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Rail 66 Country Trail Facts

States: Pennsylvania
Counties: Clarion, Forest
Length: 20.1 miles
Trail end points: Blood Rd, off PA-66 (Vowinckel) and PA-66/Paint Blvd, just south of Pine Terrace Rd (Shippenville)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 9230448

Rail 66 Country Trail Description

Paralleling PA-66, the Rail 66 Country Trail runs between Marianne in Clarion County and the county line with Forest County. This paved, multiuse rail-trail lies on the historic Knox-Kane railroad bed and is part of the Knox & Kane Rail Trail

The trail's southern end is on PA-66/Paint Boulevard, just south of Pine Terrace Road in Paint Township in the borough of Shippenville. While it is possible to access the trail here, there is no parking and PA-66 is a fairly busy road. Parking and easier trail access is available at US-332 and Willow Lane—less than a mile along the trail from the southern endpoint on PA-66.

Heading north, the trail winds through Marianne, Lucinda, Snydersberg, Leeper, and Vowinckel to the Clarion/Forest county line. The route passes by several railroad landmarks and points of interest, including the historic Lucinda Railway Station (1040 Lander Dr, Lucinda).

The northern endpoint is on Blood Road, off PA-66 in Vowinckel. Continuing seamlessly, the trail heads north to Marienville as Knox & Kane Rail Trail.

All 20.1 miles of the trail are paved and make for a smooth, enjoyable route that is accessible for those using mobility aids and easily navigable for families with strollers. 

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at a number of locations along the trail, including at the Marianne trailhead on SR 322, just east of the SR 322/SR 66 intersection. It is next to Willow Lane and holds approximately 12 vehicles. In Lucinda, there is a parking lot at mile 7.2, about 300 feet north of the historic Lucinda Railway Station (1040 Lander Dr, Lucinda). There is additional parking in Snydersburg off Lutz Drive and at the Farmington Township Park on Railroad Street in Leeper. 

Visit the TrailLink map for all options and detailed directions.

Rail 66 Country Trail Reviews

Out and back to Marianne and Marienville from Leeper

Almost 52 miles total on an out back of all the paved trail. Great ride through some cute little towns, some corn fields and quite a lot of woods.

September Ride

40 mile ride, September 2023. Always a great ride on this trail. Parked at mile marker 7 in Lucinda and biked down to mile .50 in Shippenville. Then up to the other end of the trail at mile 20.5 at the Clarion/Forest County line. Most of the trail is well shaded but there are also a few beautiful sections of farmlands.

Longer than planned ride

Very nice trail. Its' appears to be fairly new since it lack potholes or raised section due to tree roots.

A couple things to note:
1) You will need sun screen. The trail goes thru farmland and forested area, so you can't depend on trees to protect you from the sun
2) Will you have to cross road that have traffic on it. Please be aware of this if you are riding with children
3) The end of the trail connects with a different trail so if you don't pay attention you will continue to ride without realizing it. I had planned on only do 20 miles, I did 27 before I turned around. Sorry to say I don't know what the other trail was since it's not yet listed on this site

One of Western Pennsylvania's Best!

This is one of the best trails on this side of the state. Trail is 20 miles in length and runs from Shippenville through Clarion County to the Forest County line. Trail is only a few years old so the asphalt surface is still in very good condition. Most of the trail is out in the open, seems that farther North there is more shade offered. Connects seamlessly with the Marienville 4-Seasons Trail at the Forest County line and goes another 6.5 miles into Marienville. 4th of July ride, a beautiful day!


I loves the views and trail! Wish I could upload my pics I took.

I loves the views and trail! Wish I could upload my pics I took.

September ride, 40 miles

Parked in Lucinda, mile marker 7 on the trail, and biked to Marianne (mile .50) and back then up to the Forest County Line, mile marker 20.5 and back. Covered the whole trail, end to end. Always a nice ride. Goldenrod was in full bloom. Trail ends at the Clarion/Forest County line but continues another 6.5 miles in Forest County as the Marienville 4-seasons trail.

Great Ride

Very nice paved trail. Started in Marianne and road the whole trail to the county line and then another five mile section of paved trail to Marienville. For a 50 mile round trip. The section in Forest county is not as nicely paved.
The northern part is more remote in woods. The southern part goes through various fields, towns for nice scenic views.

Summer 2022 Ride

Always a great ride on the Rail 66 Country Trail. Parked at Mile 7 in Lucinda and biked down to the beginning in Marianne then back up to Lucinda and beyond for a few miles to make it a 30-miler round trip. Trail surface in very good condition as the pavement is only a few years old. The volunteers and members of this organization do a great job with trail upkeep...very pristine!
On a hot Summers day the canopy of trees was welcomed.

New Asphalt paved all the way to Marionville. Excellent ride!

New Asphalt paved all the way to Marionville. Excellent ride!

Summer Ride 2021

Trail is well shaded on a warm summer day. Tree lined for most of the trail length and some open areas of farmlands/fields as well. The pavement on this trail is in very good condition as it's only a few years old. Great ride as always. Biked from Leeper to Marienville and back, 30 miles round trip.

Early March 2021 Ride

Unseasonably warm Winter day, early March 2021. There was so much snow on the trail these past few months, up to a foot deep in sections, but some of it is finally melting off enough to ride part of the trail. The lower miles 1 thru 8 were clear of snow and able to ride on. At mile 9 and to the end it's ice and snow covered and unpassable. Give it some time to melt of!
Parked at mile 7 in Lucinda and met with others that stated they tried to bike to the North and had to come down to the Southern section to ride.

Fall ride

Was superb ride Just flew along Saw a owl Heard different birds than I'm used to had a great time Gates very bike friendly Trail Surface brand new at least 20 miles Total asphalt is 25.6 mi Lot of road crossings but it is what it is Stop means stop !! Easy 1-1/2 hrs from Pgh
May ride again this week
And there is a DQ at one end lol
How good does that get

20 Miles of smooth sailing

Trail is complete from Route 322 in Shippenville to the Forest County Line. Brand new asphalt paved section recently extended from mile marker 12 in Leeper to mile marker 20.5 at the Clarion-Forest County line.
The mid section of the trail, mile markers 5.5 to 7.5 which were tar and chipped since 2013, has been resurfaced with new asphalt.
Once you come to the end of the trail at Blood road, you can access the Four Seasons Marienville Trail for an additional 6 miles into Marienville.
Beautiful colors of Fall to enjoy on the trail.

October 14th ride

Beautiful ride from Leeper to Mariane. Very nice trail for a fall ride.


Have ridden the trail a couple of times. I was surprised when I got to Leeper at the 12.7 mile mark it was paved. It turned out it was paved the next 14.1 miles to the edge of the town of Marienville. I rode another .5 miles into Marienville on a cinder path and there is an old train station that it appears that is being fixed up. The trail appears to keep going up along Rt. 66 as a cinder trail. Also the tar and chip part of the trail was also paved. We rode on October 9 and the trees were in full color. The trail is now paved from the 0.7 mile marker(Rt. 322) to 26.8. The bad part of this trail is that it crosses Rt. 66 four times and the first two are on the dangerous side. Site distance is not great for cars going 55-60 mph. If you like paved trails, this is a must.

26 miles of asphalt

The 26 miles from SR 322 (Marianne) to Marienville are asphalt (no more tar and chip), and about half of that is new asphalt put down in 2020. About .7 mile in Marienville between SR 322 and SR 66 is coarse gravel, unmaintained, and little-traveled as of October 2020.

The trail follows a ridge between the watersheds of the Clarion River and Allegheny River. There is a very gradual elevation rise over the 26 miles, from an altitude of 1500 feet in Marianne to 1730 feet in Marienville.

The trail parallels busy Route 66 for its entire length, with the distance between trail and road varying between 30 feet and almost 1 mile. There are four dangerous crossings of Route 66 at which cars travel at speeds approaching 60 mph, and do not slow for cyclists. There are also gravel driveways and roads crossing the trail, some of them soft and a bit treacherous for bikes with narrow tires.

Along the trail you pass O’Neil’s Quality Foods (smoked meat, deer processing, etc) at the Marianne trailhead, Zacherl’s Farm Market south of Lucinda (hay rides and a field of pumpkins when I was there in mid-October), DB’s Smokin’ BBQ north of Lucinda, apple trees by the side of the trail, a huge field of corn, a friendly and very attractive horse, and the Shamrock Dining Room at Kelly Hotel in Marienville, among other attractions.

Beautiful fall ride Sunday, October 4, 2020

We had a great ride, beautiful, cool day for it. We started at the Leeper trailhead and did an in and out 16 mile ride toward Marianne. They just completed the asphalt and it made for a very smooth ride. Wooded areas had beautiful fall color, farmland with fields of corn made it look all golden, horses, cattle and saw big bear prints across the path. We will be doing this trail again, hopefully the whole length of it next time. We love this type of trail and highly recommend it ¿

July 2020 Ride, Great trail, still being developed.

Main section of the trail, from Marianne to Leeper is completed . Asphalt paved in 2018. The mid section, for a few miles, which includes Lucinda, is old tar and chipped in rough condition.
Plans to extend the trail from Leeper and to the North are in the makings. Surface is grated and rideable for the time being if you'd like to attempt it.
The trail goes though open fields of farmlands and shaded wooded areas.
Along the trail in the mid section is Chris & Reds Variety store which is neat to go into....everything from flea market items, antiques, and new merchandise. Something interesting to stop for. Also along the trail there is a farm market which is open seasonal. The train station in Lucinda has a new deck put out on the front.
In Leeper there is a restaurant / ice cream stand and a Dollar Store.
We travel over an hour to get to this trail and enjoy it every time we ride there.

Just OK

The trail is reasonably scenic. Some forest, many open spaces, farmland, homesteads, that kind of thing. My main problem with the trail from Leeper to Marianne is that the middle half (maybe a 6 mile portion?) is in pretty bad condition. Not smooth asphalt. Not sure what it is but it's very bumpy and crumbling in many places. For a road bike, it's annoying and took a great deal of pleasure out of the ride for me and my crew.

Good Trail

Many blind road crossing, crushed limestone surface needs redone.

Spring Ride

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, people were out and about safely enjoying the trail practicing social distancing. A beautiful country trail.

Fall Ride

Biked from Marianne to Leeper, and back for a 25 mile round trip. Where the trail ends in Leeper, they are in the process of extending it. Section has been grated and crushed limestone has been applied. Progress is progress!
Fall foliage all along the trail. Just North of Lucinda, on the right side of the trail is a Friendship garden with beautiful hand painted rocks, it was a nice treat to see and find them.

Aug 9 ride

Parked at Marianne and rode to Leeper. It is a 12 mile ride. Had trouble finding parking lot on rt 322. Sign for trail is small. Parking lot next to a meat processing store. Can park up to 12 cars. The trail to Leeper is all paved. You will ride through woods and farm land. My wife and I agreed it is much easier riding back from Leeper. More downhill and you will coast at times. On the way you will pass through Lucinda. You will see an old train station, general store, and it appears an old hotel. You can pick up a trail map at the start of your ride. There is no water on the trail but there is a sign to bike 1000ft off trail to an ice cream stand. There is a restroom at mile 7.5. This trail is an easy ride and there are future plans to pave more of the trail. I rode a quarter of a mile on the unpaved trail at Leeper and it is very rough. When they pave more I will do this trail again. RDD

Nice ride today!

We took off at Marianne Trailhead, heading North in 90 degree heat. First part of trail is very well paved, nice and smooth. then comes a section that is older asphalt or chip and tar, couldnt tell, that is a bit bumpy. the trail finishes with very new asphalt for the final approx third of the 12.1 miles.

The trail rolls thru farms and quaint towns, two deer sited, and a rooster in a pen near the trail crowed quite boisterously at us. Picnic tables at the Lucinda train station, and the Leeper trailhead at the north end.

Saw about 12 other riders, trail is wide enough for 3 or 4 abreast. The trail was riddled with small branches from overhanging trees and trees on side, from the severe thunderstorms in the area the night before. At approx mile 8, and tree was completely down across the entire trail, but was able to go under and through to complete outbound and return trips.

Great ride plus new Trailhead signage

June 2019 Ride: Trailhead signs installed, new barriers as well. Progressing nicely. Parked in the lot on Route 322 in Marianne. Lot holds 10 cars. There is a large parking sign out on 322. In the lot there is a mileage sign and little library. Heading North to Leeper, some new barriers at intersections. At mile 7 in Lucinda at the old train station there is another little library, parking lot for 20 cars, picnic table and new mileage sign. At mile 12 in Leeper there is a mileage sign, little library, picnic table and very large parking lot.
Trail is newly paved (2018) very nice asphalt. The mid section, a few miles before Luckinda, and after Lucinda, is old tar and chip and very loose gravel. Well marked with signs though.
All around nice ride from Marianne to Leeper, and back.

Day ride on Route 66 rail trail

This trail was very nice as it was paved and then went to tar & chip. There were signs along the trail to warn riders of loose gravel. The trail goes through woods and then farm land. I would ride the trail again.

Nice trail but dangerous road crossings

This was our first time on this trail and it looks like they are doing an amazing job fixing it up. We started at Leeper (parked at Car Mate) off of 66 and rode 12 Miles fo Marianne and back. Our mistake was starting in Leeper. It was mostly uphill on the way back. We almost got hit by tractor trailers and other vehicles at the road crossing because of blind curves and no crosswalks. The traffic on these main roads don’t yield to bikes. The state needs to correct this and have warning signs with flashing lights for road traffic and a crosswalk. If it hadn’t been for road work at one of the blind corners on a busy main road, we would have difficulty getting across just like we did on our way in to Marianne. We probably won’t return to this trail unless they make the crossings safer. Aside from the safety concerns, the trail was really nice. Thank you for your hard work!

July, 2018 - Trail is now 12+ Miles, Mostly newly paved

Revisited this trail from last Summer and it has come a long way! Trail is nearly 13 miles completed, of which 9 miles are brand new asphalt pavement. The mid section is still a rough tar & chip surface. Their plans are to continue the trail North from Leeper.
We biked from Route 322 to Leeper, and back.
We parked in a new lot on Route 322 in the Village on Marianne. Paved lot holds about 15 cars and is located near a few places to eat. The trail goes South of 322 for a little bit but the surface is dirt.
Heading North out of Marianne there is smooth brand new asphalt pavement for approx 4.5 miles, where it meets up with the older section of the trail. Just under 3 miles you will pass the farm market, if they are open, they offer cold beverages for sale. There is also a large swing there.
Continuing North into Lucinda at approx 6.3 miles is the former train station with picnic tables, and a large parking area which holds approx 30 cars.
At mile 8.5, Lutz Drive in Snydersburg, is another parking area for approx 15 cars. A few tenths North is where the trail turns to new asphalt pavement. Formerly this section was cinder. The trail rolls through some pretty countryside including cornfields.
The trail ends (for now) at approx mile 12 at Car Mate trailers in Leeper. There is also parking in front of Car Mate. Car Mate is located on Route 66. Just North of Car Mate you will find the Sawmill Restaurant & Ice Cream. Also a small grocery store and a Dollar Store.
Plans for the future are to continue the trail North of Leeper to the Forest County Line.
An all around great trail!

Along Rail 66

A paved parking lot is now available on rte 322 near O'neals market and Dairy Queen; this is between rte 66 and the Clarion bridge, on 322. There is also parking, frequently used by trail users, though I don't know if it's official, on rte 66, near the entrance to Madden road, between Steiner road and Lucinda, Pa. This is in addition to the parking near the historical Lucinda train station.

Bring a camera. Lots of scenic farmscape and woods. Very smooth as so much is newly paved. This summer, check for seasonal farmers and local markets and a flea market, a cool dry goods store called Lander's, a junker's store and a couple of ice cream places. Great camping area.

Rail 66 country trail

Trail is now completely paved ,13 miles from route 322 to Leeper. Great addition to existing trails in this area.

It's going to be nice when it's done!

As of May, 2017: The finished section of the trail runs from mile 5 to approx mile 9. Finished as in some type of gravel on top of asphalt. Trail surface is rough. But passable. Would not recommend Rollerblading. You can bike it or go on foot. Parking in Lucinda at old train station....near the US post office. There are no trail signs along Route 66. We found it off Maple Drive in Lucinda. Trail will eventually begin at mile 0 along Route 322 in Shippensville behind the Italian Restaurant. Right now it's not even recognizable as a trail on that end. Just after Mile 9 the trail surface switches to cinder and hard dirt, I found it ok to bike on using a street bike. It seemed smoother than the gravel section. Someday it will be really nice....takes time!

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