Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

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The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail follows the coastline of Anchorage along Knik Arm and Cook Inlet. Many rest areas provide scenic views of Anchorage, the surrounding mountain ranges, Cook Inlet and Knik Arm. You're also likely to encounter wildlife along the way. The Alaska Railroad tracks parallel the trail for about 1 mile, just past the northern trailhead, and passenger and freight trains are a common site.

The entire trail is paved and suitable for biking, running, walking and skiing. As you reach Point Campbell in the last 0.5 mile, you'll be presented with a most formidable grade. The approaches to Earthquake Park (between milepost 2 & 2.5) and Point Woronzof (between mileposts 3 & 4) also present considerable grades. The trail is marked by mileposts every 0.5 mile with the exception of the first 1+ miles.

The Tony Knowles Trail intersects the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail at Westchester Lagoon, a little over 1 mile from the former's northern trailhead.

Wildlife viewing is most abundant along the southern half of the trail, where the trail departs the more populated areas. The trail skirts Anchorage Airport between mileposts 3.5 and 7.5, and encounters with low-flying jets are common.

Parking and Trail Access

The trail is easily accessible at many points along its route, with the exception of the last 5 miles, where access is limited to Point Woronzof (milepost 4) and Kincaid Park (milepost 9).

The northern trailhead is located at W. 2nd Avenue and H Street in downtown Anchorage. The southern trailhead is located at Point Campbell in Kincaid Park. Take Raspberry Road to its end and continue straight ahead into Kincaid Park. The trailhead is to the left of the Kincaid Outdoor Center, where the road ends.



   September, 2016 by streak1

Ran here in 2007 from Kincaid Park north.That was a great experience.In August,2016 while on vacation;I ran from Earthquake Park towards Anchorage one day and Earthquake Park towards the Airport the next day.This trail affords you views of snow capped more

Awesome Ride!!

   September, 2015 by gdonovan40

Biked the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail 8-23-15. The weather was perfect -- sunny to partly cloudy and cool, with a slight breeze. The trail is beautiful -- meandering through and alongside residential areas, wooded parks, and the coastline. The tide more


   January, 2013 by gdubber

Nice trail, saw moose right next to trail, very scenic. read more