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Switzerland Trail

14 mi
State: CO
Dirt, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Switzerland Trail in the peaks west of Boulder was named for the spectacular mountain scenery along this remote and former railroad route. Although why it had to be named after another country...
CO 14 mi Dirt, Gravel

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C-470 Bikeway

Quebec Tunnel Completed

July, 2021 by gmccarrolle

This is a wonderful bike trail. I live near C-470 and University. The location allows me to connect to the Cherry Creek Trail, and with a few exceptions have limited interaction with traffic. The Quebec and Colorado Blvd tunnels have been completed. This removes the unsafe interaction with traffic that previously existed.

Ralston Creek Trail

Better signage needed

June, 2021 by jeff.harbert7

Terrible signage, particularly around the various forks in the path. Ended up in the middle of the golf course at one point. Scenic views towards the end (if you’re heading west towards Golden)

Platte River Trail (CO)

trail closed between Mississippi and Alameda

June, 2021 by 5497vyj7vn

Beautiful urban trail Retaining wall damage has closed the trail between Mississippi and Alameda. Not known when repairs will be completed


Cherry Creek Regional Trail

3 Sections Of The Cherry Creek Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

I've ridden on 3 sections of this trail. The first is the part that runs through the south part of Cherry Creek Reservoir. To complete a loop of the park you ride on a road and then the Parker Rd Trail. It's a very nice ride with enjoyable views and just a few climbs. The second connects from the High Line Canal Trail at the end of the Cherry Creek Golf Course. This section is well signed and could be confusing if it weren't. You take an underpass to cross Havana then along Kennedy Golf Course. There is a climb out of the golf course then a short descent and under I-225 then a climb either way to go around the dam road. After going around the dam road there is a soft trail along the water's edge (not sure if this is considered part of the CCT). The 3rd is the section going south out of the park down to Parker. Just out of the park you ride the sidewalk along Jordan Rd until just before Arapahoe Rd. Here there are two paths to the underpass. One is very steep and the second not as much but still a bit of a climb (coming back). Again, the trail is very well marked with spots for breaks and trail maps along the way. I went as far as Cottonwood before heading back for a 25 mile ride.

High Line Canal Trail (CO)

From Toll Gate Creek Trail To Cherry Creek Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

I connect with the HCT from the Toll Gate Creek Trail at Alameda. From here the trail is concrete and travels north and east going under I-225 at 2nd. You go just a bit north before heading south. At Alameda and Expo park the trails veers to the west of the park and becomes a soft (gravel and dirt) trail. You can stay on concrete through Expo Park on the Westerly Creek Tail, then near the south end of the park cross a bridge and rejoin the HCT where it is concrete again. You go east again and Cross Havana at a signal. After crossing the trail is asphalt and I believe you are in Denver now. From here on the trail is wooded and usually has shade. At Valentia the trail goes through Fairmount Cemetery but they are working on the Mississippi/Parker Rd underpass (June 2021). You can ride into the cemetery but the trail is closed and you have to go several blocks north to get out. Then there is no sidewalk on Quebec and you have to cross without a light. Instead travel south on Valentia in a bike lane. At one point the sidewalk and bike lane were closed and you had to cross to continue. Then to Mississippi to Parker Rd, to an Apartment building with access to the trail. Back on the trail it is again wooded with shade. Shortly after the detour the is a bridge to Long's Pine Grove, a nice little park with shaded tables and a pump and repair station. There are restrooms and a water station but the restrooms are closed for the season and there is no water at the station. But still a nice spot for a break. From here you ride along for a short bit then along the Cherry Creek Golf Course. At the end of the golf course I connect with the CCT and cross Havana ride along Kennedy Golf Course and into Cherry Creek Reservoir.

Cherry Creek Spillway Trail

Cherry Creek Spillway Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

The trail starts at Mexico Ave (a new section of the trail runs north through the neighborhood but doesn't go very far or connect with any other trail yet) and runs south near Horseshoe Park, Wheel Park, and Olympic Park before taking you into Cherry Creek Reservoir. There is a bit of a climb into Olympic Park and after you cross Chambers a climb that may challenge newcomers. After the climb you descend to the Hampden/Parker Rd junction. Most of the crossings are underpasses but you do have to cross one or two off ramps at signaled crossings. Then you are in Cherry Creek Park.

West Toll Gate Creek Trail

West Toll Gate Creek Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

This trail starts on Quincy west of Buckley and west of the Toll Gate Creek Trail. The trail passes through Mission Viejo Park, Meadowood Park, and Horseshoe Park. There is a climb at Meadowood but even an newcomer to riding shouldn't have much of a problem with it. The trail connects with the Toll Gate Creek Trail and the Cherry Creek Spillway Trail so you can build many different rides from it. All the crossings are on grade and have signals at the major streets.

Powerline Trail (CO)

Powerline Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

This trail runs under the power lines from the Toll Gate Creek Trail near Horseshoe Park to Jewell and Dunkirk. From here you can ride the sidewalk along Jewell to the Conservatory Trail that will take you south to Quincy. This trail has a climb that might be a challenge to newcomers but shouldn't be a problem for those with any experience at all. (Of course you can ride this the other way and your climb is on Conservatory) There are signaled crossings at Buckley, at Tower, and you must cross both east and south at Jewell and Dunkirk.

Toll Gate Creek Trail

My First Trail

June, 2021 by jadc55

When I first got my bike I had no idea all these trails existed. While riding around my neighborhood with a friend he spotted the trail from Hampden Run Park. He told me this would be the base on my rides and he was so right. You have to ride the sidewalk on Quincy to the start of the trail but from there it continues up to Alameda where it connects with the High Line Canal Trail. Along the way you pass Hampden Run Park, Hutchinson Pond, Unnamed Creek Trail, Aurora's Central Recreation Center, Powerline Trail, Horseshoe Park, West Toll Gate Creek Trail, Cherry Creek Spillway Trail, and Tollgate Park with the Pipeline Trail. Just before Horseshoe Park there is a pump and repair station. At Horseshoe park there is a water fountain and restrooms. There are underpasses at Hampden, Mississippi, and Alameda. With all the connecting trails there are many rides you can build from this trail. This site mentioned parking at Quincy Reservoir. You may need an Aurora park pass or purchase a day pass to park there. But Summit Elementary is just across the street.

Westerly Creek Trail

Nice Trail Into Cherry Creek Reservoir

June, 2021 by jadc55

At Alameda the High Line Canal Trail veers to the west of Expo Park and becomes a soft trail. If you go through the park you are on the Westerly Creek Trail. There are paths around two ponds and you can ride different loops or go straight through the park. You will see a lot of geese and people playing frisbee golf. Near the south end of the park you can cross a bridge and rejoin the HCT or continue south on the WCT. The WCT will take you to Overland High School, Utah Park, The Grove, and some quiet neighborhoods. There are a few underpasses that aren't very well maintained but the traffic is light and I cross at street level. When you cross Mississippi you ride the sidewalk on Kenton for a block or two then back on the trail. At Yale you ride in a bike lane on Ursula then Cornell to the Parker Rd, I-225 junction. There are two main ways to cross and get into Cherry Creek Reservoir. If you are not familiar, the bicycling view on Google Maps shows it. Use the crossing signals.

C-470 Bikeway

Great ride!

May, 2021 by jeverett7nj

Very impressed with this paved trail. Concrete was a tad bumpy at times but overall not bad. Regarding the Quebec underground tunnel, it is officially complete. Its a nice well lit tunnel. Overall the few intersections you do have to cross, which is rare, are not that bad. The park meadows mall intersection was the worse but not as intimidating and dangerous as the old Quebec intersection pre tunnel days.

Poudre River Trail

trail closure

May, 2021 by nidialogston

Trail is closed 2 miles east of Kodak trailhead due to flooding

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