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Great American Rail-Trail

3743.9 mi
State: DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY
Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone

Wyoming Heritage Trail

22 mi
State: WY
Asphalt, Ballast, Dirt, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
Note: This developing route is not yet fully contiguous – it is just over 50% complete. Please refer to the Trail Map for more information on the existing sections of trail, as well as the online...
DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY 3743.9 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone
The Wyoming Heritage Trail extends from Shoshoni south to Riverton and is paved from the trailhead in Riverton to the outskirts of the town. From there north it's mostly dirt or gravel. In places it's...
WY 22 mi Asphalt, Ballast, Dirt, Gravel

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Great American Rail-Trail

best trail ever

March, 2021 by tpassarelli_tl

wonderful trip across America

Great American Rail-Trail

Great ride today

July, 2020 by vlc9802

We rode this trail from Toulon to Princeville today. It was great! The path was very good. It is mostly shaded. Excellent. We stopped in Wyoming on our way back for lunch. Ate at 111 Coffee Shop. Don’t be fooled, this is NOT just a coffee shop. The lunch was delicious. And it is decorated all with bikes! Perfect for us bikers. And check out the bathroom. Cute!!! Can’t wait to do more of the route from Princeville going south.

Great American Rail-Trail

Best Trail Ever

January, 2020 by cbyounger

This is the best trail I have ever ridden!


Wyoming Heritage Trail

Shoshoni end of trail.

September, 2019 by normanbowers

Shoshoni end of the trail has a mile of pavement, then 3 miles of fairly good gravel surface. At about 4 miles begins a lot of loose rock, which makes riding more difficult. I got tired of the loose rock and turned around at the 5 mile mark. The gravel surface is typically ok if you stay in the track made by motorized vehicles. You need a mountain bike for this trail.

The adjacent land is high desert, beautiful, peaceful, quiet, and remote.

Wyoming Heritage Trail

Don't Bother

August, 2019 by oldertwin

Once you leave the asphalt, this trail is not well maintained. Very over-grown with vegetation. In addition, if you are not used to riding in sand, this trail could be a little tricky

Wyoming Heritage Trail

October, 2014 by boysenkdx

Wyoming Heritage Trail

Rode The Trail With My Dirt Bike

October, 2014 by boysenkdx

It was a fun ride! I only rode till i saw the river. I started in Shoshoni and rod sit solo. Was a great ride pretty easy trails until going around the washed out place but still wastnt hard I could have went farther but I was alone. On my ride I saw one of Razor and some hunters. Great Ride for ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Ect.

Wyoming Heritage Trail

5 on horseback

July, 2014 by cowboypasterdan

It was good from Riverton until we came to the bend in the river with no bridge. We had ridden approximately 4 miles. We tried to go around where the ATV's had went but someone had put up a fence without a gate for horses. Very disappointing because we had planned to make an all day trip to Shoshoni.

Wyoming Heritage Trail

Horse back riding

July, 2013 by bonnie99

We left Shoshoni and traveled toward Riverton,
not too long after we crossed the large wooden bridge the trail had a cattle guard and barb wire fence across the access.

If I had wire cutters I would have been tempted to cut it due to the fact it is suppose to be for horses and whoever put the barb wire fence up could have put in a gate.

I am very disappointed in the Rails to Trails.
Linda Permann

Wyoming Heritage Trail

very rough and disappointing

May, 2010 by riverton_citizen

We have heard people talk about this trail so we investigated today on bikes. It is a very rough trail north of Riverton, more suitable for ATV's than bikes. About 7 miles north, the trail is washed out at the river, there are alternative trails blazed by ATV's to the top of the bluff and then down to the trail again, but it too steep for bikes, even walking them. So, we are pretty disappointed, wanted to ride the entire segment to Shoshoni and back to Riverton. The best part of this trail is the 1883 bridge and the sign "Smile Your on Camera". Couldn't figure out if it is supposed to be funny or someone couldn't spell. The trail in town is ok, but you have to cross major roadways (Main and Federal) without pedestrian lights, very scary!

Wyoming Heritage Trail

Great ride on a rough trail

June, 2009 by Varleys

June 1, Monday
What a nice ride! And something of an adventure too. I found the start of the Wyoming Heritage Trail at the south end of Riverton. The path went right through the town in little segments that were very nicely done and then road crossings in between. The trail is paved through town and for another mile or so. After that it is more of an ATV trail where bikes are allowed. The surface is rough and rocky and suited more to ATV’s than bikes. Think constant jarring! That said however it was worth the ride and there were many places where it wasn’t too rough. Lots of wildlife and the scenery is great. The trail crosses and then follows the Wind River. After I’d ridden an hour or so I came to a place where the bridge was out. Out as in missing altogether. ATV’s had made a continuing trail up a very steep hill and I pushed my bike up this loose, slippery, slope. After a few hundred feet the ATV trail lead back down the other side of the hill in an even steeper angle that I didn’t think I could get down and back up. This was disappointing & I turned back.

Minuses: I do wish the surface of this trail could be improved to make it more bike-friendly. I think most bike riders will be unhappy with the surface conditions of about 40% of this trail.
Also I would have liked to continue towards Shoshoni but didn’t see a way to do it.
The trail sections in town cross many busy streets requiring attention and patience.
There is no designated parking for the trail.

Pluses: This is a gorgeous area through farming country, marches, and river bottom-land. It could be one of the outstanding trails in the rail-trails system with some work on the surface. The old bridges are a nice touch! The wildlife was a nice surprise. A blue heron flew out just a few feet in front of me. There are lots of white-tailed deer and many rabbits and all kinds of birds.

Wyoming Heritage Trail


October, 2007 by

I could almost hear the sound of the train whistle as My wife and I rode this trail. Wyoming doesn't get much better than this.

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