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Recent Trail Reviews

Chaparral Rail Trail

A pleasant ride

October, 2019 by mmezedd_tl

The five miles from the Onion shed in Farmersville to around the junction with FM 2194 is wide, well maintained and easy riding for most any bicycle. After that is it gravelly and very overgrown and more suitable for a mountain bike . The route is very scenic and quiet with a lot of butterflies, cardinals and horses visible in the fields but few people or cars at the crossings.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Bland HS to Farmersville

November, 2018 by kimperez

My kids go to Bland. I live 10 minutes from this trail and run it often. It would be perfect if we could resolve 2 issues: Dogs. Lots of them. Every time I go. I’ve been chased multiple times.
From Bland to Farmersville is great, but the “crushed rock” in the opposite direction from the school is not even walkable, much less a running surface. I hope we continue to see improvements to this trail. It’s almost a gem, but could be better.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Rough terrain-not just “crushed rock”

October, 2017 by dustiejobe

I wanted to write to let you know about my experience this weekend. I selected the October Fest Trail Run Marathon about 5 months ago because it was on a Saturday, it was rated a 1 for “non technical terrain that was fast”, the description on the Ultra Expeditions site stated “crushed rock that was an easy out and back course.” This was going to be my 1st marathon at 46 years young. I was so excited! I booked a great room at a local airb&b site and recruited a friend to come and run the half. Everything was great until about mile 7. What I endured the next 7 miles out and 7 miles back was anything but “fast” and “crushed rock”. I literally had to walk most of the 14 miles. I rolled my ankle 10 times while walking. The path contained golf ball size rocks and had several ruts along the way. I shed a few tears out of frustration along the way. This was not how my dream of completing a marathon was supposed to play out. My back was in agonizing pain throughout. Please change your description and please show accurate pics of the boulders along the trail. If I had known the reality of the course I most certainly would not have signed up for the beating my body took. Thank you for your consideration.


Chaparral Rail Trail

First Time on the Trail...

December, 2016 by jshasteen

My kids and I did most of the first part of the trail today. We had planned to go from Farmersville to Merit and back, but 4 miles into it, we turned back because of dogs-for which we were not prepared. I recommend taking a can of mace for dogs-which one will certainly run into as one gets into more remote farming areas with dogs running lose. This is truly a wonderful trail and project--one of the best things government has done in a long time. My dream would be to go from Farmersville to New Boston, camping along the trail. For now (until retirement), I will have to be satisfied with doing day-hikes along certain legs of the trail.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Definitely an experience. Needs A LOT of work!!

July, 2016 by janamize

I started off in Pecan Gap with every intention of riding from there to Farmersville. First off we had to take a road around the initial entry as it was not rideable. We picked up the trail after about half a mile and began our ride. The trail looks like it had not been maintained in quite some time and was very much a pain navigating it. Made it all the way to Wolfe City before I could no longer take the poor trail and the beating I was taking from the over growth. This would be a great trail if it was maintained better. Definitely a lot different the the Mineral Wells to Weatherford trail.

Chaparral Rail Trail

osborn 2 ride

May, 2016 by laretha

I did a eightteen mile loop from Farmersville past Merit this past week. I am from Wilmington De and do a tone of trails in the North East. The people of Farmersville should be very proud of the five miles that has been paved or fine limestone. The next four miles got rough and not knowing the area I did a U turn. I did get to meet a guy how is on the Board for the NETT trail will go from Farmersville to New Boston about 130 miles and will be one of the top 50 trials in the USA. Back in town I had a BBQ beef Sandwich at Jordan's and it was one of the very best, the French Fries are the best. The trail head in Farmersville is very nice and the Town has done one great job on both the trail and trail head.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Okay though Mile 17

August, 2015 by social climber

Seems that this trail has fully dried out now. Pretty clear through mile ~17 or so, but a bit overgrown after that.

Dont know what folks expect from gravel roads, but this one is easily rideable on hybrid or cyclocross > 10mph the whole way. Maybe even roadbike if your skills are good.

Paved for the first ~2.5 mi, packed cinders until ~5mi, gravel after that. Some of the longer rail bridges are a bit technical (to ride) and could use repair, but none seem unsafe.

Chaparral Rail Trail

GREAT Potential, but...

July, 2015 by shogun touring

Left Farmersville at the trailhead, It was at first concrete, which gave way to asphalt, then back to concrete, to packed sand, and then to tooth-loosening gravel. Much of the trail is washed out, no doubt due to the heavy precip we've had all through May and June. I wouldn't want to even attempt this trail beyond the packed sand part on anything less than a FAT bike. Also, in much of the trail it is obvious that cars or trucks have been driving the trail, leaving ruts behind.

Finally at around mile 8 or so ran into a very large pool of standing water covering the trail, so had to turn around and head back.

This will be a fabulous trail if whomever is in charge ever decides to actually maintain it. Right now it is pretty much in shambles once you leave the paved portions.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Muddy but fun ride

March, 2015 by rluensmann

We set off for the trail Wednesday March 13 not knowing the trail conditions after quite a bit of rain and little sunshine over the last several weeks. We started out in Farmersville and rode to Celeste. The first first five or so miles were great, paved then gravel. Lots of mud after that, we were up for adventure so we pushed forward mud and all. Bikes gears got gummed up pretty good, we were even washing them in the puddles so they would keep moving. I hope to go back after a few weeks of sunshine to see what the rest of the trail has to offer. I wish this trail was closer to home.

Chaparral Rail Trail

GREAT Ride Trail

August, 2014 by purplesagetx

Walked some of this trail to check it out. I've been looking for a good trail to ride my horses up to Caddo. And though this trail doesn't dump there it will take me most of the way. Looks promising.

In a land were URBAN sprawl is everywhere it's nice to see trails like this to ride on. I keep having to move further and further out because URBAN sprawl chomps up farm lands and then the people that move from the city to live a better life in a country setting want to drag the city with them. So trails like these are paramount to those of us who like to get out into nature and have the ability to hike, bike, horseback ride long distances with out being near busy road ways.

This is the fourth of fifth rail to trail I've ridden/hiked/ biked on and I only have this to say for those that want perfect paved trails to ride on. Stick to the city unless you have a mountain bike. Most Rails to Trails are not perfectly paved or graveled. Though they are kept up well.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Promising Trail

January, 2014 by kjjern

I live in Farmersville near the southern trailhead and ride this trail often with my daughter. It's a nice trail and I've seen it improve over the years. One drawback is the fact that horses are allowed on it. I have nothing against them nor would I try to deny recreational use of the trail to their riders, but they are tearing up the crushed granite section of the trail. It used the be nice and smooth but now it is pock marked with hoof prints and is quite rough in spots. If this keeps up it will be hard to ride with anything but a mountain bike, much like when it was just a gravel trail left over from when the train tracks and railroad ties were removed. It would be a shame to let that happen to this fun trail.

Chaparral Rail Trail

Recent Improvements

October, 2013 by 01drider

Groups have been working to improve the Southern Part of this Trail from the trailhead in Farmersville to the southern city limits in Pecan Gap. There is more work to be done, but this 37 mile section of the trail is now open.

The first 5 miles are paved with asphalt, concrete, or decomposed granite, and bridges are decked. No railings are in place.

The rest of the 37 miles vary, with most sections double track, some vegetation issues, and many open, un-decked trestles. WALK YOUR BIKE ACROSS UNDECKED BRIDGES! Caution is advised, but I have cycled the entire way on a hybrid bike. Most of the trimming has been of woody stock with hand trimmers. Carry clippers and help out along the way as the mood strikes you. Also, remember, grass grows daily.

The fido listed in one of the reviews at the 3 mile mark was my black and tan beagle mix, and he is now dead. He was always friendly, and I always knew he was there. Now, I miss him.

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