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Recent Trail Reviews

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Great Trail

June, 2022 by b0ssc0

I rode most of this trail last week, Grand Junction to Fruita and back. It's a beautiful bike path. There is one section that is asphalt and a bit rough, but the scenery really makes up for it!

Colorado Riverfront Trail

more than 22 miles

April, 2022 by stahly94

My nephew and I just finished this trail April 7th, 2022. We started in Palisade and finished in Loma and we connected the trailheads by riding on the roads and ditch banks. It was altogether 32 miles. Great ride! Wish they would connect the whole thing because that would be awesome.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Scenic Views of Colorado River

October, 2021 by dhardee

Love the scenic views, tunnel art and single tracks!!!!


Colorado Riverfront Trail

Great Multi-use Trail

April, 2021 by visionairey

Beautiful views along the Colorado River. Connections to parks, mountain bike trails, restaurants

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Nice Improvements Recently Made

June, 2020 by acewickwire

Started in Fruita and turned around at Eagle Rim Park. A number of repairs and improvements have been completed since my last ride over that route. A section of the trail had been washed away by the river some time ago...that portion has new bank installed and new trail surface put in. The trail used to exit on to a residential street at Riverside Park, the park has been enlarged and what used to be a street is now a nicely done bike path through the park. In the Las Colonias park area huge improvements have been made, making this a very nice "water" park area along the river.
I also very much enjoy the "new" section of trail from Fruita to Loma. It is ridden much more frequently being closer to home. Check it out also.

Colorado Riverfront Trail


May, 2020 by masonbunce

This trail is a very beautiful trail with different sceneries of the lakes, trees, and the Colorado River! Because of COVID-19, I can’t go out much, but this trail has entertained me through these difficult times. It is long (so you can get exercise) and if you enjoy to explore, this trail gives you the perfect chance! I give this trail a 5 star review because there are so many different ways to go!

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Love this trail. I cycle this trail regularly; at least 3-4 times per week.

August, 2018 by donnaking1

Love this trail. I cycle this trail regularly; at least 3-4 times per week.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

I Ride This Trail Often

January, 2018 by acewickwire

I often ride this trail from Fruita into Grand Junction (Eagle Rim Park) and back. The first couple miles from Fruita are a bit boring as it is a straight shot and parallel to I-70 but after that it gets more interesting. Today lots of bikers and walkers, plenty of room for everyone. The section from Fruita into Grand Junction is the newest portion and the trail is nice wide concrete. The older section of trail is narrower and some asphalt. Still a nice ride. Many of the underpass sections have some nice art work on them. A few weeks ago a bobcat ran across the trail only a few feet in front of me. Another section of trail is being built going from Fruita west, I believe it will then connect to the Kokopelli Trailhead near Loma.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Nice and pleasant

November, 2017 by auerbach_j

A nice and pleasant, flat ride especially if you keep your focus toward the river and not the usual urbanization or industrial influences or highway hijinks in the opposite view direction. Brief sections have less intrusive stuff and more natural beauty than others. Only climb of note is the short easy one to Eagle Rim Park where you can take a lap and do some tricks in the nice bike park there. There is a very good overlook of the entire Grand Junction valley there too.

There is some great public art, "graffiti-like", along the way too. 

This area of Colorado can be exceptionally hot in the summer. But that means it can be really pleasant in the cooler months and very ride-able on nice winter days. Given the abundance of vegetation along the river course (lots of big Cottonwood trees), it would be spectacular in fall when the leaves are changing. Spring would nice too with it all greened out and likely lots of birds.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Junction to Fruita

October, 2017 by kerund

Judging from the other reviews, I don't think I rode the most scenic part of this trail in my out and back. One one hand, there are a few nice stretches along the river, but there is quite a bit of the trail that's close to the busy highway. The paved trail is in good shape and the ride is easy.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Whistle Stop

April, 2017 by teriwilliams53

Looking forward to the new rest area, peach groves, shaded benches, not to mention a great view. Located near the new RV campgrounds. A nice ride or hike from Junction to Palisade.

Colorado Riverfront Trail

Grand Junction to Fruita

August, 2016 by adsaxs

We started the ride at Los Colonias Park next to the botanical gardens. There is parking, water, restroom, and a shaded gazebo with picnic tables here. We headed towards Fruita cycling the recently-completed Monument View Trail to the Blue Heron trail to the Colorado Visitor Center in Fruita.

The condition of this trail varied depending on the section. The trail starts out nice and smooth at about 12 feet wide from Los Colonias Park. It then narrows to about 8 feet with lots of roots and cracks in the pavement until you reach the new section called Monument View near the Blue Heron Boat Launch. Then, it is smooth and wide to the Fruita visitor center.

At some points, the path is curvy and runs along the river. At other points, it is flat and runs parallel to the road. The description in this website doesn’t always match the reality of the path. Yes, at some points you do have nice views of the surrounding mesa and the river. However, the description fails to mention that if you start your ride at Los Colonias park near downtown Grand Junction, you will be cycling through industrials areas. Some of your view will be that of junk yards, gravel pits, storage yards, trucking company parking lots and other industrial-type businesses. So, unless you are wearing blinders, it isn’t as pretty as described. If you want pretty all the way, park at the Blue Heron Boat Launch and head out from there.

There are benches along the path but most of them are not strategically placed. Most are in full sun and many are placed at weird places like across from an industrial site or, if along the river, right in front of a tree which blocks the view of the river.

However, overall, we enjoyed the ride and would recommend it. Water was available only at the beginning at Los Colonias Park and at the end of our ride at the visitor center. Our roundtrip mileage was about 28 miles with a couple of detours.

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