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Western Reserve Greenway Facts

States: Ohio
Counties: Ashtabula, Trumbull
Length: 43 miles
Trail end points: W 52nd St & Madison Ave (Ashtabula) and N River Rd NW, 0.1 mile west of Sferra Ave NW (Warren)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6121448

Western Reserve Greenway Description

Closure Notice: The Western Reserve Greenway is currently closed over Baughman Creek in between Mahan Denman Rd. and Hyde Oakfield Rd. There is no expected opening date. Trail users are asked to detour via Oakfield North Rd. NW. See Trumbull County Metroparks for more current information.

The Western Reserve Greenway travels 43 miles through a scenic, mostly rural area, cutting a north–south course from Ashtabula to Warren in northeastern Ohio. The route follows much of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s former branch line, extending to the shores of Lake Erie at Ashtabula. This rail line once transported iron ore to the steel mills of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Today, the trail is the longest section of the planned 110-mile Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greenway that will begin on the shores of Lake Erie and travel south to the banks of the Ohio River in East Liverpool.

The Western Reserve Greenway begins only a few miles from Lake Erie, and a planned extension will bring it right to the shoreline. For now, you can start at Herzog Rotary Park (off Woodman Avenue), where you will find the first of 12 interpretive signs detailing the importance of northeast Ohio in the Underground Railroad. The greenway is used year-round but note that snowmobiling is allowed only in Ashtabula County (the northern half of the trail).

Heading south, cross the historical King Bridge, a steel trestle built in 1897 that now spans Clay Street. Ahead is Austinburg, with a trailhead and plenty of options for food and drink. South of town, reenter the trail’s rural surroundings and enjoy the company of deer, beavers, and a multitude of birds, including wild turkeys and waterfowl.

The trail passes through the east side of Rock Creek, a small town with a few restaurants and a lovely park located along the creek. In 2022, a new section of paved trail eliminated the need for an on-road detour and completed the continuous off-road route through Rock Creek.

Upon leaving the community, you’ll cross a trestle spanning the eponymous watercourse. The bridge features bump-outs that give a bird’s-eye view of the creek and scenery below. When the path picks up again, you sail beneath sheltering trees and past the tiny village of Orwell, with a trailhead located below a water tower off Oak Street.

A stone arch bridge over Baughman Creek in Trumbull County is a true highlight of the Western Reserve Greenway.

Back on the trail, you will come to the Sunside trailhead. The rail-trail continues beyond here to North River Road in Warren, where you can connect to the Garrett Wonders Bike Trail heading south into town.

There are year-round portable restrooms at the Lampson Road Trailhead (a pit toilet), at the Oakfield Trailhead, and at the Sunside Trailhead (port-a-potty). The other portable restrooms marked on the map are seasonal (at the Austinburg, Station Street, Rock Creek Falls, and Orwell Trailheads, as well as off of Educational Highway).

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at a number of locations along the trail.

See TrailLink map for all options and detailed directions. 

Western Reserve Greenway Reviews

Great ride!

Parked in North Bloomfield and biked south to Champion and back, then up to Orwell and back for a 35 mile round trip. Mainly shaded trail was good on a warm summer day. Trail is flat and paved. Trail has some bumps here and there. Trail section still closed over Baughman Creek (it's been a few years) between Hyde Oakfield Road and West Mahan Denman Road. Short back road detour.

Good for trikes

We rode from Orwell to Ashtabula 48 mile round trip (Orwell to Austinburg was 34 round trip) This trail is wide, flat and scenic, mostly shaded woods and farmland. The gates were all open and wide. Frequent but easy road crossings and some root bumps but not bad. Nice benches and port-o-potties every 10 miles.

Rock Creek Section open, no more road detour

Early July 2023, biked from Orwell to Austinburg and back for a 35-mile round trip. Went through Rock Creek. A new section of the trial (near Real Alloy) in Rock Creek has been added. No longer will you exit the trail and ride / share the road, through Rock Creek. Now goes straight through. (Constructed Fall 2022). Riding from Orwell to Austinburg there is very little shade. Some trees along the trail aren't enough to shade from the sun, other areas are open through farmlands. Just off the trail in Austinburg is a convenience store for water and a few blocks away a few fast food restaurants.


I would give this trail a 7/10. Pros: well shaded, paved (some bumps from tree roots), good options for parking along the trail. Cons: not much variety of landscape. If I lived close to this trail, I would use it as a nice training ride vs a scenic view adventure ride. Keep in mind i only rode a 10 mile portion of it.


I started at the Southern end Champion heights. The scenery somewhat changes as you go north from woodsy to farm lands, to Amish country. Beautiful picnic tables near Rock Creek.

I started at the Southern end Champion heights. The scenery somewhat changes as you go north from woodsy to farm lands, to Amish country. Beautiful picnic tables near Rock Creek.

northern end

camped at Hideaway Lakes campground that had direct access from park (just south of route 84) to trail-went north to end at main line tracks in Ashtabula then went south to Austinburg. will return and start in austinburg and go south.

First ride on the WRG

We rode three miles south of 87 until we came to a detour, then backtracked and went two miles north of 87. The trail is wide enough for two trikes side-by-side, and the part we rode is mostly smooth with very little slope. The marsh just south of Dunkerton Rd is a nice stop.

Though the trail map shows restrooms at the trailheads, there wasn't one at the Lockwood parking lot (at 87). Other bikers said there are none anywhere.

October Ride

Always a great ride on this trail. We parked on 87 in North Bloomfield and biked North to Route 6 at Rome then back to N. Bloomfield continuing South to Mehann Denmann Road where the trail is closed due to a bridge issue, which has been like this several years off and on. There is a short back road detour which is easy to use. Total round trip for the day 30 miles. Trail is paved and goes through mainly open farmlands. Leaves starting to change for Fall. This trail never disapoints!

rock creek rock on

The connection in Rock creek is opened! No detour on county roads. Shady and cool even in August. Coffee shop just opened in Austinburg, along with an ice cream shop and a small convenience store. No parking at 52 st the last mile is more road crossing than trail. Turn around at the Rotary park. Last rest stop is in Austinburg.

Summer Ride 40 Miler

We parked in Orwell at mile marker 2 and biked North up to Austinburg. There is a store in Austinburg that has snacks and water. Biked back to Orwell then a few miles South to the Trumbull/Ashtabula county line. Total round trip 40 miles. A great ride as always!

may update

Started at champion heights and rode to rock creek. Few other riders, lots of shade and wildlife. We saw a mink and lots of warblers. At Rock Creek you have to ride on the highway. We saw no signage of the way. The trail is paved and in good shape.


We did this trail last fall and are looking forward to doing it again this summer

Early November 2021 Ride

Lovely fall day with temps near 70. Biked from Orwell to Austinburg and back for a 30 mile round trip. Leaves were pretty much changed/fallen but as always, a fantastic ride on this trail!

October ride

Chilly and breezy Fall day but the sun was out! Parked just off of Route 88 in Bristolville and rode down to South of Sunside and back then up to the Ashtabula/Trumbull county line. Round trip 30 miles. Leaves starting to change but not as much as they should be for this time of year.

Another nice ride

Labor Day 2021: Parked in North Bloomfield along Route 87. There is a small parking area there for about 10 cars. Biked down to Sunside Trailhead approx 11 miles South and back then up to Orwell and back for a 31 mile round trip.
Some leaves are beginning to change already and some dry dead leaves on the trail.
Most of the trail is shaded by trees but there are a few areas open farmlands.


What a nice trail. Rode from Ashtabula to Rock Creek, 30 miles round trip. Have lunch in Austinburg.

western reserve greenway

Unbelievably beautiful, pastoral, peaceful!

Lake to river trail.

Been on most parts of this trail. Lisbon part is great. Tried recently opened
section North Shore Trail In Ashtabula which connects trail to lake Erie by Walnut Beach. Right off trail you enter 4 lane share the road, I road on sidewalk for this part. Then changed to 2 lanes for cars , 2 lanes for bikes. Turns west for short juant thru a park. Then go thru all nieborhoods till you get to Bridge St., after which you must carry bike up very steep, very long cement steps with no handrail to reach Point Park. Then you ride on to Walnut Beach. I did not carry bike up steps , I turned around and started back, did not see Lake Erie. This trail is all on street other than short part thru park. Will not go again.

Nice trail, but needs restrooms

Cycling this trail (Warren-Ashtabula-Lake Erie & back, 97 miles total) in June 2021, I found no open restrooms, not even port-a-johns! Not in Trumbull County, anyway. I checked the buildings at Garret Wonders Trailhead in Warren, at North River Rd, and at the Sunside Trailhead on Center St in Champion. Nada! All buildings locked. No information about where to find a restroom. So I ended up squatting in the woods. Come on, Trumbull County - you can do better! Sure, we're in a pandemic currently, but people still need to go! And there are hardly any local businesses to fall back on.

At north end of trail, in Ashtabula, the new North Shore Trail (mostly bike lanes) to the lake needs to be much better marked, with a map. It is very easy to miss. And it's not in Google Maps yet.

Awesome Trail

We enjoyed this trail so much! Going under highway in tunnel was neat surprise! Very well maintained trail!

Trumbull County ride

Rode today from Orwell to end of Trail near Warren. Nice ride. Note the trail at the “Highlight of the WRG” the stone arch bridge over Baughman creek is closed. (Can be ridden around). Looks like hillside has slipped into creek and taken a bit of the trail with it

End of April 2021 Ride

Signs of Spring....trees budding and turning green. Didn't see many wildflowers yet. Saw one snake. Parked in Orwell and biked 17 miles North to Austinburg and back. Trail in good condition. Coming back it was kind of windy but when the cornfields are up and there's more leaves on the trees the windy days will be blocked by that. Great trail.

A must ride

The trail through Ashtabula county is nice just dont go too far south of State Route 305 (Mosquito Lake area) The closer you get to Warren the more garbage and broken glass you will find all over the trail.

Ashtabula County end to end ride, 53 miles Round Trip

Rode the entire length of the trail through Ashtabula County to the Trumbull County line. Parked at mile 2 in Orwell and biked 24 miles up to Ashtabula and back and then down to the Ashtabula/Trumbull County line.
Trail is in very good paved condition and cleared of leaves.
Ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant steps away from the trail in Orwell. They are biker friendly. Even offer outdoor seating if you want to keep and eye on your bike.

Great Trail

We rode 30 miles of this trail in the last month. Trail was awesome. Was surprised that there were NO restroom facilities on the Trumbull County section of the trail. Each trailhead in Ashtabula County had a Port-o-let. I did not like the 16 speed bumps on the trail just south of the Oakfield trailhead. We rode the trail south into Rock Creek, but when we started taking the road section around the missing link, vehicles were speeding past us. We decided to turn around and go back to the north. Overall I give the trail the 5 star rating.

Nice, flat and scenic trail

We completed another 10 miles of this trail. Beautiful day! This time we started at the trailhead in Orwell. Love this trail. Very well maintained throughout. Mostly flat, however, this is one of those trails that you will pedal no matter which direction you head but nothing intense. Just a great ride.

Team Dash is a husky and wheelchair team. The Rails to Trails greenway has been the best by far for Team Dash to get in some miles. Today we did 7 miles. Love it x 100

Team Dash is a husky and wheelchair team. The Rails to Trails greenway has been the best by far for Team Dash to get in some miles. Today we did 7 miles. Love it x 100

Metric Century Ride - August, 2020

Nice long paved trail makes it great if you want to tackle a Metric Century Ride. We got in 63 miles.
Parked in Orwell and biked South to Champion and continued until it connects with the Garrett Wonders Trail. Took that into Warren.
In Warren we were able to get water at a BP Station a block off the trail.
Biked back to Orwell and had lunch at the Mexican restaurant steps away from the trail. They are very accommodating to cyclists, and we also met other cyclists having lunch as well.
After lunch headed North towards Rock Creek then back to Orwell where our cars were parked.
Trail is mostly rural except near Champion and farther South (Warren area).
There are no restrooms along the trail and/or places to get water. So do some research ahead of time. I suggest parking in the middle and this way when you pass by your car you can refill water bottles and stop for snacks from your car .
Trail is flat at fast asphalt in very good condition.

Beautiful, but flat trail

This trail is simply one of the finest trails I've found in the Ohio region. I've ridden it end to end three times. Each time I discover a somewhat improved version! The pavement of the permanent trail detour near Rock Creek onto the CO-19 is the most significant one and the extension into Warren the next. For those who want to ride without hills, this is the place to come. There is a cost however. The rider is constantly pedaling with the same leg muscles and is constantly pedaling! The scenery along the route is terrific with lots of green "tunnels" to ride through. I give a slight nod to the area north of the I-90 tunnel for it's scenery, maintenance, and variety until the trail enters into the Ashtabula city limits. The northern terminus is very abrupt onto a city street, railroad tracks and a mini-park to take a break at.
Some things to consider for this ride. Bring lots of water. There are no drinking fountains or commercial locations to get water. There are hardly any restrooms along the way. Orwell seems to have a port-a-potty that easily accessible. There are no restaurants or vending machines near the trail, so bring your own nourishment if you are riding the entire trail. There are a few places to eat in Orwell, but one must bike to them.

great for an easier ride

Paved the whole way and fairly flat. Good for kids and slower cyclists too.

Great bike trail. The details here as well as the brochure map state there are restrooms at the Sunside Trailhead. I pass through there every other day and have never seen restrooms. Did the remove them?

Great bike trail. The details here as well as the brochure map state there are restrooms at the Sunside Trailhead. I pass through there every other day and have never seen restrooms. Did the remove them?

Great Fall Ride! October, 2019

The end of October we had some really warm days in a row. Took advantage of one of them and biked the Western Reserve Trail. Parked in Orwell and biked a little beyond Rock Creek, and back. Then went South for a few miles. Total trip for the day was 24 miles.
Trail is virtually flat and nicely asphalt paved. Though covered with leaves in a lot of places, they were leaf blowing out there that day and doing a great job!
Gorgeous fall foliage along the trail.

Great trail !

Great trail with plenty of shade. Majority of trail is in the woods and very scenic. There are a few areas where tree roots have caused some pretty rough bumps,mostly towards the Champion side. Lacking proper signage at Rock Creek area where you leave the trail for a short time. Very level trail with no hill climbing needed.

Always a nice ride!

We frequent this trail a few times a year traveling about an hour to get here. Worth the trip.
Parked at the Sunside Trailhead on 305 and biked through Trumbull County to the Ashtabula County line. We continued into Ashtabula County a few miles to Orwell. Then biked back. Approx round trip 27 miles.
Trail has some areas of new pavement (2018) and goes through open farmland areas, offering full sun, and closed wooded areas shaded by trees.
Trail is virtually flat though at times you may notice slight grades.

Hidden gem

My wife and I live in Streetsboro and have been looking for a paved trail where we can get more than 20 miles of riding. This is just what we asked for! Kudos to the Western Reserve Greenway maintenance teams! LOVE the tire pump and bike tools available at the Sunside trailhead. We rode 40 miles on Saturday 8/10 on our hybrids, and had such a great time that we came back Sunday 8/11 with our road bikes for another 40 miler. Will definitely be adding mileage to our "bike date".

Always a great ride... from Orwell to I-90, July 2019

Parked at the lot in Orwell behind the blue metal building just off Route 322. No restroom at that lot but there is a fix it tool station.
This is at mile 2. Biked North to the Interstate 90 underpass at mile 21, and back. The trail is virtually flat and nice asphalt pavement in good condition. Mostly out in the open you will go through a rural area of farmlands. There are a few parking areas along the trail. In Austinburg there is a convenience store steps away from the trail and a Dollar Store off the trail. Had lunch in Orwell at the Mexican Restaurant, all was good there. Also biked South of Orwell to the Trumbull / Ashtabula County line. There's a rock marker at the county line. Trail has mile markers. There are shaded areas of the trail as well. The day we went it was nearly 90 degrees and full sun so bring your sunscreen. And plenty of water. Great with friendly people on it!

bike trail very well maintained! very scenic and relatively flat. parking areas easy to find. we started at the Sunnyside trailhead. would definitely do another section another time.

bike trail very well maintained! very scenic and relatively flat. parking areas easy to find. we started at the Sunnyside trailhead. would definitely do another section another time.

Great trail

Very nice trail to ride. It’s asphalted, well maintained, shaded and other trail users are friendly/courteous.

Avoid the Warren end

Ashtabula to the north side of Warren was great. I rode this trail twice last year. However, once you get into Warren, the trail winds through an urban setting on streets and sidewalks that aren't maintained. I rode the trail to the end and the bike path was littered with broken bottles and glass. I punctured a tire in Warren, but was able to change it and make it back to Ashtabula.

Great Trail as Always-September 2018

Labor Day Weekend we biked 31 miles. Parked at Sunside Trailhead in Champion and headed North to Orwell, and back. Makes for a nice 30+ mile trek. It's 15 1/2 miles from Champion to Orwell. Newly repaved section near Orwell. While passing the Wildlife viewing area we noticed the observation deck/platform has been removed. It's been falling apart so this is probably a good thing.

Enjoyed the ride

Nice flat and well maintained paved asphalt trail. Has a variety of open areas; fields. And shaded by tree areas as well.

great trail

It is a really good trail for all to use.

Nice Trail but Long, Flat, and Boring

I've ridden this trail several times. The last time was at the end of July 2017. The Western Reserve Greenway is a long, straight, flat, bike path that is easy to ride. According to TrailLink the trail is 42.8 miles long, but I don't believe that includes the mileage of the Paul E. Heltzel segment of the Greenway which connects this trail with the Garrett Wonders Bike Trail that goes through most of the city of Warren. The trail is well-maintained, and on a beautiful weekend day you will encounter numerous cyclists and pedestrians around the greenway's trailheads. The trail is long enough that it never seemed crowded. It is an enjoyable path and after having ridden it several times (This was my first end to end ride.) I would say that your best bet is to ride this trail in sections.

Here are my reasons for my previous statement. First, the area that the greenway traverses is very rural in nature. Other than Ashtabula and Warren, the two cities that anchor either end of this trail, there are not many towns or services in between. I think that a good many riders would assume that they would come across at least several small towns or crossroads where they could buy some food, or find some water, etc. I have seen several folks in previous Rails to Trails posts explain at which crossroads to turn and bike into a town for food/drink. That is all well and good, but if you are unfamiliar with the area or are someone who rides greenways and bike trails because you don't like to encounter automobile and truck traffic when riding then be warned that there really is not much along or right off this trail to service your needs. This could be a serious problem if you are riding this trail on a very hot day and run out of water. I know this from personal experience. Secondly, I personally find this trail somewhat boring. It is mile after mile of riding through a tunnel of trees or wide open farm country when it does open up. I think the fact that there are so few turns throughout the trail's length may contribute to this feeling. In addition, this does not mean that there are not some interesting spots along the trail. There is the Rock Creek Trestle, the observation deck at the Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area, the old bridge near Austinburg, and the tunnels under the freeways south of Ashtabula. However, to see all of these things one has to ride a lot of miles of very repetitive scenery.

Fall Ride

Last weekend in October we biked from Orwell up to Rock Creek. Pretty fall foliage. Nice and flat asphalt paved trail.

Western Reserve Greenway

Very scenic and flat. Great trail to ride.

Champion to Warren

Parked at the Sunside Trailhead and rode to Warren. The trail connection is now open. Trail runs from Champion Heights to Warren. One section is the Paul Heltzel section (recently named) and it connects with the Warren Bikeway Trail.
The new section is very nicely paved. It goes through wooded areas and open fields.
They are still working on the trail way up North. See notes. Detour is not bad at all, just around the trail on some back country roads.
Facilities in Champion at the Sunside trailhead. Other than that, you're on your own.

Always Enjoy this one!

Nice ride along the trail. We parked at Sunside on 305 in Champion and headed South towards Warren. This is the new section. It is along the former railroad bed. You can see old rails along the side of the trail. Some wooded areas, some areas out in the sun. Has the best of both worlds.
This trail eventually connects to the Garrett Wonder trail formerly the Warren Bikeway. Towards Warren it's a little shady, and not referring to trees.
There are no facilities along the trail until you get closer to Warren. From 305 to Warren is about 7 miles.
We biked North for a little while on the trail. There is a trail closure North of Champion but a detour that is not bad. Just on some back paved roads.


Ride the trail from Orwell all the way to Allen Rd. Would of been nice if there was a bathroom along the way

Decent Trail

We spent the 4th weekend doing the Ohio & Erie Towpath, Western Reserve Greenway and the Alleghany River Trail/Sandy Creek Trail. I have posted comments on the other two trails.

We started in Orwell and went north. Well maintained very nice people on the trail. The system could use some trash cans along the way. It seems littering is occurring more frequently when we do not have the cans.
Could have a few porta johns and a few more mile markers. But all in all nice trail and I would probably do the entire system.

Take extra water for the long haul!!

Rode this trail for the first time this weekend on a 100 mile ride to Geneva on the Lake from my house in PA. Last filled up with water in Niles, OH and got on the trail in Warren. Plenty of rest areas with shade and porta johns, but no water. Nothing really until austinburg. We passed an Amish farm along the trail and a boy filled up our water bottles. On our return ride home, we were prepared and packed extra water and Gatorade to get us through. Trail is wonderful. Very nicely maintained and the scenery is beautiful. We didn't ride it to the end, as we exited onto rt 45 to head to Geneva on the Lake. Will definitely ride it again!!!

June 2016 Detours to avoid

On June 14th we rode for Hertzog Rotary to the county line.

1 Detour: At the intersection with I90 the tunnel is now completed and the pathway is fine. The detour signs have NOT yet been removed so they take you off the path and many miles out of your way. IGNORE them.

2 Detour at Rock Creek. Coming south take Jefferson (12) into Rock Creek and then turn left and take Water Street out back to the path. DO NOT stay on the path coming south there is a very poor road and some hardcore in the official detour.

Comments: This is a nice very flat safe ride. Frequently shaded by trees.

At Rock Creek you can take an aside and go to visit a covered bridge.

In Austinburg there is a convenience store very close to the path and a port-a-loo, (of very dubious quality). But there is a brick built toilet about 1 mile south of Austinburg.

3 Pieces of new information:

First, February 20, 2016 we were fortunate enough to be able to stay on the trail during the repairs of the sandstone arch bridge over Baughman Creek. We parked at Sunside lot and traveled North to beyond North Bloomfield. We were prepared to exit the trail and bike on the roads (the detour). But were lucky the trail was open through. Not sure if it will be open from now on, just a heads up it is open, but may be closed.

Second, brand new parking lot in North Bloomfield! Located on Route 87 in North Bloomfield, recently constructed paved parking lot to accommodate 10 cars (includes handicapped parking). This is across the road from the former mud hole partially gravel lot which held only a few cars.

Third, new section south of Champion Avenue East is clear and open. We traveled on it just a short distance, not sure where it ends. Will scope another time.

Great Winter days ride, unseasonal temperatures for February. Trail being used by many people that day getting out and enjoying the Spring like day.

Nice fall ride!

We have ridden this trail several times before, different sections and covered the entire length. Always a nice ride.

This time we parked in Orwell at the lot on Route 322 at Penniman Road. Nice large parking lot (under the water tower) and behind a welding shop. There is a bench along the trail, mile marker 2 (of Ashtabula County). No restrooms or anything though at that lot.

We headed North on a beautiful Fall day. Some areas of the trail are out in the open, some are in wooded areas and the leaves were changing colors.

We went 20 miles to just North of Austinburg to the Interstate 90 underpass. Then turned around, making it a 40 mile round trip.

Either we were tired, or it's uphill back to Orwell!

Saw a lot of squirrels, 7 snakes (sunny afternoon) and one rollerblader.

This section of the trail seems to be the most remote and peaceful and quiet. There are additional parking areas we passed with restrooms and picnic areas.

Late Summer 2015

Started off at Rt 305, rode north about 7 miles. Stopped at the Oakfield Station to take a break. There is a porta potty there along with picnic tables. At both 305 and Oakfield the area was very clean. Not sure why the area north of Oakfield was taped off, so I could not go any further. The ride was awesome. Trail was very well kept. I am a novice trail rider. Trailered by 2 dogs along with me. It was great. Not much traffic. Not a lot of scenery to look at, but can't wait to go back during fall.

Starting at Oakfield parking...

My first time on this trail I headed north for 13.5 miles - beautiful scenery - mostly wetlands, woodlands and farm land. Just one busy road to cross in all that distance, the rest were very quiet. And yes, the observation deck is well worth a stop just a couple miles north of the Oakfield trailhead.

Today I biked south, thinking I'd have just around 8.5 miles of paved path before turning around based on what the maps show, BUT, I was pleased to see the maps just haven't been updated yet with the newer section that continues down into Warren after traveling under the 82/5 freeway. I made it 10.6 miles and turned around at N River Rd, though the trail continued south. Some similar scenery to the section north of Oakfield, but different, too, especially as you get out in the open on the newer part and pass under the freeway. Mostly flat, with some slightly rolling hills and turns between route 200 and N River Rd.

This is becoming my favorite Saturday trail, despite the 55-minute drive time from my home. Beautiful scenery, not crowded, and mostly flat and straight - great for if you want to work on getting more miles in.

Love it

The beggining of the trail.... My opinion is to not start at the beggining of the trail in the city of Ashtabula. There is no where to park except on the city streets in a shady area. One of the locals, who was on his bike rode over to me and advised to park at my own risk. I found several places out of town to park but was disappointed that I couldn't start at the beginning. The trail itself is amazing. Lots of bridges and great scenery along with some snakes slithering along the trail but no worries they seem polite as they move over to let you pass!!

Greenway Trail Ashtabula to Warren Ohio

This is a wonderful trail with lots of parking spots along the way. In the description, Orwell (parking is behind a factory building off route 322, just a bit east of intersection at rt 45) was left out as well as other ones in Trumbull County (one small one is on route 87). One interesting part of the trail is south of rt 87 where there is an observation deck of a wildlife area. There is lots of evidence of the Canada geese too! And still further south is a little park with parking and port o potties too.

June 2015 ride

Another ride on the trail for us.

We parked at North Bloomfield and biked up to Callender Road in Rome Township. North Bloomfield is in Trumbull County. Callender Road is in Ashtabula county. We think this is the prettiest section so far. Just nice and quiet. Trail goes through Orwell, OH and crosses Route 322.

Park in North Bloomfield along Route 87. There is a parking lot, grassy area holds 10 cars ish. Nice ride up to Callendar Road. IT's uphill from North Bloomfield to Callender Road so enjoy downhill return trip.

You will see small animals, some farms and Amish Farms. Just a nice country ride through wooded areas and open areas.

12.3 miles from North Bloomfield to Callendar Road.

Always nice-May 2015

Always a nice trail. With is length of over 40 miles through 3 counties, it's nice to do sections at a time. We've completed the entire length several times over several times!

May 2015 we parked in Champion and biked up to North Bloomfield. Trail is level and in good condition.

Not much to see but trees and fields. There are several stop signs at main roads along the trail.

But always a nice ride. I guess it's about 10 miles from Sunside Trailhead in Champion up to North Bloomfield. Then back makes a nice ride.

Some areas of shade, some open.

Great Family Bicycling and Camping

We are thinking of doing this trail YET again this year. We usually do it once-a-year with our twins, who are now twelve. Last year, my son made this vid of the trail to show other kids that it's not just endless hours of bicycling but there are fun things to do at the campgrounds as well. We headed from the south to the north and camped in Orwell and in Ashtabula. and took two days, with just over 20 miles-a-day. We're thinking the last week in June, 2015 --any families interested?

Here's a very short (just over one minute) vid my son made last year. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/bxfaFOxhmkA

trail extension

Today we rode the extension from Champion into Warren. It started as rural setting to ansuv!! But those canoes city style, where portions were road shares. Pretty excited

One of my favorites

I have been enjoying this trail for several years. Geocaching, walking, biking and running. I usually park near Shannon's convenience store.

favorite trail

I'm on this trail alot walking jogging with my yellow lab Clyde ,, my son Isiah ,and wife Jane we bike it alot too! Nice flat well maitained ,as I said I'm on it year round ,best place to park north would be 307/45 access ,there is a small store Shannon's, the back bar has food never been in there but here its good ,there's a restraint a Clay st and 45 ,, Avoid parking at rotary park in Ashtabula lot of punks in that area,but all year long this is a great trail bike roller bad jog run cross country ski, but be advised alot of snowmobiles in winter but theyve always been nice ! Great place yo see leave change and there are deer turkey birds ,etc enjoy ,and if you see a guy wiggling (lol) with a Yellow Lab say hi

Always a nice ride!

Took advantage of the 40 degree temps the day after Christmas. We parked at Sunside lot in Chamption and biked from there up to North Bloomfield and back. Total length of ride nearly 22 miles. Nice sunny day with blue skies. Worked off some of the Christmas meal and cookies!

Fall Ride

We completed the entire length of the trail over several occasions.

We parked in North Bloomfield and biked up to Callender road and back. Leaves are changing. Nice Fall day.

Nice paved trial.

Great trail - don't park at Rotary Park

Nice flat trail with tons of geocaching. As a warning, our car had a window smashed while we were parked at Rotary Park. The deputy who took the report said they recommend parking further along the trail where there's a mini-mart and the area is heavily used as they've had multiple car break ins at the Rotary Park.

Flat and Paved

Nice flat and paved trail. Par for the course coming from PA. We parked at the Rotary Club Park just outside of Ashtabula. We traveled to Calender Road in Rome, OH. through Austinburg. In Austinburg there is a small mini mart next to the post office for cold beverages and snacks. A few rest rooms (portable) along the trail. Also in Austinburg you can get off the trail and take a paved path to the main road (s) and go to restaruants there. Some areas are shaded, some in the open. Benches along the trail for resting. Mile markers as well.

My hometown trail

This is a great trail. I like the flat paved surface. I have only went 30 miles round trip...as I am still a novice rider to most. I ride this trail several times a week after work and the weekends are the best since I can travel farther. The scenery is wonderful from spring thru fall. Have to be careful of the wildlife, they sometimes run out in front of you suddenly. I had a small deer run beside me, it was scary and wonderful at the same time. Didn't know if it would dart my way instead of back into the woods. I watched a mother fox and her pups playing along side of the trail. But a previous writer is correct that you have to be careful of the geese, their young cannot fly for a couple of months and they are very protective.
The riders and walkers are all very friendly here. Everyday is a new day on this trail, I love it. I have been on other trails, but none compare to this one.

Love this trail!

@snekrqueen: These bridges are not like you are probably imagining. Nothing very high up without adequate guardrails. I think you'll be okay, it's not the bridges on this trail that will cause you anxiety (read below).

I have ridden the Greenway many times. It is a great, flat (paved,smooth) endurance ride that has some neat changes in scenery. The only reasons that I have given it 4 stars is the following:
- I was attacked by Canadian geese two years in a row near the wildlife observation deck. Let me tell you, the name tells no lie! You will observe wildlife, likely closer than you think! The geese seem to like to use this area to bed down during mating season, and don't understand that 3 months later the area is filled w/ innocent passersby.
- This was already mentioned, but the frequent stops are a bit annoying if you are an avid cyclist.

Have more pics

Have more nice pictures to submit but unable to do for two days, server error. :(

Nice and flat!

Easter Sunday afternoon ride with the hubby. Despite the brutal winter we had, the trail is in very good condition. Nice, flat trail. We enjoy this trail. The only pitfall is that every few miles you come to an intersection of a road and you have to stop. So you ride for a few miles, moving right along then have stop. But it's worth it! There is also a large pond with an observation deck. Just a nice trail. -Vicki & Mile

Coming soon

@ snekrqueen We are planning our first ride on this trail this weekend :) We normally ride the Nw Pa trails so this will be our first out of state trip. What do you need to know maybe we can help you out .

A question for those who have travelled here...

I have a bit of "height anxiety," and I am concerned about the bridges referenced in the trail description. I would be biking the trail. Can someone please speak to the kinds of bridges and trestles on this trail? Thank you!

A true gem

This trail is a true gem in northeast Ohio's crown.It is mostly rural except at the norther and southern ends.Flat,quit and scenic.Farms forests and wildlife.Great trail for hot summer days since it is mostly shaded all day except in a few spots.If you are a through rider there is camping at Mosquito Lake state park access by SR305E or 88E about 6 miles,Pine Lakes campground, 3001 Hague Road
Orwell, Ohio 44076, less than a mile off trail and Hide-A-Way Lakes Campgrounds
2034 S. Ridge West
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Local Phone: 440-998-1431,right next to the trail. In Orwell there are places to eat and restock supplies. East on SR 322 there is a convenience store (300 ft).West on 322 about a mile are fast foods groceries and a Dollar store...Carry water no water pumps at pavilions along the way....I ride this trail at least once a week weather permitting..Lightly used during the week.Weekends the northern and southern ends have more traffic..

Flat, Just Flat

Nice flat trail. Only gave it a 4 star, I think there are nicer trails out there. You really don't see much. Trees, some farms, fields. Not any exciting sights. About every 3 miles or so you come to an intersection of regular vehicular traffic and have to stop. Seems once you get on a roll, you have to stop. We went from Champion to Bristolville. On the particular day we were there, volunteers from the American Cancer Society Relay for Life were offering bottled water along the trail. We accepted some and gladly made a donation though they stated it was free.

A little known gem

It's flat, but it's flat out beautiful. For the most part its like riding in a green tunnel with little surprises waiting just for you. I came across flocks of wild turkeys and a blue heron for starters. Then there are the scenic bridges that carry the trail over some impressively deep creeks.
There is a closure at I-90 where a new tunnel will carry the path under the highway. This is actually passable now, but will be very nice when completed. There is an unavoidable break in the trail at community of Rock Creek. This is not well marked and the route traverses some extremely poorly paved streets. Use your intuition to figure out where to go if you don't have a map of the area with you. Bring what water you may need because there are no obvious water spigots or fountains along the way.
I rode 35 miles north and back from the OH-305 parking area and will do the entire route into Ashtabula in the autumn when the leaves are in color.
My thanks to fellow riders and the maintenance crews who have kept the trail impressively free of litter.

A little known gem

It's flat, but it's flat out beautiful. For the most part, its like riding in a green tunnel with little surprises waiting just for you. I came across flocks of wild turkeys and a blue heron for starters. Then there are the scenic bridges that carry the trail over some impressively deep creeks.
There is a closure at I-90 where construction is underway on a new tunnel will carry the path under the highway. This is actually passable now, but will be very nice when completed. There is an unavoidable break in the trail at community of Rock Creek. This is not well marked and the route traverses some extremely poorly paved streets. Use your intuition to figure out where to go if you don't have a map of the area with you.
I rode 35 miles north and back from the OH-305 parking area and will do the entire route into Ashtabula in the autumn when the leaves are in color.
My thanks to fellow riders and the maintenance crews who have kept the trail impressively free of litter.

Team WTA 2.0

Margaret, Mary, and I rode it this morning for a 50 mile "training" ride as we have a century ride in early August. Really nice surface for road bikes and flat out! Can really get some nice interval training between STOP signs and road crossing. WIll do the the complete loop(86 miles) over the July 4th Holiday as our last long ride - Thumbs up!

Overall a nice trail

The trail is very nice. It's very flat and well kept. The trail provides beautiful scenery and a lot of opportunity for those who carry a camera on their rides. I haven't ridden the entire path but plan to soon.

PRR's PY&A Secondary Track - Champion to Rock Creek

This Pennsylvania Railroad branch line from Niles up to the ore docks at Ashtabula was a 49.9 mile coal and iron ore pipeline for the steel mills of Youngstown and Pittsburgh. Abandoned under Penn Central (1968-1976), the line started life as the Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Ashtabula Railroad. Pennsy's 1966 employee timetable showed Pittsburgh as Milepost 0, "Detour" Tower at Niles (the branch's southern origin) at MP 75.5, and Ashtabula Yard on the lake at MP 125.4. Although this is a very nice and very well-kept trail, I have kept off one star rating for its lack of railroad artifacts, and also, for its shortage of trail mileposts and other historical markings. Other than that of the Underground Railroad, there is not once trace of trailside note that this was a very important and historic railroad line. I call trails like this "stripped." On 4/21, 5/19, and finally 5/26/13, I scouted the trail, and only yesterday did I find a scant few traces of rail artifacts. A relay case and adjacent concrete/steel lid battery box hide beside the big, blue steel company building at East Orwell. Another battery box is a very busy residential mouse house on the west side of the trail 4.8 miles north of the Orwell trailhead lot, across the street from the Kennametal plant, my Latrobe employer of 38 years. Finally, what I believe is the lower section of the heavy, steel base stanchion of Pennsy's "RM" Block-Limit station sign remains in place 0.1 miles north of the highway crossing at Rome, exactly 5.3 miles north of the Orwell lot. "Block-Limits" were the station posts which the tower operator who controlled the line, in this case "North Warren" Tower down at the old Erie Railroad crossing of this line, gave trains on the line permission to pass by, as there were no wayside signals on this secondary line. Trail mileposts on this trail segment exist only at MP 0.0 (Champion), at MP 10, and at MP 11 (Rock Creek). This is a beautifully remote wildlife trail, much nicely canopied, and surprisingly not overly utilized. For many miles, I was the sole user. Yes, services are extremely few and far between on this trail. If you need a drink or small snack, ride a short distance to the east on 322 from the Orwell highway crossing for the "JD" gas and snack store. If you want a dilly-icious burger, try the Jalapeno Thickburger at the A&W food complex about a 3/4-mile ride west on 322 (Pizza and sub eateries occupy the same complex). -Rich Ballash, Latrobe, PA 5/27/2013

Nice flat trail

I have ridden sections of this trail many times, mostly starting from the southern point in Warren north 10-15 miles or so, but also twice from Ashtabula the entire length south to Warren. Overall it is a very nice, flat, and straight trail, paved the entire way, with some well-marked, slight bumps here and there from roots. The on-road section in Rock Creek is easy to navigate (although a bit bumpy), and I have never encountered a car in that area. There is a bridge just south of Rock Creek with nice views and some benches to rest, if desired. The scenery is pleasant, and the trail is a nice mix of shaded and non-shaded sections. There are road crossings, but they afford good views of the roads in both directions, and the roads are not busy. There are port-o-potties along the way, not the cleanest I've used, but not horrible, either. Almost every time I've been on the trail, I have seen volunteers out walking it, and I've never seen a single piece of litter, so they do a fantastic job with keeping it clean.

4 stars due to strictly personal preferences: 1. I do not like road crossings every few miles. Annoying to me to have that break in rhythm constantly. 2. The trail is just one straight line, which gets a bit boring after awhile.

Overall a very nice, well maintained, clean trail. Highly recommended.

wonderful trails

I took my sister for the first time on the trail and we had such a great experience,she just loves it as do I.the only thing I wish is that you would put the mileage on your website from one road to the other.This would be very helpful.Also we are from South County and our trails are not done at all,we too would like to take advantage of the health benefits of the trail with out driving to Jefferson or Austinburg.Thank You

Ashtabula to Rock Creek 11/11/2012

The parking lot at HL Morrison Station on West Ave. in Ashtabula looked rather uninviting. My wife insisted we go to Herzog Rotary Park, on Woodman Ave. instead. The Herzog parking lot was just fine, though there are no services beyond parking. The trail is asphalt paved and, except where buckled a bit by occasional tree roots, smooth. The first 3 or 4 miles south out of Ashtabula have a noticeable up grade (southbound). South of I-90 it becomes pretty flat. There was a portapotti at Austinburg and a permanent vault toilet at the Lampson Road trailhead. Most of the road crossings are in good condition. All have ample views of traffic, so crossings can be made safely. A couple of road crossings had bumps and/or gravel at the road-trail junction, making a bit of care necessary. In Rock Creek, the trail runs on roads for a half mile or so, in a U-shaped detour to the west. These roads do not seem to have much traffic, but their paving is not in great condition. Because of the road crossings, the occasional bumps in the asphalt and the roads in Rock Creek, I would not recommend this trail for narrow tired bicycles. If you are lightweight, cyclocross width, 32mm, tires would probably be OK. We were on 35mm and 1.5 inch tires and were fine.

Live nearby but would travel to use this beautiful trail !!

It is difficult to convey in words the beauty of this trail. It cuts through Amish country and protected lands, so there is a lot to see.

Long, straight and flat

This trail is a very nice, easy, flat, straight trail. I do have a word of warning though, bring water! There are absolutely no fountains to be found and everytime I try to use the machine it is sold out at Sunrise Trailhead. Other than that i just rode 61 miles on it the other day and enjoyed it greatly. There is a little off path jaunt on a roadway in Rock Creek due to what looks like a business that wouldn't allow access through their property. Lots of trees on the southern portion for shade, a lot less the further north you go. Very scenic in portions and lots of wildlife. There is a little thrift store just off the trail in Orwell to the east that does have cold water for a buck, i had to learn that the hard way.

Flat, smooth, shady, and fast

Great trail - coming from hilly Pennsylvania this was a truly enjoyable ride. I rode the Trumbull County portion of the trail from the trailhead near Champion, going far enough into Ashtabula County to read one of the Underground Railroad information boards (a nice touch for this history buff). Magnificent rural scenery - farms, wetlands, woods. Certainly not a heavily-used trail on a Tuesday afternoon/evening, but that made it great for a hard workout.

Great Ride in Trumbull County

I did a 40 mile out and back on the Trumbull County side. It was a hot day, and a few mosquitos and gnats were swarming. We parked at the Champion trailhead, which is very nice indeed, with a little picnic area by a small pond. Someone has given this trailhead serious consideration, and it shows. The trail is very well maintained. Rough portions are spray painted. There is often a very nice tree canopy overhead to provide shade and cooler temperatures. Take water and food, because portions are pretty remote and there is a definite lack of places to secure water (other than the locals' houses). I saw a mama duck herding her still cottony young peeps across a road, with her wings sheltering them. Pretty special. Lots of red cardinals and little chipmunks sprinting across the path.

I'm planning on doing the Ashtabula side this next week, staying at the Holiday Inn Express to get a jump on the day, and fully expect to be just as charmed as I was on the Trumbull County side. Very nice trail indeed.

Flat and Beautiful

I rode this trail on Cinco de Mayo and it was fantastic. The other reviewers are accurate about how level and easy this trail is to ride. I started my ride at the Sunrise Trailhead in Champion, rode the additional mile south to the end of the trail and then headed north towards Orwell and Rome. I estimated that Champion to Rome and back would be about 44 miles total.

As I started my ride, I was truly impressed with how debris-free the Trumbull County side was. It had a few small pieces of branches on the trail but it was otherwise clean. The ride was fantastic and the scenery was beautiful. There were marshes, blogs, and thickly wooded areas all along the trail. Birds are abundant and there were a couple of beavers, rabbits and chipmunks to watch as well.

As I continued into Ashtabula County, there was a lot more debris on the trail. I found out from another rider that the trail is maintained solely by volunteers and I did see 3 elderly gentlemen cutting up fallen trees along the trail. My hats go off to these volunteers for keeping the trail in rideable condition.

I continued north until I reached Orwell and was told about a good restaurant (Jen's Restaurant and Flea Market) about a quarter of a mile East on Rt. 88. I went in to have some lunch and was pleasantly surprised. It was good food, at a good price with a great atmosphere. The waitresses were friendly and the locals are very inviting. The restaurant/flea market is closed on Mondays.

I continued north crossing over 2 more intersections and had to stop and turn around because a massive, unchained dog came out of a yard and I didn't want any trouble. I went back south and stopped at the wonderful observation deck where you can see geese, birds, and beavers.

When I got back to the Sunrise Trailhead, I had gone exactly 40 miles in about 3 hours. I will ride this trail again with my family. Truly an enjoyable ride.

Great Ride

Awesome....I live nearby, and I try to ride it at least once a week.

Sunside to Rock Creek

Very nice ride! I agree with the last reviewer that the volunteers are doing an excellent job of maintenance! Even to the extent of paint marking where the trail has been lifted by expansion or tree roots in a few areas. It was nice to have met a couple of regular riders to chat with for a short time, and see the wildlife area. In spite of some light rain, the ride was great! Thanks to all that make the trail possible and passable! One note, the introduction blurb is quite outdated, as the trail has been completed. How do we get that resolved? I'm sure it is making some reluctant to ride this fine corridor.

A wonderful resource

The Greenway is a very smooth black top serface. Little traffic and a mostly shaded trail make this a very pleasant bikeway. The volunteers are doing an excellent job of maintaining the trail.

New pavement between Hague and Callender roads is complete !

We were there on 10/13/08 Monday, and rode from the "Sunside Trailhead" off of Rt. 305 in Champion, clear through to the village of "Rock Creek"... Just over 50 miles (round-trip). The new pavement is smooth and finished real nice. Enjoy !!

Done at Last

The 5.5 miles between Callender and Hague road has been paved.
The trail is done from West 52 in Ashtabula County. (mile 25.98)
All the way to Champion Ave. in Trumbull County. (mile 14.7) Next road South of Route 305.

The village streets in Rock Creek must be used to get around a factory. (Very bad roads)
There are trail signs, not very far to ride, but hilly.

There are many dogs at a OLD house just north of Fillingham Road (mile 5.22) in Ashtabula Co.
The dogs are friendly.
The distance measurements are from the Ashtabula/Trumbull County line.

You can E-mail me at blockhead1959@yahoo.com

5.5 miles between Callender and Hague

5.5 miles between Callender and Hague is paved now. I was riding on it this past Sunday (10/12)

Phase III progress

I rode the trail from West Street in Ashtabula all the way past route 87 in Trumbull County on October 5th. There was still some construction equipment just off the trail at US 6 but at least one layer has been added to the entire section that was not paved prior to this summer. I "only" made it 31 miles south when I ran out of time and had to head back. The trail is in exceptional condition for the entire length that I rode. Make sure that you know which crossroads have gas stations or restrooms since I only remember seeing 3 latrines on the section that I rode (and 2 of them were within 3 miles of each other).

The trail management should sell advertising space or at least allow nearby merchants to post signs that food and restrooms are nearby.

Now that the trail is open for about 42 miles (84 down and back) they should think about having a cycling event to draw riders from Cleveland, Erie Youngstown, Pittsburg, etc. They could raise thousands for maintenance to keep this trail in great shape. They could name it the "Great Western Reserve Greenway Century Ride" which with a few additional loops would be accurate.

I am glad that this newly completed resource is available to draw more much needed tourist money into the area economies.

I look forward to riding again next spring!

Western Reserve Greenway Trail

This is truly a delightful trail. Flat and nicely maintained. Frequent sightings of wildlife (lots of chipmunks!). Benches scattered here and there. Beautiful wooded areas, my favorite being between Allen and Tisch Roads. Great parking at Route 307 (convenience store), Sanborn Road, Eagleville Road, Old Austinburg Road, Woodman Ave.
And... the long-awaited paving of the 5.6 miles section south of Callender Road is now completed!

Phase III

Phase III Information:

The Rt 84 tunnel is open for use.
A little bumpy but a lot safer.

Would make a nice shelter if it is raining.

The 5.5 miles between Callender and Hague
has not been paved yet.

It can be rode with a mountain bike.
It has been cleared, graded, stoned and rolled.

Western Reserve Greenway ----- Phase III

Greenway enters Phase III
Tunnel, final paved section to be completed this summer

By CARL E. FEATHER - Lifestyle Editor - cfeather@starbeacon.com
Star Beacon

Charlie Kohli, Ashtabula County Metroparks commissioner and chairman of the Friends of the Western Reserve Greenway, says the contract for Phase III has been awarded and the work should be completed by late September.
Phase III involves paving a 5.6-mile section in Orwell and Rome townships and constructing a tunnel under Route 84 in Ashtabula Township.
“This will complete the whole 43-mile section, to just about Warren,” Kohli said.
Twenty-seven miles of the trail are in Ashtabula County. The only unpaved section is between Hague and Callender roads. Janet Takas, civil engineer with the Ashtabula County Engineer’s Department, says the stretch will be paved to a width of 10 feet this summer. The work will provide a continuous paved trail from Rock Creek to Orwell.
On the northern end, a 208-foot tunnel will replace the hazardous crossing at the intersection of Route 84, near Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground. Users must leave the trail and cross the busy highway, which carries a lot of school bus and commercial traffic.
“It is a 16-by-10-foot box culvert that will allow the pedestrians and bicyclists to pass (under) State Route 84 without having to stop for traffic,” Takas said of the pre-cast concrete structure.
Kohli says there will be disruptions to trail use during the construction; the unpaved section is already closed as Brobst Tree Service is clearing brush from the corridor. Kohli says the board has not specified a detour around this section and urges users to consult highway maps to find an alternate route.
The board will close the WRGT between Woodman Avenue and Sanborn Road while the culvert work is being done. That work is scheduled to get under way after July 4 and will take up to 45 days. During that time, Route 84 will also be closed to vehicular traffic. Koski plans to have the work done in time for the start of school

Middle of WRG

I live less than a mile from Callender and WRG.
The seven miles South is to be finished in 2008. (Not holding my breath)
I wish it did not use the streets in Rock Creek, but it is blocked by a factory.
Not to far to go around, but road is rough and hilly. (Be CAREFULL)

I have went South from Route 322 to Route 87, (Watch out for horse MANURE)
The Amish seem to like the trail, but no Respect for it.

Now for the good things.
The ride from Rock Creek North to Clay street is GREAT.
You can get off there and get to Mickey D,s just by crossing 45.
Be CAREFULL getting off at Clay short curvy hill.

There is plenty of shade, FLAT, and paved.
Watch out for the DEER, I see them between Callender and Rock Creek quite often.
Enjoy the WRG, I do.


Nice Trail!

This is very nice trail- its quiet, flat, paved, and not very busy. It is not finished though, there is a 7 mile section in the Ashtabula County section (just north of 322) that is not finished. The Trumbull section is complete (about 14 miles). About 20 miles is complete in the Ashtabula County section which makes for a nice 40 mile trip down and back starting in Ashtabula. Once the 7 mile section is complete, it will stretch 43 miles. Enjoy it, its one of the best trails around.

Great ride

Went 17 miles north from the southern starting point. Great view all paved. No real challanges with hills but definately an enjoyable ride. Planning on doing the whole trail next time.

midsection unimproved

"Got 20 miles in today on the Greenway. First time visitor. Paved areas are nice, very rural, not a bunch of intersections. Was taken by surprise however. There is a section in the middle that is not paved. To the best of my knowledge, the trail website did not indicate this. Would like to have ridden further, but wet, soggy conditions prevented us."

Rt. 305 North

"My wife and I grew up in Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, but have lived in another state for 23 years. On two recent trips home, we had the pleasure of taking two out and back rides starting at the parking area near Champion on Rt. 305.

With all of the tough times this geographic area has been through, it's encouraging to see increasing construction of rail trail recreation opportunities. The Western Reserve Greeway Trail is a very nice ride.

On our most recent trip, we saw plenty of wildlife--especially deer and groundhogs. Unfortunately our ride was cut short because of a looming thunderstorm.

The first time we rode the trail, we were able to take a nice break at the wildlife preserve about 10 miles into the ride.

For those who think Northeast Ohio can't possibly be a vacation destination, think again. There's plenty to do in the region. On a hot day, one can cool off after a ride with a swim in Mosquito Lake, just a ten minute drive east on Rt. 305. From the Greenway, you also have easy access to the resorts along Lake Erie and other inland lakes, as well as many attractions in Cleveland, Akron and Canton.

Youngstown is home to Mill Creek Park, one of the countries most majestic natural parks, designed by Fredrick Olmstead, who also designed New York's Central Park. In addition to biking, it's a great place to hike.

And after a ride, a hungry biker can usually get a great meal at a reasonable price. The Youngstown-Warren area has some of Ohio's best Italian restaurants, not to mention the venerable Hot Dog Shoppe on Warren's west side."


"Great trail. Well maintained. Approx 19 miles each way. No hills, strictly flat, smooth paved surface with no bumps, dips, cracks, potholes etc. Very enjoyable with much shade on a sunny warm day. Stop in Orwell on north end approx 1 mile from trail for lunch. DQ, Subway, A&W and pizza shops. Enjoy!!"

wrg bike trail

"very flat, smooth paved, evenly spaced between stops (road intersections). One odd dirt road crossing near southern tip (bike path paved thru). Wildlife observation deck. Soda vending machines, toilet facilities."

Another addition

This trail is also paved now from Oakfield Road in Hyde up through Orwell in Ashtabula County. I am unsure of the exact length but I believe it to be around seven miles. So now you have a trail 15 miles each way and this park is supposed to be connected to the last Ashtabula part next year.

Good trail

I have biked on both paved sections of the trail. I tend to like the Trumbull County part better than the Ashtabula part because of the scenery and it's easier to cross the intersections. The Ashtabula section was less busy with people on the trail than the Trumbull County section. This is a great trail and it has a great surface!


Another part of this trail has been paved from Route 305 to hyde-oakfield road in trumbull county. The section is an 8.4 mile stretch.

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