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Seminole Wekiva Trail Facts

States: Florida
Counties: Lake, Orange, Seminole
Length: 26.5 miles
Trail end points: Sorrento Ave. & Hojin St. (Sorrento) and Apoka Blvd. & N Orange Blossom Trail (Apopka)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6032509

Seminole Wekiva Trail Description


Running along the former line of the Orange Belt Railway, the Seminole-Wekiva Trail offers a peaceful alternative to the busy streets of Altamonte Springs. This popular, well-marked, 20-mile route is one of Seminole County's showcase trails, with an additional 6.5-miles in neighboring Lake County known as the Wekiva Trail.

Wekiva Trail (Lake County)

The Wekiva Trail in Lake County runs for 6.5 miles, paralleling SR 46 to Wekiva River Road. As it heads west from Sorrento Ave. the trail reaches its easternmost trail end at the Lake/Seminole County Line where it crosses the Wekiva River. The trail ends in name here but continues seamlessly from here as the Seminole Wekiva Trail.

Seminole Wekiva County

After crossing the border of Lake/Seminole County along the Wekiva River, the trail continues east through a peaceful, wooded landscape. Exiting this peaceful wooded environment, the trail then turns south and begins the rail-trail portion of the route.

As the trail begins south, the quiet wooded landscape turns into a suburban landscape as it skirts along International Parkway, when retail and convenience options (as well as bathroom and water options for trail users).

About 9 miles from that cluster of retail options, the Seminole Wekiva Trail passes the Seminole County Softball Complex. The southernmost portion of the trail has a couple notable highlights including crossing the Little Wekiva River via. a wooden bridge and traverses through shaded Spanish moss before reaching the southernmost point of the trail on N Orange Blossom Trail (US-441).


The Wekiva Trail (Lake County) connects with the Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail.

Along the International Parkway, the trail intersects with the Cross-Seminole Trail.


Parking and Trail Access

The Seminole Wekiva Trail runs between Sorrento Ave. & Hojin St. (Sorrento) and Apoka Blvd. & N Orange Blossom Trail (Apopka).

Parking is available at:

  • 26656 County Rd 46A (Sorrento)
  • 8515 Markham Rd (Lake Mary)
  • 2993 Markham Woods Rd (Longwood)

See TrailLink Map for all parking options and detailed directions.

Seminole Wekiva Trail Reviews

Too much traffic!

I started this trail at the southern entrance. I got less than 3 miles into my bike ride and turned around. Too many intersections with heavy traffic. Perhaps this trail is better towards the northern end.


The Seminole Wekiva has been extended a few times in recent years so you can find all sorts of claims about what the length is ... anywhere from 14 to 26 miles. I wanted to find out for myself, so I rode the entire length of the trail yesterday (1/26/24), noting my cyclometer mileage at various points, and compared that to the trail markers and what's listed on TrailLink.
I found that my cyclometer and the trail markers pretty closely matched each other. From MM 0 in Altamonte Springs (a little less than .1 of a mile north of SR 414) to the last marker on Longwood Markham Rd (17.75 miles), I believe the posted mileage is accurate. The Seminole Wekiva trail continues from the MM 17.75 marker onto the side path of SR 46, up to the Wekiva River and the Seminole/Lake county line, an additional .9 mile. My total mileage for the Seminole Wekiva trail was 18.7 miles, which is far short of the 26.5 miles listed in TrailLink. I think the 26.5 is including other trails which connect to the Seminole Wekiva as part of the total mileage. Beyond the Wekiva River the path is uninterrupted, but it is a different trail - the Wekiva Trail which is maintained by Lake County. I normally park at Neighborhood Lakes trailhead, which is off the Wekiva Trail about 6 miles west of the river. Similar situation on the south end of the Seminole Wekiva. Beyond MM 0 there is a wide sidewalk following SR 414 to US 441, about .7 mile. This is in Orange county and is supposed to be part of the West Orange Trail in the future, but I wouldn't consider it to be part of the Seminole Wekiva.
I usually don't ride the trail south of the San Sebastian trailhead because the crossings at 436/Laurel St. and 434/Orange Ave. are such a pain. Seminole county wants to build tunnels at both crossings which will help out a lot.
Overall, a nice trail with great connections to other trails!

Rode last year and here again

Dec 12, 2023 Visiting from AZ for 3 months in our RV and jeep and Ebikes. FL has such amazing trails compared to the West (in our opinion). We are repeating our favorite rides from last year and some new ones. We parked at the Markham Trailhead and did 10 miles (20 round trip) on the trail. Just as wonderful as my memory-especially the painted fences. Read my review from 12/2022. We did not do the second day as we found it not too pleasant.

Great Trail

Great trail very pet friendly


One of the Very Best Trails !!

We rode this on Ebikes on Dec 18&19, 2022.
Day#1: Parked at Seminole Wekiva Trailhead on Markham Rd - good bathrooms. Immediately the trail is wonderful..We rode 7.5 miles to the Jones Trailhead Parking and then another mile to the start of the Painted Trail of fences - first time for us-what a great surprise. We continued for a total of 10 miles which on the map is at the point of the I-4 Eastbound rest area. This whole 10 miles is shaded with lots of birds and beautiful things to look at. Total round trip 20 miles.
Day#2 Parked at the Jones Trailhead Parking lot (no bathrooms). We wanted to go past the Painted Fences again and planned to do the trail to the end. Again-beautiful trail with shade UNTIL you get to Costco on the map. Then are some street crossings and the trail is in the sun almost the whole way. We did go to Mile -0- post which is at the CVS on the map. This last two miles from Costco was not really pleasant but the trail is good. Traillink shows the path continuing but we did not do that. So total round trip 19.5 miles.

Loved it!

It would be great to have one or two rating areas… picnic like stations. We enjoyed walking the trail! I’ll come back with my bike!

really awesome trail

I usually park off of markham roads road but honestly the trailer is really nice and a lot of nature. I really appreciate how smooth the asphalt is, no bumps or anything besides sometimes leaves (as to be expected). Pretty solid trail though, I’m trying to find more like it.

Great Ride but I couldn’t follow the path

It was such a beautiful ride but I couldn’t follow the bike path with street crossings and all. I wish I had an app that could serve as a guide…I loved the trail so I’ll do it again.

One and done

This trail is similar to Cross Seminole not quite as disjointed but with similar features such as numerous road intersections with slow crossing lights. I missed taking the left at Markham/Thomas Rd area to go towards a river and wound up riding on the road shoulder up to 46, how about adequate signs or painting on some arrows? Why spend all the money on trails but then forget signage?

Maybe this is what's expected in suburban trails. Some sections were pretty scenic with local flora. There were a lot of benches along the way and a biff or 2. If you're looking for a long stretch of relaxing riding this isn't it. Doubt if I'd ride it again.

Pretty nice trail!

Really nice trail for a casual bike ride. Wide path, mostly covered by trees so you’re in the shade. Felt very safe on this trail, as a female. I’m giving this 4 stars because it’s not ideal for road biking. There are many intersections, so a lot of stopping and checking for traffic.

Very Pretty; ideal for a long ride

My dad and I rode this trail yesterday. I was aiming to do about 28 miles since it says here it is only a 14 mile trail...we ended up making it to marker 16 before we turned back. I am not exactly sure how many miles there are, but it looked to be a lot longer than I initially thought. It was really well maintained, not hilly at all, and very pretty.

It’s ok

Not impressed

Beautiful scenery!!!

Started the trail off CR46 on Markham rd. Nice paved and concrete pathway thru a commercial and residential area. Crossroads all had safety signs and traffic controlled crossings. The underground tunnels were clean and very safe. Had a great ride and ended up in Altamonte Springs on hwy 436 near the mall. Great ride!!! Lots of people walking, riding and even skating on trail...

Seminole Wekiva

Nice paved trail that's wide and access to restrooms along the way. It's not direct when you cross 436.

Great for Seniors!

My husband and I rode this trail on September 25, 2016. He is 70 and I am 62. Of the Rails-to-Trails bike paths that we have ridden, so far this is our favorite. The trail is mostly shaded which was wonderful. It was very clean and we really enjoyed the painted fences along the way. It travels through beautiful residential areas with very nice yards and homes. There were two dangerous intersections to cross but they do have pedestrian/bike lights so it was not much of an issue. Definitely a 5-star ride!

Great trail

I've lived in the area for years and never knew about this trail. Its great! We parked at the Markham Road trailhead which had both paved and unpaved parking. Bathrooms and water fountain thought the water was warm in July. A big fenced area in the middle we couldn't figure what it was for. You could access it. There is also a trailhead for mountain bike trail too. Some shade.

We rode the entire trail, as others have said there is a lot of shade. A few areas where the trail pops out near busy roads but good crossings. Two crossings were tunnels under the roads. then back into the shade again.

One of the trailheads in the middle - the parking area was closed and people were forced to park along the road. Looks like they are re paving. seemed to be a smaller trailhead.

There are multiple sections of the painted fences. Unexpected art along the way. Was very cool one artist does it all and he has a facebook page "Paint the trail" .

The south trailhead off of 436 is tucked back by a stream but we didn't see any signs saying which waterway it was and didn't seem to be a way to access the water.

Overall a nice trail with a lot of variety. We will return

Nice ride.

This trail is one of the better trails. Start to finish is roughly 28miles and is a pretty uninterrupted ride aside from the occasional cross street. Average speed of 17mph so you can get a decent ride in. Some very slight elevation changes hardly noticeable. Plenty of food and coffee stops along the way if you want to stop.

My Favorite Bike Trail in Central Florida

Seminole County has done a great job of planning and constructing a good system of bike trails...this trail is my favorite. It is approximately 14 miles long in one direction. Even though it runs though residential & commercial areas, the majority of the trail feels isolated due to the fencing, trees and berms that are part of the trail. Art lovers will enjoy the artwork displayed along portions of the trail. There are a number of places where you can rest along the trail...parks, restaurants, benches and restrooms. My wife and I love stopping at the Panera Bread next to the trail for lunch. A Trek bike store is located in the same plaza as Panera in case you need supplies or a mechanic to look at your bike. This IS a popular trail and is heavily used on weekends.

2016 Southeast Bike Tour

2 senior couples started a ride at the north end of the Seminole Wekiva Trail on a cool February morning which turned into a pleasant afternoon. The surroundings change from rural to suburban then back to rural. The Trail surface was excellent. We ate lunch at a Panera Bread Restaurant near the midway point. The trailheads at both ends of the Trail had plenty of parking with bathrooms at or near the ends.

Great Ride

Great trail.

This trail is wonderful. It is wide, offers access to stores and restaurants, but also has areas that are wooded.

Noisy trail

Too many road crossings. Road bike maniacs riding way too fast! Nice shaded trail however. Pay attention to signs. We missed 2 signs and ended up in the wrong places. Murals were the absolutely the best!! I guess if you live in mouse land it might be the you can expect. Tallahassee-St. Marks or Jacksonville-Baldwin are nicer.

Great scenery, light rollings hills!!! Traffic no problem!!!

Having rode on the Cross Seminole Trail (CST) for the past few months, and the Cady Way Trail for the past month, I finally decided to check out the Wekiva Trail at length. My first attempt on the Wekiva led me to the trailhead off International Blvd. in Heathrow after making a right turn after the I-4 bridge, in which I was at the end of my exploring and riding for that day, so I didn't go any further. Over the past few days, I had been preparing for a half-century ride (50 miles), and viewed all the starting and ending points/trailheads for each of the three trails to see which routes would give me a steady 25 miles out, and 25 miles back, without having to transport the bike to a trailhead, which I had not done in prior riding.

Starting out on the CST in Oviedo, making my way through Winter Springs, Longwood, Lake Mary and Heathrow, once I crossed the I-4 bridge, I turned left, instead of right this time, and made my way down International Blvd/Markham Woods Road. As with the CST and Cady Trails, all the parking lots and street crossings have handicap crossing plates, or small curb water diversions which you get use to after riding on either of the trails a few times. In this area, and with any street crossing you have to be cognizant of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lots, but it should be first or second nature when riding a bike at a street crossing. The Lake Mary Tunnel makes it possible to cross below grade rather than traversing the traffic on busy Lake Mary Blvd. Riding the trail through Heathrow/LakeMary/Longwood along/adjacent to Markham Woods Rd, I was more interested in viewing the trees, neighborhood, houses, business corridors, and new construction to really be distracted by the noise of the traffic. As I continued on the trail, I managed to slow down to take in the murals, which were a nice distraction. After coming out of the Route 434 Tunnel in Winter Springs, I made a note to stop at the Mobil/7-Eleven, which would be a refueling stop on the way back. This store has everything a rider could want in drinks, energy bars and gels to keep you going. After passing the Mobil, I did have to pay more attention to where I was going, as I didn't recall seeing a sign to the direction of the trail continuing. Luckily I did notice the faint ground markings of the trail, and the back of a trail direction sign across the intersection of Douglas and Harwood Avenues. This would be the only intersection or crossing that I came across which I would not say was clearly marked, but a quick view of the TrailLinks map, would have provided directions on which way to proceed. Continuing on the trail pass the Softball Complex and Sanlando Park, I had reached 25 miles at Montgomery Avenue and W. Central Parkway, so I stopped to turn around. Another rider informed me that the trail continued for another 2 miles or so to Route 436 in Altamonte Springs, but I decided not to proceed to the trailhead there.

On the return ride, I stopped at the softball complex to take in some energy bars and drinks, which would deplete what I was carrying. After a quick fuel break, I made my way to the Mobil/7-Eleven to replenish the water bottles, picked up another Cliff bar and some energy/protein gummies for the return trip. I think I spent $5.00 on Gatorade, a Cliff bar, and a pack of energy gummies. The return after this stop was a lot faster than the outbound ride, so I would have to say that outbound was more uphill than down. The exception would be after crossing Lake Mary Blvd. heading to the I-4 bridge which was more inclining rolling hills. A right onto the I-4 bridge, and I was on my way back to the Cross Seminole Trail.

Using both the CST and Wekiva trail for the half-century was a great experience, especially since I had never been on that part of the trail before. I didn't experience any major problems with traffic, traffic crossings, traffic noise, and besides the lack of a sign to cross Douglas Avenue, the ride was stress free, scenic and amazing. The trail was filled with walkers, runners, cyclists, and those taking in the sites while on their lunch break. With the exception of the hills between the I-4 bridge and Lake Mary Blvd., I would say that the Wekiva Trail is more flatter than the CST and Cady Trails, since it doesn't have any major bridges/overpasses for cyclist to traverse. All of the trails are well maintained, and whether you have a road, mountain, commuter, or cruiser bike, either would work for use on the trails.

I would definitely recommend this trail/ride as a beginning point or extension ride to the other trails.

Great trail for sure!

My fav trail so far. nice pavement for road bike or hybrid bikes, mostly shaded with trees and you will enjoy the murals along the way. We go to Panera bread for breakfast and go back so its about 15.7 round trip. Love it!

Awesome trail for all family

Great trail, well kept. My wife and i did 16 miles round trip and had breakfast at Panera. A lot of runners and bikers on Sunday. We got there at 7am and parking was almost full. The best think about this trail is that js mostly shaded by trees and great scenes

Great Family Trail

This was. Fantastic trail for the 5 of us to ride. Half way we stopped and had lunch at Panera. They are right on the bike path And have bike racks. Shady and sunny! Great smooth path!

Great trail with lots of interest!

My girlfriend and I just rode this trail on 3/22/15. It was a hot day with temps in the upper 80's, and we were on our recumbent tadpole trikes. This is a great "hot weather" trail! Lots of shade, with only short sections in the full sun. The painted fence murals are incredible. It almost makes you want to get off your bike and walk.
There have been a few reviews which penalize the trail for its many road crossings. We did not find these to be a problem, but then, we are not riding to set new speed records. We were passed by many riders who seemed to be there to do just that. On this trail in particular, there are so many wonderful things to see and enjoy, that I have a hard time understanding the head down, full speed ahead mindset. We have been on at least 36 of the TrailLink recognized trails in Florida, and we find this behavior to be pretty prevalent. Please allow me to appeal to your sense of community when I say that, if you are sacrificing safety or courtesy to get in a blazing, uninterrupted ride, then you are missing the point of a recreational trail. Please find a track somewhere.
Again, this trail is a lot of fun! The underpasses were a rare treat for a recreational trail.

Loved this trail!

I would have given it five stars if not for the frequent road crossings. I enjoyed the "Paint the trail" artwork so much I almost crashed when I first saw it...LOL.

What a gem!

One of Orlando's Best - Great for Inline Skating

2nd best trail in Orlando for Inline Skating (number 1 being West Orange and Connection to Minneola Trail). There was a diverse mixture of scenery -- Urban (celebrity portrait graffity), rural, side parks, and city. The pavement was nice but could use some sweeping up in areas. Length - Unsure exactly because towards the end of my skate it became the "Cross Seminole Trail."

It had less interruptions than the small portion of "Cross Seminole" I experienced.

One of my favorite "YES!!!" Moments was coming across a public park shower. This is an absolute thrill for any low budget and dirty couch surfing skater (San Sebastian to 11pm, free parking...just sayen). OH even had hot water!

Overall --> 4.5 STARS (free public shower...I mean...WOW + smooth pavement + diverse scenery + awesome celebrity graffiti)

A trail worth biking through.

I have been biking on this trail for about 6 months. Usually I ride this trail just once a week. I also ride the West Orange trail, the Southlake trail in lake county and the Van Fleet trail in Sumter county. But the Wekiva Springs trail is my favorite. Other than the HE Thomas and International pkwy intersection, this trail is most enjoyable. Plenty of shade and also access to the Cross Seminole trail. I drive from Clermont Florida to bike on this trail. This trail has never disappointed me. I usually ride the trail during the week. Which means I see little traffic on the trail. Looking forward to the extension being completed. Which will connect 441 to the San Sebastian trail head. A great trail for recreational riding.

Great Trail for a Weekend Ride

My husband and I rode this trail on a Saturday afternoon. We were quite surprised how few people were using this resource in a relatively suburban area.

We enjoyed the fence art, the arcing shade, and the general terrain (there are slight grades and it isn't all straight). The historical markers are also very interesting - and leave you with more questions than answers

We might have liked a few more water stops along the way but this really didn't hamper our enjoyment of the day.

All-in-all it was a ride and we will definitely be back.

fave ride

I get on at lake Mary blvd. ride to 434 or 436 and turn around Dave's cycle works is right there. Great trail!

Not a great trail for bikes.

I don't see how this is an old railroad bed. Maybe parts of it are but this is nothing like any rail trail I've ever ridden. Tried to start on the Markham Road end but never found the trail head or parking area. The parking marker on the map provided here is a gated community so it's obviously wrong. This is a fine trail for walkers but for cyclists it is not. I'm not sure how many road crossings there are but it seemed like 100+. The section of trail along International Blvd. is extremely unfriendly for bikes. If you must ride this trail just ride in the road on this section. Overall I didn't enjoy the trail and most likely won't return.

Update on my prior review

This is still a great suburban trail, with nice scenery and places to stop. However, one of the nicest spots on the trail has gone downhill. Across from the Panera Bread on Lake Mary Blvd, there was a small farm with some cows, horses, and overall nice scenery. Well, today I rode the trail and discovered that this spot is now a construction site.

This is still a great trail, but the urban sprawl is disappointing.

Great trail

Lots of amenities: water fountains, benches,parking, public bathrooms along the way. Well marked. Has two underpasses for major roads. Has nice wooded segments but also goes close to urban areas where can get soemething to eat or drink. We really enjoyed our experience.

Suburban enjoyment

I really like the laid back feel of this suburban, surprisingly scenic trail. There are still a few areas with thin woods and wetlands, with many songbirds and waterfowl. As for the black bear, he is most likely the unfortunate product of a vanishing wilderness, due to rapid over-development of Florida. I do recommend this as a beautiful neighborhood ride. It loses a star for me due to the busy road crossings and some road noise during high traffic volumes.

Beware of Bear on this trail

We saw a big black bear on this trail this Sunday at 3:30 pm Daylight. It was coming from the bushes. It was the scariest thing.

We turned around got off the trail and rode the rest of the way on Markim woods road which has cars on it and runs parallel to the trail

Never again.....but it is a nice clean trail

This was our second time riding it ....but also our last.

A bear in the daytime....who could ever Imagine

Riding the trail!

This trail is great! Paved through out. The traffic stops are a little annoying and will slow down your time so don't ride it thinking you will set a land speed record. It is very scenic. Be careful not to miss the connection at 46a. I thought the trail ended and went to just a bike lane. You need to cross diagonally to get the trail again. Great experience.

One of the Best shaded trails

If you live in Fl, you really don't have to go looking for the sun. The Sun will always find you. This trail is a great suburban trail for those who want to go out, ride their bikes and not worry too much on getting sun burned. Especially in the summer months, where the outside temps can get in the high 90's. Because you are ridding on a paved trail under a canopy of large trees, I can see how during certain times of the year, twigs and dead leaves on the trail can be a problem in for skaters, but not for Joggers or bikers. This is a great little trail that hopefully some day will be extended up to Ocala.

Great suburban trail, with great artwork

I have biked this trail several times, and I have always enjoyed it. I usually park either at the southern trailhead at San Sebastian Prado (off of SR 436), or at the shopping center area on the SE corner of HE Thomas Parkway and International Parkway. There is a small shopping plaza at Lake Mary Blvd. where there is a Panera Bread and a bike shop. Also, at the shopping center at International Parkway and HE Thomas, there is a little cafe called Patisserie. This is a great place to get breakfast or lunch. There is also a bike shop in this plaza. Many other food choices as well.

A couple of miles south of the Panera Bread (Lake Mary Blvd), there is a section of the trail where a local artist has painted murals along a wooden fence. You can view his stuff at "Paint the Trail" on Facebook.

There is a connection to the Cross Seminole trail via a pedestrian bridge over I4. This is about 3/4 of a mile south of the HE Thomas Parkway intersection.

My only complaint is that there is no way that I've found to safely bike from Orlando up to the southern trailhead. Maybe the state will extend this trail southbound someday.

Awesome Trail

If you want to get away from people. This trail is ****ing awesome! Don't listen to the guy that says it's hilly he's probably struggling to see his feet past his gut or something. This is Florida. IT'S FLAT AS ****. Unless you're on the verge of cardiac arrest it should give you no trouble at all. I'm from up north where we have "Mountains" trust me this is a stroll in the park.

Along the way there is a fence painted up with all kinds of celebrities which is a pretty cool place to stop and snap some pics! There's ghostbusters,finding nemo, willy wonka, and all kinds of stuff on it!

I'm glad I found it will be doing it again shortly! Nice easy going relaxing fun!

Not Recommended For Skaters

This trail is VERY poorly maintained in the less traveled areas. As long as you only skate from the Softball complex to 46A in Sanford you will be ok. But venture beyond those points and all manners of debris will greet your skate wheels and turn your work out into an exercise in survival. I don't know who the braniac was that put those stupid rubber things at the road crossings, but I firmly believe they wanted to sell life insurance to inline skaters. Stupid, stupid, stupid... And whatever you do, DON'T skate along International Parkway during any time that will see the many business employees who work in that area going to and from their place of employment. They speed, run stop signs and block cross walks and call you names if you interfere with their travels. And God forbid you fall at their intersection over one of those stupid rubber things...

Parking Near the Mid-point of the Seminole Wekiva

I rode the Seminole Wekiva most recently on February 7. The area where trail users used to park alongside the trail at E E Williamson Rd in Longwood was roped off, and a "towing zone" sign erected. I drove north to the Long Pond Trailhead at the intersection of Markham Woods Rd and Long Pond Rd. This turned out to be an excellent place to park for a round trip on this trail. It is approximately 7 1/2 miles to the north end of the trail, and approximately 6 miles to the south end. The parking lot was well-used and visible to passing traffic, making it feel very secure. The trailhead is about 3 1/2 miles south of the Interstate 4 overpass linking the Seminole Wekiva with the Cross Seminole.

This trail would be a 5 Star in my book if not for the somewhat frequent cross streets and driveways. Despite that, it is still a near-excellent trail.

Nice Trail

The Seminole Wekiva Trail is not is hilly from the south end all the way to the end near the Wekiva river. The trail has some decent scenery as well as several convenience stores/restaurants at which to stop during your ride. Though this trail has two underpasses it is worthwhile to note that there are several street crossings. Some of these you will come to nearly blindly, so be sure to always stop.

I was almost hit near the softball complex today, I had the walk signal and proceeded to go across the intersection only to have a red honda accord coupe blast through the intersection and make a right turn in front of me. Had I been a couple of seconds faster I would have been a hood ornament. Be careful, the driving appears to be bad (even for Florida) around the Southernmost trailhead.

The new tunnel is now open.

The tunnel at the intersection of Lake Mary Blvd and International Pkwy is now open. The two sections of the trail are now connected. You can now bike or hike the entire trail from Altamonte Springs to Heathrow and only have to deal with three intersections with street lights.

Don't forget breakfast.

Very nice ride well kept trail and love seeing people out on the weekends using one of the nicer trails.
Very nice 28 mile round trip ride. Nice place for breakfast midway.

Ridding the lower hald and upper half of the Seminole Wekiva Trail (Longwood Florida)

I rode my bike on the Lower half of the SWT last weekend. It was really nice. Half shade and half sun. I parked my car at the parking area off of EE Williamson (this is the road that goes over I-4. Probably a good thing I parked there because my pedal broke off my bike and there is a bike shop 150 feet off the trail on EE Williamson. The mechnanic was able to fix it in a few minutes. I grabbed a Gatorade from the shop and I was on my way. EE Williamson is at mile marker number 4. I rode the trail South through the tunnel under 434 and took the trail to the end (mile marker 0) and then returned.

The next day I parked at the same parking lot and rode north. The trail ended at mile marker 13. Really nice ride. They have bathrooms at the North end of the trail and at that bike shop. I also saw a ton of turtles and 1 deer! Great ride.

Great Urban trail

I rode the trail on Sunday, Feb. 27 along with Cross Seminole Trail on the east side of I-4. It was a very nice trail to be in a highly urban area. For the most part is was well marked. There was some confusion at Lake Mary Rd. where there was road construction and again at the Constitution Parkway crossing. You also have to be alert to find the connector across I-4 to connect with the Cross Seminole Trail. The pedestrian/bike bridge over the interstate was very impressive.

Riding the Seminole Wekiva Trail through Orllando.

Looking for a trail to ride in the center of the State, while the Daytona Beach area was blowing a gail, we took off for the Seminole Wekiva Trail. It started out great, but got very metro scape in the middle and then back to a more rural or suburban setting toward the end. You've got to watch the signs, that are not very clear, or you'll be off the route. We literally almost gave up. The history of the area was fun to research and the connection to the pier in St. Petersburg, gave it a special flavor. Not a demanding ride, services were close, except at the ends, and there were a few detours, and a couple of confusing signs, but worth marking as one we've done.

an urban jewel

My husband and I rode this entire trail on Valentine's Day. As the previous writer noted, there is one area of construction, but it was well maked with big orange "bike trail detour" signs with arrows. Not a problem. First of all the condition of the trail itself was great. The long stretches in the wooded areas were wide and smooth. What I liked about this trail was the variety. I would estimate about two-thirds of the trail is through wooded areas with filtered sun, one section that goes along a parkway with large corporate business buildings, some open prarie-type of landscape, and water, water, everywhere. On a small pond right in the business area we counted at least 6 or 7 types of water birds. There are ample places on this trail for casual outdoor dining, fast food places, convenience stores for drinks and restrooms. The trail also has several nice overlooks and plenty of park benches to sit and rest and enjoy the scenery. The only caution I would suggest is in the business area. You cross numerous driveways to the parking areas of many of the corporate buildings and I wouldn't want to be doing that stretch around 5 pm when the employees all get off from work. The few folks we saw coming out DID NOT notice us. This is not a major portion of the trail but does require some street awareness and would probably not be a good place to take little kids. This trail also has a direct connection to the south leg of the Cross Seminole Trail if you wanted to add a few more miles.

wonderful, but

Wonderful trail, but there is construction going on and we got lost twice. Other than that I loved the trail.

Lake Mary - Heathrow art festival

The Lake Mary - Heathrow art festival was going on today. I was riding to see where the trail went and I came across this!! Great event!!!

The ride was very enjoyable. I parked just East of San Sebastian! I left at 11:00am and got back at 5:30pm!! I had lunch, looked around at the arts festvial, got lost on Markum Woods Road, (sort of), rode thru 46A (know what I mean) and rested at Wekiva trail head!!

I really like this ride!! Be anxious to have that connect to West Orange Trail!!


Wonderful trail in central FL with variety - rural, suburban, small city and undeveloped sections. Some shops to help if needed.


Trail Quality: 4 out of 5
Paved: Yes
Length: 14 miles or 28 round-trip
Attractions: Scenery, light commercial facilities including food and cycling store facilities
Parking: Excellent and mostly paved
Bathrooms: At one of the trail heads (northern end) and along the trail
Trail capacity: Heavy on weekend mornings until about 11 am

The complete paved trail starts at the southern end, just off route 436 and 2 - 3 miles west of Interstate 4. The entrance to the trail-head is marked, but the sign is small. If you reach Rt. 434 intersecting with Rt. 436, turn around and look sharply on the northern side of Rt. 436 (about a mile east from Rt. 434 where Rt. 434 now goes North / South) for the entrance (about 100 yds. in to the trail-head from Rt. 436).

The San Sebastian trail head has secure, shady parking for over 50 vehicles and I have never seen the car park at capacity in my seven years of riding the trail. There are benches and tables in the shade of oaks. There is water for your water bottles and pets.

The trail passes through suburban setting with larger trees for shade and shelter. It has regular mile markers and signs. You cross minor and major roads with each major road intersection having a pedestrian crossing button on adjacent light poles. The trail then passes behind some light commercial properties and the Seminole tennis, baseball and basketball facilities. The trail branches up to baseball facility which is open 7 days a week from sunrise (~ 7am) to sunset or when the games end in the night. There are facilities including good toilets and bathrooms here.

As the trail approaches Rt. 434 (E / W portion) and closes in on I-4, you proceed to divert from the old crossing that takes you to the other side of Markham Woods road. Now, there is a much safer tunnel (open only during daylight hours). If the tunnel is closed, cross Markham Woods road and then again (no diagonal crossing allowed) Rt. 434 and get on the eastern side of Markham Woods road proceeding north of Rt. 434.

Note: The tunnel does NOT pass under I-4 as prior reviewers guessed during its construction.

At this point the trail mostly parallels the Markham Woods Rd. but can divert as much as a mile away from this road. It proceeds through tree-covered sections, mostly older oaks past churches and more home back yards. You will cross several minor and one major road on your way north to Lake Mary.

The Trail then meets Lake Mary Blvd. and there is a wonderful rural scene with a small lake and paddocks on one side and Panera Bread and PeachTree Cafe, for refreshments during the morning through evening. David's World Cycle is just 100 yards beyond for any bicycle maintenance or help you may need. Out-Spoke'N Bike Stores is two miles further up (East) Lake Mary Blvd. as well. There is ample parking for cyclists behind the Panera Bread store.

The trail proceeds about 200 yards up (East) of Lake Mary Blvd. and then crosses diagonally with International Parkway on the eastern side as you go further north.

This part of the trail passes by light commercial high-technology campus buildings and is less shady. It passes the World HQ of AAA (Automobile Association of America) and is now immediately adjacent to I-4. About 1 mile north of the AAA HQ is a trail branch east to the Cross Seminole trail and over I-4 on a relatively new (2003 / 2004) trail bridge. If you wish to complete the San Sebastian / Wekiva / Seminole trail, continue north and do not take the branch to the east.

Once you get to Rt. 46A (about 2 - 3 miles north of Lake Mary Blvd.) the trail crosses diagonally back to the western side of International Parkway and in about 1/2 a mile north then goes adjacent to an Apartment complex and back into older trees and away from International Parkway. About a mile north of Rt. 46, you turn a sharp left turn to the West and then go through a very quiet section where the apartment complex has gifted undeveloped land with many older trees and cross a series of secondary roads. After turning, you proceed due west to the Wekiva trail head which is newer, has less trees, but has bathrooms open daylight hours, water and ample parking. There is shared parking for horse trailers and a paddock for horses. The horse can ride adjacent to the paved trail from the Wekiva trail head until the bend in the trail where it turns from running East / West, to North / South.

Things to watch out for:
- Traffic cross the trail from business or residences or roads
- The trail crossing diagonally three times as it proceeds North / South
- The tunnel under Rt. 434 being closed during the night hours

Things to enjoy:
- Older trees and some sections that are undeveloped, or developed into parks or farms
- Wildlife, mostly birds and squirels, although I have seen deer (early mornings and sunset), snakes (they slither away and are rare), tortoises, etc.
- The food at the shops on Lake Mary Blvd.
- Shops, theater and restuarant access to food et al on Rt. 46 A. and near International Parkway
- Access to two very good bike store near or within 2 miles of the trail
- Ample parking at each trail head and then also at (in order, proceeding south from the northern end of the trail):
- Soccer club about 1 mile from the Northern end Trail head (Wekiva)
- Across at the Theater just north of Rt. 46A
- At the Panera Bread shopping plaza
- Off Long-Pond Rd./ Drive from Markham Woods road about 2 miles south of Panera Bread and Lake Mary Blvd. (which intersects with Markham Woods road at its western end)
- At a pullover area at EE Williamson Rd. which intersects with Markham Woods Rd.
- At Rt. 434 at shopping car parks on either side of the tunnel under Rt. 434
- At the Seminole County baseball fields
- Access to water at each trail head and along the way

Please enjoy this trail which I ride 3 - 4 times a week!

Plans or proposals for this trail:
I understand the plans are to join (North and South ends) this trail along the railway right of way to the Apopka trail-head that begins the East / West trail called West-Orange Trail. The northern end is meant to traverse the 2 miles remaining on the railway right of way to the Wekiva river and then cross over and eventually link up all the way to Mount Dora.

Recommendations for development:
(1) Better signage
(2) Better motorist controls over sections cyclists cross major highways
(3) A bridge traversing over Lake Mary Blvd. and International Parkway (there are already several other trail bridges over Lake Mary Blvd. further east)
(4) Extending the trail on the northern end first as this is more scenic in undeveloped areas or farmland
(5) Looking for a branch off any western extension to head north to join other northern trails in Lake County or other more norther counties
(6) Take the rail right of way into historic down-town Sanford and have it join up with the springs trail at Gemini Springs

Nice beginning, abrupt ending

We rode from the San Sebastian Prado trailhead (which is very nice) in mid-Feb., 2009. The first 2+ miles are great: pleasant, shady. But when the trail came to a heavily trafficked area, signs directed us off the main trail (which seemed to end in a block) down a sidewalk to a tunnel under the interstate. The tunnel was gated and locked, so we had no choice but to go back. This tunnel looks like a massive project, and we will try again on our next trip to Florida to ride the whole trail.


Trips on this trail during the day yielded more delightful opportunities to observe wildlife than we would have expected with as much traffic as there is both on trail and adjacent roads. (I won't enumerate what we encountered less this positive assessment scare folks off but never were we afraid despite having children in the single digits [less than 10 children and less than 10 years of age]).

Not made for speed

"This trail is a great trail for bikers who want to take it nice and slow. But, due to the high volume of stop signs for trail users, it is not made to maintain a fast speed. Bikers that like fast speeds are not recomended to use this trail due to children that use the trail with their families."

Lovely trail but dangerous intersections

"This is a very pretty trail, if you start from the trailhead at 436 behind the Christmas store, I think thats the nicest section. Very green, there's a park with lots of raquetball courts and a playground. Once you get too the 434 intersection though its rough for a bit, the traffic is always heavy and you have to be careful, especially with kids to cross over the 2 different crosswalks. It gets better though and youre back in the trees, follow it to Lake Mary and theres pretty wide open spaces to view and a little pond, lots of resting benches. Now if you make it to the Paneras, theres no signs at all to show where to go next - We went to the Bike shop to ask for directions, and again a ew miles up, the trail apparetnly turns into sidewalk and terminates by an Albertsons, if you cross the road N and then again W, you'll find it picks back up again and is worth the effort, a very nice section too. More nature on this part, very relaxing. "

Favorite trail

"We bike this trail every chance we get. Ususally weekday morning when it is almost deserted. The shops at Lake Mary Blvd provide lunch and a great bike shop among other things. Wide, wonderful and lots of shade. The new park at the NW end is very pleasent." Review

A review by can be found at:

I-4 Ped Bridge is open

"The pedestrian bridge over Interstate 4 is now open to the public. It connects the Seminole Wekiva trail to the Rhinehart Road/Crossings Trail north of Lake Mary Blvd and south of SR 46A Poala Road.

To access the bridge from the Rhinehart Road Trail, cross Rhinehart Road just south of the Post Office Distribution center."

Gets Better With Each Expansion

The Seminole Wekiva Trail is quickly becoming the local favorite. The I-4 overpass to the Rhinehart Road trail will open up another trail via link. Crossing 434 at Markham is a health hazard though. That overpass is still a year or so off.

Beautiful Trail

"The Seminole Wekiva Trail is a work in progress. The scenery varies from urban to rural. To make the trail even more interesting, it varies in direction and elevation. Since the trail crosses several major roads, there are pedestrain overpass projects in the works. Watch out for the traffic turning right onto Montgomery Road from Central Parkway. "

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