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Rogue River Greenway


January, 2021 by krgscb

Rode the 7.5 miles from start of trail in Ashland to Phoenix and back. The trail itself is great. Nice and wide, place to pull off and rest if desired, nice views of the creek and hills. Can still see the devastation from the Alameda fire that took place in August 2020. Sad to see all the house destroyed but nice to see the new construction taking place. When the vegetation and trees come back the trail will be even nicer. Did not encounter any homeless camps on this section of the trail. Saw lots along sections of the trail in Medford and Central Point areas. Look forward to going back when the weather warms up.

Bear Creek Greenway

first five

October, 2020 by tikidad

Shame on the people who review this badly because of the middle of the trail. Just bought this for the first time from dog Park to Valley view Road. It is truly lovely. Some fire damage but frankly Datz the life we have right now. Just so you know I resisted this path because of the reviews it’s a great path, but don’t goFarther than you are comfortable

Rogue River Greenway


July, 2020 by debimiller9_tl

We rode 11 miles each way on great paved surface along the river. We loved this trail.


Bear Creek Greenway

bear creek trail

July, 2020 by debimiller9_tl

Could be called homeless trail. Very unnerving with so many people coming out of the bushes and actually laying on the trail. Nicely paved a bit hard to follow with so many entrances and exits.

Rogue River Greenway

Bear Creek Greenway

May, 2020 by jbonillo113

Our experience was great. Beautiful and safe and in Ashland we had lunch in a nice outdoor cafe before we returned to Central Point.

Bear Creek Greenway

Quiet path from Medford to Ashland

September, 2019 by sara.devine

I needed to grab a 12 mile run on my vacation and was looking for a relatively flat route. This was it! I picked up the path at S. Stage Rd and ran to the end in Ashland. The path is well-maintained with any cracks or bumps marked with bright spray paint. The path passes several parks and parking areas with restrooms and water fountains. I think I passed a total of three point to point. The trail was well marked except for the final turn into the neighborhood in Ashland where it picks up a different trail to conclude.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

Guidebook needs a better desciption of trail

July, 2019 by ellafan

Picked up the trail at the end in Klamath Falls in July. I rode a suspended mountain bike and my friend rode an off-rode trike. The paved section had many, many deep cracks about 25 feet apart. They were filled in with tar but the cracks were still noticeable. I mention this because if you have a bad back, you will feel this the next day. There were many residents using the trail and that was great to see.

When I read the guidebooks I was aware that the paved section stops at Oline. However, I had the impression that the trail width would remain unchanged. When we got to Olene the wide paved trail went to a narrow, single-track trail that was unpassable for a trike. We were disappointed that our venture was stopped so soon.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

An Okay Trail

June, 2019 by scott.oplinger.5

I just rode the paved part, but it was okay. For me, camping at KOA Journey campground in Klamath Falls, was the “A Canal Trail” right next to the campground that connected with the OC&E Trail.

Bear Creek Greenway

Bear Creek MP27 to MP16 out and back

September, 2017 by adsaxs

We started the bike ride at MP27 in Central Point at the newly-built Southern Oregon RV Park at the fairgrounds. We turned around at MP16.

Except for a couple of areas with root heaves which were marked with paint, the asphalt trail was in very good condition. The trail is relatively flat and runs along Bear Creek. This section of the trail is not particularly scenic and parts of the trail parallel I-5. At some points, the trail even runs underneath freeway overpasses. There are a couple of nice parks along the way – Hawthorne Park, Bear Creek Park and the very large US Cellular Sports Park. Most of the parks mentioned have water and restrooms.

The sad part of this section of the trail is the number of homeless and transient encampments on the trail. People are living under the underpasses and along the river. No one bothered us and I heard that the cities along the trail sweep through the area on a regular basis and cleanup all the garbage left behind and try to break up the encampments.

Overall, I would recommend this ride if you are in the area.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

Paved section Klamath Falls

September, 2016 by kevinkaren

We scouted this trail on a trip through the west when we had already gone a few days without getting on the bikes, and had a few more non-riding days ahead. The Pine Grove trailhead was convenient and had full facilities. Riding east from there to the end of the pavement showed us that we would not be going further; the gravel is too rough for my road bike with the widest tires that will fit, or my wife's hybrid with slick tires on it.

The 7.5 mile paved trail was in excellent condition, wide and flat. There was a nice mix of pedestrians and bicycles out on a weekday afternoon. The number of street crossings increases as you go deeper into Klamath Falls, but this being Oregon drivers are very accommodating. We passed Wiard Park which would also be a good place to start a ride, and the official trailhead in the city, which is actually a bit west of Crosby Av- the directions I found indicated it was adjacent. There was also another trail which crossed ours; I now know that it follows the bank of an irrigation channel for 4 miles, making possible a 23 mile round-trip on the two paved trails.

The paved section ends suddenly in the middle of a railyard. Too bad, as it would have been nice to ride further alongside the rails and end at a more dramatic spot, or at least a more logical one.

We admired an abandoned shoe next to the trail (who loses just one shoe?), watched a man picking up cans and bottles (single shoes not having much cash value, he left that behind) and rode back to the trailhead. Not an epic trek, but still a nice ride on a nice day in an area without any rural paved or packed stone trails to choose from.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

OC&E Woods trail

June, 2016 by leerob9672

Very windy ride coming back. Beautiful farm country. Not too crowded.

Rogue River Greenway

Beautiful and easy trip but not shaded as described!

August, 2015 by wanders101

Walked all but .5 miles of this trail yesterday, starting at the Rogue River Rest Stop (where you can park for four hours for free). The beginning of the trail (starting at the rest stop) is shaded and the paved trail runs alongside the camp grounds. There is a secondary gravel trail that runs right along the bank of the river for about 2 miles. It is not accessible for bikes but is easy to walk and has a lot of access to the river. At just about the 2 mile mark (again starting from the rest stop) the shade ends! We did not encounter any shaded areas for the last half of the trail which is why we turned back before finishing. It got way to hot with the sun directly on us and heat radiating up from the asphalt. It was still a great walk, lots of cyclists were out and it was beautiful. Would do it again, only this time I will be prepared for shade only on the first half.

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