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Arthur Ray Teague Parkway Trail

6.4 mi
State: LA

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

40 mi
State: LA
Dirt, Gravel

Red River Bicycle Trail

6.6 mi
State: LA

Springhill Pedestrian/Bicycle Path

0.8 mi
State: LA
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
This 8-foot wide hiking and biking pathway sits on the bank of the Red River in south Bossier, Louisiana. The Red River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, and gets its distinct hue from the red...
LA 6.4 mi Asphalt
Louisiana Trails present a spectacular path through majestic hardwood and pine forests towering overhead as you pass through part of the Kisatchie National Forest. The multi-use corridor is popular...
LA 40 mi Dirt, Gravel
The Red River Bicycle Trail provides a convenient route through the heart of Shreveport along the Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway. Along the way, the trail offers spectacular views of the river and the...
LA 6.6 mi Asphalt
The Springhill Pedestrian/Bicycle Path runs north to south on a former rail corridor in Springhill, Louisiana, just south of the Arkansas border. The paved trail is lined with trees and lights, making...
LA 0.8 mi Asphalt

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Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

Tutor Roy

November, 2021 by roytedrowell

I live off the C C Road just north of Jamestown. I access the train at Lawson off of Nebo road. The trail north from there is full of deep water holes. Too deep to go thru on my ( Kaw-Mule). From Nebo road south to Jamestown it's fairly easy to go. No deep water. From Jamestown south it's good for about 2 miles, and then, and then. Wow.... There's holes deep enough to float a SHIP, I tried going around one to many and sunk. Had to walk 2 or more miles to the Jamestown road and call my wife to come get me. I took my big tractor down to pull it out. The water was up to my waist.
Someone with a Bulldozer needs to fix this trail. It's a goog sienic trail , but the average persons ride cannot use it.
I was told that Commisioner Foster Campbell is somehow one of the " Overseeers ". If everyone would connect with his office and ask that something be done it MIGHT get some response. Might. Don't hold your breath.

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

Not Great. . .

November, 2021 by jana.parsons

I want to write this review so that no one is caught in the same predicament that we were. After reading the reviews for this trail we thought it might be a good experience on our gravel bikes. Starting off in Jamestown, it was difficult to locate the trail and parking area. Better signage might be a consideration, especially since it is stated as an endpoint for the trail. We went south on the trail and immediately ran into huge puddles that were all the way across the trail. There were places that had trestles, which would have been ok-however you had to get off your bike to get up onto them to be able to ride across them. We kept going thinking that it would get better. After persevering through 4 miles, we ran into a massive muddy pit that would have been horrible to get through. We decided to cross over to the road and finish up our ride. The previous review is the reason we decided to give this trail a try. It stated that this trail is well maintained, but that was not our experience. If you plan on riding this trail make sure you have bike fenders and are prepared for your feet to get wet (possibly your clothes as well).

Arthur Ray Teague Parkway Trail

Well paved, but little shade

September, 2021 by stvatandem

My wife and I started from the Lake Caroline Boat Launch parking area which is the southernmost end of the trail and rode to Diamond Jack Blvd. The trail is shaded by trees in the Lake Caroline area, but becomes more open as it gets closer to the Arthur RT Parkway. It's a nice ride, but could be longer.


Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

Winn Parish Gem Trail

February, 2021 by unkleboudreaux1

I had seen the mixed reviews for last few years, and never checked out this trail. I rode to big high line & turned around just because time to go home. I was very pleased with trail & only leaving 4 stars because not done whole trail yet. You will not be disappointed- well maintained trail!!

Arthur Ray Teague Parkway Trail

Nice trail, needs more shade

June, 2019 by susancnett

This trail is wide and well designed, with benches available on the east end of the trail, and pavilions along the way as well. There is a beautiful statue in one of the parks, and the views of the river and the city are splendid.

The biggest issue is that in the summer sun, there is little shade. The few places that have shade don't have benches, and the seats that are provided sit in the baking sun.

It would be an excellent project for scouts or community groups to erect some shade structures over the existing benches, and to plant some trees that would provide more shade along the trail.

The western end of the trail has no benches or shady spots.

Overall, this trail is an asset to the community and would be most enjoyable when the temperatures are cool.

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

Trail no good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(

April, 2018 by robarmore

The trail from Heflin, La to Castor La is worthless. It has way too many huge water holes that are big enough to swallow a full size pick up truck. Hard to get around them. My side by side is not and will never be snorkled. It's not a submarine. I have a disabled brother, that loves to ride his atv, that's all he has he can enjoy in his life. He can't ride the trail for flooding out his atv or turning over in huge holes full of water, that others have played in and made bigger and deeper. This needs to be fixed now. It's dangerous. How can a family enjoy a nice ride and picnic with their children of they can't get very far or around these huge holes of water. This trail is suppose to be for all people, not just the ones that have jacked up side by side and atvs. Can't even ride bikes, walk, or jog(unless you want to swim or wade waist deep water/mud) not to mention the snakes in the water. I'd like to know when is the North end of this trail going to get fixed? When will the bridge over Mix Crossing get fixed? Please get this end fixed real soon before something bad happens to my brother, my family or anyone else. Thank you. This matter/problem needs to be fixed and taken care of.

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield


April, 2018 by carla157

We have biked many trails and are r to t members. This trail is below standards. Started outside winnfield, almost gave up trying to find trail head, not signage in the middle of nowhere. Parking lot had big pile of garbage, mattresses, junk, and a stinking pile of crawfish shells. The surface of the trail wash loose and hard to push through, tires mired down. Atvs you a couple times went by slowly, we gave up after a half hour. Maybe it is better at the other end.

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

2017 Goldonna area

March, 2017 by lowell01_tl

We rode the trail both directions from Goldonna trailhead. The trail has been heavily used by ATV,s near Goldonna and has several large water holes. We were able to get around them but they are a nuisance. As we rode further away toward Hwy 9 intersection the trail was in fairly good condition and traversed through wooded area. When you get close to roads the ATV damage is more evident. The Goldonna trailhead has a large pavillion. we were told that you can camp there for $10 a night with electric and water hookup.

Red River Bicycle Trail

Not sure why the bad reviews.

August, 2016 by s13kat

I rode this trail today. It is very scenic. Love the winding turns. The big downhill by the bridge and tbe scenery was so awesome. There is one place near the boatlaunch that is covered by a man made levee to help with flooding but it can be ridden over with little to no effort. I give the trail 5 stars because it is free and fun. I thank the city for putting it there for our enjoyment. I wont remove stars due to minor issues caused by flooding as that is not the trails fault nor the city-- afterall it is a trail.

Red River Bicycle Trail


June, 2016 by robindeawaugh

This trail is really sad. Portions of it have sand and dirt all over it so thick we had to pick up our bikes and walk through (road bikes). The vines are growing out and will hit you in the face. Obviously the city is no longer maintaining it. One part we picked up our bikes and walked over a big pile of dirt and then there were several miles of good trail. Despite this we had fun visiting the city and trying out the trail.

Red River Bicycle Trail


July, 2015 by sharilee43

We went to ride the trail and found only small sections open, due to all the flooding this spring/summer. Would love to try it again when it cleans up!

Louisiana Trails - Jamestown to Winnfield

fun ride

May, 2015 by dale west

From jamestown to Castor is a good ride some bad holes not unpassable though. The old railway bridges could stand some improving, there are some ties that need some quick attention. The store in Jamestown is open again. Castor to Goldonna is a little more challenging. There is one area of sloppy red clay going form side to side of the trail, it is passable though. One bridge just south of Castor has a big elevation to climb to get onto the bridge it is where the dirt has just disappeared over time. There are a couple of trees down south of Ashland crosing the trail. Other than a couple technical difficulties the family had fun this weekend. The gas station at Goldonna has the best hamburgers and Sulivans in Ashland has great pizza.

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