Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail

New Jersey

26 Reviews

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Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail Facts

States: New Jersey
Counties: Morris
Length: 7 miles
Trail end points: Green Village Road and South Street
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 6032607

Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail Description

The system of trails in Loantaka Brook Reservation are open to hikers, cyclists and equestrians, although the trails are marked as to which uses are permitted on each segment. Loantaka Brook Reservation has four distinct areas: Seaton Hackney Stables, South Street Recreation Area, Loantaka Brook Park at Kitchell Road and the Loantaka Way trail access area. The reservation has more than 570 acres and nearly 5 miles of trails. In addition, there are athletic fields, picnic shelters, playgrounds, fully accessible exercise stations and a lake.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the park at 468 South Street, at 139 Kitchell Road in Morristown, NJ, and at the Loantaka Way (195-215 Loantaka Way) entrance in Madison, NJ.

Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail Reviews

Nice but icy

We went to this trail, beginning right next to Seaton Hackney Stable, because we knew it had a paved path and we had a lot of snow. We didn't know the trail would be covered with ice and snow and after a very short walk we decided it would be wise to turn around before one of us fell. We intent to go back when the weather gets warmer because it's a beautiful park and trail.

Nice bike trail but not well marked

This was my first time riding the Loantaka Brook trail. It is late March 2023. I found the trail to be asphalt and smooth with beautiful creeks & dense wooded & nature scenery. On weekdays the trail is not very crowded but because the trail is somewhat narrow I can see it would be challenging to share the trail with walkers & hikers. I actually got lost trying to find my way back to the parking lot. The trail is not very well marked. If you are new to this trail I suggest you go online & review the trail map.

Great for a winter walk

Lovely paved trail. We started at the parking lot at the northern end and walked to where the path to Giralda Farms intersected, about two miles according to my pedometer. I don’t see how this trail can be seven miles, however. Morris County puts it at 5.1. We walked on a weekday and foot traffic was sparse.

Me and my son went biking it was great trail

Me and my son went biking it was great trail


Smooth trails all around. Mostly shaded area. Highly recommend any skaters to trail skate here.

Smooth trails all around. Mostly shaded area. Highly recommend any skaters to trail skate here.

generally good

My review is more conservative. This bike trail is mostly in the woods where you don’t get sunburn. There is also a an asphalt /gravel path for your choice. It’s worth a normal weekend visit but not a special tour to it

Nice smooth shaded trails

It’s the first time we visited there and we found the entire trail is all paved, so that makes this place suitable for bikers and walkers of all ages. Hence do expect some crowds but we think it’s still manageable. Most of the trails are under tree shade. We loved it and wished it could be longer distance. There are picnic tables, a gazebo and a small pond by one of the large parking lots. Looks nice.

Disney isn't the happiest place on Earth. This is.

I grew up riding my bike at this park. My mom brought me here asa kid. I remember afternoon picnics and watching the ducks always made me happy. I kept going back as I started to drive, and went to college close by in Madison. I would rollerblade and bike and run. I had many walks with friends here, too. Mostly it is my place to zen. The waterfalls are peaceful and the wildlife is so great. Since I don't get back to the park much anymore, I just went today. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I plan to have a bench there in my honor when I die. Now I just have to go about securing that and finding out the logistics. This is my happy place.

busy, crowded and not enough parking

Park is busy and in some parts path is narrow and avoiding getting hit by a bike or runner is an issue. Not enough parking and parking is crowded.

Excellent bike ride

This was our first time here, and thankfully it was not too crowded. The foliage cover and the path are incredible, though, so you can enjoy a lot of streams and greenery while walking/jogging/bicycling. For cycling, it’s pretty mild, so if you’re looking for a challenge, this might not be for you. Wonderful family bike morning!

Scenic, Convenient, and Well-Maintained

This is the first trail I've ever ridden, and it is a joy. It is conveniently located in a scenic, historic-looking area of Morristown. At points, the surrounding area even starts to look a little farmy. At both entry points, Kitchell Rd and South St, there is ample parking. I've stumbled upon other entry points, as there are many times where the trail meets a street, but I do not know the area well enough to give details.

The trail is fully paved, with areas of gravel snaking out for the more adventurous. These typically find their way back to the main trail eventually. The paths are a little narrow, and there is a need for give and take between walkers, runners, horseback, and other cyclists. The landscape is well manicured, but I recommend being cautious after it rains due to flooding, mud, and downed trees. With the horses (on the gravel trails) you must also navigate around huge piles of poop.

I've gone riding after work on a Friday, and there weren't very many people at all. On a Sunday, however, it does get a little more packed. In both cases, you are still able to experience a few minutes of solitude on the trails every now and then.

I recommend this trail to other novices. It is mostly flat with some very light inclines. The site caters to those with road bikes, and others who want a little grit. This trail would also be a great day's outing for couples and small groups, as there are many benches sprinkled along secluded points. My only wish is that the trails were marked better. Will return many times to this gem.

Overcrowded park

This is a nice park, if you only did not have to worry about the obstacle course of people. You will spend a lot of time avoiding people - either walkers, runners and cyclists. There is just too many people in this park. This is to be expected as the park is in Morris County. And the asphalt trail is on the narrow side. The amount of parking is decent. If you can find a time with less people on the park, you will enjoy this. But for most weekends, avoid this place.

Terrific trail

This is by far my favorite trail in the area. During the week and early Saturday morning it is not overcrowded and walkers do not get in the way. It is extremely well manicured, lots of flat pavement along with dirt, light gravel options to change it up a bit. My only complaint is that there is horse manure left on the trail sometimes

Too crowded

Girlfriend and I tried it on a Sunday morning. It was impossible to bike because it was too crowded. We tried, but it was just stop, wait politely while crowds passed (walkers), excuse me, sorry... passing on your left... stop again to let a crowd pass... We gave up. I'm sure it's nice for walking, but I'm not sure bikers will get much from this trail.

Nice trail but...

The trail is narrow. And this trail can get pretty crowded. So for walking, it is fine. But for cyclists, it can be a challenge maneuvering around people.

Very good quality, easy trail

The quality of the trail is perfect, it's very well maintained. If you are looking for a casual ride, just to enjoy the nature, this trail is for you. The air is very clean and you cannot hear cars at all so it really feels like actual nature.

In terms of workout it doesn't offer much however. We did 7.5 miles without feeling tired, the trail is almost entirely flat.

We did this trail very early in spring, in the first weeks of March and there was a decent number of people. It wasn't very crowded and we enjoyed the ride but if number of people rises substantially later in the season, it will probably be too busy for us.

Easy Trail

Nice for family riding but don't go expecting anything technical....

great trail

My sons first trail ride on his bike. What a smooth great ride today was, my children rode bikes as I rollerbladed. The path was generally clear and an easy ride. There is one spot for newbies where the hill drops a bit and speed is picked up! Be fore warned, not bad but it does exist and was my sons first crash.

awesome trail

Very nice trail... 7 miles if you do all the paths. Feels like you are in the middle of the forest , very little noise from cars. Fully paved and very good for kids and beginners. Would highly recommend it !

Nice paved trail but shorter than advertised

Nice paved trail, rode from South St Park lot(big lot w/bathrooms) to the furthest point on Green village Rd. Was about 4 miles end to end. There are few offshoot trails paved & unpaved so maybe if you add them all up it's 7 miles but not 7 miles end to end. Trails are poorly marked, barely any signage at intersections & little to no markings on what was red trail, blue trail. But nice scenic area, lots of benches to stop.

Hot day cool under Canopy of trees

I loved this trail today. Rode about 9 miles. You feel you are just far enough from civilization yet 3 minutes after driving away i was having Frozen Yogurt in town. A warm day was cooled by shade of trees. Not too crowded on this warm summery Sunday.

My wife and I were looking for quiet ride with less crowds and we found it!!!

Relatively flat - just enough hills to get the blood flowing but not a hard trail for beginners.

Just a couple streets to cross.

We will be back!!!

Recently Repaved Section

The section from Loantaka Way to Green Village Road (1.3 miles) has been recently repaved, greatly enhancing the enjoyment of this part of the trail when inline skating.

great sunday trail

A nice trail for beginners. A few inclines make for a nice ride. Parts of the trail allow horses so watch for the poop. Parts of the trail are paved but some parts are gravel. Nonetheless, a great trail. Nice place to bring a bag lunch and eat at the picnic tables. Nice wooded scenery. A good to trail if you live within 30 minutes.

Great Trail!

This is especially good for kids who are advanced beginners. It was just right for my 8 year old daughter who had been riding her bike for about 6 months. If you park at the north end there are bathrooms and a nice playground.

Thumbs Up!

"I live in Woodbridge, NJ so I had to really give thought to driving about 40 miles for a trail that's only about 4 miles long. I'm glad that I made the trip!

The best part of this trail is the fact that most of the times you seem to be ""deep in the woods."" No car sounds and even the occasional sound of running water. I went on Labor Day and I saw about 6 hikers for every biker, so you want to watch your speed.

The trail has a few ups and downs so you can pick up some speed without meaning to. My bike speedometer had a max reading of 22 MPH. So make sure you have good brakes and know how to use them to slow down!

One of the best short asphalt trails I've ridden ...


Simply Delightful!

"Absolutely every bicyclist I’ve recommended this trail to, some from as far away as Brooklyn, NY, has reported back to me that they thoroughly enjoyed riding here. Not one would hesitate coming back again. The Loantaka Brook Reservation trail system is truly a place that no bicyclist, jogger, runner, or walker should miss visiting, even if you’re more than a hour’s drive away.

Bicyclists are restricted to using a well-maintained 4-mile long paved trail that stretches the Reservation’s entire length. Equestrians must use the expansive unpaved trail network, which includes some loops through heavily wooded areas. Pedestrians may choose to wander anyplace within the park property.

The paved trail is virtually flat from end to end. The only inclines are associated with approaches to several short bicycle/pedestrian bridges. There are two street crossings along the entire route; one of them is relatively busy and will require parents with young children to use extreme caution.

Surface conditions along the paved trail range from fair to excellent. Some segments may not be suited for comfortable in-line skating (the nearby Traction Line Recreation Trail is the best location for in-line skating). The surrounding scenery consists of thick foliage in some locations and open fields or sprawling farms in others. There is an unspoiled brook that winds its way back and forth across the trail in many spots.

As you might have guessed, this trail has so much to offer that it is extremely popular. Expect large crowds on any given good weather weekend day, and even a pretty good turnout on nice weekdays too.

A bonus: If you’re a bicyclist and don’t mind riding on local streets, the Traction Line Recreation Trail is no more than a 15 minute ride from one of this trail’s access gates (see posted trail maps within the Reservation).


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