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Recent Trail Reviews

Jackson Hole Community Pathway System

wonderful trail

September, 2022 by sfrankovich

Amazing trail; definitely worth exploring. Awesome interconnected pathway with excellent signage. Most sections are paved and completely separate from the road - even though they parallel many main roads. We went 32 miles in eBikes which was good due to the wild.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

The Westside Views of the Tetons are Stunning

July, 2021 by socata20fv

We started this trail on the south end by Tetonia. The trail going north from this point is very rough. After a short distance we retreated to the car and drove to the parking area on road W14250N and Reece road which had a very clean restroom.

The trail going north from this point is in better shape than from the southern trailhead. A trestle is a short ride north. The views of the Tetons are stunning causing many stops for photos.

The next morning we started the trail from the north end near Ashton. There is a nice parking area with a restroom just east of Ashton on highway 47 where the trail crosses Hwy 47. This parking area is not noted on the Trail Link map or description. This is an easy ride through farmland and rolling hills. The trestle crossings are awesome.

If you are in need of eats there is a small town restaurant on the main street in Ashton called “Five 11 Main Fountain & Pizzeria”. What a treat this place is, great food, old style ice cream/soda fountain and very good service. Highly recommend this place.

This trail is absolutely worth your time.

Jackson Hole Community Pathway System


October, 2020 by lcr1956

We rode from Wilson Rd past the Teton village. Absolutely beautiful. Not tough at all. We stopped to take a picture of a moose and noticed he was a wood cut out. They put them on that road to slow people down. Ingenious.


Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Beautiful ride

August, 2020 by lwilson

Rode this trail from Ashton to Tetonia to enjoy the view of the Tetons in front of me much of the way. The slight incline wasn't that noticeable, only when the trail turned from the small cinder-type surface to larger rocks. Surrounded by golden fields of wheat made the ride extra beautiful mid-August. Pre-ride, my SAG driver and I decided on a few little towns we saw on the map for checkpoints with each other. Turns out each of those "little towns" was now only the remaining, abandoned grain elevator. Remember when every little town had a grain elevator?

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Beautiful Ride through the Heart of the Teton Valley

August, 2020 by frankterraferma

The Ashton-Tetonia is a trail of the Idaho State Park sytem. As a rail-trail, it makes for a nice level cut through the bountiful and hilly Teton Valley. Beauty abounds while riding in the shadows of the majestic Teton Mountains. I rode the lower half of this trail very recently, beginning at the southern trailhead in Tetonia and going about 15 miles or so to just north of Lamont before heading back. This section takes you across an impressive trestle! It starts off a bit rocky but after about 2 miles the unpaved surface improves quite a bit making for a great ride!

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

oh my heck!!

July, 2020 by jumpinpiggie

Only did 8 miles of this starting in Ashton, but it was phenomenal!! You’re right smack dab in the middle of the rolling hills. Went over an amazing bridge!! The gravel is nicely packed. I rode a fat bike, but we also took kids trailers with suspension and that did great! Someone else rode a cross country bike and did great. So amazing!!

North Pathway

2nd time just as fine

July, 2020 by resifenceinc

Still best trail in USA. The trail ends at Jenny Lake. I found a bike path that goes along Jenny Lake ask a ranger when you arrive at Jenny Lake how to get to it...

North Pathway


June, 2020 by aparrott58

Ditto to other reviewers regarding trail condition and views. NP has provided a great parking lot at Jenny for just bikes which was really nice.

A few weeks before our visit, the NPS website indicated there was a grizzly sow w/ cubs in the area near Jenny Lake. They were right. See photo. She was still in the area, probably planning on food rewards in the CG...

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

views and blues (sky that is)

June, 2020 by aparrott58

Rode from Felt to Lamont and from Ashton to Drummond. Nice trail with great views. The only problem were the cross trail ruts caused by the moles digging into the trail in the winter (and leaving mounds of dirt that are uncovered when the snow melts) and the larger mammals who burrow into the trail surface and leave either big holes or mounds. It seems that since this trail is a state park, the state needs to put a little more maintenance on the trail surface and get rid of these frequent holes. The trail surface is rough in areas. Maybe the state left it like this for authenticity? The trestles are stunning. The state is making more parking areas to spread out the use as the 5 THs were crowded on the nice Saturday we rode.

Jackson Hole Community Pathway System

great trail

June, 2020 by aparrott58

Rode from wilson to park entrance. trail is paved the entire way and even though it rides alongside the road, it really isn't that bad. watch for moose though...esp the lifesize models.

The entire jackson pathway is interconnected which the RTC map is in error. We parked at the huge transfer shuttle parking lot which is central to the main trail and spurs.

There are lots of views, turns, hills and benches. Great way to get around the "hole", esp when the main highway into the town is jammed with vehicles and the only bridge in town is under repair and 50% of the car lanes are closed...

North Pathway

Great Trail Surface and "The Tetons"

June, 2020 by jacmar1

The quality of the trail and the scenery do not get any better than this.We rode from just north of Jackson to Moose and on to Lake Jenny.Just enough elevation change to challenge once in a while but the stunning views of the Tetons and Snake River will keep you pedaling!A stop at Moose for store visit before continuing on into the park.Bring your national park pass if you have one as a fee is required for entry.The trail is open most of the way, goes north / south so make yourself aware of the prevailing winds.Wind direction does tend to be out of the south so addition work can be required on a return ride to town when the wind picks up!

North Pathway

Moose to Lake Jenny

September, 2018 by kevincall

My wife and I rode from Moose to Lake Jenny and back. Easy uphill going up. One short climb with a little grade but nothing challenging. We rode mid-day so we didn't see much wildlife but the mountain views are incredible. Trail is not very busy this time of year. Beautiful ride.

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