Duck Creek Recreational Trail


Duck Creek Recreational Trail Facts

States: Iowa
Counties: Scott
Length: 13.5 miles
Trail end points: Emeis Park at W. Central Park Ave. and Emeis Park Ave. (Davenport) and Havens Acre Park at S. Kensington St. and State St. (Bettendorf)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 6032199
Trail activites: Bike, Inline Skating, Wheelchair Accessible, Walking

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Duck Creek Recreational Trail Description

If every city in the United States had the foresight and commitment of Davenport, Iowa, we would be a perpetually pleased nation. While Davenport boasts a convenient location halfway between the increasingly bike-friendly cities of Chicago and Des Moines, it is the city's incredible trail network that truly makes Davenport a paradise for bikers, skaters, walkers and runners.

The Duck Creek Recreational Trail is the main feature of this trail network. The trail got its start in the 1930s, although the asphalt-surfaced design that is familiar today was initiated in the 1970s. Along its 13.5-mile route, almost all of Davenport's many public parks are connected. While this might seem a reasonable (though still quite nice) feature for a small town, Davenport is a fairly large city with a population over 100,000. In addition to linking Davenport's parks, the Duck Creek Recreational Trail connects the city to neighboring Bettendorf, which is oxymoronically considered the fifth Quad City along the Iowa–Illinois border.

If you plan on traversing the entire length of the trail, consider starting your journey at Emeis Park on the western side of Davenport. The trail travels north past residential development for less than a mile before turning sharply to the east. For much of the rest of the route, the trail runs alongside woods and open fields, as well as the eponymous Duck Creek. Runners and bikers are never far from houses or businesses, and the trail puts the proximity to good use—there are a number of connections to neighborhood roads along the way. Recreational amenities, such as baseball fields and tennis courts, are available at a few of the parks on the trail's route, including Garfield Park on Eastern Avenue. The trail ends in Bettendorf to the east of Davenport just off busy State Street, where a short ride or run on S. Kensington Street will connect you to the impressive Riverfront Trail.

While the Duck Creek Recreational Trail features tunnel crossings underneath some of the busier roads (including Interstate 74) and one rail line, trail users should be aware that there are a few at-grade street crossings. Just be sure to exercise caution when navigating the trail, especially at night.

Parking and Trail Access

There are dedicated parking lots for the Duck Creek Recreational Trail at every park along the trail's route. From west to east, these parks include: Eimes Park, Northwest Park, Junge Park, Garfield Park, Duck Creek Park, Middle Park, Hollow View Park, Devils Glen Park and Havens Acre Park. Refer to the TrailLink map for the exact location of the parking lots.

Duck Creek Recreational Trail Reviews

We started this trail at Devil’s Glen Park and cycled to Hickory Grove Road before turning around. It was about 10.5 miles one way. The mile markers are based upon the city and not the overall trail length. The trail takes you through a number of parks and residential areas. Some of the parks had restrooms, water and picnic tables.

The condition of the trail was a mixed bag. Some sections had overgrown roots on the trail or were very bumpy. However, overall the surface was in good condition. My biggest complaint would be that the transition from the trail onto a bridge was extremely bumpy. Plus, some junctions were not well marked and since we are not from the area, we had to backtrack a couple of times.

Overall, the trail was nice but not a showstopper.

Actually Davenport is about 100,000 people, not 400,000. davenp[ort is one of 4 cities with a grand total of over 300,000 persons. The duck creek trail now connects to another trail at the east end of Bettendorf that ends up along the Mississippi and follows the rover downtown and to the west terminus of the trail at Credit Island where the young US fought a very short war with the British and some Indians. I suggest you get up to date info from Parks and Rec. at Bettendorf, Ia. Actually they also extended this trail Eastbound from Alcoa Aluminum towards LeClair, Iowa a short ways.

I loved this trail that runs through Davenport and Bettendorf but seems to be surrounded by parks and trees. I wish it was a bit longer, though!


A great mix of residential areas, parks and business areas so the views are never boring. Goes under a lot of the main crossings, so it minimizes the delays crossing traffic. Not too many hills, but a little rolling in places. Just right!

I took the trail from Duck Creek Park to the edge of Emeis Golf Course. It runs along the creek and through several local parks.

The trail is great for inline skating in that there are only a few gentle hills and not many roads to cross. The pavement is a little rough is places, so a little more effort is needed to maintain speed and there's a bit more vibration than you'd like. Still, the path is very nicely maintained with pleasant views. Overall it was a great time!

I lived in Davenport growing up and as a teenager I would take my younger brothet and sister with there friends on this trail. Of course this was back in the 70's and it was great. though many of the trees were new and not a lot of shade back then. But we dodn't care we rode our bikes and had a blast. we probably rode the trail a dozen times or more. for end to end. It started at 84 lumber now Hickory Grove auto, (Junk Yard) and stopped right before bettendorf. Today I'm sure the trees have fully grown and the trail is longer. It starts at What made this trail so great is it runs along duck creek and that is were some of the city parks are located. you Start at Emeis park west side of Davenport, then you go through Northwest Park, Junge Park, Garfield park, next to Duck Creek golf course, Under Interstae 74 highway, Through Middle Park, Hollow View Park, Devils Glen Park and ends at HWY 67 & S Kensington St. It's an awesome trail today. Restroom at most if not all of the parks. along with rides and shelters. some have Pop machines. This trail was patroled by the police on bikes been a few years since I've been back. But if your in town and want some exercise this is one great place to get them. ¿ ¿

Beautifully maintained paved trail through the city mostly covered with tree shade. At mile 3, restaurants and bars are next to the trail. Very few streets to cross with traffic lights that start with in seconds of pushing the button. Good was for tourists to take a quick ride.

The full length of the Duck Creek Trail is now in good condition.

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