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Explore the best rated trails in Bend, OR. Whether you're looking for an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the Sunriver Bike Path and Larkspur Trail. With more than 15 trails covering 64 miles you're bound to find a perfect trail for you. Click on any trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.

Recent Trail Reviews

Dry Canyon Trail

Nice Bike / Walking Path

August, 2022 by mwaller468

Very nice pathway running through the canyon in Redmond. It is wide enough for passing bikes, joggers, walkers and fog walkers - all share the trail. Often, you will see joggers and MTB bikes alongside the paved path using trails through the open areas or beneath the canyon walls. Early mornings are best as it does start to get crowded with all the various activities the trail area provides (pickle ball, softball, dog parks, basketball courts, etc). Overall, a well laid out and maintained city park system.

Deschutes River Trail

Beware of Rules

August, 2022 by loraleecampbell

Not sure if evokes are allowed. Some parts say no bikes. Rough gravel at North end.

Dry Canyon Trail

Relaxing Ride

August, 2022 by loraleecampbell

Nice wide path! Passes through several parks. On the North end I extended my ride on a very lightly traveled road. South end has a couple of neighborhood street crossings.


Pine Nursery Park Trail

Many parts of paved trail is bumpy with tree roots.

August, 2022 by ellen.conry

Many parts of paved trail is bumpy with tree roots.

Dry Canyon Trail

Hidden Gem in Redmond!

June, 2022 by markbond009

Beautiful to walk, bike or jog! Read the other reviews. This trail system is well marked with informative totems just about every half mile. Port a potty every mile and drinking fountains often enough. Morning shade is great in late June. Several parks South of the arches and there is even a disc golf course. Enjoy!

Sun-Lava Trail

Great trail; e-bikes prohibited

April, 2022 by bailey1754

This is a beautiful trail with access to the Lava Lands Visitor Center at the east end and Benham Falls at the west end. Also connects to the pathways in the Sunriver Community. Since this trail is located on U.S. Forest Service lands, e-bikes are prohibited by default. The local manager of this USFS unit has authority to allow e-bikes, but currently has not done so, to the best of my knowledge.

Sunriver Bike Path

Nice trails, e-bike limits

April, 2022 by bailey1754

I live in this community and regularly ride & walk its 33+ miles of paved pathways. Five years ago, my family bought e-bikes. Two years ago, the HOA Board changed the pathway rules to ban any e-bike equipped with a throttle (whether you use the throttle or not), regardless of power or max speed. I’ve been engaging with the Board ever since then to try to educate and advocate for lifting that ban and implement rules based on power & speed. No luck so far. Have consulted with legal counsel, but since the entire community is privately owned (including the roads & pathways), the Board can impose any restrictions it chooses. So, if you want to ride an e-bike on Sunriver’s pathways, it cannot have a throttle.

Sun-Lava Trail

Peaceful ride & great scenery

July, 2021 by krgscb

My wife and I, along with our 4 month old labradoodle, did this ride and are grateful we took Diane's advice from her prior post. Start in Sunriver and ride up the hill to the Lava Lands visitor center as Diane posted. Our puppy was able to trot along side my wife's recumbent trike for the first 2.5 miles. Afterwards, he rode comfortably in our dog trailer. The trail is plenty wide and well maintained. There are mile markers throughout and great signage to ensure the rider is heading the correct direction. There are pullouts if needed. No water or restroom stops until you make it to the Lava Lands visitor center. None at the Sunriver location. The Lava Lands Park Ranger was kind enough to allow my wife to stay on her bike due to her disability. This kind gestured allowed us to check out one of the walking trails. There is also a trail that leads to a waterfall and one that leads to the top of the Lava dome. We highly suggest taking the time to explore this bike trail and the many walking trails at the top.

Sun-Lava Trail

Enjoyable ride through forest land

May, 2021 by dianemetta

We started the ride at the Lava Visitors Center and rode to Sunriver. The trail in this direction is slightly downhill. The return ride is, of course, slightly uphill. If you are riding with children or novice riders of any age, you may want to start at Sunriver. It’s always more fun to downhill at the end of the ride!

Dry Canyon Trail

A Great Treasure in Redmond

June, 2019 by scott.oplinger.5

I rode this trail a couple weeks ago. It isn’t long, but it is in good shape and is a bit of a geological marvel - the canyon runs right through Redmond and the canyon is packed with many sports fields. There are many very well designed access points all along the trail - big stairs with bike channels on each side. It even has a short dirt section off the main trail. If you’re staying in or near Redmond I’d definitely recommend it.

Central Oregon Canal Trail

Access issues

May, 2018 by cassans

The Central Oregon Canal Trail is a great start, but it needs some work. I am new to the area and was excited to get out and explore the local trails. As I was biking along, I came to sections of trails with big signs saying "No Trespassing." A canal trail continues farther but the signs say that you can be fined or put in jail because Nottingham Square owns that section of trail. Nottingham Square seems pretentious, and I hope that Bend Parks and Rec can work this out to make a contiguous trail for people.

Deschutes River Trail

Great north of Pioneer Park - unsure about south - see review

July, 2017 by acannefax

I rode this trail north from Pioneer Park - just past the park, after you cross the river, it is gravel, as noted before - coarse dark gravel that I think is brought in, as it is deeper to the edges. Anyway - I have a hybrid bike, so my tires are barely 1.5 inches or so as noted in the other review. Most of the trail was fine, but with my tires and gearing, there were hills I elected to walk up - and one that I chose to ride up, my back tire spun a lot in the sand/gravel. That said, I loved the trail and would do it again in a minute. Great views and well marked. I saw very few other cyclists or hikers on the trail.

On the next day, I was going to do the south end. We went to Farewell Bend park and could not find parking so parked in a side street. My husband brought up the parks and rec map of the trail, and it had several places on the west side of the river marked as no biking. The legend on the map just said unpaved, so it was confusing to say the least. Based on this and various other factors, I elected not to ride the south end, so I really don't know what the no biking areas are.

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