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Gabel Road Trail

0.8 mi
State: MT

Gallagator Linear Trail

1.6 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Crushed Stone

Great American Rail-Trail

3743.9 mi
State: DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY
Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone

Greenough Park Trail

0.8 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Dirt

Jim Dutcher Trail

6.5 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Concrete

Kim Williams Nature Trail

4.2 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel

Lake Elmo Trail

1.4 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Concrete

Lewistown City Trail System

20 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Crushed Stone

Missouri Headwaters State Park Trails

5.3 mi
State: MT
Dirt, Grass

NorPac Trail

22.2 mi
State: ID, MT
Concrete, Dirt, Gravel

River's Edge Trail

55 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Gravel

Riverfront Trail (MT)

3.5 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Ballast, Gravel

Route of the Olympian

31 mi
State: MT

Spring Meadow Lake State Park Trail

2 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Crushed Stone
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Gabel Road Trail stretches nearly a mile through TransTech Center, a high-tech business park in southwestern Billings. The trail offers pleasant landscaping and views of several manmade ponds as...
MT 0.8 mi Concrete
The Gallagator Linear Trail runs diagonally for more than 1.5 miles through the east side of Bozeman. The trail, which has a crushed stone surface for the vast majority of its route but is paved at...
MT 1.6 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone
Note: This developing route is not yet fully contiguous – it is just over 50% complete. Please refer to the Trail Map for more information on the existing sections of trail, as well as the online...
DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY 3743.9 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone
The Greenough Park Trail is truly one of urban Missoula's best, making for a peaceful refuge from the city hubbub and near the downtown area. The trail makes a loop through this lush 42-acre park, not...
MT 0.8 mi Asphalt, Dirt
The Jim Dutcher Trail offers 6.5 miles of paved pathway along the Yellowstone River through eastern Billings up to the northeastern neighborhoods of Billings Heights. Along the way, the trail is...
MT 6.5 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Kim Williams Nature Trail provides a scenic stroll or bike ride alongside the Clark Fork River, connecting several parks in downtown Missoula. It also connects to the Riverfront Trail, giving...
MT 4.2 mi Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel
The Lake Elmo Trail offers a 1.5-mile paved route around the scenic lake, situated in northern Billings. Lake Elmo State Park offers plentiful recreational opportunities, including swimming, fishing,...
MT 1.4 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Lewiston Trails System refers to the 20 miles of multi-purpose trail winding through this central Montana community. The trails are usable all-year round. Every few miles, the terrain switches,...
MT 20 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone
The Missouri Headwaters State Park offers 5 miles of unpaved trails to explore its picturesque landscapes by foot, horseback, or mountain bike. The park spans more than 500 acres and, within its...
MT 5.3 mi Dirt, Grass
Notice: The US Forest Service has closed the Borax Tunnel indefinitely as it is in imminent danger of collapse.Contact the Superior Ranger Station at Lolo National Forest for more information and...
ID, MT 22.2 mi Concrete, Dirt, Gravel
Many groups collaborated to create the scenic and wild River's Edge Trail: the city of Great Falls, Cascade County, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Montana Department of Transportation,...
MT 55 mi Asphalt, Gravel
Missoula's Riverfront Trail follows both the north and south sides of the Clark Fork River through city parks downtown and near the university campus. The trail is part of a larger city-wide system...
MT 3.5 mi Asphalt, Ballast, Gravel
The 31-mile long Route of the Olympian is one of several rail-trails occupying the former Pacific route of the Milwaukee Road, which originally connected the railroad's Wisconsin hub with Washington...
MT 31 mi Gravel
This pleasant trail is busy during hot summer days, when families come out in droves to swim, fish and paddle non-motorized boats around this small lake. No bikes are allowed on the trail but you can...
MT 2 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone

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Recent Trail Reviews

Lewistown City Trail System

great in town trails and not far from creek!

September, 2021 by tawnyalhamlin

Good for walking running or riding!

Jim Dutcher Trail

Leisure ride

September, 2021 by opeesmiles

Perfect for a family ride. Took 5 of us about an hour to go from St Mary Rd in the Heights to the Yellowstone River parking lot just past the 90 overpass and back. Ages 13-49 were on the trip. We weren’t pushing it at all.

Bitterroot Trail

not a fan

August, 2021 by jeanette.saltzman

We rode ten miles north from Hamilton. Trail goes along a noisy highway, through ugly industrial/commercial areas. The trail is paved, wide and flat. They are the only positives I can see. Maybe the rest of the trail is better- don’t bother with the southern end. We went west on side roads on the way back. So much nicer.


Grant Creek Trail


August, 2021 by debimiller91

2 9% grades but Ebikes are the way to go. Beautiful area and beautiful homes

Headwaters Trail System


July, 2021 by joglazewski

For a trail with so much potential, this fell far short of expectations. Passes through beautiful scenery between a riverfront State Park, and cute little town.
Has not been given the attention it deserves. Asphalt surface cracked with painful gullies and erosions, NO signage. We rode back on a road with light traffic, but no shoulder and 70 mph speed limit to avoid having to ride this surface again.

NorPac Trail

Been there, done that, don’t need to go back.

July, 2021 by acewickwire

Went from Saltese to Lookout Pass one day and Lookout Pass to Mullan the following day. Take a map. Only saw three signs indicating Northern Pacific Trail and they were on the Idaho side, very little help. The Borax tunnel is closed but a steep bypass route is available, hike-a-bike up this steep road. Again this is a multi-use trail, 10 ATVs passed by, campers along the trail, Forest Service truck and semi with excavator on a trailer came down the trail, plus a few bikers encountered on the trail. Saw a number of deer, including a very nice buck. Trail condition was good and easy enough to ride. On the Idaho side a couple mile section of the trail has a 4% grade, the norm is 2%. That section was easy to coast down with a little more effort to come up but still not terrible. The trail map shows the trail ending at the fish hatchery but the description talks about starting in Mullan. Estimate the overall trail length from Saltese to Mullan to be close to 28 miles. Don’t expect trail signage, take a map, and read the trail description details.

Route of the Olympian

Been there, done that, don’t need to go back.

July, 2021 by acewickwire

This completed my ride of the Montana section of the Great American Rail Trail. Rode from St. Regis to the East Portal of the Route of the Hiawatha and back down. Was a long day of riding, estimated 65 miles. This is a multi-use trail, so basically it is a gravel/dirt road with vehicle access on 90% or better of the route. Some vehicles were encountered on the return trip and two other bike groups were going west as I was coming back down. There is some trail signage, however at the 2.5 mile mark there was a confusing intersection, look for the ATV bypass sign and follow. The remainder of the trail was generally straight forward to follow. A few deer and one moose calf were seen on the trail. Overall the trail condition was good with a few sections of loose gravel but easy enough to get through. Being rail-to-trail the grade was a steady but gradual climb to the finish.

Bitterroot Trail

Heads out of town for long ride

July, 2021 by acewickwire

Nice trail following along the active rail tracks for the first couple miles. I started at mile 0 and went for about 3.5 miles, just a short distance past the Bitterroot River crossing (TrailLink map doesn’t show this as continuous but it is). At this point the trail is getting out of town. There are a number of street crossings and since it was early Sunday morning not a lot of traffic. Some of the crossings have signals. Drivers stopped when they saw a bike coming without having to activate signals. Trail is wide and nicely paved.

Route of the Olympian

Route of the Olympian Trail

July, 2021 by petermunk7

Rode this trail in June, 2021 as part of the 300k Bitterroot Loop. Loop riders head East on the Coeur D'Alene and Nor Pac trails, then turn around & head back West on the Hiawatha Trail. You can turn around at Taft or Saltese, but we chose to turn around at Haugan, where there was lodging & a restaurant available. Riding East from Lookout Pass, we left the Nor Pac 1/2 mile before Saltese, making the right turn at the sign marked "upper grade." This takes you to the Olympian Trail. 1/2 mile East of this connection, there is a RR bridge with loose gravel, holes in the deck, and no side railings -- better to walk the bikes across. East of this bridge, the surface is excellent -- packed dirt with no large rocks, no ruts, no soft sand, and very few potholes. It could be muddy after a rain, but for us it was a perfect surface, easily ridable on our road bikes with 35mm tires. Clearly the surface has been graded and filled in since the 2019 reviews were posted. Cannot say what the surface is like East of Haugan.

The next morning we left Haugan and headed back (West), continuing on the Olympian beyond the Nor Pac turnoff in Saltese. The surface continued to be excellent all the way to the Hiawatha trail. Scenery was awesome, saw some wildlife, and the Dominion Trestle was impressive -- you are riding at treetop level. The short tunnel just past the Trestle had a muddy surface, so better to walk the bikes there.

NorPac Trail

Nor Pac Trail

July, 2021 by petermunk7

Rode the Nor Pac Trail in June, 2021 as second leg of the 300k Bitterroot Loop. The signs showing the connection from the Coeur D'Alene trail have been swiped, here is the route we took: At the Coeur D'Alene trailhead in Mullan, continue East on River, which turns into Friday, which turns into Larson. 1 1/2 miles from the Coeur D'Alene trailhead bear left to stay on Larson (not right to WIllow Creek). After another 1 3/4 miles on Larson, turn right onto Yellowstone (no street sign). Go up the hill and the Nor Pac is at the top -- take a sharp right onto the trail. After 2 1/2 miles on the Nor Pac, take a 180 turn to the left to stay on the Nor Pac (the railroad must have had a switchback here).

The Nor Pac surface is packed dirt with no soft sand. There are some small rocks, ruts, and potholes, but you can steer around them. I was able to ride it without difficulty using a road bike (gravel bike design) with 35 mm tires. Beautiful scenery of forest and mountains climbing up to Lookout Pass. Snacks available at the Lookout Pass ski area. I would have given this trail 5 stars, except that the dirt surface will be muddy after a rain.

As others have reported, the Borax Tunnel on the Montana side is closed, with no ridable detour. We rode the 5 miles from Lookout Pass to Taft on I-90, which is legal in Montana. Yes, there is truck traffic, but there is a wide paved shoulder for the bikes. We have rear flashers & rear view mirrors & are comfortable riding on highway shoulders at home, so for us it was not a problem. We exited at Taft & jumped back on the Nor Pac to Saltese. The trail runs alongside I-90 between Taft and Saltese.

If you are going to stop at the Old Montana bar in Saltese for lunch, ride all the way to the end of the NorPac at the I-90 Saltese exit. If continuing East beyond Saltese, turn right off the NorPac 1/2 mile before Saltese and climb up the hillside to the Olympian Trail. The turnoff is marked with a sign pointing to the "upper grade" which means the Olympian Trail. Saltese has a motel & dinner is available, but not breakfast. So we continued on the Olympian Trail to Haugan & stayed there.

BA&P Hill Trail

Great trail, but very steep!

July, 2021 by elwoodmr

This trail will take you to the top of Butte, to the Memorial, and while it is very steep, it is worth it to take in the views. There are nice little signs along the way which talk about the history of mining and Butte. At the bottom, it ends at the Museum of Mining, which is a great underground tour.

Milwaukee Trail

Good way to get across town

July, 2021 by elwoodmr

While this isn’t the most scenic trail, it is a nice way to get east to west, across town. While it is mostly a residential trail, it is well paved and there are good signs to show you the way. It does cross several streets. It will connect up with the trail that runs along the river, and get you to the University.

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