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Brushy Creek Regional Trail Facts

States: Texas
Counties: Williamson
Length: 10.4 miles
Trail end points: 204 E Little Elm Trl at Twin Lakes Park (Cedar Park) and 1124 Forest Bluff Trl at Forest Creek Playground (Round Rock)
Trail surfaces: Boardwalk, Concrete, Crushed Stone
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 7806861

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Description


The Brushy Creek Regional Trail is an east-west corridor offering users a pleasant commute or a just-for-fun trek through numerous parks and creekside forests in the northern suburbs of Austin. The trail is currently open in two distinct segments, the western segment is mostly crushed stone, while its eastern counterpart is paved. Both offer journeys uninterrupted by car traffic, connecting users with nature, neighborhood amenities, businesses, and recreational spots for swimming, rock climbing, fishing, picnicking, canoeing, and more. 

About the Route 

As of 2024, the Brushy Creek Regional Trail is open in two segments. A longer western segment runs between Twin Lakes Park (Cedar Park) and 8300 Brightwater Blvd (Round Rock). The trail continues east of downtown Round Rock, between 150 N A.W. Grimes Blvd (Round Rock) and Forest Creek Playground (Round Rock).

Western segment between Cedar Park and Round Rock

The Brushy Creek Regional Trail’s western endpoint is at Twin Lakes Park, at 204 E Little Elm Trl (Cedar Park). The park and trailhead is also home to the Twin Lakes Family YMCA. Heading east, the trail crosses underneath the 183A toll road, where trail users can take a northbound connection to the 183A Shared Use Path. The trail then continues east on an uninterrupted path through wooded areas for 1.4 miles, until it passes underneath a wooden railroad bridge dating back to the 1880s that once carried granite to the state’s capitol in nearby Austin. Ahead, the path comes to the creekside Brushy Creek Sports Park, which houses several sports fields, a skate park, and a disc golf course. 

Continuing east, the trail crosses underneath W Palmer Lane to reach Brushy Creek Lake Park, a waterfront community park where locals come to play sand volleyball, bocce, or kayak. At the eastern edge of the park, the trail takes a series of brief sharp turns, running southeast along an exposed lakeside rock embankment, before finding shade again in a forested segment. 

Ahead, Champion Park offers another community open space, with “fossil” dig and climbable structures shaped like dinosaur bones. Via a bridge at the eastern edge of the park, an out-and-back spur trail offers 0.6 miles of additional trail and access to neighborhoods lying south of the creek. The main trail continues east, on a crushed stone surface, running parallel to Brushy Creek Road along a forested thicket for 0.8 miles before reaching the open fields of Olson Meadows Park, running alongside several suburban cul-de-sacs, tennis courts, and a community pool. After crossing underneath Great Oaks Drive, the trail continues east, following Hairy Man Road for 0.7 miles, before curving south for the final half mile of its western segment.  As of 2024, the western segment of open trail ends at 8300 Brightwater Blvd (Round Rock), adjacent to a HOA community pool and playground.

Eastern Segment in Round Rock

About 3 miles east of the Brightwater Blvd endpoint, the trail’s eastern portion resumes at 150 N A.W. Grimes Blvd (Round Rock). From here, the trail heads west underneath A W Grimes Blvd before quickly looping underneath an active railway corridor that carries Amtrak’s long-distance Texas Eagle trains between Chicago, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. Ahead the trail reaches the Play for All Abilities Park, a sprawling playground built to accomodate all accessibility needs. The trail then continues for 0.8 miles nearby the namesake Brushy Creek through natural surrounds. until it reaches an underpass at Kenney Fort Blvd. The trail crosses west underneath the highway before making a loop to join alongside it and cross over Brushy Creek, on a 0.25 mile southward segment in a dedicated lane. The trail then leaves the road, continues east, crossing a boardwalk bridge and heading into quiet, forested suburban surrounds of the creek’s southern bank. 

East of the trail’s boardwalk bridge, users are treated to 1.5 miles of gentle curves as the trail follows Brushy Creek through quaint, natural forested surrounds, where deer are a common sight. The Brushy Creek Regional Trail reaches it’s eastern endpoint at 1124 Forest Bluff Trl (Round Rock) at Forest Creek Playground, inside Joe B Freeman Park. 


The western segment of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail connects to several small spur trails offering connections into nearby neighborhoods, including the 183A Shared Use Path.  

Parking and Trail Access

Brushy Creek Regional Trail runs between 204 E Little Elm Trl at Twin Lakes Park (Cedar Park) and 1124 Forest Bluff Trl at Forest Creek Playground (Round Rock), with parking available at both endpoints.

Parking is also available:

  • Brushy Creek Sports Park at 2310 Brushy Creek Rd (Cedar Park)
  • 8300 Brightwater Blvd (Round Rock)
  • Play for All Abilities Park at 151 N A W Grimes Blvd (Round Rock)

There are numerous parking options along this route, see TrailLink Map for all parking options and detailed directions. 

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Reviews

1/2 gravel 1/2 concrete

Very nice scenery, water views! Just found at least half of the trail is gravel most packed some loose, just be prepared.

Really nice views

Really nice views

Great trail which can be crowed.

Loved the trail! Better to go there during weekdays. Weekends can be crowded with walkers and bikers.

Several cute parks on the way. Each of them offers unique experience. Brushy creek park offers lake, kayaking rental and wild flowers!

Wonderful spot

I enjoy walking my dogs, jogging, and mountain biking along this trail. It’s a fantastic spot for getting in those miles. I would also like to respond to the reviews saying cyclists are causing a problem: I’ve found that not to be true and that pedestrians with stray toddlers out of their parents control and dogs on extended leashes cause more issues than any biker I’ve come across. Share the trail folks!


beautiful easy ride

Weekends and afternoons can be busy. I suggest going during the week within normal business/school hours for the best experience.

Beautiful Trail, Rude Bikers

Trails are in great condition. Families though have to compete with bikers. I am a cross country biker and I was appalled by the general biking etiquette and the adrenaline rush nature and just run you off the road attitude of the on the sidewalk and off road bikers. They are dangerous and encourage that the trail needs some type of restrictions and policing. There are too many walkers and children for them to act this way at a very nice public park.

Beautiful Trail, Rude Bikers

Trails are in great condition. Families though have to compete with bikers. I am a cross country biker and I was appalled by the general biking etiquette and the adrenaline rush nature and just run you off the road attitude of the on the sidewalk and off road bikers. They are dangerous and encourage that the trail needs some type of restrictions and policing. There are too many walkers and children for them to act this way at a very nice public park.

On your left!

Beautiful trail. Can't wait for more segments to get built. Some people in these reviews have complained of entitled riders, but my experience has been exactly the opposite. Entitled pedestrians very frequently walk side by side covering most of the path and sometimes the entire path, and this doesn't just annoy cyclists such as me but joggers as well. Treat the trails as shared use, walk only on the right side, keep your children and dogs with you at your side (not 50 feet in front of you, swerving left and right in the middle of the trail), and there will be very few problems.

Nice well maintained trail

Went for a bike ride with my husband this morning. From Stone Creek Pool parking lot to the Twin Lakes YMCA parking lot and back it was 15 miles. There were a lot of hikers, bikers, runners, dog walkers on the trail however it was a Saturday morning with cool weather so congestion was expected. There are lots of things to see along the trail (creeks, waterfall, lakes, rock formations, trestle bridge) and it is well maintained. Plan to return to the trail soon!

Entitled bike riders

I like to hike this trail but find that too many bike riders think they’re entitled to ride fast and own the trail two abreast. I’ve seen really disappointing behavior, especially now that more of us are at home and looking for ways to exercise outdoors. There are dedicated bike lanes and shoulders on Parmer. Let them use those if they have to ride fast.


I walk 5 miles on Brushy Creek Trail almost every Sunday. Although most bike riders ride safely, I see too many who do not. Today I witnessed an almost-tragic collision between an adult rider and a one year old child. Adding insult to potentially fatal injury, the rider yelled "Courtesy!" as he sped by. The child tottered at the very edge of the trail and the biker missed him by no more than a foot. The child's parents were also at the edge of the trail. The biker behaved as if the child and his parents should have thrown themselves out of the way, which I assure you could not have happened because the rider appeared suddenly and was riding too fast for them to react. I was walking in the opposite direction with my wife and a friend and the biker rode between us and the family as we passed one another.

The rider, an adult man who should know better, was gone in seconds and there is probably no hope of changing his attitude so he remains dangerous. The trail is posted with a few signs informing bikers to defer to pedestrians, but some riders act as though the Trail is primarily for bikers and everyone else is in their way.

What can be done? Larger and more explicit signs? Speed bumps? I wish I knew. Have there been serious collisions on the Trail?

I love walking Brushy Creek Trail, the creek, the trees, the meadows, the deer. It can be very relaxing, but incidents like this today make me furious.

Awesome scenic trail for road cycling!

This trail system is one of the FEW trails available in the area that's mostly paved for road bike riders! So, anyone walking on this trail should get used to bikers as well. Also, anyone riding a road bike on this trail without a doubt is mindful of pedestrians at all times, cyclists just want a safe place to ride without a 5,000 lb SUV next to them, this is one of the few trails that offer this security. Once they link the EAST and West sections its going to be the finest bicycle trail around.

Brushy Creek Trail

I love the trail! I live nearby and would bike along the trail a couple of times each week. The wildlife we can see around the main trail- deer, grey heron, geese, ducks, et cetera, makes me miss them and want to see them often.

One special spot I‘d highly recommend you visit at dusk, where you can view dozens of grey heron perched on a couple of trees standing in the lake right to the east side of the Parmer bridge at Brushy Creek. The scene is quite spectacular. You can bike pretty close to the trees and heron by following the small path underneath the bridge from the sports complex, in the opposite direction from the railway.

Brushy Creek Trail & Cyclists

I depend on this trail for much needed daily walks but am slowly beginning to avoid it as there's too many times I've been almost run over by cyclists. Avoid the off-the-path trail which runs along the creek on the weekends as there are too many cyclists and they'll expect you to get over and stand in thigh-high weeds for them. Also, some race down steep slopes so fast that it will be impossible for them to stop for a pedestrian. The path along the creek is better on the weekdays. Pedestrians really need to keep their wits about them and listen and watch for cyclists coming from behind or in front as many won't be watching for pedestrians.

Brushy Creek - Biking

I absolutely love this trail! I used to live directly on the trail-path, and I would ride my bike on the trail daily. I recently moved, so I cant ride it as often as I used to, but let me tell you, I do every chance I get!

The main trail has many trail paths (off the main path) that allow you to enjoy a rugged (mountain bike experience), but it also features a great concrete (Main Trail), with some areas being crushed stone; which allow you to speed ride comfortable.

The scenery is what originally got me! Some areas are wooded, with a creek running beside you, and some areas have a lake, parks, bridges; its quite the outdoor experience.

This trail is a must ride, if you haven't already!

Keep Austin Weird

not slippery at all, i like how they keep the trail neat and clean.

Brushy Creek Regional Trail

An average trail for hikers.

The trail is not fully paved.

Part of the trail goes from pavement to gravel.

Brushy Creek Overall

From Twin Lakes YMCA to Hairy Man terminus,it is a gentle rolling bike and hike path, with few blind corners, although excessive rainy spells water can cover and alter the surface particularly the lower crushed granite sections. It is overall generally well maintained and has water and restroom services along the path, several rest areas and play areas will require extra attention due to the "little ones" enjoying those areas. From the main pathway there are several sections that lead off for those looking to extend their ride or gain access from the surrounding developments. Even on the hot and sunny days the tree cover is sufficient to provide extensive protection from the heat. Access along the path to the road is reasonable in case of mechanical breakdown. Overall the path is a gem for those seeking an nice ride protected from traffic.

Outstanding local trail

This is a really great trail with 2 small lakes, rock formations, marshes, great park areas, fishing, pretty trees, many neighborhood access points and really good bathroom facilities. Just needs access to cafés and restaurants.

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