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17 Results

BA&P Hill Trail

4.1 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Gravel

Great American Rail-Trail

3743.9 mi
State: DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY
Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone

Greenough Park Trail

0.8 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Dirt

Lewistown City Trail System

20 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Crushed Stone

Story Mill Spur

1.7 mi
State: MT
Dirt, Gravel

Bozeman Trail Connector

0.8 mi
State: MT

Great Northern Historical Trail

22 mi
State: MT

Kim Williams Nature Trail

4.2 mi
State: MT
Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel

Myers' River View Trail

0.9 mi
State: MT

NorPac Trail

22.2 mi
State: ID, MT
Concrete, Dirt, Gravel

Old Yellowstone Trail

11.9 mi
State: MT
Cinder, Crushed Stone, Dirt, Gravel

Route of the Olympian

31.2 mi
State: MT

Missouri Headwaters State Park Trails

5.3 mi
State: MT
Dirt, Grass

Bitterroot Trail (Livingston)

0.3 mi
State: MT

Sacajawea Trail

0.7 mi
State: MT
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The BA&P Hill Trail provides a fascinating glimpse into Butte's early history, winding its way through the town's historic neighborhoods and abandoned mineyards. The area was known as the "The Richest...
MT 4.1 mi Asphalt, Gravel
Note: This developing route is not yet fully contiguous – it is just over 50% complete. Please refer to the Trail Map for more information on the existing sections of trail, as well as the online...
DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY 3743.9 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone
The Greenough Park Trail is truly one of urban Missoula's best, making for a peaceful refuge from the city hubbub and near the downtown area. The trail makes a loop through this lush 42-acre park, not...
MT 0.8 mi Asphalt, Dirt
The Lewiston Trails System refers to the 20 miles of multi-purpose trail winding through this central Montana community. The trails are usable all-year round. Every few miles, the terrain switches,...
MT 20 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone
Overview Just a few miles south of Butte, the Milwaukee Road Rail Trail through Thompson Park offers a fun journey for 4.3 miles through two tunnels and across a trestle on the former Chicago,...
MT 4.3 mi Gravel
Overview Bozeman's Story Mill Spur begins just north of a former railroad depot, passes under I-90 and over the East Gallatin River, and traverses residential neighborhoods for 1.7 miles. About...
MT 1.7 mi Dirt, Gravel
The Bozeman Trail Connector winds through Livingston’s rural west end for nearly a mile. The firm gravel pathway begins in the Northern Lights subdivision and heads northwest along Fleshman Creek to...
MT 0.8 mi Gravel
The Great Northern Historical Trail extends 22 miles between the lakeside town of Somers and the mountain valley community of Kila. The trail follows part of the route of the old Great Northern...
MT 22 mi Asphalt
The Kim Williams Nature Trail provides a scenic stroll or bike ride alongside the Clark Fork River, connecting several parks in downtown Missoula. It also connects to the Riverfront Trail, giving...
MT 4.2 mi Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel
On the northeastern end of Livingston, the Myers' River View Trail parallels the east bank of the beautiful Yellowstone River. The mile-long gravel pathway includes a lookout over the river and offers...
MT 0.9 mi Gravel
Notice: The US Forest Service has closed the Borax Tunnel indefinitely as it is in imminent danger of collapse. Contact the Superior Ranger Station at Lolo National Forest for more information and...
ID, MT 22.2 mi Concrete, Dirt, Gravel
The Old Yellowstone Trail follows the old right-of-way of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad in southwestern Montana. The CMSPP, more commonly called the Milwaukee Road, was active...
MT 11.9 mi Cinder, Crushed Stone, Dirt, Gravel
Overview The 31-mile Route of the Olympian is one of several rail-trails occupying the former Pacific route of the Milwaukee Road, which originally connected the railroad's Wisconsin hub with...
MT 31.2 mi Gravel
The Tobacco River Memorial Trail, also known as the Kootenai Trail, offers northwestern Montana scenery as it stretches 7 miles from Eureka to Rexford off Lake Koocanusa. Much of the trail is wooded...
MT 7.4 mi Gravel
The Missouri Headwaters State Park offers 5 miles of unpaved trails to explore its picturesque landscapes by foot, horseback, or mountain bike. The park spans more than 500 acres and, within its...
MT 5.3 mi Dirt, Grass
The Bitterroot Trail offers a short outdoor excursion in northwestern Livingston, a rural community ringed by distant mountains and situated about 65 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. The...
MT 0.3 mi Gravel
The Sacajawea Trail winds along the Yellowstone River in the picturesque mountain town of Livingston. Trailside benches dotting the route allow you to soak up the beautiful views. A highlight of...
MT 0.7 mi Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

Valley Center Trail

Trail was clear of snow. Lots of sand

February, 2024 by skycrest1702

Trail was clear of snow. Lots of sand

Manhattan to the Gallatin River Trail

1/31/24. I cold but sunny day for a bike ride. The trail is in good condition. I continued to ride another 8 miles on the road towards Belgrade. Saw 4 mature eagles and some deer. Unclear where to park and no restroom. I parked at the school

February, 2024 by skycrest1702

1/31/24. I cold but sunny day for a bike ride. The trail is in good condition. I continued to ride another 8 miles on the road towards Belgrade. Saw 4 mature eagles and some deer. Unclear where to park and no restroom. I parked at the school

Shiloh Road Trail

Really nice trail. Unfortunately there are a couple bad roundabouts to be extra cautious for.

September, 2023 by jade.hildreth18

Really nice trail. Unfortunately there are a couple bad roundabouts to be extra cautious for.


Bitterroot Trail


September, 2023 by kaisasw

We looked forward to riding this trail for the views. It was very disappointing, the noise from riding next to the highway was too much for us. The trail is also quite bumpy. We started in Lolo and planned to go to Victor but turned around after 10 miles.

NorPac Trail

Does not always follow the NorPac rail line

August, 2023 by zfm7zhqwd5

Despite the name NorPac, the trail doesn't always follow the NorPac rail. Sometimes if follows the NorPac access road. Sometimes it follows the forest service roads created on the old NorPac rail line. Sometimes it follows forest service/County roads that don't have anything to do with the rail line. The maps of the route vary greatly. The one here on TrailLink seems as close as it could be. It matches what Garmin put into their biking map in the bike computer. It was easier to follow the Garmin map than any of the others. Most of the signs pointing out the route are gone so if you don't have a bike computer like the Garmin, it can be difficult to figure out where the trail goes in a couple spots like the pass, Taft, and Saltese. The Borax tunnel is collapsing so there is a bypass route. It's easy to find, just turn on the road when the big sign says road closed. You can still ride down to the tunnel to see the Borax tunnel. It's easier to see the collapsing from the bottom end of the tunnel. If you are coming from Mullan, the trail head from Larsen to the Yellowstone trail trailhead is really hard to find. Just get to the sign about the Hale Fishery and turn left. There is a good signage where it crosses the road to the snowmobile parking area/Yellowstone trail. The road was not difficult to ride. There are a lot of potholes but they are easy to get around. There are a couple of places where I'm not sure what the road builders for the forest service were thinking. With the exception of the bypass at the Borax tunnel, it's all easy to bike in both directions. The Borax Tunnel bypass is easy to bike down but going up is a hike-a-bike section. It's not long. The pass going from Mullan to Saltese is confusing if you don't have a map on your bike computer. The actual trail goes through the equipment parking area. The paved road to the left will get you down the pass to Taft, but it is not the trail. The trail swings out to some beautiful scenery, the paved road follows I-90 for the most part so it's noisy and not the best paved road I've ever ridden. At Saltese you can jump up to the Route of the Olympian. Do it at the sign about 1/2 mile before Saltese. Doing the hike-a-bike up the road at the trestle in Saltese is quite the uphill push. There is a sign telling you where to go up to access the upper route. It's a sign for four wheel vehicles, not bikes, so be aware of that. From there to St. Regis, the Route of the Olympian is fairly level, slightly downhill, and follows the St. Regis river for the most part. I parked at Taft and road up and over to Mullan so the trail made more sense. Then I biked back to St. Regis. 64 miles total but two beautiful trails. Neither trail had much traffic but they did have some so keep an eye out. In 64 miles I saw three ATVs and one group of six dirt bikes. Not much at all for that distance. I did ride on a Sunday so I expected more. I don't know how to post photos so some of this would be more clear. It was quite enjoyable and I'll likely do it again next year.

River's Edge Trail (MT)

Lots of fun art along the trail(at least in the section we rode)

August, 2023 by martie.bohls

Lots of fun art along the trail(at least in the section we rode)

Silver Bow Creek Greenway

Great trail!

August, 2023 by tcd74tpfsv

Wonderful trail, but who is going to take care of the weeds along it? Now that they have gone to seed the problem will get worse. ¿

Headwaters Trail System

Missouri Headwaters State Park to Three Forks

August, 2023 by estherfrey_tl

Beautiful trail with gorgeous scenery. There are a few areas that are bumpy but fine if you aren’t riding a road bike.

Lewistown City Trail System

Nice trails in town

August, 2023 by jxr74csq7g

We rode the trails from the fair grounds through town and west for a total of 15 miles one way. We rode them on drop bar bills with 700x32c tires with tubes and some tread in drop bar bikes (no suspension). We rode US-101 a short distance and got on the trail near the livestock auction area just across from the fairgrounds. Initially it was small gravel and the tires were fine. There were some short wooden bridges and there were bumps at each bridge. I would guess after about a mile the trail was paved with a very nice surface. That continued through town for about 3 miles. There were a number of street crossings. Most were no-traffic residential areas. One was Main Street, which ha

BBWA Canal Trail

residential trail

July, 2023 by rick360

The trail runs through residential area. Your next a small fast water moving canal for a small part of trail. Goes by park. Newer cement. Nice dog walking but not very scenic.

Route of the Olympian


June, 2023 by delmont425

This trail had been on my bucket list since we rode down to the tunnel from the Hiawatha trailhead in 2017. That was at the tail end of our trip and we had run out of time to explore. Today we finally got to do at least part of the Olympian on our gravel tandem. We parked in Haugan and rode up to East Portal, then back down past Haugan about two miles, stopping for ice cream at the colorful trailer with the M&M's theme along the trail back at Haugan. Having sampled it six years ago and being experienced gravel riders, we pretty much knew what to expect in terms of difficulty and trail characteristics. The trail was in good shape overall; the section up to Saltese was a little chunkier than north of Saltese but we easily managed with our tubeless Maxxis Ramblers, 700x50c. The southern section also had numerous low spots, not really potholes, but they do give you a good jolt if you hit them wrong. They were pretty easy to steer around in most cases. The short section just north of Saltese trestle up to the new NORPAC trail access road is a different texture of rock--coarser and a little bigger--and it shook the bike pretty noticeably but again, very manageable. Speaking of Saltese trestle, it seems to be in pretty good shape; the gravel is deeper than on the trail itself but it's easily rideable. Glad to hear of the preservation efforts the locals have undertaken there, I'd say it looks succesful. Dominion Creek Trestle is just breathtaking and it's my new favorite. So peaceful and scenic. Tunnel 19 was a bit muddy at the south entrance so we elected to walk our bike through it both ways just to try and stay a bit cleaner. After reaching East Portal and resting for a short time we bombed back downhill and went past Haugan about 2 miles just because we felt like it. Along the way we encountered several ATV's, all of which were very courteous to us and very friendly. We also met another local couple riding their mountain bikes on the trail and had a nice visit with them as well. All in all, a great day on a fabulously scenic trail! Next trip we will do the remainder down to St. Regis.

Headwaters Trail System

Beautiful ride!

May, 2023 by boulderjulie

We spent a day exploring the trails in this system, riding out to the Headwaters park, through the pond area, and along the edge of town and back. The area is stunningly beautiful, the town is full of friendly people (be sure to stop for lunch and pie at the Iron Horse in Three Forks!), and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day of riding. There are several good maps along the trail, but a few more would be helpful, especially since it's not just one trail but several that link up. We're giving this 5 stars because the scenery is so gorgeous, but the trail surface deserves a 3 or 4; some sections are smooth asphalt but some have bone-jarring cracks that need to be filled. Still-- we absolutely loved our day on this trail and can't believe we didn't see more people using it. We came to Three Forks specifically to ride this trail system, and we were not disappointed.

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