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Buffalo Valley Rail Trail Facts

States: Pennsylvania
Counties: Union
Length: 10.3 miles
Trail end points: Market St. (Lewisburg) and N. 10th St. (Mifflinburg)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Gravel
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6254914

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail Description

Currently, over 10 miles of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail are complete. The trail runs between Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, and interpretive signs relate the region's history. The trail is mostly paved at both ends but the middle section has a gravel surface. Lewisburg is home to Bucknell University and supports a vibrant and quaint downtown area, with eateries, bike shops and other boutique retail popular with trail users.

The trail had a quick start thanks to the support of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, who awarded a matching grant for the acquisition of the 60-foot-wide abandoned corridor and an additional $3.7 million in federal monies made available through the Federal Highway Transportation Enhancements Program. These grants, along with contributions from local citizens and Union County, have made the Buffalo Valley Trail a reality for all to appreciate.

Plans call for continuing the trail across the Susquehanna River along the trestle into Montandon.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, you can park at the Community Park in Mifflinburg along N. 5th Street between Hickory and Thompson streets.

Additional parking can be found in Vicksburg at the intersection of the trail and Beaver Run Road (T422). At the east end of the trail, you can park at Hufnagle Park on Market Street (Lewisburg). 

All the trailheads feature restrooms as well. 

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail Reviews

Nice trail with easy access!

My family enjoyed a 3 mile walk from a starting point by Giant in Lewisburg. It was a busy day on the trail, so we had to keep looking behind us for bikers and joggers. I was disappointed to see quite a bit of litter along the trail, especially 7-Eleven cups. Not sure why people think it's ok to throw it along the way.

Nice ride through that part of PA

My wife and I parked after turning on13th street to the spaces. This was MM 9 and we headed out towards the farm land. The grade was very mild both ways and the trail was is very good condition. There are a lot of crossings but it is a peaceful ride past well kept farms. I ride a MTN bike and there were ways riding slightly off trail to make the ride more challenging. We made it to MM 3.5 and turned around. We will probably come back to ride the entire trail.

Just the perfect trail to ride as a family

Daughter and I completed the trail. Started in Lewisburg went all the way to the other end. Stopped for some light lunch at the Rusty Rail. The food was great. Nice ride back! So many Beautiful Amish barns and farms to take in.

Nice Ride, Mostly Crushed Aggregate

Lewisburg end start at the Miller Center/YMCA. First mile in Lewisburg is confusing and crossing Highway 15 is not at a crosswalk and the trail is not well marked. Mifflinburg end is just beyond the Rusty Rail restaurant. Lots of parking in that area. Lewisburg end first 2 miles are asphalt, many road crossings. Mifflinburg end is 1.5 miles asphalt. Middle is through cornfields and farm fields with several farm access road crossings. Could be a 5 star except for Lewisburg end and a couple of Highway crossings should be more visibly marked - cars don’t stop for bikes.


Access Lewisburg parking off N. 15th just north of Wilson Alley

Started at the Lewisburg end. Great trail, with moderately heavy traffic on a mid-June day. Ideal for my hybrid bike. As others have said, there are lots of road crossings. In the rural areas, be prepared for some dusty riding, as farm machinery crosses the trail frequently. Others have mentioned that the RT splits in Lewisburg, forcing you to cross a 4-lane highway; if you want to avoid that, park, as we did, just off N. 15th St., as there is a nice parking area for trail users, as well as a restroom. On the day I was there, a pop-up food stand greeted me when I finished my out-and-back. It's an urban area, so watch out for cars—speed limits seem to be mere guidelines in PA (I say this as a Pennsylvanian). Even pedestrians don't seem particularly safe from drivers.

In great condition...lots of road crossings

We wanted to try a new trail and this was the closest trail with a distance worth driving for. The trail is in stellar shape, well maintained with paved sections at both ends...crushed gravel over the majority. As it’s coming in and out of two towns, lots of crossings, safely identified and set up...just know that. Beautiful Farmland here!! We started and ended in the Madisonburg end as we then went to Rusty Rail afterwards, which you can either walk to from that terminus or drive over to.

Great ride

About one quarter of the trail is paved, the rest is packed gravel. There is a great rest area about halfway and a small refreshment stand by a local farmer not far away. Can be crowded close to Lewisburg as it was today around lunch time. Many road and driveway crossings, so be careful. Plenty of parking at both ends of the trail. One of our favorite trails!

Wonderful Gem for Everyone. Thumbs Up!

The information ¿ stands for history, etc are great for learning. I’d like to see signs advising walkers to stay to the left & cyclists on the right. I’m concerned that walkers are blind to movement behind them. Rail-Trail surface is smooth & well maintained. Thank you ¿¿¿¿ for this treasure of history Re-purposed!

Great ride, but confusing at Lewisburg end

We followed the app’s suggestion to park the car at Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg, but didn’t realize that shortly after its beginning adjacent to the Park, the trail has a gap in Lewisburg, requiring riders to find their way through borough streets (and across a 4-lane highway) to find where the trail picks up again several blocks away. Much better to park at the lot near 15th street.

Nice Trail for a Quick Ride

We ride this trail at least a dozen times each year. It is a nice, well maintained trail. About a mile of the east end and a mile and three quarters of the west end are paved with the remainder being small crushed stone. The trail pretty much runs east and west and there are two or three slight inclines along the way. In general the trail decreases in elevation from west to east so we usually start our ride at the east end.
Well maintained
Fast. Other than totally paved trails, this is probably the fastest trail that we ride.
Scenery. There are some really nice views looking north from the trail.
Farm fresh air.
An now, refreshment at both ends. If you ride the length of the trail, you'll see what we mean.
Numerous road crossings.
Definitely the dustiest trail that we ride. Not in your face dust...more so on your bike dust.
Wind. It always seems to blow (in our faces) on this trail...no matter which direction we ride.
Farm fresh air. Yes, this is also on the "Pros" list. Ride this trail often enough and you'll know what we mean.

Wonderful Ride

Trail is level, well packed and scenic. Family friendly trail partially wooded. I am disabled and required a mobility scooter while my 4 and 7 yr old grandchildren and my husband rode bicycles. Wonderful family trail with courteous cyclists.

Buffalo Valley Ride

Very good ride on a partly cloudy Saturday. Plenty of other people on the trail, but it's a wide enough trail for bikers, runners, and walkers. Nice stop at the Vicksburg Trail Head about 4 miles from Lewisburg. Amish stand about 4 miles from Mifflinburg that has great root beer. Pay in cash on the honor system so bring $1 bills. Friendly people and everyone was courteous along the trail. Less than 10 miles one-way but good restrooms and good parking at each end.

Biking - middle of trail is best - lots of road crossings, far West and East not for kids

Biking: Recommend starting at Lewisburg end as there is a slight, but noticeable, uphill about 75% of the way West. Better to have downhill on the way back. If you are starting at the Lewisburg end I highly recommend parking at the lot along the trail via N 15th St. The downtown park suggested in the description costs, as of 8/2020, a quarter coin only per 45 minutes (Mon-Sat) and starts you in a heavy pedestrian and road traffic area. N 15th St starts you past the Western busy streets (inc. Rt 15!). If you want a shorter trip, to avoid most of the walking traffic, and to get the very best of the trail then start at the lot where Beaver Run Road crosses the trail. Head West, and turn around when you hit asphalt. Restrooms at 15th St parking lot on the East end, and nearly at the end of the West end. There is a big park at the West end for picnicking, didn't see any other non-commercial tables.

Rating of 4 stars is based on the middle 6-7 miles of the trail, the scenery is pretty but pretty much just farms. The far ends have busy roads and unshaded asphalt. One road to cross near West end is 50mph+ traffic. Unlike other trails, nearly no cars slow or stop for crossing bike traffic. Parents, the ends are not recommended for children. The middle is mostly beautiful farm land with about 50/50 shade and sun. Lots of crossings (20?) in the middle, but all are side roads or farm driveways giving glimpses of nice Amish farms.

4th St at the West end has a covered bridge 1/4 mile off the trail. It looked like there was at least 3 brewery restaurants on the trail. There is a wonderful homemade whoopie pie, lemonade, and root beer stand near the middle. Reasonable prices, but bring singles since it is self-serve. Delicious and returnable bottled drinks are cold.

Trail is asphalt on the ends and very hard fast packed gray stone in the middle. The stone is dusty, you will be gray if it hasn't rained and passing traffic causes a minor cloud. I'd rate the ride-side-by-side stone trail surface 5 stars for consistency (dust doesn't bother us).

I ride this trail several times each week. I never get tired of the different views, critters and sounds. Well maintained, good surface and lots of things to do and see at each end of the trail.Enjoy!

I ride this trail several times each week. I never get tired of the different views, critters and sounds. Well maintained, good surface and lots of things to do and see at each end of the trail.Enjoy!

Awesome scenic Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Unfortunately it was an unseasonably bitterly cold day (being that it was May 9th) that I explored this trail, but I was still able to enjoy all the nice farms that where a big part of my main ride from the Vicksburg Access location to its terminus in Lewisburg, and the other awesome scenery. The surface was almost all cinder and perfect for biking or running. It seems like a popular training trail for Bucknell University students as well as local folks. The trail is well marked with helpful green mile marker signs which were actually a half mile apart to keep you oriented on how far you’ve riden. The Vicksburg Trail entrance where I started had a great trail map, picnic tables ocourse parking.

Wonderful trail. One of my 8 year old's favorites

Great trail that goes through the heart of Mifflinburg and takes you through wooded areas, meadows, fields and old farms. Another highlight was stopping at Rusty Rail Brewing Company which is right on the trail. What an amazing restoration of a beautiful old factory. I can't wait to go back.

Wonderful time experiencing farm land and rural area on a beautiful day

My husband and I enjoyed the beautiful weather and rural landscape. Passed many friendly people along the way. Bathroom facilities at each end of the 9 mile Trail. Shaded by tree lined trail broken up with sunny open field areas along the way. Great places for a snack/meal either in Mifflinburg or Lewisburg. Also an Amish "serve yourself" stand midway to pick up some lemonade or a whoopie pie. A country treat.
We are very fortunate to have this great local RTT.
I did not give a 5 star rating because the restroom facilities in Lewisburg were in poor condition and the facilities in Mifflinburg were locked but replaced with a "port-a-potty".

Awesome little trail

I wish the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail were much longer. Being it's only an 18-mile round trip ride, it's hard to justify driving over 90 minutes to get here. That said, I do ride this trail at least twice a year. The BVRT is a flat, smooth compact gravel trail with an equal portions of shade and open riding, good for all riders, all styles of bikes. In Mifflinburg, you've got the Rusty Rail Brewing Company & Restaurant at the end of the trail. I recommend making a reservation and head over to the brewery for a bite to eat and a cold refreshment after the ride.

Nice ride but...

My wife and I rode the trail on a busy Sunday afternoon. We were glad to see that there were actually places to park at the Lewisburg end and about halfway (where there was also a portable toilet). It is a nice, well maintained trail, but... we encountered several large groups of (nicely dressed) boys and girls that didn't have bicycle trail riding etiquette. They didn't move over when approaching us nor did they let us know they were coming up from behind. One boy even seemingly played "chicken" with my wife which was really upsetting. We were passed by others that seemed to "own the trail" and felt like we were trespassing on the "local's" riding path. The farmers had recently spread manure and the smell was terrible. We found that we had to stop at nearly every one of the numerous road crossings along the trail to let traffic by. We've seen the trail while traveling back and forth on rt.45 so we wanted to give it a go. We did and that's that.

Heading West from Lewisburg

My wife and I rode the trail starting in Lewisburg heading west. Parking was easy to find from West Market Street and 15th Street. The trail's asphalt in Lewisburg then crushed stone heading West. Mostly rural farmland, a fair number of crossings toward Lewisburg. Nice farm country, quite a few working farms. We were pressed for time so we only rode about 7 miles west then turned around back to Lewisburg. A nice ride!

Country air

Well maintained trail. Very quaint and somewhat busy on this Sunday. I rated this trail a 4 because there are quite a few crossovers but don't let that stop anyone from this nice trail. I started in Mifflinburg and rode to Lewisburg. There were restrooms at each end and around the halfway point. There were also some inclines in either direction and starting at either end wouldn't make any difference. I would recommend this trail to anyone just cross the streets with caution

Really Enjoyable

My husband and I are new to biking and this was our first trail. Very beautiful.

Great trail surface with beautiful scenery

My wife and I rode this trail for the first time on Saturday (10/10/15). The weather was a bit cool but otherwise great. There was a fair amount of "traffic" on the trail, but not so much that is detracted from our ride. We loved the trail, despite numerous road crossings. The variety of scenery is amazing, from farms and field to small town developments and business centers. We definitely plan to return in the future. We started our ride from the parking lot of the Purple Cow restaurant a few miles west of Lewisburg and upon our return we partook of some of their tasty offerings. The trail is relatively flat with slight grades up and down along the way. We generally like to ride the uphill direction first, but on this trail the undulations are so slight and varied that I don't think it matters which direction you travel first. The trail is quite wide and the surface is excellent.

Great trail

We rode the trail in July from end to end and back. The entire trail is in beautiful shape. It parallels a busy road but is far enough away from the road that you don't notice it. Often there's a farm or forested land between the trail and the road. There's a nice bike shop toward the east end and a great ice cream shop at the west end. Love it!

Nice Trail on PRR's old Bellefonte Branch

This trail gets only four stars from the old "Pennsylvania Reporter" here for two reasons: 1) The extreme widening of the old single-tracked right-of-way has caused all artifacts of the old PRR to have been removed. I assume that this was done to allow Amish buggies to use the trail. 2) The crushed limestone used to pave the trail outside of the Mifflinburg and Lewisburg limits is like the 1/4-inch size. It's rather uncomfortable and rough riding. People ride on two "worn down" trail paths. Kudos to the trail builders, though. Every culvert and bridge has been totally rebuilt. The Mifflinburg (1.7 miles) and Lewisburg (1.1 miles) trail end asphalt segments are beautiful! Trail history kiosks at Mifflinburg, Lewisburg, and Vicksburg (trail center) are absolutely phenomenal, with fantastic photos of the depots and trains many years ago... Even a very old timetable, with four trains a day between Montandon to the north of Lewisburg, and Mifflinburg. One train ran the whole 72-mile line every day. The best thing I look forward to on every Fourth of July weekend trail?... What better than feasting on the wealth of trailside black raspberries, and this line has plenty! Well, maybe the even BETTER thing to find on an 80-degree sunny day is HOME MADE AMISH ROOTBEER!!... Wow! On sale every day at Milepost 4! The wonderful little Amish lass at the farm there restocks the trailside cooler every day from May to September! Have you ever tasted HOMEMADE ROOT BEER!?? Well I'll drive 157 highway miles and four trail miles again to get more, let me tell you. My dad made that for us 55 years ago, and I hadn't tasted it since! Oh my! I must tell you that carrying a half-gallon glass jug of it in one hand, and pedaling uphill back to Mifflinburg is a somewhat of a challenge though! And please do note the railroad history-sensitive architecture of the Brookpark Station medical and commercial complex, south of Lewisburg. Correctly designed and painted Pennsylvania Railroad-style station signs, depot-style buildings, and railroad station parking lot lamps are simply beautiful, the only railroad "artifacts" on the trail, other than the "disguised" Mifflinburg train depot! (The bay window and roof brackets are a dead giveaway for the current meat market occupying the building) Oh, there are some rails at the former industrial sites down at the bottom end of the trail in Mifflinburg. It's a shame the line couldn't survive after the furniture company anchor business closed. My friends and I rode one of those pre-1997 passenger train excursions on the line, mentioned on those kiosks, and I am delighted to have been a part of at least ONE of those pre-abandonment railroad passengers I usually only read history about on these trails! Enjoy the trail, and go get some of that root beer! -Rich Ballash, Latrobe, PA 7-4-2015.

Nice & Easy

Rode this trail on Memorial Day weekend and couldn't understand some of the reviews on this, we loved it ! Great for a new biker, fairly flat and open, farm sites and occasional horse and buggy on Sundays to see. Would ride this again in the fall.

Well maintained and not taxing

This is not the most scenic trail as it basically parallels Route 45 through farmland. We rode this trail in mid-April, before the farm crops sprouted. I imagine it would be more protected and secluded once the corn is high. The elevation change is almost non-existent, so beginner riders will find this to be a good experience.

There are numerous street crossings on this trail. Some streets are fairly well traveled, so caution is needed. Dining options can be found at both ends of the trail, so day trips can be enjoyable.

The surface is well maintained; a mixture of pavement and crushed stone suitable for just about any bike and tire combo.

Very nice and well kept trail

NIce and even trail. good workout going away from Lewisburg; especially if it's windy! nice ride coming back. would absolutely ride it again.

Nice and Easy Workout

A nice and steady incline from Lewisburg to Mifflinburg that will give your legs or in my case arms an awesome workout. The return trip is just as awesome as you're going down hill.

Great trail

We've been coming up this area for years but it's the first time doing the buffalo valley trail. Started at Mifflinburg and went all the way to Lewisburg took a small rest and ate a great sub at Dor Day's and headed back but could be a little too much for novice riders because my legs were burning after the complete 18 mile trek!

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

This was an excellent trail. The scenery was great, the trail was well maintained, and the historical signs were nicely placed for a nice break in the ride. There is a nice ice cream shop just off the trail (Purple Cow) about midway. You will see a sign for a farm store on the trail, just follow that up to the road and it's right there. Highly recommend the trail.

Beautiful ride

Waze took us to the wrong place but a very nice gentleman got us where we needed to be at the community park in Mifflenburg. The ride itself was beautiful with just enough graded spots to give some challenge to these two newer riders. Rode to Lewisburg and back. Stopped at the bike shop and got some water and air in my tire, those guys are awesome!

We ride: a cruiser with 7 gears and a mountain bike

Amazing Trail....

We walked along the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail today. We parked in Vicksburg and walked towards Mifflinburg. The people riding by on their bikes were very friendly... The scenery was absolutely beautiful and I took many pics... Of course I did not take pics of the people but I did get some wonderful pics of the scenery, a cat, and the cows along the trail.. We can't wait to go back and hopefully walk further or the other direction..

Great biking trail!

Had a great time riding the BVRT today, it was my first time there. I actually give it 4 1/2 stars. 5 if there would have been a few more benches along the way.

Great trail for bikes, walks, and runs

I have biked the trail multiple times since the summer of 2012 and it has always been a great ride. The trail heads may be tricky to find if you haven't been to them before but once you get on the trail you'll forget about parking. Both ends of the trail are in towns and are paved. Between the two ends you travel through farms, fields, and a few stretches of shade. The trail is constantly used by runners, bikers, and walkers so keep that in mind when you plan your trip. As stated before Lewisburg is a college/hospital town that houses many wealthy residents who tend to act as if a faster biker is a bother. Expect to have to wait to get around slower bikers and groups who hog up the width of the path.

Great addition to Union County

As a resident of Mifflinburg, I've got to say, the trail is great. I have walked, jogged, and biked the trail. My son and I have used it to train for the annual 5k in town, and our church group has biked out to a local ice cream stand half-way between the towns of Mifflinburg and Lewisburg. Some of the trail is in town, some is nicely shaded, while other sections cut through the local farmland. Whether walk a section of the trail, or bike the whole thing, you're in for a relaxed and picturesque time !

5 stars for the actual trail, but too many beginners, and Lewisburg yuppies take a star away

The trail itself is great, no complaints. Just a lot of traffic, beginners, kids. Many people were blocking the trail, and they seemed to get annoyed when we announced we were passing. I don't know why anybody would think you were rude when they're holding other cyclists up. Many riders of this trail are comically overdressed in the latest spandex and helmets and they ride slower than a boring movie. Their accessories alone probably worth more than my bike. That's Lewisburg I guess, people there have money so they're great at looking like they know what they're doing. Thankfully I figured the trail would be busy so I planned an alternate route off the trail and it was beautiful. I recommend doing this ride this instead and you won't be disappointed: Start at trail beginning in Lewisburg or drive near the town of Vicksburg on 45 and get on bikes there. Make a right on Beaver Run Rd (Rt 2001) and head north. Go a mile or 2 and go left on Cannon Road (no street sign but road makes a Y, it's maybe 1/2 mile after you cross rt 192). Take a left on Glover Hill Rd. Go through tiny town, I think it's Mazeppa, at stop sign make a right on Church Road, this will take you to Mifflinburg. Or you can go left at the stop sign, then a quick right on Buffalo Creek Rd, then a left on Strickler Rd. Strickler will take you right back to the Beaver Run Road and the trail. Either way you go you'll have the ride to yourself, the roads aren't busy with cars and you'll likely be the only other cyclists. This is a way better option then taking the trail to Mifflinburg and back, trust me, it's a way better ride.

Rode in August 2012

We rode the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail from start to finish on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2012. The trail is in fantastic condition and we had a great time. I hope they're able to increase the length somehow, but the trail as it exists is absolutely top-notch.

A beautiful trail!

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail connects the towns of Lewisburg and Mifflinburg in Union County Pennsylvania with a 7 mile long trail. As a student at Bucknell University who does not own a car, I have to say that it was a relief to find a trail close by that got me out into the open country side. The trail is beautiful throughout the entire year. I have ridden on it in the fall, spring and summer. During the summer the trail is lined with wild black raspberries and I spent an entire afternoon filling up a giant bottle full of them. I have some awesome memories of that trail! The trail goes through agricultural farmland but is often lined with trees and shrubs. There is a lot of wildlife to be seen along this trail. There are also educational signs that display historical facts about old buildings and farm properties that are adjacent to the trail. I particularly like that it goes past many businesses along one of Union County's main east-west routes. There is an outdoor sporting goods store, an ice cream shop, and a farmer's market right along the trail (though you have to cross the road to get to the farmer's market). The trail also makes the shops and businesses in both Lewisburg and Mifflinburg more accessible to bikers, which is key to decreasing auto traffic, air pollution and increasing the health of the community. I am so glad that the trail was completed while I was a student at Bucknell! It really got me to know the local area better and was an excellent alternative to working out in a boring old gym. The only thing about the trail that I didn't like so much is that it is straight and flat the entire 7 miles. That didn't really matter much though, because there are many rural routes in Union County which are hilly with lots of curves and have very little traffic (besides the occasional horse and buggy!). Union County is certainly an awesome place to go biking and this trail makes it easier to do that! I hope they extend the trail to cross the Susquehanna River as the plans are calling for. That would be awesome!

River Riders Enola

We rode the trail on January 7, 2012 and had a great ride. The surface of the trail is great. The rest rooms at both ends of the trail are very nice and heated. We are looking forward to riding the trail again.
Great Job
Paul, Rick, and Scott

My first ride on the Buffalo Valley rail-to-trail, Nov 20th 2011

I parked at the Lewisburg Area Recreational Park and rode the two blocks south to the Lewisburg trailhead. I did not realize that there was a parking area with restrooms at that end of the trail. Nice clean restrooms and a generous parking area.

My goal was to ride to the end and come back. There are a lot of pretty scenes once you get out of town. The many crossings kind of make bike riding a little bit of a hassle due to the constant stopping and starting. The trail is very smooth even on the crushed limestone section. I really don't know why they wasted the asphalt in town between the crossings. There's another identical restroom at the Mifflinburg end at the Mifflinburg Community Park. I did not use a GPS when riding the trail, but my legs did tell me there's a small hump around the Vicksburg area. Nothing really noticeable unless you are pushing hard.

Overall a nice trail with some beautiful farm scenery and Mennonite and Amish folks to see. Lots of "farm-fresh" air to take in. Sure would be nice if the trail got extended west out of Mifflinburg some day.

Watch the crossings; a lot are pretty blind until you are just about to cross.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail November 19, 2011

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail was added to the Pennsylvania system in early November of 2011. Extending nine miles from just outside of Lewisburg to Mifflinburg, the trail offers an excellent ride to and from small town America through beautiful farmland. The surface is mostly well packed gravel with approximately one mile sections of asphalt near Lewisburg and in Mifflinville. The width is also impressive allowing for two abreast riding on both directions in many areas. It is quite flat with hardly any grade above one percent. My GPS only detected three very short sections that were two percent grades. The trailhead outside of Lewisburg is marked by a small sign off of PA Route 45 East. It offers parking and rest room facilities. The Mifflinburg trailhead is locted at the Community Park along North 5th Street.

I rode the Buffalo Valley Trail on a sunny, 50 degree day in the late fall. The area outside of Lewisburg is mostly suburban but the trail soon makes its way into the lush farmlands of the Appalachian Ridge and Valley region. Riders are taken right through working farms. There are numerous crossroads. Although they are well marked caution should be observed since some of the roads are quite winding and have limited visibility. Coming into Mifflinburg the scenary is first suburban shops and strip malls. In Mifflinburg, one will encounter small craft factories, residential areas and finally Community Park. Don't be put off by the idea of strip malls and factories. All sections of the Trail are quite pleasant. Riders may want to veer off the Trail and make their way into Lewisburg and/or Mifflinburg. Both are excellent examples of the the Pennsylvania Culture Area town design. The narrow streets and sidewalks along with the closeness of the buildings are similar to sights one might see in Northern Europe. Both towns offer fine dining to fast food and convenience stores. Lewisburg is the home of Bucknell University and it is very much a college town.

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail is definately a ride to experience. It combines an excellent ride with exceptional town and country scenery.


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