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Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Echo State Park was by far the best part, though road got a bit bumpy over there. from Park City there are a few gates to get through. Mostly sun exposure, and watch out for gopher holes the first 7 miles

July, 2019 by megmusic1017

Echo State Park was by far the best part, though road got a bit bumpy over there. from Park City there are a few gates to get through. Mostly sun exposure, and watch out for gopher holes the first 7 miles

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Not What I Expected

April, 2019 by mpmpuckett

The first 14 miles traveling from Park City was all downhill and fast. Once we got to mile 17 until near the end the trail is in very poor condition. The horses and cows have torn the trail up and it was extremely hard to ride. It took us 4 hours in no shade to complete the trip. You must be strong and have a very good mountain bike to be happy with this section of the trail. Also all the dead deer on the side of the road were stinky and rotting (I counted at least 20), The trail follows I-80 most of the way and it is okay, but a little distracting. Now get out and ride !

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Not bad... Nice Scenery

September, 2018 by signal.progressive

Slow upward grade from Coalville/Echo area to Park City., but not too steep. Since this is a Utah State park it would be great if more maintenance was done along the trail: cut back the vegetation overgrowth for example.
Overall, this is a great ride.


Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

It is gravel

August, 2017 by roundhouse77

This trail is not asphalt and concrete it is mostly gravel with some asphalt. It is harder to do gravel and you need a different bike. So I think the description that you see needs to be fixed.

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Great trail, but know what you are getting into...

August, 2017 by pmajnik

I rode this trail from the Wanship parking lot to Main Street Park City and back--I avoided starting at Echo based on some of the reviews I read on this site about the soft state of the trail by the reservoir. Based on my trip, I'd say at least 75% of the trail was dirt and a bit bumpy, and the last 25% nearest Park City is paved. If you are wanting a paved route I believe you'd need to start where the trail crosses 248, or if you just want only a little bit of dirt trail you could start at the Promentory/Star Pointe trailhead. I rode a hybrid bike, and although I felt I did fine there were definitely a couple patches where the trail was pretty bumpy or gravely or had gopher holes. That said I wasn't anticipating a super groomed trail so it was pretty much what I expected. Scenery is fantastic... some farm land and river life on the front end (beavers, deer, lots of birds), open West landscape in the middle, and Park City on the end. If you are going to do a to-and-back I'd definitely recommend doing it the way I did going uphill for the first leg and downhill on the second leg (especially if it's hot).

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Not what we expected.

July, 2017 by rsbkeys

Although the trail goes through some really beautiful countryside, it is extremely rough to ride, runs almost continuously along Interstate 80, and has very little shade. We rode only about 10 miles, from Coalville towards Park City, then had to turn around because the bumpiness was wearing us out! We ride hybrid bikes, with front suspension, but it was still very, very jarring.

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Gravel bliss

June, 2016 by loriosmith

This is one of my favorite gravel rides. The downhill to Echo is fun, the return is a grind. Well worth the trip!

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Pure Bliss

April, 2016 by pedalfree

I rode this trail on Sunday April 10 and absolutely loved it. I round tripped the whole route, from Echo to Park City and back...a total of 52 miles. Here's what you need to know if you're going to ride it.

1. It's mostly unpaved and not in that nice, crushed limestone, Katy Trail sort of way. It's more like a ranch or a fire road along most of its length. Generally speaking, the 13 miles from Park City to Wanship are much smoother than the 13 from Wanship to Echo. The worst stretch is the 4 miles from Echo to Coaldale. If you eliminate that little bit, it's a pretty decent ride. This isn't suburbia. It's a rural trail through the American West.

2. There are some soft spots. Again, most of these are in the Echo-Coaldale section of the trail. On my return, it started raining pretty hard and it turned into a quagmire real fast. I rode on 26" x 2.75" Dirt Wizard tires and I'm glad I did. I think this route is much more enjoyable if you're on a bike that can handle the terrain easily. Everybody's different, but I would not attempt the full route without at least 2" of tire width under me. From Park City to Wanship, a hybrid or gravel grinder will probably work just fine for most folks.

3. A 2% grade sounds like no big deal but over many miles it slows you down and wears you down. I never used the big rings on my cassette, but it was a lot more work going uphill to Park City than it was going back to Echo. I rode back almost twice as fast as I rode out. If you're going to roundtrip this, it's probably best to ride uphill first if your circumstances allow.

4. It parallels a freeway for almost the entire distance. It's a rural freeway through the mountains and sagebrush flats, not an urban freeway. For much of the route, it's well above you so it's not as if you're riding with traffic. This is common in this part of the world. The bike routes over Vail Pass and through Glenwood Canyon in Colorado also parallel freeways. Yes, there's a little bit of noise but don't let that discourage you. The views are incredible along most of the route.

If you live in a city or the suburbs like most Americans do these days, you're probably used to well manicured trails with themed signage, benches, beautiful trailheads, etc. This is not that. If you come expecting that, you're likely to leave disappointed. If, on the other hand, you come expecting to be wowed by the awesome, simple beauty of the American West, it will be a day well spent. I will be back. Five stars.

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Riding in the past

May, 2013 by herry

It was interesting to know that we were riding on or near where the railroad really went to take people out west. We have been travelling from west to east and have been very interested in the pioneer trails and railroad ways.
We entered the trail at Wanship and headed E. Very good signage to get us to the parking area. The trail was very rough... it appeared that it had recently been graded so it was gravely and mushy in spots. The trail runs along Interstate 80 which was a little obnoxious, but the signs along the way were very interesting.The scenery and pastures, streams and small communities were great!
It was very exciting to us to know we were travelling the same route as so many who came before us, heading to the West to find gold,or ???

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

September, 2012 by ltbike

Biked this trail mid August 2012. There a number of soft spots which our hybrid bike tires did not like. Due to reading about puncture vines I was "instructed" not to run over any sort of grass. There was LOTS of "grass" stuff so I spent the entire time dodging patches of green stuff. We did not get any flats and didn't see anything that would contain thorns. I would not recommend this trail for hybrids. It was OK. A bit boring as far as scenery-some parts were nice. We were told there was one place to eat, I think in Wanship. It was closed down and so you better take your lunch with you. The trail is wanting for a lot of TLC. Maintenance is lacking.

Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail State Park

Tricycling on dirt!

July, 2012 by pranazone

I rode the entire trail from top to bottom on the 4th of july, 2012, on my '06 ICE QNT tricycle. The 1st 4 miles or so was paved, then it turned into well packed earth/gravel. The crazy part is that I was running 1.35", 95psi marathon slick tires in front!, so it was a bit bumpy but not that bad really as long as I didn't go faster than about 12 mph. It was a test for me to see if my tricycle could handle dirt roads, and since I have good rear suspension it was really quite doable. With fatter, low pressure tires I'll bet I could even have comfortably gone 4-5 mph faster. So, I just went slow and REALLY enjoyed the beauty of the area, with a highlight being when I took a very quick swim in the cold river (temp. was low 40's!). It was freezing but very refreshing, with large, hot rip-rap rocks to dry off on. I was lying there drying off and blissing-out in the hot sun when something caught my eye. I looked over less than 20' to the right to see a big beaver climb up on to the rocks, but as soon as he saw me he jumped back into the water. There's only one good place to swim w/o trespassing, (It's South of Wanship, you can't miss it...the river is deep and wide and passes right next to the path, with no fence.) so don't miss it thinking there'll be another one.
The only shade is under the hwy. overpasses and a few trees so take advantage of them when you get to them (use lots of sun screen due to the elevation). I had to open/close quite a few gates, but just saw it as a chance to rest a bit. I took 3L of ice cold water and drank all but a few ozs. of it during my 5 hr trip. (3 hrs. of triking and 2hrs of r&r). There are short sections of pavement through the little towns, and the quality of the dirt remains about the same till you get to the end by Echo res., where it deteriorates to being quite rough at the end.
Be aware that there is NO parking lot at the very south end, it just ends abruptly with a gate near the edge of a hwy, so my wife had to park in a turn-out a few hundred yards down the hwy so we could load the trike.
I stopped and read every interpretative sign (there were a lot) and the history of the area is quite interesting. I encountered NO "puncture vine" (aka "goat-heads") and my ride was flat-free. I encountered only 6 other cyclists the entire day, but did stop to talk to some interesting local sheep ranchers who shared interesting info about the area. Right at the point where the path goes between the freeways expect a REALLY FUN 7+ mile downhill where you don't have to pedal for about half an hour! I wore my altimeter watch and it was fun to see it dropping steadily all day long.
This trail is great, and i'd do it again, but i only reccd. it highly for people who like a bit more challenge/adventure in their rides.

Bear River State Park

Bear River State Park

May, 2012 by mikewyoboy

This is a great trail for the family. Right next to the rest area, several rest area facilities in the park and a great place to get out and stretch your legs. A nice easy walk through the woods, with several different options. Stick with the paved trail or go further south and take some of the dirt trails back through the Cottonwoods. They have Buffalo and Elk viewing areas and wildlife throughout the trail along the river. Moose really like this area too, so just keep an eye open while enjoying the sites. The trail is great for biking and I heard the are looking at extending some of the Mountain Bike Trails as well. This area also has a place to drop a kayak in the river and take in some of the rapids that have been placed along the way. Overall this area has a lot to offer in such a small area.

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