Tomorrow River State Trail


Tomorrow River State Trail Facts

States: Wisconsin
Counties: Portage, Waupaca
Length: 29.2 miles
Trail end points: Hoove Avenue (Plover) and Wolf Road (Manawa)
Trail surfaces: Crushed Stone
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6017731
Trail activites: Bike, Wheelchair Accessible, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Snowmobiling, Walking, Cross Country Skiing

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Tomorrow River State Trail Description

The Tomorrow River State Trail runs for nearly 30 miles between the Wisconsin towns of Plover and Manawa, linking with the communities of Scandinavia, Ogdensburg and Amherst Junction. There is a separate adjacent path for horseback riders, who (along with cyclists) need a state pass to use the trail (age 16 and older). Snowmobilers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers use the trail during winter. The trail passes through gently undulating terrain among Wisconsin's bucolic countryside, following an old railroad route.

There is a 1-mile gap in Amherst Junction between Alm Road and County Highway Q (2nd St.), which can be bridged via local roads. On the west end of the trail in Plover, you can pick up Stevens Point's Green Circle Trail system.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the trail in Plover, Amherst Junction, Scandinavia, Ogdensburg and Manawa. Find trailheads off Twin Towers Road in Plover, Cate Park in Amherst and the SR 49 overpass in Scandinavia. All Portage County trailhead parking areas have room for horse trailers as does a parking lot on Custer Road. Additional parking and public restrooms are available at Lake Emily County Park.

For more information, contact Portage County Parks in Stevens Point or Waupaca County Parks in Waupaca.

Tomorrow River State Trail Reviews

We started in Scandinavia and headed East to Ogdensburg.
Returned to Scandinavia for a picnic by the river before
venturing West for a few miles, then back to the initial spot. Trail was in perfect condition and the scenery
beautiful. November 5th and the temperature was 69 degrees F. We will return, for sure, to explore the remainder of this most inviting trail.

After reading the last couple reviews we were a little bit leery about this Trail but we found it to be pleasant, deserted, through beautiful fields and trees. We rode from Amherst Junction just past Scandinavia. The first 1.5 miles was on county highways, but was well marked, and not a lot of traffic on Sunday afternoon. If you like the beautiful farm fields around central Wisconsin framed by rolling hills of green forest, this is a great trail. Never saw another biker, and the tracks indicated there had been only one other set of bikers all day. We found it well maintained. It was after a wet night so the trail was soft, which made it seem somewhat up hill both ways! We worked coming back from Scandinavia! Glad the sun wasn't out most of the day as there is little shade, and no place outside of businesses in Scandinavia itself to get more water. We did enjoy cooling our feet in the River, though!

My wife and I like to try new bike trails and take in different scenery along the way. This trail was a big disappointment for us. We drove to Amherst Junction (not Amherst the next town). There we unloaded our bikes and soon realized that the trail was not connected through Amherst Junction. We did not want to ride on the county roads to find the trail that headed east, so we drove to Amherst and found the trail and parking at Cate Park. We headed east towards Scandanavia. The trail was decent, but no real scenery other than woods and farmland....boring compared to other trails we ride. Once we crossed into Waupaca county (there is a sign telling us of the county line), the trail deteriorated. There were weeds growing unmoved along the edges and in the middle of the trail. We had to weave around them to avoid them. At one point, I looked at a distance and could not tell if the trail was there or totally overgrown in weeds. The weeds were 18 to 24 inches tall and slapped our legs as we drove around them. After 10 miles, we turned around. It is like waupaca county forgot this trail exists. We saw one other biker on this trail on a Wednesday. Don't waste your time here.

The trail I will recommend in the Stevens Point area is the Green Circle Trail. It is 24 miles of ever changing scenery around Stevens Point. This one is well worth taking.


This is a mainly open, flat, country trail. Scenery is mainly trees and forest with some deer grazing. Lots of brush, high grass and weeds and some sandy areas make it less than ideal for cycling. Very little shade makes it a nice trail for the fall, if the ground is dry.

Trails on Portage County were smooth and a good ride. 4 miles east of Amherst the trails get awful and becomes more of a mountain bike path. Horses have put divots in the path and it was a rough ride all the way to manawa. The worst part was Scandanavia to Manawa. No upkeep to the trails, pot holes and weeds. Stay on the Portage County side of you want smooth trails.

Such a wonderful escape for a city-slicker. I was on my rode bike and did not have any trouble. The trail is beautiful, flat, and vacant!

Only suggestion, like other reviewers mentioned, there should probably be a sign or two, at the trail entrances...or maybe not. :)

I rode from Amherst to Ogdensburg this morning. You can't believe the scenery!

Started this trail in Scandanavia, Wisconsin about 6 pm. Trail was easy and flat although weeds are getting pretty high in spots. Finished just short of Manawa, took about an hour one way. Spotted about 9 deer off to the side and crossing the path. Spotted some water also. For current pix, go to my instagram 9040pjeanne.

I rode from Plover to the Portage/Waupaca county line and back. Picked up the trail behind the Copp's grocery store at Plover. This is where it connects to the Hoover Road Spur which is part of the Stevens Point Loop. Have also ridden the loop and this spur. The spur is paved and parallels Hoover Road for most of its length.

The trail surface was in great shape with few areas of loose stone. Saw many birds including a bluebird, an oriole, and an eagle. Scared up a number of rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and a deer.

It was the middle of the day on a Wednesday so pretty much had the trail to myself, which was a plus. Suggestions for improvement would include more benches, better signage in Amherst Junction, and directional signs on I-39/U.S. 51 that guide you to the trail head.

In Amherst Junction you must cross the tracks on grade, but there are no signs that direct you down the street to the portion of the trail that uses local roads. It was easy to mistake private roads or driveways for the trail. Traffic on the roads was light, but there is really no extra provision for bikes to share the road with cars and trucks. A cross country connector would be best, a paved shoulder acceptable.

Great trail, always in great shape. I don't see many others on the trail, its a shame because it's such a nice trail. I ride a mountain bike or my road bike on the trail. Beautiful scenery.

I rode the western 2/3 of this trail from Stevens Point to Scandinavia in 2010, and the eastern part in 2013. The surface is in good shape, just a little softer than the packed limestone trails further south, with an even softer portion on the last 3 or 4 miles at the eastern end. I felt like I was going uphill in both directions on that part. The trail is mostly in the open and exposed to the sun; trees are generally set back pretty far and do not provide shade.

There are few services directly on the trail other than the parking areas noted in the description, and no trailhead restrooms. Plover has picnic tables at the trailhead. The Amherst Junction trailhead is 1 block North of the trail. The trailhead at Cate Park on the east side of Amherst has shade and picnic tables. The Scandinavia trailhead is at the foot of the bridge where the trail passes over Highway 49. There are no convenient parking lots east of Scandinavia.

I had some confusion over the trail length. All of the signs for Manawa give incorrect distances. The overview of the trail says it's 29 miles. The signs at Scandinavia say it's 20.0 miles to Plover (correct) and 14.3 miles to Manawa (incorrect). I arrived at Manawa much sooner than planned, found that the trail stopped suddenly at an unrestored railroad bridge and decided to turn back rather than walk my bike across the bridge. When I reached the next road I turned south just to verify that it was indeed Wolf Rd. and I was at Manawa.

The actual length of the trail from the Green Circle trail in Stevens Point to the dead end at Manawa is 30.7 miles.

This trail is a wonderful blend of field, farm and forest. My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful ride on Friday, July 20, 2012. We parked on the far eastern end of the trail on Wolf rd just north of county B near Manawa. The section from Manawa to Ogdensburg was "OK" but the sections from Ogdensburg to Scandanavia and from Scandanavia to the Tomorrow River are very scenic. We would highly recommend this ride to anyone. PS The only downside is the lack of bathrooms anywhere on the trail. Don't let that be a hindrance.

This a great trail from 18.5 mile Plover to Scandinavia. It's straight and has a few long but not steep hills. Goes through a few small towns so there are places to grab a bite to eat or a drink along the way. Scandinavia has a nice place to eat a block from tha trail between the bridge and the Cennex gas station. I get a couple bottles of orange juice at the Cennex and head back to Plover. The trail actually starts in Plover behind the Copps grocery store.

"This is an easy trail to ride with it's compacted crushed limestone, and suitable for most any bike. I was riding my Scorpion Fx Trike.

I began my ride at Amherst Jnc. west to Plover. To get to Amherst Jnc. take Hwy Q, just on the other side of the Hwy 10 overpass, North off of Hwy B about 2 miles. There's a parking area just on the other side of the railroad tracks as your leaving Amherst Jnc.
Amherst Jnc. is a small village comprised mainly of a few houses, a tavern and bank. I found it easier to find a trail head here than in Plover.

I was expecting to find more shade along this trail, but instead found mostly open areas of sun while passing along side meadows and farm fields. The first 2-3 miles is mostly sun with very little shade, and after about 5 miles you'll run into some wooded areas which provide a nice relief. These shaded areas are a great place to take a break, and drink some water and have a piece of fruit.

I rode this trail to the very end where it connects with the Green Circle Trail Just on the other side of Hoover Ave. Between Kennedy Ave. and Hoover Ave the trail traverses along a fence line next to a railroad track. Just before you approach the Hwy 51-39 over pass the trail breaks up into limestone and sand for a short distance. Harder to ride, but doable. Be warned that this area is off limits if there spraying the neighboring field.
About half-way along the trail you'll cross over a Hwy, and in this area you'll find a tavern if your so inclined to stop and rest.
The majority of this trail feels like your either going up a slight grade, or down a grade. When going down you can build up some nice speed, and still the limestone is compacted enough to prevent slippage. But, use common sense when picking up speed on any loose surface.

I would highly recommend riding this trail in late September, or early October to avoid the heat. I did my ride on September 5th which was unusually hot. 92 degrees. Besides, the first part of the trail is lined with sumac, and it should be a brilliant red by then.

This trail is roughly 11 miles from Amherst Jnc. to Hoover Ave.

There are no restrooms along the trail except for a campground about a mile west of Amherst Jnc.

"I finally had a chance to bike this trail in September 2005. There is still a gap between Amherst Junction and a mile or so east that can be detoured on paved back roads. The trail's west end is now on the east side of Plover at Hoover Ave which is an arterial street just west of I 39/US 51. The trail now goes into western Waupaca County. Due to an approaching severe thunderstorm, I had to cut my ride short before reaching the east end. I was just west of Scandinavia when I turned around to go back to Amherst where I started my ride from. I'm not sure how far east this trail goes. The limestone surface is well packed now, ride very well and has nice scenery. "

This trail is a work in progress. The surface is newly limestoned and in excellent condition for most any type of bike. The trailheads are on Twin Towers road just north of County Trunk B East of Plover and in Amherst Junction. They look like they were just completed. There is no water or restrooms at these trailheads. It looks like they will be added someday.

The trail is in two sections. To reach the eastern part of the trail you need to go east on US Highway 10 for about a quarter mile and turn left on School Road. Then take this road east until you can turn left on Alm Road. The trail is about a quarter mile down this road. E

xcept for US 10 these roads seem to have light traffic. The west end of the trail goes through farm land and is lightly shaded. The east end is much more rustic in scenery. It has much more shade.

The trail goes over the Tomorrow River and along some marshy areas. The trail ends abruptly at Elkins Road. According to the maps at the trailheads the sections are supposed to be joined at sometime. And the east end will extend further.

I could find no place to grab a bite to eat along this trail after leaving Plover.

This trail is fully suitable for touring bikes. It has an excellent crushed limestone surface extending from Amherst Junction to the connection with the Green Circle Trail in Plover.

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