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Eastern Shore Trail

24.7 mi
State: AL
Asphalt, Concrete

Flint River Greenway (AL)

1.8 mi
State: AL
Asphalt, Concrete

Sunset Drive Trail

3.7 mi
State: AL
Asphalt, Concrete

Tennessee River Greenway

1.4 mi
State: AL
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
On Alabama's eastern border, nestled amid gentle hills that overlook the mighty Chattahoochee River, is a cluster of four small textile mill towns—Shawmut, Langdale, Fairfax, and Riverview—all on the...
AL 7 mi Asphalt
The Eastern Shore Trail runs along the east side of Mobile Bay from Spanish Fort to Weeks Bay, passing through the communities of Daphne, Montrose, Fairhope, Battles Wharf and Point Clear along the...
AL 24.7 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Flint River Greenway is a scenic trail through the Hays Nature Preserve, a wooded area where deer, rabbits, birds and other wildlife are abundant. Here, you can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing,...
AL 1.8 mi Asphalt, Concrete
This is a rolling paved trail that follows along the shoreline of Guntersville Lake and is alongside Sunset Drive. Some of the hills are a little long, but there are plenty of flat areas as well. The...
AL 3.7 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Tennessee River Greenway is a short, but scenic, route in southern Huntsville with a forested area on one side and the river on the other. The trailhead at Ditto Landing offers a great place to...
AL 1.4 mi Asphalt
Nature-lovers, birdwatchers and history buffs will enjoy the many hidden gems this trail has to offer, including a waterfall (hidden off of side trail), nesting bald eagles, an old cemetery (another...
AL 2.5 mi Asphalt

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Recent Trail Reviews

Chief Ladiga Trail

Very nice trail

November, 2021 by biguglymaniac

The Chief Ladiga trail, to me, is a great extension of the Comet (or the Comet is an extension of the Ladiga?) in my opinion, the trail is a very fun trail, but you need to understand it to ensure it is fun for you. Coming from the Georgia border, the trail is very picturesque but there are some rural sections that are a little bumpy for the high pressure 700c crowd, although the 2" tire MTB crowd wouldn't notice anything. In my opinion, Piedmont to the border trailhead is fantastic, and Piedmont to Jacksonville State University is equally awesome. The ride from Jacksonville State University to Anniston is pretty pointless unless you are riding it just so you can say you did the whole thing. The Anniston terminus is very underwhelming, kind of just ending in the middle of nowhere near a small park area.

At the time of this review, Ebikes are not legal on the Chief Ladiga trail, regardless of class. In reality, they are fine IMO since there is zero enforcement and from what I understand, zero plans to enforce. Currently there is no legal distinction between a class 1 Ebike and a full dress Harley. As far as I know, Alabama is simply behind in recognizing Ebikes. We rode half the trail on Ebikes and half on acoustics and even used the Police Station parking in Piedmont to load/unload our Ebikes and had no issues. Ebikes are fun and this trail makes them more fun!

Lastly, there is a time change at the border of the Comet and the Ladiga. The comet is in Eastern time and Ladiga is in Central time. Great place to do some time travelling, and if you want to go for a record, you can start just barely on the Comet then ride to Piedmont to collect your new record time (at least by the clocks)!

Gateway Greenway

I found this to be an easy quick 2 mile walk. If you are just starting like me to work on getting healthy this is perfect. The history that you are walking around makes it interesting too.

October, 2021 by tamisoloman

I found this to be an easy quick 2 mile walk. If you are just starting like me to work on getting healthy this is perfect. The history that you are walking around makes it interesting too.

Chief Ladiga Trail

Nice trail, but watch out for "road apples"

September, 2021 by stvatandem

My wife and I rode from Piedmont to the AL/GA state line. The asphalt pavement was pretty good and the areas where tree roots had pushed up the pavement have been ground down. The trail is a steady climb starting just east of Piedmont up to the state line. The bridge transitions are fairly smooth. Starting at 8.7 miles (state line is 0.0) to 4.8 miles, we encountered many "road apples" (aka horse poop) on the pavement. Fortunately, the trail was not busy and we were able to dodge them. Apart from that, the trail is a nice ride.


High Ore Line Trail

Great Trail!!

September, 2021 by a.rae1980

My son and I did this trail recently on a beautiful Saturday, plus the extension of Red Mountain Park, a workout. Round trip a little over 6+ miles and not being an experienced biker, just a rider from time to time, this really pushed me. I did walk some but mostly rode.
The extension of Red Mountain Park side is tougher than just the High Ore Trail alone, but well worth the ride.
There is not parking for the High Ore Trail that we could find except for at the Red Mountain Park Side and ride it down and through the Trail.
We'll be back and hopefully I can ride the whole trail this time without walking any. :-)

Aldridge Creek Greenway

Comute route

September, 2021 by knvtz9qdp9

Nice and clean Well kept.Beware was designed to flood you may have to turnaround don’t drown.

Elgie's Walk Greenway

Elgie’s Greenway

September, 2021 by knvtz9qdp9

Nice flat 2 mile trail connecting to short bike path to South parkway.

Elgie's Walk Greenway

gator trail

September, 2021 by v8ihaynh23

About half this pleasant short trail is in shade and half in sun. Watch for interesting wildlife, including herons, owls, turtles, snakes, beavers (if they haven’t been killed off ¿), and even alligators. Watched a large (5-6ft) one sunbathing back in May and a small (12-18in) one this week (Sept4). Nice trail. Stay out of the ponds. Looking forward to linking this trail to new ones in near future.

Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail


September, 2021 by vpdn5yq96s

This was hard to find and harder to find the start. No maps of the trail were posted where I parked (somewhere near 22nd). I was a bit sketched on leaving my car unattended as some rando in a pedo van was sitting there (left when I got out). Anyways, I made it 1.3 and had no clue where to go but back. Judging by the money spent on the city hall, I’m sure they could use some to pick the trash up along the trail. I wouldn’t recommend this trail without figuring the whole trail out.

Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail

A series of trails¿

September, 2021 by vpdn5yq96s

Took a while to figure this trail(s?). It seems that it’s broken in sections with no parking area really identified. The one I did find was a bit shifty (off 22nd st). Some rando in a pedo can was just sitting there. I couldn’t figure out why there’s trash all along the trail. Judging by the amount of money put into the trail and the city hall, you’d think it’d be clean. The section I did run was 1.3. Also, no trail map at the beginning or my end (it was an end point).

Historic Bridgeport Walking Trail

Bridgeport Walking Trail

August, 2021 by brucebeach

Trail is one mile out, and one mile back(you have to make the roundtrip). You walk up an incline from the railway station parking lot, about 75 yards or less, and the rest of the walk is flat. The first half thru the park is almost all in the shade and then the walk across the bridge/river is all in the sun. Very beautiful, peaceful, an easy stroll for older people, like my wife and I. If you find yourself in the Bridgeport, Alabama area, I would highly reccomend.

Richard Martin Trail

Great Ride

July, 2021 by pchambers1965

I decided to drive the 50 miles from Columbia Tennessee down here to this trail after work as a last minute idea. Great little trail. I started at Veto, Al (mile 11) and rode it to the beginning (mile 0.0) and back. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. The tree canopy kept the trail extremely cool even though the temp was in upper 80s. This trail doesn’t need to be paved

Chief Ladiga Trail

A decent trail

July, 2021 by dmsgls101020

A decent trail
I rode this trail when it about 18 years ago and rode it last November 2020. For the most part, it is maintained. It would be nice if those maintaining the trail would give more attention to the roots. Don’t let the root comment stop you from riding this trail. CL was my first RT biking experience over 18 years ago. I look forward to riding it again soon, perhaps this year, 2021. It is a fully paved asphalt trail. There is plans to the extent it two more miles we were told in 2020 by another biker.

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