Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail


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Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail Facts

States: Ohio
Counties: Columbiana
Length: 12.5 miles
Trail end points: Route 164/S. Lincoln Ave (Lisbon) and Union Street (Washingtonville)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6016790
Trail activities: Bike, Inline Skating, Wheelchair Accessible, Walking, Cross Country Skiing

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Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail Description

The Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail runs parallel to the Middle Fork of the Little Beaver Creek and has many beautiful and interesting features, including glacial outwashes, upland fields, mature ravine woodlots and wetland wildlife habitats. Remnants of the industrial past also dot the trail with the remains of lime kilns, pig iron furnaces, coal mines and coke ovens. The trail features a covered bridge and a connection to the Sandy Beaver Canal Towpath.

As a segment of the Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway, the Little Beaver Creek Greenway is a part of the trail system that begins in Ashtabula County and continues through Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana counties. When complete, the Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway will be more than 100 miles long.

Parking and Trail Access

Access the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail in Leetonia along Ohio Route 558 in Franklin Square and in Lisbon off State Route 164 near Maple Street. Additional parking is available in Salem at Eagleton Road. Take State Route 45 south to Teegarden Road (County Road 41 West) to the covered bridge. Parking and trail entrance are by the bridge. You can also pick up the trail from St. Jacobs-Logtown Road near Lisbon. Parking is limited at both ends and weekends can be quite crowded.

Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail Reviews

We have done this trail multiple times and have always been thrilled with the greenery and condition of the asphalt. At mile five don’t miss the opportunity to take a quick jaunt down to the historic covered bridge.

This has to be one of my favorite trails around, since they finished the lower, repaved it by Leetonia is is wonderful, I also rode the Washingtonville part today which I had never done before, that was a hidden gem!

We came from the Pittsburgh area just to ride this trail. It was a joy and we loved the town of Leetonia, especially the Dairy Queen!
But seriously, it is a beautiful trail, most of it in a woodsy atmosphere, and definitely one we will come back to again.


I rode the Little Beaver Creek Greenway in June of 2017. The trail is located in Columbiana County which is southwest of Youngstown, Ohio. It runs between Lisbon, Ohio and a little town called Washingtonville, Ohio. The trail is 12.5 miles long from end to end. It is a trail that is a part of the larger Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway a planned route that will run from Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio to the Ohio River in East Liverpool, Ohio. On the northern end of the current trail a gap between Washingtonville and The Mill Creek Metroparks Bikeway south of Canfield, OH must be filled. On the southern end there is currently nothing beyond Lisbon toward East Liverpool.

What I found surprising about this trail was the amount of tree cover there was on the southern end of the trail between Lisbon and Leetonia. As you drive to the trailheads on either end of this trail you'll pass through farm country and plenty of wide open fields. I expected to be lathering up with the sunscreen to protect my fair skin. I put in the sunscreen but I really probably didn't need it until reaching Leetonia. From Leetonia north the trail is more exposed to the sun.

Had a picnic lunch at old train station in Lisbon. Then biked 5 miles along trail and back. Lovely, well-maintained trail.

There is a porta-john at the start of the trail just before you get to Donna's Bike Shop. Then another just after the two mile mark and a parking lot. Then one at Franklin Square at 8.5 miles from Lisbon. Also has a parking lot. Then another one at the 10 mile mark with a parking lot. Also has a Gazebo if you want to rest and have a snack. Then if you continue thru Leetonia the trail goes another 2.5 miles. Once you get back on the trail past Leetonia about a mile or so there is another porta-john and a parking lot. They recently made a path from there to walk up to the coke ovens. At the end is another Gazebo and porta-john. On the way back if you are hungry you can stop at Dairy Queen just a short distance from the trail in Leetonia. Hope this helped anyone that rides this great trail. Any questions about the trail feel free to ask me.

Rode today from Lisbon to Washingtonville and back. The last portion before the end point in Leetonia is extremely bumpy with pavement upheaval. But we found a 1-mile detour on the road that lets us bypass it and brings us into the center of Leetonia. Then it's a simple thing to pick the trail back up for the couple of miles to Washingtonville. Ended up being 28 miles and what a wonderful downhill on the way back, 20+ mph of bliss! I absolutely love this trail.

One of the best places to ride shade and Beauty beautiful in the summer fall and springs and winter

We revisited the trail since the last time was Labor Day 2014.

We biked from mile 0 in Lisbon OH to Washingtonville via Leetonia. At this time, Leetonia was having their annual Bigfoot Festival. It is uphill from about miles 4-6. 10 miles of trail from Lisbon to Leetonia.

In Lisbon, a few blocks from the trail is a popular chain sandwich shop, a diner and pizza shop. Trailhead in Lisbon offers large parking area, covered picnic area and restrooms with flush toilets. Also in Lisbon, next to the trail is a bicycle shop.

Between Lisbon and Leetonia the trail is shaded in most areas with some open areas. You will pass near Teagarden Covered Bridge (follow signs off the trail) and the decorated patriotic tree.

In Leetonia the trail ends and just follow the signs through town to pick up the trail again for the remaining few miles into Washingtonville.

Just off the trail in Leetonia is the Cherry Coke ovens. Worth the stop!

Parking area in Washingtonville has a gazebo & portable restroom. There may be places to get cold beverages in Washingtonville.

Nice ride along the trail, get out and enjoy this one!

This trail is very well maintained and with nice amenities. We started from Lisbon near the bike shop at mile 0. At Leetonia you need to go through the town to finish the last 1.5 miles. Lots of tree cover for shade. This is a nice round trip ride.

Nice ride, I'll definately ride it again

I enjoyed this trail and looked forward to seeing the Teagarden Bridge and the coke ovens. We rode from Lisbon to Washingtonville and did not see either site. I was a bit confused and asked other riders who said they rode the trail many times but did not know of these sites.

After returning to Lisbon on my bike I returned to Leetonia by car and inquired where the coke ovens were located. It turns out that there is a loop that is part of the trail in Leetonia that takes you to the coke ovens however part of the signage showing this loop is missing.

The coke ovens are located at 900 Main St (also known as Cherry Valley Rd) Note that some internet sites have the address wrong.

If you ride to the end of the trail in Washingtonville then as you return to Leetonia the signs will direct you to turn right on East High St. Next at Main St you must turn right and continue past the VFW to follow the loop to the coke ovens. It is a short loop. If your coming from Lisbon then follow Main St past the VFW to the 900 Main St address and you will then see the historical marker.

I did not see the Teagarden Bridge but it is about 5.5 miles after you leave Lisbon. (distance measured on Google Map) Watch for Eagleton Rd and turn left to see the bridge.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy the slight but steady downhill on your return to Lisbon.

Shady level trail. Recently retired and got a bike. Me and my wife decided to try this bike path and loved it. Been back four more times already. First time we went we only went two miles out and back. We now have gone from Lisbon to Leetonia and back to Lisbon. Park benches about every mile or so to rest if needed. Highly recommend this great trail.

Virtually a flat trail except from Lisbon to Leetonia, it's gradual uphill from mile 4 to 6. We parked in Leetonia and biked down to Lisbon (and back). It happened to be the hottest day of the year. Mostly shaded trail. In Lisbon there is the bike shop. They also sell ice cream novelties and cold drinks. The new trail parking is several blocks from mile 0. There are signs well marked to take you to that new parking lot. Also at the new lot is an air machine and picnic tables and flush toilets. The trail runs along the Little Beaver Creek. There is one section that is on the road and it's well marked. If you park in Leetonia at that lot, go through town and follow the signs to the Cherry Valley Coke Ovens. Way too cool, a must see in Leetonia. Photo's are posted. There is a nice covered bridge near the trail, the Teegarden Covered bridge you get off the trail and go about 1/10 of a mile.

We rode this trail in late July. Started at the Lisbon trailhead and rode to Washingtonville and back. Total of 25 miles. Note that the trail is on-road for a mile or so from the Leetonia trailhead through the town of Leetonia until one picks up the trail once more into Washingtonville. The on-road portion is well-marked. From Lisbon, the trail slowly, but steadily inclines until about mile 7 when there's a nice rush of a decline. Very pleasant, wide trail. We rode side-by-side most of the time.

Rode the trail today, all the way from Lisbon to Washingtonville, and back. I'm only going to mention one feature. I haven't seen a clear reference to this at TrailLink or anywhere else. In Lisbon, there is a new parking area that isn't shown on the TrailLink map, yet. It's at the corner of S. Market St. and Maple St. Signs in town direct you to it. It is asphalt paved with about 30 spaces, well located, has video surveillance, and, most important, has well built public restrooms with flush toilets, sinks with running water and drinking fountains in the hallway. You have to ride on city streets a couple of blocks to get to the trail proper. The route is well marked with Bike Route signs. The route is west on Maple, crossing Market and Lincoln then south on Morrison to the trail. Right next to the trail, by the westernmost of the two older parking areas, there is a small bike shop, Donna's Bike Shop. They advertise rentals.

Love this trail. Have not ridden for over 10 years and love the improvements. Have been on this twice in past week. It is VERY well maintained and very shady. Love that I can go from Lisbon Trailhead to Washingtonville now. Hope they connect to Mahoning County soon. Always loved this trail and still do!

Have not rode the trail in over 10 years. A friend and I rode it Fri, April 18 and it is a wonderful trail. Very scenic, peaceful and beautiful. Love how it winds along side Beaver Creek. The committee has done some marvelous changes/updates since I first rode the trail. Thank you!

This was my first time on this trail and I took my girlfriend's 13 year old son along with me. We decided to start at Eagleton Rd and ride to Lisbon first.

The trail was a welcomed surprise from all the flat trails that we have around the area. The trail itself was in great condition, marked well for easy navigation, the parking at each trailhead and at Eagleton Rd is awesome.

The trail is somewhat flat at each end with a gradual long (2 mi) grade you ascend to reach the midpoint of the trail. The scenery is awesome, ample benches and tables to take breaks at if you decide you need to rest.

We rode from the midpoint (Eagleton Rd) south to Lisbon, back north to Leetonia and then south again to our starting point at Egleton Rd. This allowed us to have access to our car at the halfway point if we needed it. Our whole ride measured 20.4 miles (The Eagleton Rd parking area was about .2 mile from the trail and we rode through the lots at each end.) and our time with one 7 min break was 1hr 46mins. Our cycle computers showed a 12.4 mph avg break not included.

This has become my new favorite local trail, I wish it was a little longer, it would be nice to see it extend another 10-15 miles.

Don't hesitate to ride this trail.

This is a great tail but it would be even better if they could connect the old trail with the new trail instead of having to ride on city streets! I got a bit lost finding the other part of the trail. I will ride it again!

To get to new section, at the Leetonia end of the trail, Go Left on Washington St. Cross tracks. Turn Right on Main Street, brick road. At Walnut Street the street becomes 1 way, so you have to turn Right on Walnut Street. Bank, Library, and Post Office on this corner. Go 1 block and turn left on Front Street. This is before the railroad tracks. Turn Left on Chestnut and back up to Main Street. 1 block. Turn Right on Main Street. You will pass in front of Police Station. Go approximately 1/4 mile and just before the American Legion, High Street turns to the Right. Go down the hill. Not too fast, you have to turn to the left at the bottom of the hill to get on the trail. I believe the trail is approx 2 miles.

We opened a new section last fall. You have to ride through the town of Leetonia to reach it. Very little traffic. A short, but tough hill coming up from the trail. Signs to get to the trail are being placed at this time. The trail will take you to Washingtonville. 1 block from Route 14.
I have been trying to map it on google, but have not had a lot of luck so far. I will continue though. If you look at the satalite map you can see the track. From High St to the left of Cherry Valley Pond in Leetonia to Union Street to the right of S County Road in Washingtonville.

This is one of the best trails I have been on. Columbiana County has just extended it from Leetonia to Washingtonville this year. It is an awesome ride. a lot of history along this one if you know where to jump off and see stuff. from old coke ovens, covered bridge, president McKinley's grandparents home, some old locks on the old canal way, to an old furnace. and then historic Lisbon itself.

This is an easy paved trail that winds through beautiful scenery. Elevation is higher in the middle of the trail so no matter what end you start, you'll be coasting downhill at the end of your ride. The only minor issue with this trail is that there are a few road crossings- this may not be the best trail for very young riders as some of the crossings seem a little blind and I imagine drivers can move quite quickly down these country roads.

Indeed, a SUPERB trail. I will dispute the "flat" part, though, as I found the long climb from MIlepost 4 to at least Milepost 6 most challenging, especially when trying to outpace an impending thunderstorm! As a ferroquinologist first and foremost, I am sad to report that only one railroad artifact remains in place on this trail. The "skeleton" of a classic Erie Railroad whistlepost guards the southbound grade crossing near Milepost 2, north of Lisbon. The concrete top of the post is intact, but the bottom half of the concrete has fallen away, leaving only its steel core. Yes, I too will certainly want to return to see this trail in its autumn glory. A local resident called the golden autumn trail canopy "the cathedral." Oh, and if you like black raspberries, enjoy the wealth around that swamp just south of Leetonia! I have not seen such a bonanza anywhere else in my 725 miles of rail-trail adventures over the last four years! Look for this treat around the beginning of July. And don't worry about the spray, folks... Seriously!..I ate a TON of the things today, and have suffered no ill effects at all... Nor have I anywhere else, for that matter. And DO by all means check out the bonanza of burgers at that Steel Trolley Diner down in Lisbon, north of the trail head on US-30, the main street in Lisbon. Nice people in there, great burgers, big and juicy, with names like the Ben Roethlisburger, the Paulomolo Burger, the Beaver Creek Canal Burger, the Lincoln Highway Burger, and the one I enjoyed, the hot and fiery, what was it called, the Death Burger, or something like that? This trail occupies the old Erie Railroad's Lisbon Branch, which came down from the east-west Erie main line at Niles, Ohio, crossed the old PRR Pittsburgh-Chicago main line at Leetonia, Ohio (Trail Milepost 10), then headed south to Lisbon, Ohio (Milepost 0). The old interlocking tower at Leetonia was saved by the adjacent lumber company when it closed around 1994 The Greenway Trail is certainly one of the best I have ridden over the past four years in my general 100-mile radius (so far) around Latrobe, PA. Well-maintained, lots of port-o-potties, all asphalt, and continuous fabulous scenery along its entire length! The people of Columbiana County shoud indeed be VERY proud of this true gem of preservation and Erie Railroad heritage!

My wife and I completely concur with bikin-mikes accessment of the trail. ( See his review from May, 2010).
The views are beautiful as the trail meanders along the Little Beaver Creek. We can't wait to ride this trail in the fall when the leaves turn color.

The summer ride is beautiful as the trees are green and the smells of summer abound.

This trail is perfect for those who may not be physically capable of steep climbs.
THIS TRAIL IS A VERY LEVEL TRAIL. I took elevations at each mile post between Lisbon and Leetonia.
They are as follows:
Mile 0 - 974 ft.
Mile 1 - 939 ft.
Mile 2- 899 ft.
Mile 3 - 1152 ft.
Mile 5 - 1079 ft.
Mile 6 - 1101 ft.
Mile 7 - 960 ft.
Mile 8 - 1045 ft.
Mile 9 - 989 ft.
Mile 10 - 999 ft.

My wife and I agree that this is the best trail we've biked so far. Although relatively new to biking we hve
been on many trails this summer and this one is our favorite.

The views are beautiful as the trail follows the meandering Little Beaver Creek.

It is an excellent trail for those who prefer a relatively level trail. I took elevations at each mile post and they are listed below.

Mile 0 - 974 ft.
Mile 1

The Greenway Trail now has a wonderful new trailhead at 232 South Market Street in Lisbon. It's 4 blocks east of the original trailhead via quiet city streets. The new trailhead includes a restored train station, rest rooms (with running water), drinking fountains, vending machines, air compressor (25 cents), and parking for about 40 cars. (see photos) There are signs on SR30 pointing the way. You can't miss it. It's 2 blocks south of the old courthouse at the center of town.

As others have said, this is a beautiful trail. The first 8 miles from MP0 to MP8 are in a beautifully shaded tree canopy except for about a .5 mile road section between MP2 and MP2.5 and a small section where power lines cross. The .5 mile road section is on very quiet Logtown road. Just watch out for kids playing basketball at the on-street hoop.

Others have described the trail very well. I'll just add a few highlights.

MP2.8 - Ledges on east side of trail (see photo).

MP4.0 - Probably the closest and best view of the creek. While the trail does run next to the Little Beaver Creek, it is never right at the trail edge (see photo).

MP5.0 - Turn west on Eagleton Rd. for a short 700ft downhill ride to the covered bridge. Well worth the detour, but the climb back up is tough - luckily it's short! When traveling north on the trail, trees block the view of the sign pointing to the bridge. I totally missed it the first time (see photo).

MP6.5 - I don't have a topo map, but my legs told me this felt like the high point of the trail. Any climb on this trail is very gradual and almost unnoticeable, but it felt like downhill from here.

MP9.0 - Swamp. After riding in tress for 8 miles this is quite a change (see photo).

MP9.4 - About a 50' long bridge over the creek. It's the original RR Bridge with a wood deck added. The wood is between the 10ft spaced steel beams so it's a little bumpy but not terrible (see photo). Two shorter (16ft and 8ft) all wood bridges are within a mile. Others have mentioned how rough they are but I didn't think they were too bad.

MP9.5 - From here to the Leetonia TH at MP10 the trail parallels an active rail line with about 20ft separation (see photo).

MP10.0 – Leetonia Trailhead with port-a-potty, small gazebo and picnic tables. Nice little spot for a rest and snack before the return trip.

Be sure to add this trail to your must-ride list. The tree canopy will make it an especially fun on a hot summer day or a beautiful fall day. Enjoy!!!

p.s. If you love burgers and fresh cut fries, be sure to stop at the Steel Trolley Diner in Lisbon. It's about 2 blocks north of the new TH and has about 30 burgers to pick from.

I had ridden the Greenwy Trail this summer and posted a review of that ride. Since this trail is almost completely covered in a canopy of trees, I knew that it would be the perfect autumn color ride. It was late October and the trees were in their full splendor. The trail did not disappoint me.

I chose a Thursday afternoon for my ride. I shard the trail with other cyclists, joggers, walkers and even a motorized scooter. I remembered that the trail had picnic tables every few miles. I packed a lunch and ate on the trail. What a wonderful experience to eat under golden and orange leaves surrounded by nature.

The trail had a lot of leaves on it. I love that autumn smell of fallen leaves. The crunch under the wheels broke the silence and made the ride very relaxing. A volunteer was blowing leaves off the trail. This trail is nicely maintained. I assume these volunteers clean the length of the trail. I also noticed that ears of field corn were placed in fences along the trail for wildlife, as well as numerous bird houses.

I encourage you to put this trail on your must-ride list. It is enjoyable and peaceful, It crosses few roads; most are very low traffic. I loved it in the summer with its lush green foliage. Autumn was just down right spectacular.

We started our ride at the Leetonia trailhead on Washington Street under the Rout 344 overpass. There was plenty of parking spaces in the paved lot with a porta-potty, gazebo and benches. It was clean and well maintained. After waiting out a brief rain, we began our journey south to Lisbon. This trail is built on an abandoned rail line. It is relatively flat and a very well maintained ribbon of asphalt.

We passed through wetlands and farm fields for the first couple of miles. The trail then entered a shady canopy of green that was with us for the remainder of the ride. At about the halfway point, we took a 500 foot detour to see a 133 year old covered bridge. It was down a steep hill but well worth the extra effort coming back up the hill.

As others have commented, a few miles north of Lisbon the trail shifts to a country road. This was not marked at all. I knew from reading others comments that you need to veer to the left and follow the road for about 1/2 mile. The trail entry point is well marked to continue your journey. We saw no traffic on this road during our ride.

The trailhead in Lisbon also has a nice paved parking lot. Donna’s Bicycle Shop is adjacent to mile marker 0. The prices were reasonable and the owner helpful and knowledgeable. While in Lisbon, we had lunch at a classic diner, the Steel Trolley Diner. It was maybe a short, flat 8 block ride from the trailhead. The food here was just all around fabulous. Servings were way too big but oh so tasty. Don't miss spending some time exploring the town square.

The ride back to Leetonia was pretty much uphill. The first 5 miles were a little more work than the last 5 miles. The grade change is pretty gradual and easy to handle even for a beginner like me. If you are looking for a casual ride through some beautiful Ohio countryside, this trail is for you.

The website is:
There is another trailhead at the north end of trail now. It is on Washington Street in Leetonia. A port-a-potty is available there along with benches and picnic tables. At the Route 558 trailhead the pop machines and airpump are no longer there. The porta-potty is still there.

"My wife and I rode from Leetonia to Lisbon and back on 10/21/06. It was cool, but a beautiful day. The leaves were falling and covered the trail in many spots.

We stopped in Lisbon the day before to scope out the trail. The parking was confusing at the trailhead. It seems that all the signs say ""Wrong Way"", no matter which way you are going. We drove a block north, then west and sort of came in a back alley. The next day when we rode in from Leetonia, someone came up to us and asked if it was OK to park there. They were as confused as we were.

The Leetonia parking area was a bit hard to find, but a local biker pointed us in the right direction.

It was a very pleasant ride. I hadn't remembered reading about the covered bridge, so that was an interesting side trip. Three kayakers were putting in to the swiftly running creek just below the bridge.

We saw a number of decorated bird houses along the trail. It looked like one of the local schools had a project to have their classes put up birdhouses. I submitted a photo of one of the more interesting ones.

When coming from the north, the trail ends at a road. There are no directional signs there, so bear left to pick up the trail again in about a quarter mile.

All in all, a very pleasant, easy ride with good services along the way."

"This is a GREAT trail. Very shady. Parking in Franklin Square has porta-pot, pop machines & air for your tires. Parking in Lisbon has porta-pot. Large parking lot in Leetonia, but no facilities."

We have blacktop. The damage has been repaired and we are now able to ride the 9.7 miles that are completed. More news. The last 1800 feet to Washington Street in Leetonia has been approved and hopefully will be finished this summer. Maybe even by the end of June. That would be wonderful.

As of 4/28/04: The hole has been filled and is awaiting blacktop. Hopefully that should be done next week. It is ridable now with wider tires. Happy riding!!

"I rode the trail in the am with sun glinting down thru the trees. In the middle of the path stood a doe. It was breathtaking! Need to watch your speed because there is a lot of wildlife. Almost had a run in with a chipmunk! Have also spotted owls. Even when it""s 90 degrees out, the trail stays cool from the shade and the air fresh. Water funnels down and feeds into Beaver Creek. Can hardly wait for the trail to be repaired. At mile 6.2 there is a large wash out. Still worth the ride. Friends of the Park working on repair. Hope to see you there! "

"The recent rains have damaged the trail. There is a hole on a 60-foot section of the trail at the 6-mile marker. You can ride south to it from Leetonia or north to it from Lisbon, but you cannot ride the whole length of the trail from up and back. Please use caution. Hopefully we will be able to get it fixed soon."

I have biked this trail about five times. The scenery is excellent. You cross some roads but I have never come into contact with any traffic on them. The trail for the most part is shady and has a slight grade.

Each mile is marked. I think the trail is more around 10 miles one way which my bike speedometer read and the last mile marker on the trail said 10 (rather than the 11 it says on this site). I would recommend this trail to anyone who wants a great biking experience!

"This is my favorite trail. There's lots of shade as you ride through the wooded areas. The scenery is excellent with farm land, water and woods. The trail is well maintained and has clean portable toilets.

A short part of the trail is on a road but there is very little vehicle traffic. Lisbon is a nice town with some good places to eat after the ride."

"This is a very nice trail as it is located in a scenic, rural area, and it has a well maintained asphalt surface. "

This is one of the prettiest trails I've been on. It's mostly shaded and runs along the creek for a great distance. Very peaceful.

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