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Recent Trail Reviews

Riverparks East Bank Trail

love the riverside trail!

September, 2022 by kbtunnell1986

Love the atmosphere, people, parks, and it’s also a pretty scenery all throughout! Love seeing active people enjoy along with their kids tagging along.

Osage Prairie Trail

great trail!

September, 2022 by kbtunnell1986

Beautiful scenery, well kept, not crowded. Love all the bridges!

KATY Trail (Tulsa)

rough area

August, 2022 by boomer.soon1998

The trail is not bad, decently maintained. However, this is a rough part of Tulsa. There was homeless camps in the woods next to the trail, there was a homeless guy passed out on the trail, I was threaten by a gang member. If you’re gonna do this trail, don’t do it alone. Also a lot of construction as of august 2022. It also leads right to David L. Moss which is a very dangerous area and a lot of homeless.


Osage Prairie Trail

Osage prairie trail

July, 2022 by derekjett

Rode from skiatook to Sperry. So easy and flat and pleasant. Lots of green trees and nice bridges and country roads. Interestingly this trail is NOT on all trails

Pathfinder Parkway

We started at Jo Allyn park and enjoyed the shady ride heading northwest. Spotted two cardinals, a doe, and many grey squirrels.

June, 2022 by mwilsonlyon

We started at Jo Allyn park and enjoyed the shady ride heading northwest. Spotted two cardinals, a doe, and many grey squirrels.

Riverparks West Bank Trail

Morning ride riverbanks West Trail

June, 2022 by kevincall

We parked just north of the 71st St. bridge on the east side, road across the river end up to Turkey Mountain. We continued open till the trail is closed at 36th St. The section near 30 turkey mountain is forested and beautiful, but you do pass next to a sewage treatment plant. North of the Sewage treatment plant is not as beautiful as the turkey mountain section, but still a nice ride. The climb up to Turkey Mountain from the river averages about 3 1/2% for about a half mile. The steepest sections are between 4 1/2 and 5%. We turned around at 36th St. and backtracked . Coming into Turkey Mountain from this direction again it averages about 3 1/2% grade for a little over a half mile, but the steepest sections are around 9%, but are very short. This is a good trail for a good exercise ride. We only passed a few bicyclist along the way and a few walkers New Jersey now. Other than that¿

Riverparks East Bank Trail

Riverparks East Trail

June, 2022 by kevincall

I parked near the sand volleyball area just south of 71st st. Rode north along the river to Southwest Blvd then crossed the river. Rode south for about a mile and the Riverparks west trail was closed about a mile south of the river crossing I then backtracked to the start instead of doing a planned loop. Total of 15 miles.
The trail is beautiful. Well maintained surface in a beautiful greenspace, multiuse parkway. Trail was not overly busy as Tulsa Tough was happening at the same time. I assume many of the more serious riders were in this event.
This is one of the most beautiful trails I have ridden, even though it was very hot and muggy at mid-day. There were restrooms and water along the way if needed.

Osage Prairie Trail

May 2022: Bridge out

May, 2022 by fpndx5cbsp

I read the reviews and they all had merit; there is horse poop on the trail, a bridge is out with no warning or signs of being repaired and there are multiple streets to cross and some of them are fairly heavily trafficked—on the plus side, it’s also very lovely, shaded for long stretches and not busy. Slight grades, easy to run/walk/bike. I ran 10 and I saw only one bike and two walkers. Overall very pleasant—no lighting along trail so not a good spot to go before or after the sun comes or goes.

Newblock Park Trail

quick connection

May, 2022 by fpndx5cbsp

Just a small connection from Riverpark to Katy, easy and short, I’ve not seen anyone in passing when I run here.

KATY Trail (Tulsa)

Easy Run/kinda sketchy

May, 2022 by fpndx5cbsp

Nice trail, well maintained, not very busy, mostly flat with some slight grades, long stretches are shaded and then some are full sun. There is a fairly sizable homeless/addicts/drunk population that live in the bushes and by the trains. No one bothered me as I ran but I definitely would bring my mace next time I run this, and never in the evening or too early in the morning.

Mingo Trail

Could be a vary good trail.

March, 2022 by hthomas49

This could be a very nice trail IF the city would maintain it as well as they do River Parks. It is fully paved or asphalt, but some of the asphalt is in bad shape. The main downfall is the homeless camps and all the trash they bring along with them. Under almost every bridge there is trash and broken glass. By each park, Boeing and Hicks, there will be trash and broken glass. I ride this trail 90+ days a year and am always saddened by its condition.

Osage Prairie Trail

Bridge is still Closed

March, 2022 by stvatandem

Rode the Osage starting from OSU and went to Skiatook. The bridge across Flat Rock Creek is still closed, so there are concrete blocks on the trail at E 36th St N and E 46th St N, but no signs indicating a detour. We (on a tandem) opted to go west to N Hartford Ave which is wide and not busy at the time we rode it. Going to the east, is N. Peoria Ave (Rt-11). Google Street View shows it has a sidewalk that might be rideable.
All other comments regarding glass and loose dogs are accurate. In addition, we found numerous piles of "horse poop" on the trail as well. The trail south of Sperry could use some TLC in the way of community clean up events.

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