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Courtney Campbell Trail Facts

States: Florida
Counties: Hillsborough, Pinellas
Length: 10.9 miles
Trail end points: Gulf to Bay Blvd. and S. Bayshore Blvd. (Clearwater) and W Cypress St. (Tampa)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 7779385

Courtney Campbell Trail Description


The Courtney Campbell Trail provides pedestrian and bicycle access along the southern side of the Courtney Campbell Causeway for nearly 11 miles, linking two communities, Tampa and Clearwater, and two counties, Hillsborough and Pinellas, in western Florida.

About the Route

Starting off from the trail's western endpoint, where the Bayshore Trail leads trail users to the rest of the Pinellas Loop, the Courtney Campbell Trail heads east out and over a bridge that crosses Old Tampa Bay into downtown Tampa.

Along the way, the trail offers spectacular views of Tampa Bay. There is even a parking lot along the way designated as a fantastic sunset viewing point that trail users can visit along the way. 

Additionally, heading further east, trail users have an opportunity to visit Ben T. Davis Beach, another scenic spot perfect for swimming and more spectacular views.

As the trail leaves the causeway, it skirts the edges of Tampa International Airport before reaching its eastern endpoint along W Cypress St.


The western end of the Courtney Campbell Trail connects to the Bayshore Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

The Courtney Campbell Trail runs between Gulf to Bay Blvd. and S. Bayshore Blvd. (Clearwater) and W Cypress St. (Tampa), with parking available at the eastern trailhead.

Parking is also available at:

  • Cypress Point Park and Skyway Park, 3901 George Road (Tampa).

See TrailLink Map for all parking options and detailed directions.

Courtney Campbell Trail Reviews

Family Friendly

Perfect trail for families with young children in their bikes

Great trail 24 hrs. a day

Courtney Campbell trail is beautiful. It is long enough for most runs. The thing that's really great about it is i run a lot at night, and this trail is well lit at night.

Unique trail over water

This may be the longest stretch of trail over water in the country, which made for a very unique ride. The entire trail parallels the highway, so expect noise the entire way. Even though the trail is well used, I had no issues riding at a good pace on a weekday, but I would expect weekends would be much more crowded. Easy to connect to the Wilson Clearwater Trail and Druid Road Trail to extend your ride as part of the Pinellas Trail loop.

beautiful ride, but really loud along highway

This trail is one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever ridden on. I would bring earplugs though, because it’s really loud since you’re riding along a very busy highway.


So Beautiful I Rode it Twice

This trail provides a beautiful view of the ocean for nearly 10 miles - loved it!!

Courtney Campbell

We started on the mainland and rode over the bay to Ream Trail..which by the way is awesome. Then we hooked up to the Duke Trail to Druid trail but couldn't make it to the beach. The whole thing was well worth it as it was well maintained. It was 16 miles to the end of the Druid trail. I would recommend starting halfway over the Courtney so you can make it to the Clearwater beach. We had e-bikes so 32 miles was enough for us. We plan on finishing it soon.

Used To Be Great

These reviews are pretty dated. There are two sides of this trail separated by a bridge in the middle. The Clearwater and the Tampa side. The Clearwater side up to the bridge is nice and peaceful. Not a lot of pedestrians. There is a place along the beach to park on the Clearwater side, but it's expensive like $3 for one hour.

After the bridge, you're on the Tampa side. Here's where it goes downhill (no pun intended). It didn't used to be like this. I've lived here for 7 years.
When I first started riding on these trails, their wasn't too many people on them. They understood trail etiquette. You could get a good workout.

The Tampa side was always a little busier, but lately, it's gotten ridiculous. Tons of walkers and SLOW bikers who won't move over no matter how many times you call out. No trail etiquette. Kids play in the middle of the trail and their parents could care less. They let their kids run out in the middle of the trail no matter who is flying by.

Those two parts of the trail are only 7 or 8 miles long before you have to cross traffic. The park at the end on the Tampa side is dangerous if you're not paying attention. Cars do not watch out for pedestrians when turning into the park. In Tampa, in general, cars have NO respect for bike riders or pedestrians.

The trail continues on, but you have to cross a few dangerous intersections. You get to a concrete trail alongside the bay. It's hard to see around the corners, so you can't ride too fast. Again, not the best for road cyclists. It continues after the intersection that goes to the Hyatt. This last part of the trail is very bumpy. Not a smooth ride unless you have a cruiser or mountain bike.

If you're a serious road cyclist, I wouldn't bother coming here. It will be hard to get a good work out.

Courtney Campbell

Beautiful Ride.

The part of the trail that crosses the Bay is wide and smooth for inline skates. It gets a little rough for the last 0.5 mile as you reach the end near Cypress Park.Overall, a great trail!

The part of the trail that crosses the Bay is wide and smooth for inline skates. It gets a little rough for the last 0.5 mile as you reach the end near Cypress Park.Overall, a great trail!

veteran’s day run

Fanatic trail, gorgeous views, and will recommend to everyone¿¿¿¿

loved it

Beautiful trail. I did this with my son October 2020. Pretty much a straight run from st pete to Tampa. It runs along the side of a highway but zero danger. It’s separated by a shoulder and landscaping. You pass a few beaches along the way. There are a few bridges. Constant breeze through the ride over Tampa bay. Highly recommended.

waterfront trail arrive early on weekends to park

We are 70ish and rode this trail on our ebikes. We RV and try to do a couple trails a week normally in the 25 to 30 mile range. We parked in Ben Carson Park. Paid parking about 50 cents an hour paid at a kiosk with credit card or change. We arrived at 0900 on Memorial Day and there was plenty of parking. We got back at noon and all the parking spots were taken and entrances were blocked. My advice would be to park at a park in Safety Harbor and bike that trail down to this trail. This will be one of our favorite trails and we will return. reason for us to take out a subscription

This is a really nice trail with wonderful views but there is absolutely no shade! Sunscreen is vital!

This is a really nice trail with wonderful views but there is absolutely no shade! Sunscreen is vital!

Amazing Ocean Ride

Very nice. It connects to several other trails nearby!

Wonderful views the whole trail

Don’t miss this one. The views are amazing of the water and birds. It can be windy but you’ll fly going the opposite way. We rode from Clearwater Beach and used connecting trails to ride this one. Even if you just ride end to end and back, it’ll be a great ride. The little rises and not steep at all so don’t be worried at all.

Start of trail is closed

FFYI - was there on the weekend. The start of the trail on W Cypress St is closed, suggest you park in Courtney Campbell parking sites to walk the later part of the trail

and not a drop to drink... for 10 miles

and not a drop to drink... for 10 miles

Courtney Campbell Trail

Very good bike path. Good distance with a great incline over a bridge to make the ride challenging and interesting. A good 21 mile round tripe workout.

Great views and just the right amount of challenge!!!

Great views and just the right amount of challenge!!!


Amazing view and the steep bridge was a challenge

Pretty nice trail

My fiancé and I liked this trail because it was a change of scenery for us. We typically go to Flatwoods trail. The breeze from the bay and wide open spaces looking over the bay between Hillsborough and Pinellas was really nice. There are two bridges you have to go over. One much bigger than the other. They offer a nice midway challenge. We parks at Ben T Davis and went all the way to the other side and back. At total of nearly 16 miles.

Do you like water

Across the bay trail no cover. Expanse views of the bay cars speeding by. Did the trail from Pinellas side and combined Bayshore and Reems trail to get 24 mile loop. Stopped at Rocky point and had lunch nice day!


PLEASE MORE trash can containers ¿¿¿¿ Let’s keep it out of the waterways, trail itself and natural ecosystems ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

Great trail

Definitely can use more trash cans (garbage throughout), a bit of maintenance (small sink holes here and there, signaling)

Great Trail, Bad Access

Beautiful trail once you get onto it, but difficult to get to. Cypress Point Park is somewhat hard to find, being at the back of a business park with no indication it's there until you drive past all the buildings. Then, there is no indication how to get to the trail. When you do find it, it starts out OK, then takes you through some sidewalks and one short section that is covered with debris. Once you get through those three miles or so, it's beautiful!

great place to ride.

Nice smooth ride along the water. The paved surface is smooth and is well maintained. Mornings with the sun coming up from over the city in the distance. or in the evening with the beautiful sunset. The cause way is a great place to get in a nice straight line run. The bridges provide some incline. Many picnic area for breaks with scenic views of the bay.

A long waterfront ride

Well maintained and well used trail. Great for watching fishing birds, dolphin, and other wildlife. We didn't have time to go further into Clearwater to see if it connects to the Pinellis Trail as cited in other descriptions. It definitely gives access to the paths on S. Bayshore Blvd. and the Clearwater East- West Trail for additional mileage. There is some parking at the mid point but we parked at Skyway Park on the east side and had easy access to the trail. There are a couple of nice restaurants with bay side views to celebrate your ride at. Probably Florida's 2nd longest waterside ride after Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.

A hill over the water

A great ride across the upper Tampa Bay. In the early morning you will encounter groups of serious riders, runners etc. In the evening you'll see many people fishing, roller blading or getting ready for the sunset. The bridge at the halfway point is a fun/challenging/scenic distraction as well. Only downfalls are loud traffic nearby and no water stations. Certainly one of the better rides in Tampa though!

Fun Commuter Trail

We rode this trail from Clearwater to Tampa. A great trail that hugs the water way (perhaps the international coastal way) The trail offers wonderful scenery of the waterway and the related wildlife as well as the city skylines. There is a bridge that is quite the incline however there was no issue climbing it. Great views from the top of the bridge that has lookouts on each side. The trail is well maintained and is asphalt. This is like the Chicago Lake Front Trail but in my opinion better. Less wind. For sure a commuter trail. After the bridge incline the trail is flat. There is a great display of Pelicans catching their daily meals too. Great trail.

A Must Ride

Road this trail with 2 other couples. Started at Gulf to Bay and road towards Tampa. Such a great experience. Very easy for all levels. Do not be frighten by the mid ride bridge, it was constructed to be a easy climb. Whiskey Joe's at the end is a nice reward. Only complaint, does anyone in this state say "on the left!" It is aways a surprise when you get passed. This is the same on ALL the trail we have walked or ridden in Florida in the last two months.
Put this on the bucket list, you won't be disappointed.


Nice walk / run. It was really beautiful. My only complaint is that there were no water stations. Other minor complaint would be not bathroom / port-a-potty. Will definitely go again. May bike ride next time.

easy and enjoyable

We chose this as our first trail as new recreational bikers. It was great; nice view, flat trail that is usually nice and wide. Coming from Cypress Point Park I would agree the first section was a little bumpy and not as wide as I would like (with the chance or oncoming bikers). But once you get to the actual causeway portion it's a super comfortable and relaxing ride.

such a good ride worth it

the view was very nice ended up parking at Cypress Point Park eode it to the end of the CC. however it does connect to other trails. but from the park to the end ends up being 11.02 miles the little hill is a killer ¿¿

Courtney Campbell Trail

When parking in Courtney Park, in order to find the bike trail. leave the entrance and turn left. Unless I missed the signs, we rode in a few circles looking for the route. Very easy trail, a few tiny hills. Great for just a easy going bike ride.

Ups and Downs

I started out my ride in Cypress Park. Park was equipped with restrooms that were clean. Location of the park was easy to reach from major roads. The first "down" was the condition of the pavement between Cypress Point and the trail. Pavement was very rough and jarred anyone without suspension on your bike. Once I got on the trail, pavement was much smoother. I was able to maintain speeds of 18-23 mph as I headed West. On this day,wind was out of the northeast. The bridge was not too difficult to climb and I coasted down at 23 mph. I reached the end of the trail at Bayshore Blvd. (11 miles) in 30 minutes. (This was an "Up") The ride back was into the wind and I was able to maintain about 15-16 mph. The main "down" of this trail is that it is straight and doesn't change directions so 11 miles with a tail wind, and 11 miles with a head wind makes for a tiring ride. The scenery doesn't change much. (Down) I enjoy other scenic and winding trails much more. Total time for 22 miles, 1 hour and 18 minutes. Probably will not ride much on this trail in the future. It was ok for the first time, but would be monotonous for multiple rides.

Amazing 1st Time Experience

Thoroughly enjoyed my first time on the Courtney Campbell Trail. I started my ride in Safety Harbor and rode along Bayshore, which in itself is a very pleasant ride leading up to the Courtney Campbell. The weather was absolutely perfect, a great time of year to be out riding. Everyone along the trail was courteous and I even ran into a friend! The trail was very clean which made for a nice smooth ride. All in all it was a very pleasant experience. Looking forward to doing it again!

Great ride

I really enjoyed riding this trail. Its the type of trail that allows you to work on your speed while enjoying a nice breeze from the water. The trail itself is wide and mostly flat with one incline. Enjoy your ride!!

Great Water Views

Nice paved, wide trail, even there there can be pedestrians, its wide enough where its not an issue. Can easily go 16 miles without much traffic. This is short video we posted of the ride

Fantastic trail, gorgeous water views and too much trash.

Last Sunday my husband and I parked by the Grand Hyatt and walked the Courtney Campbell for the first time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. There were lots of people barbecuing and enjoying family time. However, there was garbage everywhere and burning coal on the grass. The garbage was flying around and the people ignored it. There are bins for the hot coal and they ignored it. I was very disappointed. I mentioned to my husband that there should be some form of supervision to make these people accountable. Trash Patrol on bikes or segway. Needless to say that was my first and last time. #theearthisnotyourtrashcan

A "Must Do" trail in Florida

Our second ride on this wonderful trail. Well worth the one hour drive from Polk City. Parked at Cypress Point Park with a short safe ride on the Skyway Park Trail up to the causeway. Cross streets and drive ways to the causeway, not a bad ride.
Wonderful view of Tampa and Clearwater from Old Tampa Bay. Ride slow and spot all kinds of marine life. Manatee, Mullet, bait fish and a ray spotted on the ride.
One of the best "Sightseeing Rides" we have done in 10 years of rail trail riding.

Great For Evening Rides

It's nice to have a west/east trail option for those days you just don't feel like battling north/south headwinds.


1. Amazing scenery
2. Ability to link to nearby trails for longer rides
3. Gradual bridge


1. Actual trailway can get congested during evenings with oblivious pedestrians, and people taking part in car gatherings. A few weeks ago there were easily 20-30 people gathered in a concentrated section just east of the bridge, and completely oblivious to the fact cyclists and other people were trying to use the actual trail for exercise.
2. WATCH OUT FOR GLASS. Myself and a few other cyclists had major blowouts in early April 2016 due to whole beer bottles being thrown (and broken) directly onto the trail. Pretty obvious it was intentional...
3. If the wind from the west is higher than 13mph, get yourself ready for a hellride on the way back to the Clearwater side.
4. People pulling in and out of Ben T. Davis Beach and the nearby bar area are completely oblivious to cyclists. You'll find most of the time, they'll park directly in the crosswalk areas.

Definitely, the most scenic Trail in Florida

Definitely, the most scenic Trail in Florida, the Courtney Campbell trail provides pedestrian, skaters, cyclists and wildlife, a beautiful trail along the ocean, linking Tampa and Clearwater, and two counties, Hillsborough and Pinellas, in western Florida. Along the way, the trail offers spectacular views of Tampa Bay and connects Cypress Point Park, Skyway Park, and Ben T. Davis Beach.

Check out this video

Twas the Day After Christmas..

Excellent experience overall. We parked on Pinellas/Clearwater side in a secured/attended lot that charges $3/hour - but bolsters safety incredibly, which is invaluable considering the potential for car theft. It's more convenient to park on the Pinellas side as this allows for restroom breaks [and restaurant breaks if so desired] once on the Hillsborough/Tampa side. Hopefully soon Clearwater will become more comparable regarding accommodations on the causeway - but right now the only restrooms you'll hit are on the Hillsborough/Tampa side at Ben T. Davis Beach.. or you can always hit up Whiskey Joe's (just beyond the public beach accommodations) for refreshments before heading back over to the Pinellas side again.

Scenery is visually beautiful and the trail facilitates incredibly nice riding.. very comfortable... no need to worry about cars.. or twists/turns.. it's a straight site with amazingly open panoramas.. paths are wide enough that you don't need to worry about passing pedestrians, it's very comfortable space-wise. Would have been nice for an occasional bench.. we stopped and sat on the concrete seawall - which was very uncomfortable. The excess traffic is a bummer.. so aromas and sounds are unfavorable, but the other senses are delighted on this trip for sure.

Amazing. Truly amazing.

If you have never done this I would highly recommend. Just stunning. The wind is a problem but the view is just amazing. Once in a lifetime views.

The good and bad..

I'm very mixed on this trail because while the trail itself is wonderful, it's hard to enjoy it knowing the chances you'll get back to your vehicle only to find your window smashed are very high. As another reviewer experienced, our vehicle was broken into as well. The disappointing thing is the police said it happens all the time. There is no security here and even though you're parking along the road at the base of the ramp, your vehicle isn't safe. For this reason, while I love the trail, I can't justify the risk in visiting it anymore.


Skating on pure butter as I write this 24hr well lit - check SMOOTH - check Wide - check Beautiful - check On the water - check A Jarrett Paul Favorite - check Approx 20mi down and back - check Maintained - Check

You can access the western (Clearwater) side by bike.

I wanted to ride the trail from west to east (Clearwater to Tampa). I didn't want to drive to the trail. Instead I wanted to ride my bike to the trail from my home in Dunedin. I didn't want to ride on any part of Gulf-to-Bay's shoulder on the causeway, which I did a few years ago and I tremble to this day recalling that experience. I found that you can easily access the trail's western end by bike, or foot. If you ride east on the sidewalk of the eastbound lane of Gulf-to-Bay, you'll find that the sidewalk becomes the Courtney Campbell Trail across from Bayshore Blvd. You would have to make a deliberate effort to stay off the trail.

As others have said, the trail is great. It's fun to ride along the water for about 8 miles each way. The trail is wide enough and well paved. The bridge ramp ascends gradually so that even an old guy (69) like me can do it with no problem. No rest rooms though, or at least I didn't see any.

Just Beautiful...

Kudos to Hillsborough and Pinellas County Governments for bringing all Bay residents a scenic experience across Old Tampa Bay!

Whether your cycling, blading, running, or just strolling, the view and sea breeze off of the CCT is why we live in Florida.

The trail's surface is fast and smooth. With the exception of some driveway/sidewalk transitions, it's virtually interruption free. You can string together a 23 mile out and back if you include the trail to Cypress Point Park.

Thank you for providing this trail

I am a native Floridian and 50 years in the Tampa Bay Area. We used to take our dog to the Courtney Campbell Causeway to swim back in the 1970's - what great memories.

Now that I love to bike and walk it's wonderful that this trail has been added to our community. It is lovely - the water on one side on most of it and water on both sides when you are on the elevated bridge.

It does get HOT though because shade is non-existent on the actual trail. You can step off the trail and catch shade under a palm tree.

I feel a bit more landscaping will make this trail even more inviting. Add some shaded areas, some benches, some water stations.

A word of caution - do NOT leave any valuables in your car as the area across the street (the boat ramp) has been a target of car theft for a while due to boaters being gone for a long time. Our car was broken into on May 31st, 2015 (smashed window, wallet grabbed) so bring limited items with you and keep them on you.

Great Place for a Run

We ran this trail several times over the last week while on vacation in the Tampa / Clearwater area.
The trail is a mix of asphalt trail and a concrete bridge and we were very impressed.
We found watching for dolphins in the Bay while running to be much nicer than watching for ice on the road while running at this time of year at home in Canada.
The bridge portion had particularly amazing views and was a really good 'hill workout'.
We were surprised how underused it seemed to be.
The completion of the link to/from Clearwater will be impressive and worthy of a return visit.
Great job to those who planned, built and paid for such a wonderful place for runners, walkers, bikers etc...

An easy favorite route

The Courtney Campbell Trail is spectacular to ride on! It has become an easy favorite route for me and many of my cycling friends.

Free parking is also available at Cypress Point Park and Skyway Park [3901 George Rd, Tampa, FL 33634]. We often cycle to Skyway Park along the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, usually from the Citrus Park area of Tampa (35-miles round-trip), but many other trailheads with free parking are available along the UTB Trail. We use old Memorial Rd, which is directly east off the south end of UTB Trail, then cut through West Bay subdivision and cross Sheldon Road only a block away from the from west end of the Town n Country Greenway Trail; or start at Shimberg Baseball Fields [7309 Baseball Road, Tampa, Florida, 33604] right on the Town n Country Greenway Trail (20-miles round-trip). From the east end of the Greenway Trail, take the neighborhood roads south to George Rd at Hillsborough Ave, then you have a couple of miles on the roads or sidewalks to Skyway Park. From Skyway Park, go out the southeast corner on the asphalt path, turn left under the Causeway overpass, hang a right onto the sidewalk, and then follow that to the Causeway Trail.

The top of the CCC Trail bridge is the first place I have ever felt compelled to take a "selfie"!

The best thing in town

I have to say that ever since I've being walking on the trail, my depression is gone...What a beautiful sightseeing, enjoying the dolphins playing with in the blue water of the Golf of Mexico, especially, the sunset.

This has being the best present from local officials.

Courtney Campbell Trail

My husband and I rode this trail on our recumbents yesterday. He is 66 and I am 57. We had a great ride and the scenery is beautiful. We wished it was longer, but that is coming in the next couple of years. There is only one hill and it is graduated by design. One note, there is parking available on the east bound side that is free. Take one of the exits once you are about 3-4 miles into the the bay.

The Causeway Trail is a great ride

We tried the new Courtney Campbell Trail recently,what a great ride. We highly recommend the trail, it is a trip that is definitely worth while. The view of Tampa Bay is spectacular and distracts you from the traffic on the causeway. The bridge is a gradual incline, provides a great view and is easier than it looks to ride over. There is no need to pay for parking if you park on the causeway. Can't wait to go back.

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