Kenosha County Bike Trail (Route of the Badger)


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Kenosha County Bike Trail (Route of the Badger) Facts

States: Wisconsin
Counties: Kenosha
Length: 18.6 miles
Trail end points: 35th St & 27th Ave (Kenosha) to North Shore Trail at 1st St; 30th Ave & 89th St (Kenosha) and Robert McClory Bike Path at Russell Rd (Wisconsin-Illinois state line)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6017592

Kenosha County Bike Trail (Route of the Badger) Description

The Kenosha County Bike Trail is open in two sections separated by dense neighborhoods in the City of Kenosha.

The northern segment runs northeast from 35th Street in the city to 1st Street at the Kenosha–Racine county line. The surroundings become increasingly rural as you head north, and trees along the corridor provide welcome shade in the summer months. Near the private Kenosha Country Club, the trail passes close to the Pike River.

At the county line, the trail seamlessly morphs into the North Shore Trail, which extends farther northward into the City of Racine.

The southern segment travels from the south side of the City of Kenosha at 89th Street south to the Wisconsin–Illinois state line at Russell Road. Tract housing and open space make up the adjacent surroundings for this portion of the trail, but trees enveloping the corridor provide shade and a sense of seclusion.

At the state line, a bridge over Russell Road offers a car-free connection to Illinois’ Robert McClory Bike Path. That trail extends south to Highland Park, connecting to a number of other trails in the northern suburbs of Chicago along the way.

Both portions of the Kenosha County Bike Trail are also tied together by the Kenosha Pike Bike Trail, a signed collection of on- and off-road routes that travels through the City of Kenosha along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Parking and Trail Access

There are no official parking lots for the Kenosha County Bike Trail, but parking can generally be found on neighborhoods streets in the City of Kenosha.

For the southern segment, parking is also available at Anderson Park on 22nd Avenue. Take the sidewalk along 89th Street west from the park to reach the northern trailhead.

Kenosha County Bike Trail (Route of the Badger) Reviews

Nice Paved Trail

This is a nice bit of paved trail. I do wish the city would connect the two segments.

Wonderful trail

Always a good experience--goes through some nice areas, trail is in good condition.

Excellent Trail

This trail provides a great riding experience. Starting from the North trail head you get a nice rolling and winding trail offering beautiful scenery. Many different access points and loops offered, with that said signs were posted which made staying on main trail easy.

another good point

One last good point I want to state is on on the North side Kenosha trail just a little past the Nature Center when you get to the road crossing if you take the paved path that cuts off to the left it will take you right to Pets Park which is a very enjoyable park to ride through and photogenic as well great for a family ride or any biker for that matter. Great for a great rest stop, picnics, a good scenic view of sights to enjoy. It's a primary park and the trail runs all the way through it in a big circle. You can go two different ways through the park, but both ways will eventually lead you to going up a steep hill and some make it all the way up and others have to get off and walk it to the top before riding again, but you coast down hill once you reach the top just be careful and aware of other bikers, joggers, runners, walkers, going through. Some bikers ride through the hiking trails that go through the forest and trees so make sure you pay attention to that when they come out and go acrossed. Biking on the hiking trails is quite a thrill and great for anyone who likes that sort of thing or wants more of a challenge. The path gets to be black top once you get to the park.
I will add before you get to Pets Park the path goes up hill by Parkside and then when you turn the corner you go down a big hill which of course you have to go up when you come back and it's a steep one. So it's a bit of a challenge when you take that path to Pets Park, but it's worth it in the end and you get to enjoy the park and what it has to offer.

Happy biking everyone!


A enjoyable ride

The Kenosha County bike paths both of them are now black topped for enjoyable smooth riding and the concerns of mud and flooded areas are out the window unless you go across Russel Road bridge which is then getting into Illinois where it's crushed stone which you don't want to ride to far down on for dangerous issues past Zion you'll quickly find out if you do. So when you get to the Russel Road Bridge turn around and head back the other way unless your a risk taker or live in Illinois.

Back to the topic both the North and South side Kenosha county bike paths are black topped and it's an enjoyable ride and you meet very friendly people always saying hello as you ride past. Some enjoyable scenic views, a pond with a fountain, and a small park for rest also help make the south side Kenosha trail an enjoyable one for any biker and family. There are sometimes cross country runners on the south side trail or just your average run of the mill joggers/runners and plenty of dog walkers to. The trail is enjoyed by all and cleary an important part of Kenosha. From the south side trail when you get off it's goes along Anderson Pond and from there just follow the signs and head down the road which leads you past the Outdoor Theatre which is a neat sight to see. You can also get there by getting off the trail and heading down Springbook Road and then the path goes along the railroad tracks and past the roads that lead to Carol Beach (I recommend riding through there very relaxing and nice neighborhoods and view of the Lake) and the Sand Dunes. The path leads you to the next part of the trail that starts at SouthPort park and then from there follow the roads to the next part that goes along the lake and beach. Once you get to the bandshell you can either get off and go down the road where the North Side Trail starts or keep going along the lake path which goes past Carthage College up a big hill by Alford park and eventually the path connects with the North side trail near the Nature Center. So plenty of scenic sights and views to enjoy along the lake and it can be busy sometimes so watch out for walkers.

The north side trail is black topped for smooth riding, but not much for scenic value at the beginning as there's some neighborhoods on one side or apartments, but there are food places near by for great rest stops. Once you get further down past the Nature Center you get more scenic areas and tree filled areas with plenty of shade for any rest stops you might need. It then connects to the Racine County Bike path which is black topped as well and goes down to Durand Avenue and from there just follow the bike signs and I recommend this follow them to Root River for nice relaxing, scenic, photogenic riding. There's also a part that cuts off right before Durand Avenue which is the Lake Michigan route which again you follow the signs down to the Racing Lakefront (very hilly) and past the Racine Zoo. I always hear some interesting sounds when I ride past there makes the trip more interesting. From there you follow signs to the Racine County bike path which is crushed stone or you can ride past it and take Root River all the way back to Durand Avenue and the Kenosha trial.

The South side Kenosha trail is more active and plenty of friendly people. The North side is a little calmer on the activity value, but on occasion can be busy with trail users to, but clearly the South side trail is used more often.

Both trails are nice, smooth, relaxing, enjoyable rides worth checking out and riding on for any biker and there also safe as well.

One side note I want to mention is when you get to the Russel Road bridge there's a section of trail that cuts off and brings you down next to Russel Road and if you just keep riding straight on Russel Road you will eventually wind up at the entrance to the Van Patten Woods Des Plaines bike path, but there's hills you have to go up to get to the entrance and at one point not alot of room between you and traffic so ride with caution and awareness when riding down Russel Road if that's the route you take to get to Des Plaines from Kenosha. Ive had no problem riding along, but I see some take there cars to it and then unpack and ride.

There is a small lot by Springbook where you can park your car and either start walking or riding the South Kenosha Trail. At times there will be cars parked near where the path crosses the road so when there is careful when approaching and crossing and make sure traffic sees you, but there are bike path crossings signs near the road crossings so riding is safe and the roads aren't that busy as some may think and there no problem to cross.

Both South and North Kenosha County trails are enjoyable to ride on for all biker levels and they have friendly atmospheres. I recommend checking them out and enjoy the day. Happy biking everyone!

Further Info

"The bulk of the KENOSHA span of this trail is paved on/off road the best parks hugging Lake Michigan primarily. There is no limestone between the area around Gateway Technical College when you get off the limestone in from Racine all the way until very southern Kenosha at about 91st St and 30th Ave.

I give high marks for that particular section of the trek. You see most of ""historic"" Kenosha and even the majestic KENO Drive-In outdoor movie theatre."

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