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Recent Trail Reviews

Sun-Lava Trail

Great trail; e-bikes prohibited

April, 2022 by bailey1754

This is a beautiful trail with access to the Lava Lands Visitor Center at the east end and Benham Falls at the west end. Also connects to the pathways in the Sunriver Community. Since this trail is located on U.S. Forest Service lands, e-bikes are prohibited by default. The local manager of this USFS unit has authority to allow e-bikes, but currently has not done so, to the best of my knowledge.

Sunriver Bike Path

Nice trails, e-bike limits

April, 2022 by bailey1754

I live in this community and regularly ride & walk its 33+ miles of paved pathways. Five years ago, my family bought e-bikes. Two years ago, the HOA Board changed the pathway rules to ban any e-bike equipped with a throttle (whether you use the throttle or not), regardless of power or max speed. I’ve been engaging with the Board ever since then to try to educate and advocate for lifting that ban and implement rules based on power & speed. No luck so far. Have consulted with legal counsel, but since the entire community is privately owned (including the roads & pathways), the Board can impose any restrictions it chooses. So, if you want to ride an e-bike on Sunriver’s pathways, it cannot have a throttle.

Trolley Trail (OR)

nice for an afternoon ride

March, 2022 by hudrlik1

Enjoyed going down this path on a sunny afternoon. A good mix of slight down & uphill so it never feels like too much work to just keep going. When the path crosses the main streets sometimes it can be difficult to spot where it continues vs where there’s just a large (rocky & car filled) bike lane. Once you’re back on trolley trail though it’s super easy and pleasant. Lots of folks with their dogs out when I went on a Friday afternoon.


Dave Clark Trail

Dave Clark Trail

March, 2022 by mikey.albany

Its only 1.2 miles but its a very comfortable stroll or power walk. At its beginning "Monteith Park" is beautiful at any time of year. The Calapooia River drops into the Mighty Willamette at Monteith . From this walk you can see the backside of Albany. The trail is lined with lamp posts; its a very peaceful walk.

I-205 Multi-Use Path

I rode it last summer and it was an awful experience. Lots of trash and homeless and it smelled like feces in some parts.

February, 2022 by bruffin1221

I rode it last summer and it was an awful experience. Lots of trash.

Row River Trail

Mosby Creek trailhead to Dorena Lake and back

August, 2021 by shannon110406

Was about a 7 mile ride round trip from Mosby creek trailhead to Dorena lake and back . It is completely paved but there were areas where a horse can comfortably walk on the grass next to the trail . Yummy apple trees adorn the trail side to compete with you for your horses attention . Rode down to the water carefully avoiding the wet spots (slippery mud) . Let the horses drink a bit from the rocky dry part . It was pretty neat to see the huge dam and lake . Only one boat was out becuase it was freakin hot and Smokey - but still beautiful . One of those trails that u wouldn’t necessarily seek out unless u live near it - but if u have to go to the neighborhood for some reason might as well saddle up ! There are a lot of bikes and most just zip by - with no understanding to be cautious of the horses . But that’s ok . It works !

Corvallis-Philomath Multi-Modal Path

Very Pleasant Ride

August, 2021 by mrskpico

Parking for this trail is convenient and free at the public lot on B and 2nd St. by the skate park. The trail is all paved, well traveled, mostly flat, and only has a few minor hills. You do have to cross some streets, but the trail is designated, cared for, and safe. There was a small homeless camp in the first field we passed, but no one bothered us. The park is pretty and there was even a beaver running around munching on grass, not bothered in the least by all the passers-by stopping to photograph it. The trail also goes through some pretty residential areas. The only bumpy part was near the park, where some of the roots of the bigger trees are buckling the asphalt. It was hot, but everyone was friendly (walkers, joggers, and cyclists alike), and everyone was courteous with the space. We will definitely take this ride again.

Astoria Riverwalk

We started on the east end and biked all the way to the west end and back. We enjoyed the large boats coming up the river, charming old homes, picking wild blackberries, and various piers. Scenic, easy flat ride.

August, 2021 by 2013summersunset

We started on the east end and biked all the way to the west end and back. We enjoyed the large boats coming up the river, charming old homes, picking wild blackberries, and various piers. Scenic, easy flat ride.

Sun-Lava Trail

Peaceful ride & great scenery

July, 2021 by krgscb

My wife and I, along with our 4 month old labradoodle, did this ride and are grateful we took Diane's advice from her prior post. Start in Sunriver and ride up the hill to the Lava Lands visitor center as Diane posted. Our puppy was able to trot along side my wife's recumbent trike for the first 2.5 miles. Afterwards, he rode comfortably in our dog trailer. The trail is plenty wide and well maintained. There are mile markers throughout and great signage to ensure the rider is heading the correct direction. There are pullouts if needed. No water or restroom stops until you make it to the Lava Lands visitor center. None at the Sunriver location. The Lava Lands Park Ranger was kind enough to allow my wife to stay on her bike due to her disability. This kind gestured allowed us to check out one of the walking trails. There is also a trail that leads to a waterfall and one that leads to the top of the Lava dome. We highly suggest taking the time to explore this bike trail and the many walking trails at the top.

Campus Way Bike Path

There is a slight downhill slope on the way towards campus so be aware if you're a newbie rollerskater.

July, 2021 by birdsongfarmor

There is a slight downhill slope on the way towards campus so be aware if you're a newbie rollerskater.

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

great path, parking is tight

July, 2021 by hudrlik1

I rode my gravel bike from the banks trailhead and the path is plenty doable up until around 4.6mi in. At that point it starts getting pretty rough, but it’s a nice fun path otherwise, friendly for all types (there were plenty of families & kids scattered around the first chunk of the path). Parking is quite limited & tight, so plan ahead carefully!

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Fun If You Have The Right Equipment

July, 2021 by sandco2009

I rode the full 45 miles from Banks Bike shop where I rented an old, heavy mountain bike (the best they had). This trail is not for road bikes or old, heave mountain bikes. You will want a gravel bike or cyclocross at the least. Best option is a new hard tail mountain bike.

Most of the trail is smooth paved but there are several areas of rough terrain. There are big holes usually in the middle of the trail with a painted circle around them. Also tree roots have pushed the path up in several locations. The edges of the bridges where their wooden floor touches the asphalt have a considerable dip in the asphalt so you'll have to jump these sections.

About 3 miles outside of Banks there is a 2% grade for about 10 miles. Alternating between 1% and 2%. It gives you time to enjoy the scenery! Recommend walking the switchbacks if you have rim brakes. Good luck on their climbs as a few sections range from 8% - 12% There is a repair stand near the 12 mile mark. I didn't see anywhere to refill water but I also didn't stop for the restrooms, maybe it's there.

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