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Ashton-Tetonia Trail

views and blues (sky that is)

June, 2020 by aparrott58

Rode from Felt to Lamont and from Ashton to Drummond. Nice trail with great views. The only problem were the cross trail ruts caused by the moles digging into the trail in the winter (and leaving mounds of dirt that are uncovered when the snow melts) and the larger mammals who burrow into the trail surface and leave either big holes or mounds. It seems that since this trail is a state park, the state needs to put a little more maintenance on the trail surface and get rid of these frequent holes. The trail surface is rough in areas. Maybe the state left it like this for authenticity? The trestles are stunning. The state is making more parking areas to spread out the use as the 5 THs were crowded on the nice Saturday we rode.

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Worthy of A Ride

June, 2020 by acewickwire

Location: Idaho Falls, ID
Parking: Ryder Park, south end of trail
Trail Condition: Some sections excellent, some portions older and needs attention. Good number of sections need some brushing work to clear brush, low hanging tree limbs, and weeds from along the trail.
Signage: Very minimal. Take a map along.
Comments: Overall I really enjoyed this trail. Great scenery and variety of art along trail. It passes through a number of parks and green spaces. A number of other trail users were encountered. I rode the complete trail system and logged 16 miles. From south end to northern end the most direct route was 5.7 miles.

Portneuf Greenway

Lots of Interconnected Little Trails

September, 2018 by

Lots of variety on this relatively short system of trails. I skated from Idaho State to Edson Fichter Nature Area and back. There are a few hills near campus but they aren't too steep. I really liked the varying scenery on these trails. Hills, sunflower fields, in-town section with big rock cliffs, sagebrush flatland, creekside, and then ending at a nice pond. Pavement is pretty good except along the creek on the way to Edson Fichter where it's rough for skating.


Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Still under development, but several beautiful loops and extensions are available for short bike day trips or walks. Signage much better now.

September, 2018 by rpersons

Still under development, but several beautiful loops and extensions are available for short bike day trips or walks. Signage much better now.

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Not 11 miles

July, 2018 by cldtennant

I agree with the prior posting, no signage, confusing, and hard to navigate. But the most disappointing part is that it was not 11 miles from one into the other. It’s 5 1/2 miles long and that was with getting lost several times. This needs to be corrected by rails to trails Conservancy.

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

September, 2016 by adsaxs

We started our ride at Freeman Park on Science Center Drive and did an out-and-back ride for the entire trail.

The greenbelt guide that is available online is broken down into sections and is somewhat confusing. The trail is paved but the trail surface is a mixed bag. Some parts are narrow with tree roots protruding on the trail. Other sections, such as the east side of Memorial Loop, are wide and recently re-paved.

There is no signage at all. At some points, the trail crosses some major intersections such as the Pancheri Bridge and there was little thought given to how the cyclist might safely cross the busy street. The trail along the Sunnyside Extension passes through an industrial area. You can continue along the west side of the trail and cycle through the Snake River Landing Trails but, again, no signage as to how to get there.

This city is not cyclist friendly so you’ll have to watch out for motorists who don’t know how to behave around cyclists.

The section of the trail near downtown called Temple Loop and Memorial Loops are pretty and take you through parks along the Snake River. There is some nice artwork in the parks with plenty of green grass and places to sit and have a picnic.

Overall, I feel that this path is geared more for walkers. However, it is an interesting way to see a slice of downtown Idaho Falls that is quicker than walking.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Need the proper equipment!

July, 2016 by mamory

My dad and I rode this trail starting at Ashton. He rides a comfort bike and I'm on a hybrid. I loved the views, but I pretty much hated the trail surface. I'm not a fan of mountain biking and that was part of my problem! It was widely variable with lots of softs spots, rocks, ruts, and other things I wasn't a fan of riding over! Also, there is no shade!

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

What a fun trip

October, 2015 by calvinator101

Went with my wife and 14yr son from Tetonia to Ashton. Took about 5 hours. Started about 130p and finished before 7p. It was fun and will do it again. We choose the Tetonia to Ashton direction because it's had a net downhill grade. Glad we did because this is the first bike ride for my wife and 30 miles is a long way to go for a beginner. She was a real trooper and finished in first place.

Overall it was a great ride. Beautiful scenery, easy ride and no one else on the trail.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Peace and Tranquility

August, 2015 by markidale

I rode this trail from Ashton towards Tetonia on a HOT July day. Although I started before 9am the temperature was near triple digits by noon. Despite the heat, which necessitated turning around about halfway, this was a lovely ride. You can't beat the views as you bike up to Tetonia. The rivers and streams, the various crops in full bloom, the trestles and not one other person on the trail! I'm not antisocial but I do like having a trail to myself! ¿¿ A couple things to take into consideration if riding this trail: there's no water so pack plenty; use the potties when you see them as they ate few and far between; take a mountain bike as parts of the trail are rough; start in Ashton if you're planning an out and back as then on your way back when you're tired it's a downhill coast.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Tetonia - Ashton - Tetonia

August, 2015 by mdechesne

we rode from Tetonia to Ashton and back on a hot afternoon. The trail is wonderful and the bridges spectacular. The views of the Tetons on the way back are indeed well worth it. We did not find too many soft spots (except in the detour) and rode on our cross bikes, which worked fine for us.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Beautiful Scenery

July, 2015 by rkhurst

This ride is definitely worth doing from Ashton to Tetonia so the Tetons are always in your view. Trestle bridges are cool too.

Over the length of the 30 miles, there's variation in the trail bed with some places being smoother/rougher than others. Our family of 5 (youngest was 8 years old) rode it in 6 hours with long lunch break on a hot day (85 degrees+). We didn't have any flat tires. We felt the "detour" section was the most difficult simply because of the hilly roads you had to travel.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

Ashton-Tetonia: Take a MTB!

June, 2015 by warnicklb

I had heard rumors that the AT trail was OK for cross bikes, so I tried my Trek Crossrip Elite with 700x32 tires out this morning. The verdict: Take your mountain bike, preferably with decent suspension. Most betweener-type-bike riders would find the AT a disappointingly slow, bone-jarring slog. And at the 20-mile mark (from Ashton), you cross a tricky rocky causeway with a long drop off on both sides.
The trail was fine, well-marked and in generally good condition, and there's great scenery (only the iconic Teton Mountains in the distance!). Surfaces are wildly variable, ranging from packed dirt to loose rock to gravel to gritty sand to bumpy tufts or widely spread grass. Passing over the bridges is a blast, but make sure you slow for the cattle-gate-type funnel at one end of each. You pass through mostly open country with only occasional stands of trees. Grades are gentle and you won't often find yourself needing to shift. One exception is the diversion south of Drummond, where you (if you start from Ashton) are first sent on a county two-track road between farm fields. There are a few steep pitches, and if the farmers are irrigating, the track can be pretty muddy. Careful there.
Most riders will find a 30-mile, one-way trek (I suggest starting from Tetonia most days) plenty of work. (I took the AT trail from Ashton to Tetonia and then Highway 32 back to Ashton. Just couldn't run my ill-suited bike back again.) There are nice opportunities for out-and-back trips covering part of the trail from both trail heads, but Ashton gets you to the longer bridges sooner, and the Tetons are in front of you.

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