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Recent Trail Reviews

Weiser River National Recreation Trail

A true rail trail

August, 2022 by annmom1

We rode from north trail head to Cambridge - 44 miles. This is a true rail trail - an old railroad bed in some places dirt, some gravelish, some bumpy, some deeper gravel. North to south is downhill, but you pedal the entire way. We loved the trail, but were definitely beat at the end. Do not underestimate the effort per mile. Scenery is terrific - woods at the beginning, scenic prairie and canyons toward the end. Take lots of water and spare tubes. You pass several towns, but alot is remote without cell service, and services are slim. We used Weiser Shuttle Service - highly recommend.

Boise River Greenbelt

Beautiful Ride

August, 2022 by loraleecampbell

Although still some closed areas. We were able to progress to our destination without any issues. Path is crowded at times around college and water park.

Boise River Greenbelt

Great Ride

August, 2022 by loraleecampbell

Beautiful fun ride! Lots of people so at times slow going.


Stoddard Pathway

Stoddard Pathway.

July, 2022 by leecordon

The pathway has been extended. It is at least three miles long now. Also it connects to Wilson Pathway which can extend it several more miles.

Boise River Greenbelt

lots of closed areas.

July, 2022 by jpprice1234

The green belt has so many closed areas and what is open is unpaved. We road in circles three times back to the beginning and started over to find a way up the river but with all the construction and new homes, private path signs, and construction vehicles we didn’t make it to our planned lunch spot. The map does not show the closures and new structures and fences that were in our way.

Weiser River National Recreation Trail

Scenic, but rough

June, 2022 by y86ipug8jp

A lot of rough trail, would highly recommend at least fork suspension. Also a lot of total cell black zones, so have backup navigation and communication option if you’re worried. Long stretches are completely isolated and road is inaccessible, so if you need medical assistance or have a break down, it can be a long walk. Great variety of scenery, and all the small towns the trail passes through are good for an hour’s investigation and/or a meal, particularly in Midvale. Having just done the entire trail, I’d recommend Fruitvale to Tamarack and back for by far the best bang for your buck.

Stoddard Pathway

WalkingWithWomen Katy

April, 2021 by walkingwithwomenkaty

A very nice walk. Great for all walking levels.

Boise River Greenbelt

The Boise River Greenbelt

January, 2021 by uwnkt6byyx

This is an incredible ride. The mostly paved path runs on both sides of the river in town with lots of stopping points. You’ll also find many parks offering great picnic stops, restrooms and bike tools. Plenty of entry points at the parks lining the river. Crowded in the summertime. Head east towards Lucky Peak Dam and it will thin out.

Boise River Greenbelt

vastly improved

June, 2020 by fgladics

Today in 2020 the various cities along the trail have made numerous improvements, added a number of parks and replace the bridges and trail segment damage in the flooding of 3 years ago. Today you can ride paved trail from Eagle Idaho all the way to Lucky Peak Dam to the east. The replacement of the bridge to Plantation Island is wonderful. And while the section in Garden City continue to have some rough areas, on the whole Garden City has done the most to improve the trail in their city. The replacement of the Plantation Islsnd bridge and pavement on the island is great. The new widening and resurfacing of the section from Plantation Island behind the former Le Bois horse track in nothing short of spectacular.

Boise River Greenbelt

what a difference two years make

June, 2020 by fgladics

Winter snows have been low. Spring rains have not been bad. New trail addition at west end of trail in Eagle is a great addition. While,as in the past, the Garden Valley section is the least enjoyable it is the most improved and it is clear the City of Garden Valley is working hard to upgrade the trail segments in their city. Perhaps the biggest hilighy is the the replacement ofPlsntation Islsnd bridge tole Bois horse racing facility.

Weiser River National Recreation Trail

Good bike trail

May, 2020 by aparrott58

Started at Weiser. Got a flat w/in 3miles of TH. We were riding our fat tire ebikes, each approx 70 pounds. We pushed/towed/tugged the one flat tired bike to a roaded access point through a private farm field, while my husband rode the one good ebike back to TH to get our Jeep and find me somewhere near a farm field. Pushing a 70 pound fatty in soft sand can be a challenge... Found a bike shop, JD's Bike Shop, in Weiser but due to Covid lockdowns, he wasn't open, BUT his phone was on and he was hanging out at his place so he drove over to his shop on his Harley and fixed our flats and a few other issues we were having with our bikes. Jeff was a great guy, we discussed politics and pandemics and for a mere $20 we were off again to finish our adventure.

The next day we started at the Wye TH and rode all the way to Fruitvale and back. We noted that the Hiway 95 bridge was being worked on but the signs for closing the trail were not blocking the trail (going south) so we navigated through the construction debris. At Starkey, the trail is closed with a number of signs and we were re-routed onto the adjacent road. We saw why the trail was closed. There are two lengthy trestles between Fruitvale and Starkey. The Starkey one is missing the entire rail/trail bed due to washout. Only the railing is there. (see picture). Repair for this will be costly. One the way back to the Wye TH, the "closed trail" signs under the Highway were put up but since our Jeep was at the TH, we hurried through this section despite the workers on the highway yelling at us. Yes it is dangerous because construction debris can fall off the bridge onto the trail (including orange peels) but we couldn't walk the 10 miles back to the TH or ride our bikes on the very crowded highway. At a minimum, there should have been a sign on the kiosk at the Wye regarding the closed trail. And there is no mention either of the missing trail at the Starkey trestle or the closure.

The following day was a short one as we rode between Goodrich to Mesa Siding. (Poor directions were given both on the RTC website and the brochures so for those who want to park at Goodrich (there are at least 3 spots on new gravel, but no room for trailers), remember to turn right at the Goodrich Creek road off of Goodrich road. Due to lots of housing development, there are alot of new roads and we ended up making lots of u-turns. There is a trail sign but it can only be seen if you drive from the Cambridge side. We drove in from the landfill side off the highway as the brochure indicated). This stretch of trail is very nice with turkeys, quail and the smell/spoor of a bear under or near the Weiser River bridge. No-one else was on the trail and we were not near the hiway so the peacefulness was very relaxing.

This trail is nicer on the north and middle parts but the south part out of Weiser was not so good and there are lots of puncture vine (aka goathead weed) plants just waiting to flatten a tire. (per Jeff at JD's Bike shop). Also there are very few places to sit and have lunch/snack. We found only two benches on the north end, and only one bench by Goodrich.

Weiser River National Recreation Trail

Cambridge to Council in October 2019

October, 2019 by rminch

A nice 40-mile round trip from Cambridge to Council and back in early October 2019. Trail surface was mostly dry, ranging from gravel to a bit rocky. Not great for road bikes but good for mountain bikes and very good for the fat-tire (4-inch-wide) e-bike (allowed) I used this time. Most casual mountain bikers might average about 10 MPH. This section is almost all away from the highway and other roads, so very peaceful. Trees and river views increase as you go north. I had to open about eight cattle gates but none were locked and this may vary by season. There is camping and lodging at Mundo Hot Springs and several other places along or near this segment of trail. Thanks to the many volunteers who maintain this great trail!

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