Wissahickon Valley Park (Forbidden Drive)

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Wissahickon Valley Park Trail (Forbidden Drive) follows the creek of the same name through the entire length of the park. The ominous sounding Forbidden Drive was so named because in the 1920s cars were banned from it. Today, it's open to pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists.
The park includes many interesting historical features, especially interesting old homes owned by notable locals.

The park has other trails; however, note that equestrians and cyclists wishing to use them must secure an annual permit from the Philadelphia's park system. Otherwise, no permit is required for the Forbidden Drive.

A paved path connects Forbidden Drive to Ridge Avenue. Here Wissahickon Creek empties into the Schuylkill River. Many cyclists coming from the River Drives, or pedestrians using the R-6 Wissahickon Station or Bus Interchange, use this path.

At the northern end, Forbidden Drive ends at Northwestern Avenue after crossing Bell's Mill Road.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access Wissahickon Valley Park Trail (Forbidden Drive) in numerous places, including from the Valley Green Inn. To get to Valley Green Road, take Springfield Avenue in Chestnut Hill, two blocks west of St. Martin's Lane and the St. Martin's R-8 Station. Just above Valley Green, Wise's Mill Road meets Forbidden Drive, connecting it to Henry Avenue in Roxborough.

For more information about the trail and where to park, contact Friends of the Wissahickon (link on the right nav bar).


Forbidden Trail - Northern portion

   November, 2015 by scottpj3

Ran the top section on a crisp Sunday afternoon in the fall. Lots of walkers and dogs (all on leashes). Crowded but friendly. It's a wide path on dirt and gravel. Gently down hill following the Wissahickon Creek. Not too bad after turning around and heading ...read more

Nice Trail....Rocky

   September, 2015 by jajeep77

Our family had a great time riding this trail. My 6 year took a lot of great pictures. The scenery was great. It was very crowed and some area was really rocky. Valley Green rest area was a nice spot for rest and snacks. Highly recommended read more

Great Ride

   June, 2014 by ca69maro

Very enjoyable trail from one end to the other. Highly recommended. Gravel and Stones, recommend off road bike or bike with non street tires. read more