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East Central Regional Rail Trail Facts

States: Florida
Counties: Brevard, Volusia
Length: 55.7 miles
Trail end points: Green Springs Park at Braddock Road (Deltona) and Parrish Park at Titusville (Titusville)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6811246

East Central Regional Rail Trail Description


Spanning over 50 miles, the East Central Regional Rail Trail links inland Deltona with the eastern coast of Florida. The main stretch of trail runs southeast from Deltona to Titusville, at the edge of the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge, near Kennedy Space Center. About midway, in Maytown, the trail also makes a northward spur to Edgewater. The trail’s flat, open straightaways pass alongside parks, wetlands, forests, and connect rural and suburban communities in East Central Florida, making it a popular pathway for bikers, walkers, and commuters alike.

About the Route  

Between Deltona and Maytown:

The northwestern endpoint of the East Central Regional Rail Trail is in Deltona, at Green Springs Park, beside Lake Monroe. From here, the trail makes its way east, on a rural straightaway to Osteen. Like most of the trail, this stretch passes through lush forest, even as it passes residential areas approaching Osteen.  

From Osteen continuing east to Farmton, the trail largely hugs Osteen Maytown Road, though a strip of forest maintains a partition between the trail and the roadway. At Farmton, the trail turns southeastward, heading through the Farmton Wildlife Management Area en route to Maytown.  

In Maytown the trail splits, creating a three-way junction between the main trail and its northward spur towards Edgewater. 

Between Edgewater and Maytown:

A spur begins at a northern endpoint in Edgewater and connects with the main trail in Maytown. From Daytona State College New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater Campus, the trail heads south through a mile of forest. At Dale St and W. Park Ave, the trail parallels W. Park Avenue and Massey Road, on a dedicated forested straightaway, before turning south to follow Cow Creek Road for several miles to Creighton.  

South of Creighton, the trail begins to follow Maytown Road, separated by a strip of forest. The trail passes underneath I-95 as it turns westward, still skirting Maytown Road for another 3.5 road, before connecting to the main stretch of trail at the junction in Maytown.  

Between Maytown and Titusville:

From the junction in Maytown, the trail continues southeast on a straightaway through rural forest for 7.5 miles. Development reappears as the trail passes underneath I-95 at Aurantia Road. After crossing I-95, the trail remains enclosed by trees but becomes progressively less forested as it approaches the town center of Mims.  

From Mims, south to Titusville, the trail follows Route 1 on a separated path that takes the trail into the town center of Titusville. In the town center of Titusville, the trail follows an on-road segment for 9 blocks of Main Street, from Canaveral Avenue to Indian River Ave. At Indian River Avenue, the separated trail resumes for three northward blocks, before heading northeast next to A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway.  

After crossing the Indian River on the A. Max Brewer Memorial Bridge, the East Central Regional Rail Trail meets its southern endpoint at Parrish Park in Titusville, abutting the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge. 


The East Central Regional Rail Trail is part of the developing East Coast Greenway, a 3,000-mile route between Florida to Maine.  

In Deltona, the trail connects to the Spring-to-Spring Trail, offering further access into Central Florida. 

In Osteen, it connects to the SR 415 Trail, which offers a spur southwest to Sanford.

Trail History

The Atlantic Coast, St. Johns & Indian River Railroad opened a railway from Enterprise (Deltona) to Titusville in 1886. At the time, Enterprise served as a port for steamboat service on the St. John’s River. The rail line offered a link for passengers and goods between the river and the Atlantic Coast.  

When the operator of the line, the Jacksonville, Tampa and Key West Railway, went bankrupt just seven years later, the rail line changed hands, and eventually was acquired by the Florida East Coast Railway, run by oil baron Henry Flagler in 1902. The Florida East Coast Railway became the dominant force in rail on Florida’s eastern seaboard by the early part of the 20th century. Beginning with the Great Depression, however, successive crises sent the company into a decades-long decline.  

The rail corridor was abandoned in the 1970s, and sections of abandoned track began to be removed. The last remaining sections of track, near Titusville, were removed in 2008.  

In 2007 the State of Florida purchased the abandoned rail corridor and leased it to Volusia and Brevard counties to develop a trail. At the time, it was the largest rail-trail conversion purchase in the state’s history. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's Florida field office was instrumental in the early stages of developing the East Central Regional Rail Trail. RTC worked closely with the railroad that owned the line and local agencies applying for funding to purchase the corridor. 

The first leg of the rail-trail, a 5.7-mile segment in Volusia County between Osteen and Deltona opened in 2011.

Parking and Trail Access

The East Central Regional Rail Trail runs between Green Springs Park at Braddock Road (Deltona) and Parrish Park at Titusville (Titusville), with parking and restrooms available at both endpoints.  

A spur on this trail runs between Daytona State College New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater Campus (Edgewater) and connects to the main trail at Osteen Maytown Road and Maytown Spur Drive (Maytown), with parking available at the junction point. 

Parking is also available:  

  • 1621 Osteen Maytown Road (Osteen)
  • 902 W. Park Ave (Edgewater) 
  • 3317 Stanley St (Mims) 

There are numerous parking options along this route, see TrailLink Map for all parking options and detailed directions.

East Central Regional Rail Trail Reviews

Great trail for Skating

Skated the full trail on my quad skates :) very nice. Starting in Titusville was neat and not too difficult with intersections or lights. The trail is smooth so perfect for my skaters. Easily was able to keep over a 10 mph pace on my skates. Great quality and I love long trails. Also love the fact that it connects to Spring to Spring so I continued there until DeBary. Saw a corn snake, gator, lots of storks, and some ospreys on the Titusville end.

Great Trail - But Not As Enjoyable As It Could Be

We reviewed this awesome trail three years ago and agreed with most others that it is indeed a wonderful resource for getting out and exercising in Volusia County. The only criticism we had is that it didn't have - and still doesn't have - any posted trail rules and etiquette reminders. Thus, an otherwise 5 star trail is rated a 4 by us. As a result of this neglect, there are a growing number of users - mainly inconsiderate and speeding bicyclers, now joined by the rapidly growing population of e-bikers/trikers - that make the experience far less enjoyable than it should be.

While we both bicycle and walk all segments of this great trail, we mostly walk. In doing so, we are routinely met/overtaken by bikers/trikers who seem to think that it is our responsibility to make room for them, rather than the other way around. The latest irritant (and danger) are the swarms of of e-trikers (mostly older folks) who want to ride 2 and even 3 abreast, oblivious to anyone else out there. And the alarming speeds some of these folks often attain simply have no place on a trail that is supposed to be free of motorized vehicles. We have repeatedly reported this activity to the responsible county manager and have asked that some very basic and random usage guidelines be posted. We've been told that they would look into the matter, but so far nothing.

Great trail.

We started at a parking area on Cow Creek Rd and went south and then west to Maytown. I must point out that the Shack View from bike path is extremely underwhelming, but the trail is quiet and rural in this section. The bike trail through this are is in perfect condition at this time. We rode past a private airport with a few planes. There was a trailside stand for refreshments and produce near the Maytown junction. We got in about 25 miles in our round trip and want to return to finish the other legs of the trail. Highly recommended.

long long trail

Started in Titusville and rode 20 miles yesterday. Found some delicious coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants in downtown Titusville. Rode 30 miles today. Trail flat and sunny if starting in Titusville - wear sunscreen. Will be back in the future.


very clean and quiet

Rode 6 miles out and back. Very nice clean and not busy (we biked on a Monday) . Worth to drive to Space View Park to start.

Very nice and quiet trail

As we are from Canada and brought our bikes with us, we tried this trail from 994 Enterprise Osteen Rd parking area and biked to the highway 95. Our ride was 45 miles round trip and the road was excellent condition. The scenery (mostly trees) was nice for mid January 77 degrees sunny weather. No picnic area found, few bench to take a break and no restroom found. Except at the start are. Overall it’s a great ride for exercise!

nice trail!

Rode east from Ostend to nearly Mayfield and back. Really well maintained trail with great shade. Only negative is the trail is often close to the Mayfield Road so the motorcycles and pickup trucks ruin much of the peace of the ride.

Awesome bike trail!!!

I started in Downtown Titusville and finished at Edgewater. The trail is super nicely paved and away from all traffic. It passes through country areas. Take food and water as there is nowhere to just pull away from trail and head to a store. It was not crowded at all. I rode for some miles without seeing any other bikers. There are mile markers throughout path. Very well worth the drive to get there!!!!!

A favorite!

This trail is my favorite; it's wide and smooth and well-maintained. The scenery is fabulous and there are enough stopping and turn-around points along the way that I can vary the distance of my ride as frequently as I'd like while still riding the same trail. The trail is well used but never overly crowded; I feel quite safe on it even riding alone at night or in the very early mornings. In addition to the scenery, you may see some interesting wildlife as well. I have seen bears, foxes, alligators, snakes, and turtles crossing the path!

Amazing Ride!!

Well maintained Florida’s natural beauty at its best. Quiet while riding you truly feel apart of the scenic experience.

Terrific Ride!

We had a wonderful ride through quiet marshes and natural habitat. Biked 38 miles and enjoyed the whole trip, seeing lots of wildlife including multiple tortoises and viper snake. I highly recommend this ride. Bring plenty of water.

Great Trail in great shape

Rode out and back about 50 miles from the Edgewater Rotary Park towards Titusville. The trail is in near perfect condition with only a few minor surface bumps within the first few miles. This is a great trail for training as it really opens up after the first 1/2 dozen miles or so and you can really roll if you like. The scenery is also pretty good too. No services other than an “honor” station so take what you need unless you’re going all the way to Titusville.

Trail complete from Osteen to Maytown!

The missing central section of this trail was filled in, a couple months ago as I understand. It's now complete between Osteen and Maytown. You can now cycle from Titusville, on the Indian River, all the way to DeBary and on to the St. Johns River at Lake Monroe Park. (And likewise from Edgewater, on the Halifax River.)


Rode the trail again but took the 47 mile route for my 1st CENTURY ride, just wish I could have gotten three more miles on that side for the full 50. The new addition to trail is nearly done but is accessible, just be aware of the incomplete curbs! Trail is mostly shaded until you get to Sanford’s Coast line which is beautiful¿. Came into close encounters with two baby bobcats at mile 92 as the sun began to set. Let’s say the adrenaline kicked in very quick. Warning there are three overpass so if you ride entire trail save some energy but you can skip the over pass and pass underneath for wimps only! SAFE TRAVELS!¿¿¿¿

Nice Trail, Few Services

Parked in Sand Point Park, rode to Aurantia Trailhead & back (20 mi) No services, but there are a few places nearby to stop for water. Check out Pier 220 for lunch & a great water view

Looks like most of the trail is cut and parts of it are graded. There is creek bridge installed - not ready for primetime yet.

Looks like most of the trail is cut and parts of it are graded. There is creek bridge installed - not ready for primetime yet.

Requesting Trail update

Anyone have an update on the completion of the Osteen Maytown Rd section.. The last time I rode that section part of it had the rock base on it and part still being cut through woods... Thanks Chris

Christmas EVE 70 miles

Nice trail to ride and three different options to take. I did Edgewood to Titusville and back, total 70 ‘miles. I stopped at the Philly Cheese Steak restaurant for a good cheese steak, the place was very welcoming. Decided not to do the Cape bridge but should have, next time. The pit stop at the intersection is catered to cyclists with water, fruit, bike kits, everything you will need for a ride. It’s an honor system so donate as much as possible VERGIES PITSTOP THANK YOU I NEED THAT cold water and banana. Will do the trail again to complete a century ride which this track is designed to complete. Trail was nice and clean and full of nature with animals. Many’s snakes and turtles. A couple of gators in the creek

I love this trail

Really nice trail. Two feed stations which is so nice that people set these up for the trail users. I did this on two separate days to complete. Lots of variety of landscape, some is forested, some swamps and some open but rural sections. Just great overall.

Edgewater rotary park to maytown

Road the trail today. 11 miles into the trail as you cross maytown road the trail is under water. Prevented me from getting to maytown spur. Beautiful ride. Sun and shade.

Scenic ride in nature

We parked our car at Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park which has facilities. We left the park and turned right on a Parker Avenue to pick up the Greenway Bike Trail. What a beautiful ride. We saw a couple turtles, butterflies and other bicycle enthusiasts enjoying the peaceful, natural setting. Glad I support Rails to Trails. Agi & Ray

Edgewater to Maytown

We rode from Rotary Park 10 miles toward Maytown and returned. The trail is wonderfully maintained and a joy to ride. Not crowded at all on a Saturday, so I was very surprised. Very easy trail with a single overpass was the only “bump” on the trail we encountered. Both shade and sun but need to make sure to take water depending on the length of your ride. I’d highly recommend this trail for a fitness ride or to enjoy the nature.

Great Place to Ride

I live about 35 miles south of Titusville but have driven there many times to ride the trail. I park in Veterans Memorial Park in Titusville on the river. From there it is only about a half mile to the trail head by the visitors center. Of course it is usually a longer ride if I am driving that far, like 40-60 miles. One I love is all the way to Osteen to eat breakfast at the Osteen Diner and back. That is just over 61 miles round trip. Heading down this trail, much of which is through the woods, on a cool morning with about a 7 AM start is the highlight of my week. (Note that from Titusville the first 5 miles or so crosses several roads but after Mims you are away from civilization and just enjoying nature).


Wonderful Trail - Inconsiderate Bicyclists

We walk and ride (mostly walk) various segments of this wonderful trail as we are extremely fortunate to have it just minutes from our home. It is truly world-class; among the very best we have used across the country. And the recently installed awesome signage and mile markers are just icing on the cake. One aspect of signage is sadly lacking, however. Some simple reminders of trail safety rules and etiquette are sorely needed. We are routinely subjected to bikers riding two and even three abreast who force us to have to step off the trail - if coming towards us; or flying up behind us (usually with no passing notice) and leaving almost no room as they swerve around us. The problem has become much worse recently due to a lot of "amateurs" on the trail seeking relief from the virus situation who have no idea of the simple, common sense rules that are needed to keep us all safe. Volusia County has posted temporary signs directed mainly at COVID-19 distancing guidelines, but they are being mostly ignored. The problem escalates on weekends to the point we choose instead to walk neighborhoods with good sidewalk networks rather than put up with the frustration of dealing with too many rude, self-centered and uncaring bikers.

Ride this trail every morning

This is the nicest part of my day, have ridden it since the hard pack was down. Live just adjacent to the beginning in Edgewater. Been an avid supporter of rails to trails since the inception. Nice to see everybody enjoying it, families with kids, dogs etc, Only bummer sometimes are the road bikers can be very rude. This trail is for everybody to use. Thanks rails to trails, this has changed my life for the better.


Exhilarating. Seeing the nature and wild life is amazing

Good winter ride

My wife and I rode the segment westbound starting at the trailhead just on the west side of I-95 all the way to the Maytown spur trailhead at Virgies. Nicely paved trail, below average scenery. Zero shade. This ride would be brutal in the summer. We chose this segment because the portion of the trail in downtown Titusville passed through a not so nice part of town.

Great trail but lacks signage

I rode parts of this trail I hadn't been on before namely Edgewater to the split. Finding the parking area was easy but getting on the right trail wasn't. After you cross busy Park Ave you go on a narrow sidewalk and then take a right turn. At that point a wide paved trail (apparently a city trail) lies straight ahead with no marking, so I took the logical path and eventually wound up dead ended in front of a high school. To get back to the trail from where I was at I had to take a very busy, no shoulder road (Old Mission) to connect to the East Central Trail. On the way back, the ECT dead ended with no signs or arrows. Whoever manages this trail needs to install signs or at least arrows. Also, as far as signs go it would be nice to get some idea of point-to-point distances. For markings and signage this trail gets a BIG RED "F".

And while they're at it why not put in some porta-potties and water fountains--there are NO facilities or stores on this trail--so pack in your water & food supply.

With that said this trail was very nice & smooth with lush vegetation on both sides. Why not add to what's been done to make it more user friendly.

Good Trail

This was the first time I have ridden the trail all the way from New Smyrna Beach to Titusville. Overall the trail is flat, straight, and the pavement excellent. There are very few road crossings in the Volusia County portion of the trail. But in the Brevard County portion, there are many road crossings, some that are very treacherous. Also there are benches along the trail in Volusia County and none in Brevard County. Much of the trail is through the woods and beautiful but as you get to Mims the trail parallels US1 and is not nearly as scenic. Overall, a great place to ride if you use caution on the crossings in Brevard. Being flat and straight, it lacks a signature feature like a tunnel or viaduct. There is really nothing that makes you want to go and ride the trail as a destination. I give it 9 gears on a 10 speed cassette.

Worth the Drive

My wife and I cycled from the beginning of the trail in Titusville to about 2.5 miles past the I-95 overpass (which is ~10 miles from the start). Total trip for us was only 24 miles but it was our first trip to the trail. We will definitely be back. We parked at the Coast-to-Coast Bike shop in town. There was no signage from there to the trailhead but we were able to ask another cyclist for directions (the bike shop was closed on Sunday!). The first ~8 miles had several road crossings, some with limited views so you have to slow to almost a complete stop to make sure it is safe to cross. At the intersection of the I-95 there is a parking lot. This is a better place to start your ride to avoid the street crossings as it gets rural when heading north/west from there. The trail is excellent, very smooth and flat. There are no rest rooms or benches anywhere along the first 12 miles so plan accordingly. Well worth the drive to get to this trail - this will become a regular spot for our riding!!! Only gave it 4 stars because no restrooms/benches yet and too many street crossings (but way better than riding on the road).

New Years Day 2019 Bike Ride Green Spring Park to Guise road ~ 8 miles

Green Spring Park to Trail Bridge in Osteen - 5.3 miles (seemlessly continues from Trail Bridge), Osteen to Guise Road - 2.7 Miles about 8 miles..

Great Ride, well maintained trail. No Trailer parking at Green Springs Park but trailer parking available next door east at boat ramp parking. Not many people given it was New Years Day, beautiful place to explore..

Nice trail ... amenities sparse!

We started in downtown Titusville at the bike shop where we rented hybrids. The "trail" was hard to find from there because that part of it is riding on streets with marked bike lanes. Once on the trail it was fine; smooth & flat riding first through suburban housing & commercial development; then out into lush vegetation on both sides.

There was one bench to sit down at but otherwise out to Virgie's stop there was no place to sit/rest, get a drink or relieve oneself. Thankfully there was no rain or hot sun to contend with.

I hear there are stops as you go further west towards Osteen. It will be nice once the short gap is closed so you can go from either Edgewater or Titusville to Deltona and connect up to Spring to Spring trail.

Back in Titusville you're again on marked streets, then you can go over the Max Brewer Bridge on pedestrian sidewalk--nice view of the water or maybe a rocket launch. Not much beyond that for now.

Will be excellent when finished-it’s already nice.

I went from Gobblers Lodge Rd to the Indian River in Titusville(48 miles round trip).
The trail has very few intersections, especially compared to the the Wekiva or Cross-Seminole trails, near me.

You pass through a game refuge, so I wouldn’t recommend this as a dusk ride, and maybe suggest something bright orange? I’m not 100% sure there is a problem with that but I wanted to bring it up just in case.
My favorite sections are when the wooded areas become less swampy, more towards Edgewater and the coast. There is a small missing link - maybe 500 yards after you cross a bridge in downtown Titusville, but there are signs that tell you to go to the next street(Main St I think), and it leads you to green bike lanes.
And the Green paved bike lanes in downtown Titusville are awesome, as another reviewer said, they are as wide as car lanes and even have posts to rest your arm on at traffic lights.

My only real complaint was my legs’ lack of conditioning! Most definitely a nice ride, esp in this late fall/early winter weather.

Nice Bicycle Ride

It is a nice ride through natural Florida & it’s so beautiful and peaceful, really enjoyable ride.

Gobblers Lodge Trailhed to Edgewater

We had previously ridden the Spring to Spring Trail, which we highly recommend, and hoped that it would be connected to this trail, however, that is not the case,,,,, yet. We opted to take to this trail at the northern most spot which was at Gobblers Lodge, which had great parking and an outhouse. We found the path to be in excellent condition, with occasional rest stops with benches and refuse cans, however, not much shade, so wear your sun block. At the 6.5 mile mark of our ride, we came to the split, where you would either opt for Edgewater to the left, or Titusville to the right. We took the left fork and continued on. Although it was a beautiful Sunday, there were not many riders out, but this part of the trail is not near anything, or any homes or businesses. Just a trail through the natural beauty of Central Florida. We reached Rt I95 at the 10 mile mark, and drove under it, As we neared Edgewater, we came across a pedestrian bridge, which took a little effort to cross, but you can avoid it and cross the road instead with little problems due to low traffic flow. We continued on until we reached the end of the trail in Edgewater and took the sidewalks for an additional mile in order to reach the Indian River, where we had lunch. On our return ride, we stopped at a local deli for some awesome sandwiches, which we saved for later along the trail. We saw some wildlife during our ride, which included an Eagle, Pelicans, a beautiful blue heron in flight, a huge turtle, 1 snake on the path, and an armadillo. We finally reached our van after our 48 mile ride, which was allot longer than I had planned for today, but I hate to stop and turn around before reaching some kind of destination, which usually involves a body of water. LOL. We had a great time, and plan to return in order to head toward Titusville, which appears to be a longer ride. We will most likely pick up the trail at the parking lot just after the split on the trail for this ride. Thank you for all those responsible for these wonderful trails.

Osteen to Green Springs

We packed lunch and headed-out to the Osteen Community Center on Hwy 415. Parking and restrooms are excellent. We went west over the pedestrian/bicycle bridge and rode approx 6 miles to Green Springs. Easy ride with about half of the trail covered by a canopy of tree limbs. We visited the Springs and then had lunch at a park bench by the boat ramp over-looking Lake Monroe. We then rode the 6-miles back. A very easy-going enjoyable 12-mile ride. I will return to do the complete ride on the east section of Osteen and then turning back west and ride past Green Springs on the one-way 12-mile ride at a higher rate of speed. Must be a great kept secret as there were only a few people out on a Saturday!
Thank you for the trail.

Great Trail

We parked at Thornby Park, Restrooms and water. There were several parking areas also nearby and all marked nicely. We headed east and weren't sure how far the trail went. Some maps I looked at showed all the way to Titusville. It actually ends 8 miles. Five miles in there is a great diner (recommended by another reviewer), Osteen's Diner is a great stop to take a break and grab a bite to eat. This is a beautiful 8 mile, tree shaded trail with lots to see. Head west and you're on the Spring to Spring trail for an additional 8 miles. We'll possibly do that trail another day.
Lake Monroe is around the corner from where we parked, beautiful view.

Hunting area

Just a caution that much of this trail goes, or will go, thru areas popular with hunters, in season.

Titusville to Edgewater

Rode from Titusville to Edgewater, 33 miles of bicycle trail. The only impediment is a bridge under construction along Maytown Rd and it looks close to completion.

East Central Rail Trail from Titusville to Maytown Rd

Now at 18 miles in length this path is beautiful and gets better as you travel north. The last 9 miles, north of Aurantia Rd does not have any intersections.

lots of construction now happening

Yesterday, December 4th, 2017, I investigated the progress on this extensive forked trail, which may be totally finished as early as next year. East from Enterprise, it now ends at Maytown and Guise Roads east of Osteen. The gap between there and Gobbler's Lodge Road/Maytown Road is funded for construction in 2018. From Gobbler's Lodge east to Lake Harney Road along Maytown, construction is just starting. From Lake Harney Road clear up to the trailhead and parking in Edgewater (near Cow Lick and Route 442), construction is advancing, with many miles already asphalt. The other fork, going southeast into Titusville, I will check on soon.

Great Ride

6/24/17-We started the ride in Osteen where parking was ample and bonus-there was a restroom!!! The ride was great, mostly shaded with beautiful trees and great scenery. We rode 12 miles then went to breakfast at the Osteen Diner-a perfect Saturday morning! Highly recommend no matter what level of rider you are.

The Trail is Longer

This trail does not end at Draa Road in Titusville. If you keep following the path, you'll cross over Garden Street, on an old train bridge (I believe), and ends up at Boggs Gases on Main Street in Old Downtown Titusville. The city has even created huge bike lanes through old town for cyclists. The lanes are as wide as car lanes!

Hugh Error

The length of the trailer is less than 5 miles not 15. Otherwise it's a beautiful trail the stretch the legs along with the tires on your bike for a brief distance.

Eastern section of East Central Rail Trail (Osteen)

I parked at the Post Office in Osteen just off the trail and Rt. 415. I had done much of the western section and the Spring to Spring Trail some years ago. This was a lovely bike ride of about 6 miles round trip back to the bridge. I ran into 2 impressive Sandhill Cranes midway right on the trail. Youker

Great Trail

I ride, run and walk the trail in Edgewater. It is smooth and almost level. The bridge is good for a little cardio. I live very near and the trail will eventually abut my property. I can't wait. Right now I have to load bikes, if I ride, and drive up the road to the trail head.

Cow Creek Rd is not comfortable to ride or run on due to the large trucks from the quarry. So the new survey stakes are a pleasant sign of progress. Hopefully, I will soon be greeting folks from my backyard.

I convinced several of my friends from all over Volusia to meet me at the trail head on weekend mornings, so now we ride together quite often. It continues to be a most pleasurable experience.

The trail is well used, but not crowded. I have made new friends and renewed some old friendships on this trail.

Enjoyable ride!!

Jan 2nd 2017. Started out from Publix off Providence around 10am. Headed east. Nice paved path with lots of shade. Beautiful, quiet rural setting with small ranch homes and horses. We rode east approx 10 miles and turned around and came back. Lots of bikers and families on the trail.
We really enjoyed it....want to come back and ride the complete trail....GREAT FUN!!!

Osteen to gemini

This was our first experience on a rail trail and we are addicted! The quiet and trees were sublime after 40 years of riding cityscapes. The number of families we saw with training-wheeled bikes tell us this movement has a future.

Downtown Titusville to Walkabout

Excited to see the trail continues to progress Titusville north. Now goes up to Indian River Preserve Golf Course (aka Walkabout). Still need to pave between LaGrange and Jay Jay Rd. I understand this is intentional since the safety signs and trail indicators are not completed.

why so short? Titusville Section...

finally having a safer place to ride and now the flyover on Garden ST is almost great if not for the speed bumps, can't make a good pacing speed when one has to brake for the speed bumps nearing the apex of the flyover, also lack of shade or hydration spots drains the H2O supplies rather fast, but to make up for the lack of distance on the short trail cross US1 safely and there's there's Chain of Lakes Brevard parks trails that can add to the overall distance, as well as the tiny trails behind Parrish medical center that actually has a Restroom facility as well as water fountains and a cover with benches and electricity to recharge your phone if hunting Pokémon, can't wait for the addition of the Mims section because at least one can purchase hydration on a budget VIA Polar Pops .

Titusville Section

This trail is an everyday ride or run for me. The southern most portion in Titusville is now open up to LaGrange. This part includes the flyover of Garden Street. It starts (or ends) right behind Boggs Gases in downtown Titusville. The actual intersection is Canaveral Avenue and Main Street...not the safest part of town. From here you travel north and cross over Garden Street then a straight shot to LaGrange. Currently it is only about 3 miles one way. You can see work being done to the north up past State Road 46. However, it is not completed yet. The trail is smooth and well kept. Bring sunscreen and water! Not much in the way of shade unless you go first thing in the morning. There is a trail head being built at Draa Field (just north of the Garden Street flyover) that will have parking, restrooms and a water fountain. However, it is not completed at this time.

Trail in Titusville Now Extended to the South

The bridge over Garden Street in Titusville is now open extending the bike trail about 1/4 mile to the southeast. The bridge provides a much safer route over Garden Street. One warning: The multiple concrete expansion joints on the bridge are covered with raised plates that make them bone rattling, rim bending speed bumps. I've ridden portions of the Cross Florida Trail in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange counties with multiple street bridge crossovers and NONE of them use the type of expansion joints used on the Garden Street Bridge.

Edgewater Review - Inline Skating

Five stars +++ once this connects to other portions of the East Coast Central Rail Trail. Great scenery, shade, few interruptions, and smooth surface for inline skating. Easy access right off interstate 95. This portion provided an 8.5mile skate down and back. I am very excited about he future of this trail. Once it does connect, pack 3-4L of water. I have not seen water fountains along all portions of this trail and some parts are sparsely shaded.

Brevard Update

www.cflroads.com is reporting that work is taking place on the trail in Brevard County. The website states that "...the new trail is being cleared and graded from Smokey Lane to Walkabout Golf Course limit." They list the dates of March 1 through April 29. The link is below.



I can't find anything that shows how much of this entire trail is completed. Hubby and I road the Wekiva and fell in love. We love the wide bike paths. Does anyone know about this one and the Edgewater area. We are in Titusville so looking closer to home.

Shady, quiet ride with access to other trails.

I parked in Osteen off of SR 415 under the bridge. I headed west under some beautiful shady oak trees. The ride is fast, the path asphalt and very smooth. There are benches along the way and even a place to work on your bicycle if needed! There is a Publix right off of Providence Blvd where you can get food and drinks the trail becomes more urbanized as you run parallel with Debarry Avenue. Right after you pass I4 there is a Hampton Inn for those touring the state, also McDonalds and BK in the area. As you continue to head west the trail again branches and heads north parallel to Mansion road or stay straight (which I did ) off into shade trees riding parallel with Dirksen Avenue and through Gemini Springs Park. BTW if you continue west you will run into route 17/92 where you can then connect via roads to the Seminole Wekiva trail. There is primitive camping area as you enter the park for those touring the state. The trail ends, (at this point it is the Spring to Springs Trail) near the boat ramp of Lake Monroe. I rode back the same way I came past my start point to Guise Road which recently is new. Loved the ride!

Beautiful, shady trail with old Florida feel

We drive 30 minutes to ride this trail with our three children. The wide path is smooth and straight, crossings are well marked, it's clean, has convenient rest areas, and friendly people along the way. It is a beautiful, shady trail with an old Florida feel. Highly recommend giving it a try.

One of My Favorite Central Florida Trails

Now that the ECRRT is connected to the Spring-to-Spring Trail, this has become one of my favorites, even though it is further from my home in Orlando than some others. I don't know when the connection was made, but I became aware of it and rode the two trails together for the first time in early April of this year. I made the 30-mile round trip between Guise Rd. and Lake Monroe Park on Monday, October 5th. I like to park at either Green Spring Park or Thornby Park, as both are near the center of the combined trails, and both have restrooms and water. With the exception of about a 2 1/2 mile section just east of I-4, this ride is pretty much rural.

Pleasant, shady ride linked with other trals

I started around 9 AM at Lake Monroe Park, on the north shore of the St. Johns, to ride fifteen miles on the Spring to Spring trail and the connected East Central Regional Railroad Trail. The trail meandered north through shady hammocks of oak, Sable palm and palmetto, with boardwalks over marshy areas, alternating with open fields where powerlines converged toward the nearby power plant. Water levels were high after some heavy rains, and some rivulets were running across the trail. Many locals were out for their morning exercise on foot, bike or skates.

Turning east through Gemini Springs Park, hammocky woods continued for many miles. Passing the turn for DeBary Hall, the trail continued on a broad sidewalk/pedway for 2-1/2 miles, partly shaded by woods to the south. At Jacob Brock Avenue the trail veered into a hammock again, and onto the bed of the former Enterprise-Titusville rail line. Here it passed more boardwalks and the entrance to Green Spring Park. Looking up to greet another cyclist on a boardwalk, I almost ran over a coral snake crossing the trail.

The forest thinned as the trail continued east onto higher ground, away from Lake Monroe, with stretches of open field bordered by pine woods. At the Highway 415 overpass, bikeable sidewalks extended to the north and south along 415. East of the overpass, the trail passed a golf course to the north. Further on, three sandhill cranes were foraging in the front yard of a home. The trail ended at Guise Road, where the old railbed continued into the forest. As I headed back west, the cranes were all squawking, maybe begging for food from the homeowner.

The western 2/3 of this route is well shaded. Though it skirts the western and northern shores of Lake Monroe, there's only one lake view, across a marshy inlet in Lake Monroe Park. The following Google Maps view shows the trails and bike lanes near the lake:

Edgewater to SR442

Just returned from 5 months up north and was pleasantly surprised to find this segment complete and open for use. Walked from Rotary Park to the SR442 bridge and back. Awesome to now have access to a beautiful trail so close to our home. It was also nice to see so many others out enjoying this gem. The only problem I saw was the lack of trash cans in the trash can holders - a lot of trash was littering the rest/bench areas. Kudos again to all who are making this project come to fruition.

Nice trail from Green springs east

We parked at Green Springs and headed east. Wonderful trail, multiple road and driveway crossings but none were busy. Several porta potties now at road crossings. Very few people on the trail.

We went to the bridge and kept going around the barriers as the trail was done but obviously not open yet. Glad to see from the other review that the parking under the overpass is now open. We rode the trail in early July 2015.

Not as scenic past the overpass.

Would ride again.

However when we drove in from I-4 to Green Springs most of that part of the trail is along a busy road and was not scenic so that is why we headed east on the trail.

Trail now runs to Guise Rd

The trail now runs from the overpass in Osteen to Guise Rd. Another 2.5 miles. Also there is a parking area under the overpass on the Osteen side that just opened. Pleas update trail description and length.

I've been run in this trail about one month while I visit florida and is really good to take a rest and have time to relax. sorry for my bad english.

Edgewater Trail

While I am eagerly awaiting the trail beginning in Edgewater I had heard there was issue with some residents on the trail heading south along Cow Creek. One of the posts claims they are not using the old rail and instead using private land? I am wondering why they would do that? Possibly due to the expense of removing the old rails, but I would think that would be better than a battle with residents that could get expensive and hold up a trail that so many are looking forward to!

Edgewater and the County have made many bad decisions in the past regarding land use, this should have been a no-brainer, stick to the rails!

As for the danger posed by vagrants or criminals, you are going to have that regardless, the only thing you can do is use common sense. Never ride, walk or jog alone, don't use the trails at night, and women should always carry protection!


You can also park and access this trail in Osteen near the beautiful new bridge over SR415 at the Osteen Community Center (where new restrooms will also be built soon). For variety, we sometimes park at the Audubon Park (Lush Lane off Doyle Road). There is a well traveled path to the rail trail. On the new bridge, take note of the rail artwork at both ends. These were made from rails actually taken up from the trail bed.

Can't Wait

We frequently ride and walk the existing sections of this wonderful trail. As we live in Edgewater, we're anxiously awaiting the completion of the Edgewater to Osteen leg. The prospect of getting out into the open country and enjoying some quality quiet time close to home is exciting. Too bad "Redruby" in a previous post chose to use this forum to vent his/her political spleen and try to frighten away prospective users of what we think will be a gem of a trail. Kudos to those forward thinkers, particularly Pat Northey, for their long-standing efforts to expand recreational opportunities for the overall public benefit.

hope it gets finished

My name is gene I've rode from the Deltona landings to oak hill on bike . I have almost got hit by a few cars and trucks on may town road going to see my girlfriends house n I love the trail but I hope the rest of it gets finished soon so I don't have to ride on the dangerous may town rd

Zero Rating!

The homeowners on Cow Creek Rd, Clinton Ranch Rd in Oak Hill & Maytown Rd residents are opposed to the trail. EVERY single homeowner is at war with the County & each other as to where it will be placed.
instead of using the original abandoned railroad bed, it's now being planned to be put in on the SIDE of the road. The County is asking for FREE easements from homeowners! Cow Creek Rd & Clinton Ranch Rd are NOT State roads.There is heavy equipment and a 55 mph speed limit on Cow Creek Rd. Children will not be SAFE on a road at that speed limit. Clinton Ranch Rd is a private road in the middle between Cow Creek Rd & Maytown Rd. Thats almost a 2 mile stretch of vacant densely wooded areas. That's just asking for more trouble. Theres barely any cell service & no phones or nearby hospital, or Sheriff in that area if you need help. It's a perfect densely wooded area for vagrants, rapists and thievery. I would never let my children or grandchildren to traverse that area. Many locals have stated how unsafe it is & they will never use it. There's also hunting in that area as well as cattle and bulls. That's something else to beware of.
This trail being moved to the side of the 2 roads should either stick to using the original abandoned railroad bed for everyone, or reroute it from Cow Creek Rd to Volco Rd then to Beacon Light Rd, then back onto Maytown Rd.
It will at least be a safer alternative than using Clinton Ranch Rd. And the County ALREADY owns most of Beacon Light Rd making it cheaper yet still very scenic and no homes to bother on that road.


I just checked out the Titusville portion which is only about 1.5 miles. It runs alongside a pretty busy road and has several side roads. A small portion is lined with construction cones. This portion of the trail is also conveniently located by a hospital This could come in handy in the case you become roadkill (you may encounter a confused driver or a driver using this trail as their personal freeway).

I'm still going to give this trail 4 stars because that's what this trail WILL be when it is completed! Right now, it is more of a 2-star experience...but I can't give progress a poor review.

I'm very excited about the future of this trail. It has great potential. There is nothing over here on the east-central FL coast (FYI--"Route A1A" is beautiful, but it's just a sidewalk).

PLEASE continue to work on it and hurry! It's 50 minute drive for me, so given it's short length, I won't be returning in the near future. I'm better off making the 90min drive to Orlando to skate the many trails it offers.
Orlando has enough tourists! It's time to bring some of that over to Titusville!

FYI..INLINE SKATERS BEWARE...the trail is deceivingly smooth. The little white construction pebbles could be the death of you. I had a huge wipe-out and followed it up w/ 2 more near-outs before realizing the culprit.

I will post pictures of Titusville portion.

Bridge over 415 ( Osteen ) has been completed

This trail is within a 1/4 mile of my house. I rode the trail yesterday (1/19/2015) and found that the bridge over 415 in Osteen had been completed (no trespassing signs are gone). The bridge ends pretty quick on the Osteen side but it looks like a lot of trail construction is in the works.

I've been fortunate enough to see deer and rabbits during a few bike rides on the trail. This is a very well maintained trail. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Osteen by bicycle as construction progresses. Best kept secret in Deltona.

How Long is the Titusville Portion

I'm thinking of making the hr drive...much closer than Orlando. Could someone enlighten me? Thanks!


I live in Osteen, and now use sidewalk on 415 to connect to the rail trail. I am patiently waiting for the bridge across 415 to open. The trail west to green springs is beautiful. I hope the trail east opens soon. Bicycle riding is great exercise and we have 5 ladies in our bicycle group. We are all happy having a safe trail in our neighborhood.

Beautiful trail

Thoroughly enjoyed this trail today on our bikes. Well planned and long enough for a good workout. The scenery is outstanding and the facilities in the park are nice too. It will be even better when it is completed. Thank you!

Titusville section has no parking or sign

Visiting a friend in Titusville, I was disappointed to find that this short piece of trail offers no parking or signage.

The "trail" runs along the highway- this trail needs beautification.

Hopefully, when it all connects it will be better.

A resident of Oak Hill welcomes this trail

I welcome this trail. Biking is a great way to stay in shape.

If anyone has property that borders a railroad bed that property cannot be privately owned.

At one time I owned property that was bordered by an abondoned railroad bed. My title agency advised me that I did not own the property.

This is a benefit to all Florida residents.

This is a part of Central Florida rarely seen and impossible to get to by car.
What I have seen so far is wild old Florida unlike anything a tourist trap theme park could ever imagine.

Zero Rating!

The people in Edgewater, Oak Hill & Osteen NEVER wanted this trail going through our private country areas. These trails STEAL our properties & ways of life. Why aren't they put where public places are already available? Spending millions and millions of dollars was a waste here. I understand people that love trails should have them. But reroute it to safer areas for everyone.

Nice flat paved trail with many amenities and vistas

Approximately 27 mile flat (round trip) from Lake Monroe boat ramp to Osteen SR 415. Trail passes by Gemini Springs, beautiful park with many amenities. Continue on to Green Springs Park with a beautiful 76’ deep green spring but no swimming (does have restroom and drinking water). Continue on to Osteen 415 bridge (not in service yet). Trail is approximately 50% shade cover with many good vistas.

Water Please

This trail is GREAT! My oldest son and I started at the Gemini Springs trail at 17-92 and Dirksen Road and were so happy to see a connection point between that trail and the East Central Regional Trail. It's a very easy ride, a good combination of shade and sunlight and even a bike repair station along the trail. It's a great trail for those looking to do 20+ miles on a ride.

The only thing that didn't make it to 5 stars is the complete lack of water fountains or spigots on the trail. On the West Orange Trail, there are water containers along the trail for those of us who bring 70 ounces of water and drink it all before the end of the trail.

Really nice trail

This is the perfect trail for new riders and families with younger members. There aren't any hills, just gentle slopes. Plenty of benches and trash cans along the way. And one of the best features is that there are very few stops, and even those are low traffic roads (Courtland).
The shade trees are gorgeous...we saw a hawk, gopher turtle, donkeys, horses, birds, and very few people. I can't wait for the overpass at 415 to be completed and more trail to ride.


Parking will be availabe across the street from the gas station in the near future. There will also be a bridge over 415.

More to come.

This trail is going to be great when it is finished.

I have seen that there is a new trail head with parking and restroom access planned pretty much right across 415 by the WWI monument.

A local news paper I read said that the locals are sort of upset with the new trails, I can't say that I blame them so this might be causing some delays. I also saw construction on 415, could this also be causing a delay?

The Paper also stated that the entire trail system is funded and should be done in 5 years. That might be a stretch but with such a beautiful ride I know it will be worth the wait.

Kid friendly

Loved this trail! This was our first adventure with our two boys; 7 & 9. It was a beautiful trail that was easy for the boys to ride. It may have been a little too long for the youngest but he stuck it out. Nice area to have lunch so I would suggest packing lunch and making an afternoon out of it!


Nice scenery and quiet but some idiot put curbs in the path. Yes, there is paint marking the location but they look a lot like the painted separators (no curb) which mark driveways which cross the path.

Breathtaking views of native Florida plants, trees and wildlife.

I'm excited about future expansions to this trail. I walked it and then went out and bought a bike to better enjoy it in the Florida heat. The trail is well cared for and offers up excellent views of farms, wildlife and is actually very wide. Bird watchers will enjoy the birds of prey that are plenty on the trail, with the occasional turtle, raccoon and other wildlife.

There are frequent benches for a pit stop, a bicycle repair station and easy access from Green Springs park (parking and facilities are available there). I enjoyed the many photo opportunities and getting a glimpse of unspoiled Florida native plants and trees. There are a few wooden bridges and sounds of streams in the distance.


This a very clean, quiet, and peaceful trail. Primarily designed for biking. There is parking at Green Springs on the west side, and there is a Texaco on the east end you can park at. I live in the area so I can offer up this nugget: there is also a Post Office in Osteen off Railroad Ave. and 415 you could park at too, very short walk to the Texaco from there, and a couple other places around you could park at too.

Finding the trail at the Texaco is interesting. You really have to walk right up to the pricing sign and on its right you'll see a goat path that goes up and then it takes a left onto a sandy unfinished part of the trail. You go maybe 5 min and then you hit the finished paved area.

Great Trail - Parking Difficult

Physically this is a super trail, very wide and well maintained. I parked at Green Springs Park where there are rest rooms and a small Florida Spring well worth visiting. The section west of Green Springs has been re-named as part of the much longer and still incomplete Spring to Spring Trail. The trail goes a bit west of Providence Blvd. past Jacob Brock Ave along Doyle Road. Eventually it will connect with the Spring to Spring Trail where it comes down from DeBarry Hall and hits Enterprise Road Rt 4162 West of I-4.
East of Green Springs it is a wonderful trail but with few connections or exits and no parking spots. I was nervous about parking at somewhat isolated Green Springs Park and only did a mile or so east. A better place would be at the Publix as mentioned in an earlier review. The East end of the trail is not really right at Rt 415 so you should follow the advice also in an earlier review about finding a gas station. Youker 3/1/13

Deltona/Enterprise FL segment of the East Central Regional Rail Trail.

At the Deltona/Enterprise FL segment of the East Central Regional Rail Trail, if your travel is by car, you can park and enter near the trail head at Providence Boulevard in Deltona, and the Deltona Landings market place (Publix, Subway, etc.) can provide parking and is a short walking distance to the trail entrance. The market place is also a convenient place to purchase any snack/lunch or refreshments prior to your trek into the trail.

You can travel from Providence Boulevard in Deltona to State Road 415 in Osteen along the paved, multi-use path. This provides for an easy way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.

You can also enter the trail from Green Springs Park, less than 1/2 mile from Providence Boulevard, on Enterprise-Osteen Rd.

After you progress from the trail head there are very few options to exit the trail, as most of the trail borders private property, however, right of ways to Enterprise-Osteen Rd or a crossing at Garfield Rd provides an exit point.

These exit points should be avoided as entrance points if your in need of parking your car.

If your travel is by bicycle, from the west, at Providence Boulevard to the east SR 415, then Green Springs Park, Perry Ln, Woodgreen Ln, Firemens Ln, Bethel Loop Cir, Ledford Rd, Courtland Blvd, could be used as entrance and exit points.

There are several points along the trail to dispose of trash, and park benches are located nearby if a rest is required.

Bring your own water or beverage.

Be kind to others who use the trail, if your riding a bicycle warn the walking/hikers of your presents if your approaching them from an area of uncertain visibility. Enjoy this trail.

Access from east - route 415

The trail ends at FL-415. But trying to access it is a challenge. Right now (2/2013) there is major construction on 415.
Solution - go into the Texaco convenience store. They will tell you the trail starts just behind their gas price sign. There is a nice Indian couple who run the store and if you ask nice they will let you park in one of their parking spots.
There is about 500 feet of bikeable sand trail before you get to the pavement.
Very nice trail though and low traffic even on a weekend.

Great ride, quite beautiful.

Love it-

First off its a straight shot with very little stop and go, if any at all- It's pretty shaded for the most of the trail- If you want to get in some extra miles you can ride up almost to 1-4 before the trail ends- so from 415 to 1-4 its 15.5 miles

Good Job!!

I was so excited to see the abandoned rail beds finally being utilized. I ride it both on weekdays and weekends and there are always other people enjoying it. That said, I must give kudos's to Volusia County for a great job creating this trail.
It has multiple parking areas, one of them a hidden jewel, Green Springs. There are retail stores at both ends of the trail, so you can stock up on water, snacks, etc.... :)
The trail is beautifully done, love the benches and trash cans placed throughout the trail for taking a break and having a snack. This trail has a little bit of everything as far a terrain, shade/sun, wildlife, water features etc.

I can't wait until the trail extends east over SR 415 along Maytown, which will make "my" access so easy!! And I was told it would eventually connect to Gemini which will be nice.

The only concern I have after riding this trail from SR 415 to Deltona Blvd, is the "motorized" traffic that I encounter on the trail. We have had to pull over for 4 wheelers, a mule/golf cart, mini bikes, and last time a SUV. :( There are so many ingress/egress's on this trail that need to be blocked off either naturally or with more fencing. The road crossings don't stop motor vehicles from entering as currently designed. Several poles across the median / trail would help stop that issue.

I hope the motor vehicle access issue will be rectified soon so I can give this trail the 5 stars it really deserves!

ECR trail segment 2 & 3

Could not agree with you more. I Ride from Edgewater out Maytown to 415. Waiting for Segment three to be paved to 415 so I can continue on to Green Springs Park. Just Rode out there Saturday (2/4/12) and still not paved. It is a long time coming and seems to be taking an extra ordinarily long time to complete. I look forward to riding a traffic free trail for the first time and adding an additional 24 miles to my ride

east central regional rail trail.

this trail is GREAT!! i love the jemeni springs trail for its naturel setting,lots of whild life and its meandering rout through the woods to lake monroe park,but its just not long enough for a decent work out.the ECR trail has enough distance for a decent work out pluss the scenery is nice too. i dream of the day when they compleat the trail down maytown road and may be they can build a realy cool camp site in the middel of the woods so i and my friends and guestes can go on a real over night bike hike/camp out .one that will ware me out when ime finnished. it would be a great place to meet other campers and create memorys .this trail is a great exsample of how here in florida your only a fiew miles from relative wilderness.hopefuly they can compleat the trail to oak hill befor ime too old.i want to thank the rails-to trails conservacy for doing such a fantastic job on this trail and i just hope to god they are able to compleat this project verry soon.its long over due.

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