendly on and off the trail, but I would bring an extra bike tube (and know how to change a flat), water, simple first aid kit, a cell phone and some money.

Trail was pleasant and clean. Many garbage cans, benches, and parks through the trail. Parking was fine. Animal friendly, just bring a leash and pick up after. Happy to find this :)

I have not actually ridden the trail for a few yrs, and was basing my experience on that. However, I looked at the pics and recent reviews and see the bridge has now connected the gaps to the other three marvelous trails, so perhaps now the WBT will also soon--or maybe already---see improvements. It is really wonderful to see the greater metro Detroit area and subs taking the trail movement seriously, as this over crowded and congested area really has been in need of "greening up" for way too long!

I found the trailhead very difficult to find. It is hidden on a curve with no signage whatsoever on a very congested suburban road. There are not many parking spaces available. The trail itself is poorly maintained, with ruts and bumpy sections and overgrown brush nearly hitting you in the face or legs. Some of the scenery is nice, but this trail mostly travels through backyards of suburbia. Not worth the trouble...

P.S. I did hear that this trail was to eventually link up with the beautiful and improved maintained Paint Creek and Clinton River Trails. Perhaps when the link is completed, there will be better trail head options and better maintenance.

Very pretty trail with nice smooth gravel surfaces. The road crossings are all well mark and there are plenty of benches near the many lakes and ponds along the way. Good signs and information on the local wildlife too.

There is a very small parking lot at the trailhead on Haggerty. Driving by it looked like it could hold 2-3 cars and that was it.

The trail extension has now been completed and open to bikers/hikers/etc.

I haven't ridden the new section yet, but last year I rode from the (old) western start to the eastern end, ending up in Pontiac, MI (which is actually part of the Clinton River trail).

Jim K...Dearborn Hts., MI

Does anyone know what's going on as far as trail development west of Haggerty? The new WB section is currently under construction--from Arrowhead west to Halsted already has limestone fines down and there are huge piles of the stuff just west of Halsted so they're working their way west. The last I checked, they had the steel supports in for the boardwalk just northeast of Walnut Lk Rd but no boards. It had been rideable (though "interesting" at some points--loose, small, but steep whoopdies) but that keeps changing and you never know what construction equipment may be blocking the way, so it's probably best to ride down to Walnut and bypass this section for now. I've ridden the trail a number of times all the way to where it dead-ends west of Wixom Rd (one of the old dinner train cars is parked there). Although it's rideable, there are some sections with a lot of deep, loose pea gravel and sand (probably three times deeper than it was just west of Arrowhead), so some may need to walk their bike through (otherwise it's a great leg-burner, but 29ers would probably float through!). Although I like having the trail west of Haggerty essentially to myself, it would be nice if they were to clean it up a bit in certain spots in order to open it up to more trail users and I know this is the plan (including a bridge over M5). I was just wondering if anyone had any details/timetables...

Rode the West Bloomfield trail from the Nature Center, the Clinton River trail, and part of the Macomb/Orchard trail today - they link to each other giving 40+ miles of biking (one way). Regarding how I liked the 3 trails, West Bloomfield ranks in the middle. Generally packed gravel and pretty smooth for a gravel trail. I have a hybrid and had no problems with the surface. However, crossing Orchard Lake Road can be a bit difficult where there are no traffic lights. Overall a nice ride and I like that it links to the Clinton River trail.

... of the section going east from Haggerty to Arrowhead. If you enter from Haggerty, the trail is VERY SOFT and difficult to ride unless you are a hardcore mountain bike rider. It gets more difficult as you continue east from Walnut Lake Rd to Halstead Rd with very loose gravel, river rock and soft ruts. The section from Halstead to Arrowhead is better, but still has many sections of soft gravel. From Arrowhead east, it's a very nice ride on packed gravel continuing on to the Clinton River Trail.

I rode this on the day I decided to do my first 100-mile ride and this section of about 1 mile really dampened the mood and my effort levels for the rest of the day. On the return, it's much easier to take Halstead south to 14 Mile, then west to Haggerty and the new trail along M-5.

As they continue to rip out the old railroad tracks in that section, hopefully they will be able to pave it and eventually connect it directly to the M-5 and I-275 corridor.

checked this trail out today and enjoyed the ride. The stretch near hagerty and walnut lake rod is rough for bikes as its loose gravel however its a great ride

Great for the beggining riders. Some pretty views as you pass by a river and a few lakes. Just be careful crossing Orchard lake road cause the northbound traffic is comeing around a corner, and cant see you until there very close. There's also a nice park/playground at the north end parking lot thats great for the kids too. When you pass Orchard lake road the second time (from the north end) there are some great restaraunts to stop and eat lunch at.

"CAUTION to users of the Clinton River Trail in Oakland County! There are no signs or markings of any kind at the new trail crossings at Orchard Lake Road, 5 lanes, in Sylvan Lake, and the crossing at Iverness within the Village of Sylvan. I have contacted county, township, and Sylvan Lake officials to no avail about getting signage asap. The trail has been useable since last fall."

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